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Norway: Eritreans ranked first seeking asylum

14 Sep. 2013 The number of Eriteans seeking asylum in Norway has dramatically increased in the last few months. Accordingly the Norwegian Director of Immigration Eritrea ranked first in the number of immigrants seeking asylum, where

14 Sep. 2013

The number of Eriteans seeking asylum in Norway has dramatically increased in the last few months. Accordingly the Norwegian Director of Immigration Eritrea ranked first in the number of immigrants seeking asylum, where 1944 Eritreans sought asylum in 2013 only, followed by Somalia 1334 and Afghanistan 481. In the last two months (July and August) only, 1162 Eritreans sought asylum in the country prompting the Norwegian government to order the opening of from 30 up to 40 new reception centers around the country.

In the last four years more than 10,000 Eritreans have already sought asylum in Norway, many of them still waiting in reception centers due to lack of accommodation and unwillingness of municipalities to accept asylum seekers.

In this week’s election two right wing parties won to form a coalition government, where tightening the asylum seeking process was on the top of their campaign agenda.

The full report can be accessed with this link–har-et-ansvar-for-a-hjelpe-1.11237920

Review overview
  • Asmert September 13, 2013

    Noway 10000
    Isreal 36000
    sudan 114 000
    ethiopia 90 000
    Itally 30 000
    add more…………….who left in eritrea????? Issais and its generals .. old dogs.

    • Suleiman Salim September 13, 2013

      The guys in the photo are Eritrean muslims who have never been to Eritrea – born and raised in the Middle East. So, don’t put the blame on the Eritrean government.

      • ahmed saleh September 13, 2013

        First of all do not try to disguise with Moslem name to confuse readers . Even if they are what you
        ever try to portray them , the issue of Eritrea future getting scary to predict . These young generation
        were supposed to take responsibility to their country development . But unfortunately it become opposite
        and far from our anticipation and dream .

      • Dawit September 13, 2013

        Brother i.e Muslims or Christians they are Eritreans
        And our nation is going from bad to worest.
        Just Demhit are going to be the owners of Eritrea.
        So you have to see where is the direction of our country
        Better not to suppourt the brutal.
        Dawit keren

        • Suleiman Salim September 13, 2013


          I am not talking about religion. Please, don’t be too sensitive and politically correct. I would say similar things if they were Christian Amiches who flew straight from Addis to Oslo.

      • abdu September 13, 2013

        based on my follow up of your previous comments you have posted in to a few articles; i think you should come up first with your real name if you are honst. SEcond; you’re comment under your false name you just describing yourself who you are. And also if any one doesn’t agree with your polotical opinion he /she you automaticlly proof them wrong. So; if that is the case; how aabout you who nominate you ther to judge peopl’s opinion. So; i think we should all respect each other and express our feeling;by theway i think we should all appreciate for giving us an opportunity to post our thoughts regardless of which side you are. well; to begin with we can’t bye your story bcause you already lied to us with your name. and also; all your comments look like your master dictator if any one who told the truth or if any one say some thing they don’t want to hear automatically labeled either wayna or CIA for the last over ten years as if they’ve never said us and wyna are brothers;so you sound a lot more like him. and finally i will contribute to you my jeneroius suggetion if you don’t like this site don’t you think you should exercies to post your opinoinin to

        • abdu September 13, 2013

          my comment on top to

          Suleiman Salim

    • ababua September 16, 2013

      add USA, Canada, Sweden, Australia, Dubai, Uganda and South Sudan

  • Zgeremo September 13, 2013

    What a tragedy. I think we Eritreans are feeling comfortable becoming refugees, all this young people will soon vanish in silence. Eritrean citizenship become so cheap, i am increasingly feeling hopless about the future. Others are waiting in to become refugees inside the country and in the neighboring countries. I am sick to witness this tragedy.

  • Tamrat Tamrat September 13, 2013

    These 10,000 are the most privilaged refugees compared to millions out there. In Norway when these People arive as asylem seekrs first they apply for asylum in their own Language. Immidiately they will be send for registration, Winter and summer clothes, Pocket Money and to different transit camps depending of their ages. If they are an atended minors like the boys the Picture shows they will be send for minor camps where they get one or to mans room. They get information. They would be fade 4 times a day. They would be waked for break fast (same nationality shares a room though it is a tradition eri and ethio shares a room). They can say no to break fast but it is custemury to get up out of bed.

    After break fast they ‘must’ particpate in different activities including Norwegian classes. All minors get assigned a gurdian who protects their interest. Most of the minors asyl seekers Norway get stressed because if they get rejection they see the difference of life in Norway and the life they have been experienced before. They are so Close and they dont want to change this life for anything. But for the last 8-9 months eritreans minors are 100% sure they get a posetive answere. This makes eritreans asylem seekes are the most satisfaied (some are even proud to be eritreans)refugees in Norway.

