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  • GOOD MAN November 22, 2011

    Wonderful Wonderful, Great, Fabulous, Marvelous, and I have no enough words to define my excitement and my joy, This is a great start, and I am very sure the end will be more sweeter. Viva conference and viva Eritrea. Victory is coming soon, this is not only hope it is reality and it is happening right now. Our unity is part of our culture, our power is The history that we share together, and our faith is to respect each-other. It is our time let us make it now.

    Viva Eritrea.

    • Hamid November 22, 2011

      Dear Good Man,

      Can’t agree more. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Congratulation to the Eritrean people. Your true metal is showing.

  • simon November 22, 2011

    i hope all the oposition kame together and we

    will fight. for big dictator of eritrea.we are readay foor


  • tewolde November 22, 2011

    kab tseba zeyterkbes kab may cheba iu zmesl negeru

    • Eritrawi November 22, 2011

      well atleast since you kno tseba vs mai-tseba, then you should agree with the quality of tseba. But some of u or people like u have no room to play again on Eritrean people. Find out ur way bro.

  • Kokhob November 22, 2011

    WOW, life will have meaning now. let PFDJ and it’s supporters find some other planet. the world is no more accomodating such type of dirty people.

  • EEFESH November 22, 2011

    Its good start and ita a big hope for the people of eritrea but we need to act not to talk our people need action,they had eought they need help and hope its not a solution to talk about that this we n#ed stand up and taken action,action is the olny solution we have thanks

  • EEFESH November 22, 2011

    To all young eritrean brothers and sistres,i like to say one thing,we are the people been lost our freedom and right becouse eritrean leader and his fellowers,we are the next genration to take resposbility of or country and our people we have to take action now we have to stand up together for stop dictator leader isayas afwerki now,the only solution we have is to take action isayas is one of the most danger preson in the world and he does’t care about as and about the country he care about his self only,so we are the people to chenge the regem, so please let’s stand up for our right and for future eritrean please.