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  • sarah January 25, 2013

    Good job amanuel,
    It is a start and if what happened in London can be repeated in a wave in other countries by the Eritrean youth, the big dot you guys made could become a line that can be seen and felt and heard by the international community.

  • Freeprisoners January 25, 2013

    i salute the people, wish i was there, you should have informed to most of the people. however the people are pleased of you.

    free-prisoners by force.

  • okubay January 25, 2013

    Ezi eko kwhd

  • wediere January 25, 2013

    Unlike the born apologizers for whatever the unelected Isaias and his groupies do, let us face it Eritrea is becoming an earthly hell. It is a good start for the scores of soldiers to show Isaias their displeasure by doing this small stunt albeit a little amateurish. The leader (colonel? or general?) I hope he has plan B unlike the G-15 foolish handling of their noble goals but naive implementation. Isaias knows only brute force and you better line up forces to support you if he sends his forces to arrest or liquidate you. The revolters hopefully are ready for the eventuality as Isaias will not leave any stones unturned until he either arrest them and never to be heard from or outright shoot out with them. What we learn from this episode is the emperor has no clothes and some parts of the army are not afraid of the dictator. I hope the Eritrean civilians follow their courageous acts as the regime if Isaias is broken beyond repair and all it needs a little push to put in the dust bin.

  • wediere January 25, 2013

    The folks inside the Eritrean Embassy should be celebrated for their courageous acts unlike the lap dogs of the regime calling them names. The next occupation should be for good and ask the British government to recognize them as the true representatives of the Eritrean people and not criminals like wedi Gerahtu. When the regime falls the embassy has to be turned over to the opposition like the youngsters to do the people’s business. Good job harass the criminal entities who are hiding in the so called Eritrean Embassies in Europe, America and Canada. They are nothing but rats masquerading as diplomats. They have no concept of what a diplomat does all they do is instigate division based on region and are nothing more than Isaias regime’s ruffians.

  • ሓዱሽ ተስፋሁነይ January 25, 2013

    go on

  • Eri_free January 25, 2013

    Well done eritreawyan yehwat…korakur hgdef kem wekarya ab gudgadom reeedom bhfret zhbuulu gizye enkaeee mexana………awet neti selamn fkrn blxagen n eritreana zmne

  • Jemal January 26, 2013

    The efforts of military opposition at FORTO , London, Frankfort, Sweden, Stockholm etc shows a big change not only to Eritrea but it is a big indication to Ethiopia because their in the some start and end.

    • weygud January 26, 2013

      …it is a big indication to Ethiopia… Really? Your callow remark is hallucination. I am sorry, but your comments are useless.

  • Halafi Mengedi January 26, 2013

    Important info.

  • Halafi Mengedi January 26, 2013