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POEMS – ግጥምታት ብዘይቃልዓለም: SAHLEN MEHANZELN: ብ ኢዱ ኣፍዑት

Review overview
  • Berhe Tensea October 24, 2017

    Thank you for your funny and important commentary about the sadist dictator. His interview was as usual devoid of substance and childish. . About 20 people gathered just to have fun as if attending drama or comedy show . People were laughing from start to end and named him comical Isu.
    People were also sorry about the two stooges asking prepared question, as they were extremely uncomfortable and fearful doing any mistake.
    The sadist was funny when speaking about MILK, BIHUKH, CURRENCY, AND HAWALA.
    This donkey, kept speaking foolish and childish as he is not accountable to no one, and the cowards or his puppets that he put in power can only laugh at him behind closed doors..
    This stupid Tembenay was really upset about, the Hawala and gave a very stupid explanation about helping the relatives from the help they get from outside the country.
    What he is saying about hawala is use my banks and lose abot 2000 Nakfa per 100 dollars US you send , This stupid guy thinks all the diasporas are as stupid as his Ahbay pet or supporters.
    People are looking for another drama from the comedian, before he departs to hell.

    Death to the grandson of Bashai Lema.