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“OPEN LETTER” Eritrea Focus response to concerns raised about “Building Democracy in Eritrea” conference

The Eritrea Focus recent conference titled ‘Building Democracy in Eritrea’ aroused responses from various corners, including; “The London Conference Stirs Controversy” dated 28 April 2019. The article makes a number of observations about the

The Eritrea Focus recent conference titled ‘Building Democracy in Eritrea’ aroused responses from various corners, including; “The London Conference Stirs Controversy” dated 28 April 2019. The article makes a number of observations about the conference some of which could have been easily dealt with by an email or a phone call from to the organisers who would have been more than happy to positively respond. The bottom line for us in Eritrea Focus and indeed for most of our fellow citizens is that we have an enemy within. The critical question then becomes how we work together to remove the enemy and as part of that process, begin to plan for post-regime change. We need and must collectively act urgently to save the very fabric of Eritrean society and ultimately the sovereignty of our country.

Review overview
  • Amine May 8, 2019

    I read nothing but CIA meddling in our politics. Funded by USA should have been a taboo. Look at the world. Once USA step in our country, we will end up like Somalia/syria/Libya. USA never cares about democracy but their interest. They would happily put a dictator rather than see a democratic Eritrea with self determination. Be careful my countrymen of what you wish for.

    • k.tewolde May 8, 2019

      Amine you must have highly classified info. you are not sharing,CIA meddling in our politics? “we will end up like Somalia/syria/Libya.” this sounds like HGDEF’s fear-mongering?>>> “Funded by USA should have been a taboo” by whose principles and culture? there are tens of thousands of tax paying,voting Eritrean American citizens some in influential positions reaping the goodies this nation can give,is that a taboo? where do you live brother? in the fringes of adi halo? please come up with a plausible argument or join the movement and chisel it to your liking like any Eritrean,there is no exclusive owner here.

      • Amine May 8, 2019

        Tewelde: So you support a puppet government? I abhor DIA. But I don’t support any puppet government. Open your mind and study hard how the world is moving ( Venezuela) Or you have a stake with the puppeteer ?
        Again thank you Assenna for exposing opportunists.

        • k.tewolde May 8, 2019

          Amine,I am following Venezuelan situation closely and I have close Venezuelan co workers I see and talk everyday,I am aware.I am neither a puppeteer nor a supporter of puppet government,I have no clue where you see that in my post.Accepting funding from an American NGO’s doesn’t make you are a puppet of that nation as it is true accepting funding from the Saudis is not a precursor to establish shari’a law.No matter where you get your funding at this stage of the game,you are in the driver’s seat,you and your fellow citizens together determine how to utilize the funds,we are trying to steer the international community’s attention to this little corner of the world where the unthinkable is happening-silent genocide! do I care where the funding is coming from to broadcast that,heck no! do I have a stake in doing that,you bet! to preserve and guard mine and my people’s identity.

  • Danilo May 8, 2019

    I wonder for how long we depend on critics and non trusting each other ? I think this is the core think and digest in my opinion. Although I like criticising guieneanlly, not trusting too when in doubt but I choose bluntly if I have confidence way of exit. So, unless we have a limit no way to topple our enemy.

    • k.tewolde May 8, 2019

      Criticizing is ok as long as it is constructive Danilo like you said,in fact we should encourage it,however labeling names like opportunists,puppeteers we should avoid unless we have a solid evidence to categorize people as such.The trusting part Dany,it is a process,it will take a while,it is the main fabric of our society which the tyrant has been gnawing at for over half of a century.

      • Danilo May 9, 2019

        Dear K.tewolde, my comment on the above is not mean to you and Amine. Instead, generally questioning every faction / political or social movements why spending to much time on suspicion on this hard time. Am just wondering brother.

      • Amine May 9, 2019

        Tewelde: ok no name calling. Accept my apologies.
        Point: NGO without hidden agenda/interest is questionable. . “ Afom ma’àr eyu, lubom beli’h lama” kemzibahal. If it’s is about money, every Eritrean is ready to contribute for the cause. BTW: what was the NGO’s main funding source? Government? Banks? Companies? Corporations?
        Hikekeni, Kahakeka keykewun.

        • k.tewolde May 9, 2019

          Amine everything is traceable today,only time will tell if there is scratch my back business,in the mean time we have to come out swinging with everything we get from where ever,it is a matter of life or death.BTW apology sincerely accepted,that was civil of you.

  • Fetsum May 8, 2019

    It has been very long since we needed an alternative to z self destructive bayto and this one came at z right time in our political history. No one owns the political destiny of the society and the more z alternatives the better for us to choose the one that best respects the people’s interest. Awate,s foul cry here is disrespect to z society saying z least. Eriyrea focus shod not worry a bit about it and pls continue doing ur thing and update us frequently. Political Monopoly is a thing of z past and bayto better prove it’s representation of z people in practice razer zan complaining about z beautiful opportunity in z ground.

  • Fetsum May 9, 2019

    We want z bayto to succeed purifying itself from party pollution and we should fully support z non party effort for people,s transitional government offered by this group. The fittest will succeed at z end of z day in view of z people and the two groups should only support each other wizout fear and illusive self assumption of the sole representative of z people. Let the people decide that and we are closely following the development wizout bias. But no one represents z people so far and any claimer must show it in practice wiz absolute transparency to secure their trust and we shall see

  • Fetsum Abraham May 10, 2019

    I don’t think inclusiveness can be measured by equal number of Christians and Moslems; women and men and equal number of individuals from the country’s ethnic groups but by how neutral an organization is to the Eritrean people in general. The first to me is a derivative of FEAR and the second that of CONFIDENCE. Whatever way people may understand inclusiveness I don’t think one has to accuse the other of being otherwise because I don’t think bayto can prove inclusiveness with full confidence either, because its conference was not open to every Eritrean and, in fact was a surprise to many of us in the struggle. Inclusiveness is also a derivative of transparency, openness and willingness to accommodate any movement focused on a common subject and frankly telling the people through effective progress report, in this case of course TRANSITIONAL GOVERNMENT as the common topic. and people are tired of waiting for ages without communication and progress. The best choice for bayto is therefore willingness to accommodate a relevant movement like this group in Eritrea Focus’s. I appreciate this group’s willingness to work with any other group in the track and its admission that it does not alone represent the Eritrean people. So does not the bayto in view of the people no matter what it thinks about itself. The best choice for bayto should then be accepting this group as an equal partner of the solution and working to unite based on a common substance (NEUTRAL TRANSITIONAL GOVERNMENT). this is the only way both of them can work together and help the people out of the dictatorship. Bayto’s tendency to assume the sole representative of the people will otherwise end up back firing against its own survival specially at this point in history when we are sick and tired of waioting for a proper resistance to democracy. Humility will work better than arrogance and I remind the baytos to understand this basic relationship and apply it in action before it gets late!!! as for this new promising group, my advice is to appear in the media as frequent as possible with progress report while to bayto would be sharing its CHARTER with the people immediately. Please don’t make a mistake here and give it to us to learn about and assist.