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Planned show of the dictatorship of Eritrea in Göppingen increasingly criticized

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Review overview
  • ogbai November 10, 2014

    We Eritreans,wherever we are, we MUST stand up to save
    our Nation. Lets stop the blame game to one another. I rely admire the courage taken to speak out and to act against the Dictatorial system and its supporters in Denmark and Israel. I dislike blaming others while I am doing nothing. We have people with good education and God given talent and most pf them that they don’t want to come out from their hidden cage. And even those trying to share their fare share just they throw us some ideas here and there, but refuse to act to their own words. It is sad thing to see people to take such opportunist stand. They became part of the problem just they don’t want be called the supporters of the system and not to pay 2% and others, also they don’t want to drop even a cent to the opposition group. Some said where is the opposition. That means they are waiting things to be done for them, and they choose to be spectators. Please take courage one way the other than to stand no where when your lovely country is in danger. Stop blaming others while you are doing nothing. Get the the gut to to take a strong stand and to face the reality by joining to united fronts, and and united voice with better organized manner. For the sake of justice and and rule of law lets join our hands. So many heroes to mention to day I will call Zersenay Germay and the group artists. Wishing you more success in the near future and our Victory is not far away God bless you for your hard work.

  • Simerrr2012 November 10, 2014

    What can we do now to stop the terrorist higdef not to organize fund raising and political prostitution in a democratic country like Germany? We just call the owner of the hall Mr Johannes Krauter and tel him what the event means to higdef and to us. We just tell him or his office that the YPFDJs or the National women union are the same organization like Hitler Youth during the Nazi Germany and with the money they support terrorist organization like Al shebab ,, believe me business men are very sensitive and they don’t want to be mentioned in media for bad image. Here is the address and Tel.
    Siemens str.2
    73037 Göppingen
    Johannes Krauter

    • Genet-orginal November 12, 2014

      Good Job!
      The PFDJ Zombies are programed to dance, when the dictator said “Now Dance”
      exposing them is the best way to stop them. No democratic nation would like to see any group of people to use their freedom to support a known dictator.

  • Dawit Meconen November 10, 2014

    The con artist entrenches and survives on treacherous semantics ,pretension, duplicity, evasion, euphemism, flattery, scapegoating etc. He is a cobra dressed up like an angel.

    Lately, he has added to his arsenals of his deception sophisticate video camera that, like mirage, deceives the eyes of the gullible and uninitiated into accepting the illusion as reality through color manipulation.

    Among the most potent of his arsenals that keeps his gullible toddies in leash by beaming all of his lies into their homes is of course the EriTv, which is now further reinforced by the sophisticated brand video camera.

    Unfortunately, this evil TV has been operating without any obstacle from the Eritrean Patriotic Fighters. I think it is about time that we pay attention to this destructive tool and devise ways and means to kill it.

    Qelati Kidane has interviewed Dr. Zegazeab. The entire content is on Meskerem net. The questions asked by Qelati are all the most timely and relevant inquiries with regard to the root cause of our current national dilemma, and the replies expressed by Dr. Zegazeab, with some exceptions, are bold, forthright and foursquare. I am impressed.

    I like to repost some of the questions and answers:

    1. Ques. Is woyane is a friend or enemy of the people of Eritrea?

    Ans. It is a bloody enemy of the Eritrean people demonstrated among others by its deportation of 75,000. Eritreans from Ethiopia; tempered with the graves of our fallen Heroes; disintegrated our historical and cultural artifacts; is actively working to pit Eritrean ethnic and religious groups against each other ……….etc.

    2. Ques. Why is woyane declining to implement the Final and Binding resolution of the EEBC?

    Ans. A.Because if it implements the resolution, the Ethiopian people will revolt demanding accountability for their 100,000 sons who perished in the wrong war.

    B. It is waiting for the woyane within, isaias afeweerqi, to bring about the decimation of Eritrea.

    NB: The 1998 War was plotted and conducted by the con artist isaias afeweerqi and the now dead meles as a means of systematic destruction of Eritrea.

    3. Ques. What is your opinion to the views of some Eritreans who say the isaias afeweerqi is an Ethiopian agent all along? Some of the reasons they give is the current sad situation of our country, his absolute grip to power and that he is surrounding himself with people whose origins are like himself and if the Demhit were what he says they are, they would be in tigrai and not in Asmera and its environment.

    Ans. He is an Eritrean as far as I know . I do not want to want to say any thing without concrete evidence. But towards the end of his session, he quotes author Andebrahan, who wrote in his book that when isaias afeweerqi gets too drunk with alcohol,he says…” I know you guys call me Agame behind my back…. I will decimate the country as I liberated it….” and I am convinced, Dr. Zegazeab says, of the veracity of the words Andeberhan.

