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President Afwerki AND Fear (I)

President Afwerki  AND Fear (I) Dedicated to our fearless hero Brigader Colonel Sied Ali Hjay (Wedi Ali) Quote of the moment: A person who fails to be educated in a convenient environment for education is a murderer of

President Afwerki  AND Fear (I)

Dedicated to our fearless hero Brigader Colonel Sied Ali Hjay (Wedi Ali)

Quote of the moment: A person who fails to be educated in a convenient environment for education is a murderer of one’s mind and potential creativity.

 Dear readers;

Although our gallant members of the army at FORTO uprising involved concerned Eritreans in general the way Brigader Colonel Sied Ali Hjay(Wedi Ali) sacrificed his life for freedom and the extent of heroism he showed in the overall event deeply impressed me to dedicate this article to this special gentleman in the name of the RESISTANCE and our society at large with maximum respect to all other brothers and sisters involved in the uprising.

In response to FORTO,  Mr. Afwerki said, “Entertain no worry at all, as there was – and does not exist – any reason for being apprehensive”.

Mr. President;

You know you did not say much in your statement above but you would be surprised the character you reflected through it to the universe. Please allow me to share my view without personalizing it.

 It so seems like emotion and extreme individualism govern your mode of thinking: I was shocked of your self-deceptive pattern through this statement. Human beings are naturally crafted to be afraid of a threat but you claim to absolutely not. If fear is an inherent human nature and you do not get afraid at all, you are logically disclaiming that you were human; don’t you?  Your self-deception, apparently might have helped you in the past to enjoy momentary stability but I doubt it can serve you this time because I believe the cumulative consequence of your countless mistakes should exceed your physical or/and psychological resistance beyond repair by now to expect medication out of this mechanism even temporarily. What I mean is that your self-deception has reached the threshold where it cannot help you any more, don’t you think?

Coming to your statement, this is not a boxing contention where one reflects the image of fearlessness to demoralize an opponent before a match. I have heard that you do not hesitate to correct the dudes around you physically and mentally when they misbehave; this could have happened once and twice throughout your administration but one is one too many for a person in your position. I admire your bravery but the confrontation here is on sociopolitical issues, my brother!  The time for political bullism is globally over and I am sorry to tell you that your statement is denial of the “objective reality, rejecting real problems on the ground and saying that everything is all right” the clinical psychologist Michael was talking about you. 

In  “An Afternoon with Louis Michel in the European Parliament; the author on Michael Lewis continued;  “this kind of tendency deprives a person from a rational approach to dialogue. In fact, he was so frank in stating that most of his engagement with the Eritrean president was a monologue rather than a dialogue. The man talks a lot and once he starts talking he doesn’t want to stop. [] The Eritrean president also speaks on some issues with a great deal of obsession and unnecessary technical detail, denying completely what is happening on the ground. He seems to be always occupying himself with everything…. Indeed, it requires a lot of patience and endurance to simply sit and listen to what has to be said in an unconventional behavior…..the sense of victimization is deeply engrained in the mentality of the Eritrean president. Apparently, the president thinks he has been victimized [] by the international community. He thinks everybody is against him and he has internalized this belief to an extent that it has now clouded his rationality

 Mr. Pesident! Your state of mind described by the clinical psychologist/politician fits the meaning of paranoia; at least I think so! Do you mind checking it together?

Brief definition from the NET for discussion

 “Paranoia is a symptom in which an individual feels as if the world is “out to get” him or her. When people are paranoid, they feel as if others are always talking about them behind their backs. Paranoia causes intense feelings of distrust. An individual suffering from paranoia feels suspicious. As a result, [one] changes his or her actions in response to a world that is perceived as personally threatening.

Paranoia is often manifested as part of the symptom complex ofschizophrenia . [A sufferer of] “paranoid schizophrenia [is]preoccupied withdelusions in which the world seems to be pitted against him or her. As with other forms of schizophrenia, sufferers often lack contact with reality, and display hallucinations , flat or emotionless affect , and disorganized thinking and behavior.


In this case, there is no question that you distrust everybody; you could not even let Ali Abdu (“closest” servant in the past) the whereabouts of Dawit Issac. You would not have mismanaged the nation with this extent of insecurity without a chronically suspicious mind. In fact you would not have blown the unanimous Eritrean support, trust and love we gave you in the beginning without paranoia: without feeling threatened in the complete absence of a threat. In this regard, I regrettably tell you that you have wasted one of the best opportunities to impact society positively.

You further assumed the whole world was out there to get you and this mentality is logically inexistent without imagining everyone talking about you directly or indirectly. The two positions are mutually inclusive in my understanding. Yet; the international community has totally ignored you except Eritreans only because you have been the cause of their suffering for the most part. This seemingly tranquilized mind qualifies you for being a sufferer of paranoid schizophrenia.

Good bye Mr. President!!

Review overview
  • aman February 23, 2013

    I think you get it wrong this time around. Mr. self appointed president knows what he is doing all along and he does it on purpose – in fact all his moves come from 45 years of experience of manipulating and twisting his worshipers (Eritreans) minds. He, the president made Eritreans think that the whole world is talking about them (Eritrea and Eritreans). He made Eritreans think that the whole world is conspiring against Eritrea and Eritreans. He made Eritreans live in a state of fear. He made sure that no Eritrean will stand in his face, question his decision or authority. Even his trusted four star generals live in their own fear of being freeze or thrown into jail. The self appointed president have been doing this for many years that he would qualify to be an instructor in clinical psychology to the likes of Michael Lewis.