    Please, watch the Video!!

    • Tamrat Tamrat November 11, 2014


      1. Ques. Is shabia is a friend or enemy of the people of Eritrea?
      Ans. It is a bloody enemy look what’s happning to the people since the cairo inception of shabia. Look what is happning to the people since shabia is takeing Power!!

      2. Ques. Why is shabia making all eritreans hostages of Bademe incident?
      Give me one concrete reason how shabia can stay in power!! He made a good monster Picture of Ethiopai and he can live for ever by terrorizing eritreans that ethiopians are comming!! The funniest thing is those who are not faile for shabia horror film of Ethoipia running to Ethiopia.

      3. Ques. What is your opinion to the views of some Eritreans who say the isaias afeweerqi is an Ethiopian agent all along?

      It depends what Ethiopians think of Eritrea. If Ethiopians blieved in the past that they were colonizing Eritrea, exploited Eritrea and eritreans like the colonizers did then one can dare say isaias is doing like an agent even though no one asked him to do so.

      But if Ethiopians blieve the dirfferent ethnic Groups of Eritrea are parta and parcel of the chore history of making Ethiopia then Eritrea is led by a Clue less lunetic who cheated the intire population of Eritrea and stay in power and wealth for hismself and his Close ones. Remember this man has stayed in power in almost half a Century.

  • samuel November 10, 2014

    Bravo! Tesfay.


  • ሓውኻ ኣበይ ኣሎ? November 10, 2014

    Bademe was given by DIA to Weyane during their old conspiracy days. Referendum was not performed in Bademe because it was considered part of Tigray and was administrated by TPLF since 1981. DIA has only waged war to retook the village when he was disappointed with Weyane.

    • Dawit Meconen November 10, 2014

      I do not agree with you that the con artist waged a war in order to retake Badme. After all, it was woyane who started the border instigation and not the con artist.

      As a matter of fact, when,after independence, woyane was forcefully driving out all Eritreans from Badme, despite the complaints of the victims and many other Eritreans of the illegal act, the con artist ignored them all. This was years before the war was set ablaze. He even forbade the video footage taken by EriTv crew as woyane drove the people out from being aired.

      Therefore, from the handing out of Badme to woyane by the con artist and the subsequent border instigation by woyane, among many others before and after the war, speak for one thing only, that the 1998 War was the result of conspiracy between the con artist and the dead meles zenawi.

  • FAILED PEOPLE November 10, 2014

    brother Dawit Meconen,

    I have come to understand you better nowadays & I could not agree more ,there is no difference between woyane ,cia 6 Isaias’s organized plan playing good cop (weyane) bad cop (Isaias),,games on Eritrean people .and it does not matter if Isaias is from Eritrea or jupiter ,his old time plan has always been to weaken Eritrean struggle & make us failed people,and he is suceeding beyond his wildest dream. Have you seen even aboy Sibhat Nega saying Eritrean question was never a colony question,Gebru Asrat has many Ethiopian followers that Assab belongs to Ethiopia that Prime Minister Desalegn is waiting for the best time to invade Eritrea & retake Assab.
    You are right on the money Dawit.

  • Berhe Tensea November 10, 2014

    The herd zombies will be dancing and wasting their money in support of the Tembenay and his ashakir
    the Demhit.
    The more you despise and undermine Eritreans the more they love you, that is why the tormented Eritreans love their abuser like many Eritrean wives.
    Long live Issu the great and Demhit.

    • Tsedenia.M November 10, 2014

      Berhe Tensea,
      Shame on you and you should really be called Tselmete not Berhe. Why do you mean by the tormented Eritreans love their abuser like many “Eritrean wives”? Are you a wife beater and does that make you a brave and strong Eritrean man? Let me tell you one fact that you may find hard to swallow “Those who can’t defend themselves (like yourself) from their tormentors can’t defend their country”. Now, please tell me what you’re doing to defend your people, your country and above all yourself (your empty pride)! You simply remind me of the old saying “ferah bzuh betru” indeed, don’t cover yourself behind cheap name calling of Tembenay & Demhit crap.
      Last but not least urgent change is for the people of Eritrea and not for those of us (opportunists) who are carrying a spare passport, identity/dual nationality and home in safety and comfort zone abroad. Period.

  • Simerrr2012 November 10, 2014

    You guys are diverting the topic.Talk how to stop the event not about our past. Millions time you talk about Badme as if Badme is the main Eritrean problem. If you can call Mr Johannes Krauter’s office to stop Higdef to organize the fund raising in Germany or stop lecturing history. Talk what you can do not just write just for nothing. Call … It takes you one minute