  • Fre Hiwket February 23, 2013

    Isaias being the way he is says more about us than him.He may be an evil genius ..or a psycho donkey..but he is the one riding us for 50 years & we do not even try to protect the weak (abducted ,raped & mutilated) ..amongst us..eventhough we live in the diaspora & have lost our fear of Isaias..We never cared about politics,…we were dupped & obliged & now, it is our time to shut down Eritrea.
    I am not saying it is a good move, to the contrary…I am just stating the obvious.And it is sad for the new generation.

  • weygud February 24, 2013

    Mr. Fitsum, now I agree with the sub title of your article…. our fearless hero Wedi Ali…

  • Warsay February 24, 2013

    A solution or peace “comes not from the mouth of a man/woman, but from the mouth of a gun”. Say 1000 times step down, …step down to DIA. Why is he going to step down willingly, if it is more comfortable to sit on the yoke of the slaves as a self appointed president?

    Dear compatriots, we had enough words, now only ACTION is necessary! He must be thrown away by force and this is the only choice we have now.

    • Aman February 24, 2013

      Who can do that?

      • Wedi Mohamed February 25, 2013


        • Aman February 25, 2013

          Can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs.

  • Aman February 24, 2013

    In present Eritrea, give someone a power or Authority and he would give you his wife, children, brother,parents or whatever they have …..You want examples- Ali Abdu, Dr.Woldab (make him an education minister and he will see that all institutions are closed to make his master happy), go down as far as a division head in any civil organization , ‘mimhdar’or ‘merah mesri’e’ in the military – give them the slightest of power and they will kill you. One will accuse an ‘agelglot’ of ‘mkublal’ , they will tell the general, he would say ‘zetexegu’wo’ and the dumb heads don’t hesitate to do it. Your good neighbour of 25 years who is only recently elected as ‘merah gujlè’ of hgdef will turn out to be your shadow. A ‘shekatay’ who has a good connection with a colonel can make you out of business or even have you thrown to jail. The master knows this very well and have been using it as his effective weapon for so long.

    The problem, or you can it a disease, is no body of the victim’s family do nothing, nothing about it.

    Eritrean inside or out must start to find out who is directly or indirectly responsible for the death or disappearance of their children, brother sisters fathers and mothers. They must find out and punish them. Since there is no legal action against the perpetrators, sooner or later doing justice at individual level should start and start teaching a good lesson to all the criminals. Eventually such actions can be done in organized way could go as far as bringing down the criminal organization and its blood sucking farmers. One doesn’t have to go to the Sudanese or Ethiopian or Djibouti deserts to revenge the killers of his siblings. It is a game which can be won on the killers comfort zone. It is very difficult to generalize the Eritrean society though. Say for example a Rashaida father. Has anyone ever seen a Rashaida girl in Sawa detention camp? Definitely no.You have to kill a Rashaida father before you come closer to his family let alone take his daughter to a detention camp. An Afar father will kill you with his teeth if you stare at his daughter forgeit taking her away from him. The same goes to many of the ethnic make-ups of the Eritrean ‘society’. I doubt though if the same is true for all Eritrean ‘societies’.
    They say ” Family comes first.” If you defend your family, you can defend your society If you defend your house, you will defend your country. If two families seek justice( not revenge )in Eritrea and revolt and take action against a criminal organization be it a ‘amahadary n’us zoba or merah botoloni, those two families will multiply and bring change, real change and justice. Don’t expect a closure for your loved ones from Ali Abdu or wedi Ali who were the perpetrators with blood on their hands. Ali abdu secured his family before he made his exit, mesfin Hagos had his family out and retreated, who knows what motivated the forto ‘heros’ or ze…Is it their awareness about constitution overnight or may be driven by family matter …
    Don’t be fools, family comes first. Defend your family like…

    • jonah February 24, 2013

      Aman, I can understand what your are saying but this approach you are talking about could lead to revenge and anarchy in society. It is natural thing to do to put family first. But this revenge for revenge could be vicious cycle that led to society like Somalia- a society without government since 1991. Also, where does it end?
      In short term it feels right but in long-term it could create a fractured society.

    • manfree February 25, 2013

      Aman yes it is well written and said but do not undermind of someone who contribut to free the soiat and give his life away like wedi ali by saying that it is family motivated. i am very sure wedi ali can protect his only family and live in peace and harmoney if he accept the regim policy forever. So wedi ali is a brave hero and give his life away to free the entirly eritrean people as collective.

  • Sahle Yosieph February 24, 2013

    My brother I can feel it, you are screaming for freedom and you care. Under this dictator what do we have? Freedom=prison happiness=sadness unity=separation prosperity=misery education=darkens family=disintegration nationalism=isolation I will stop by saying etc. When you mention the achievement of this dictator, what is it? Secondly addressing to this dictator, as Mr. President, it is off the line. I know we are in the same page for freedom. But reading your article really hurt

  • belay nega February 24, 2013