    After they go through the transit phase ie Health check, age evaluation (there are many who reduce their age to get the care for minors), and interview they would be send to permanent camp to wait for their result. In this camp they get around eth birr 10,000 a month. If they get positive result they move to a communal housing then the life gett as normal as any Norwegian who is under the social system. Minumum monthly allowance (Income) would be 16,000 eth birr. This doenst include house rent.

    So those who worry how eritreans in Norway feels useless then learn a bit about norway and its asylem system.

    • Tamrat Tamrat September 13, 2013

      50-60 workers work in the trasitt camp for hundred of miners in transit camp. Beside the translators the eritreans can meat eritrean social workers who work day or night, cantine workers etc. And this is a good advantage for any asyl. seekers Meeting its own People unless you meet isayas’ spies. In that case it is difficult for eritreans refugees to share thire reasons for leaving Eritrea wile others do it With great pleasure.

  • habrom September 13, 2013

    Suleiman, you trying to deny the truth. Don’t you think so we don’t have many eritrean asylum seekers in Europe including Norway. Your article is nonsense.

    • Suleiman Salim September 13, 2013


      What do you want? Do you want all Eritreans to stay at home? There are indeed asylum seekers in Norway many of them Eritrean muslims who have lived all of their life in the Middle East and have never seen gedli and Sawa. Don’t tell me that those individuals who have taken the step to migrate to rich countries such as Norway are victims of some kind.

    • Suleiman Salim September 13, 2013


      I don’t buy your argument which says ” We have relatively speaking many ( because the number of Eritrean refugees in the West compared to Somalis and others is extremely small. ) asylum seekers, therefore our country is bad. “

  • hailu September 13, 2013

    All Eritreans are invited to Norway to apply asylum, The Norwegian authority is really engaged in the case, but there are many Eritreans who did not get permit for more than 3 years. very bad asylum politics here in Norway.
    the good thing is that most of the Eritreans are helping their family by sending money home and some of them pay 2% the the government in Eritrea.
    We most of Eritreans are all well respected to each other and respected to the Norwegian law and their kindly people.
    I am glad to live here in Norway but it did not mean that I hate my people and lovely home land Eritrea, the Land Of The Can Do People.
    But I hate really Amanuel the founder of, because he is just Idiot working for Weyane and sells Eritreans to bedewin people in Simai.

    • Genet September 13, 2013

      What are you doing in Norway? You don’t hate your people and lovely home in Eritrea; OK. You think Amanuel is working for Woyane. Who do you think the dictator is working for? We all can agree, the dictator is not working for Eritreans. You are using the kind people of Norway. You don’t have problem with the dictator. You don’t see any issues with Eritreans fleeing the country they love. Some Eritrean are lying to the Norway Gov that they came to seek asylum, because they were mistreated by the dictator in Eritrea. Yet they pay 2% to the dictator. Are you one of them?. If you are lying to the Norway people, how is that respect? what kind of family do you have? how did they raise you? It must be a very dis-functional family. No wonder you are supporting a dictator. Assenna is for people with functional brain. If you don’t have a functional brain, you will be very unhappy here.

      • Suleiman Salim September 13, 2013


        You do not have an alternative to the Eritrean government. Hawassa slaves work for the interest of Woyane, their creator.

      • tef September 16, 2013

        42,000 Ethiopians fled to Yemen since January this year

  • Fithi September 13, 2013

    Hailu, you said “But I hate really Amanuel the founder of, because he is just Idiot working for Weyane and sells Eritreans to bedewin people in Simai.” What an idiot!
    As for Amanuel, he is a patriot who speaks and write his mind. He does not hide his expressions against all tyrany including one of the worst leaders Isaias. Amanuel is not just like you who is a believer of PIA, who do not contribute anything to the Eritrean people except his dictatorship rule and big corruption.

  • Kabbire September 13, 2013

    There is no doubt that Eritrea produced more refugees per capita in this world until the Arab chaos or civil wars started in 2011.
    There are also many people: Ethiopians, Sudanese and Djiboutians even Egyptians who claim asylum as “Eritreans”. On top of this, many young people of Eritrean parents who were born outside of Eritrea and lived only in the Arab world are claiming asylum in the Ferenji/West because of the Arab bloodshed and civil wars raging in the Arab world. They say the Christian West is better politically, culturally, educationally than the racist savage Arab world.
    The murderer evil Abdela Idris of the defunct Jebha told his entire sub-tribe that was living in Egypt and Sudan to ask asylum in England to get better education in English because the Arabic education of the Arab world is inferior. This is the man who want the poor Eritreans to study in Arabic language by burning Eritrean languages. Abdela told them “all respected and rich Arabs study in English and French, like the Turabis, Gadafis, Mubareks, Saudi royal family, Hafez Assad, Yemeni Salah, Kuwaiti, Sadami, Emerites …” He even told them Issaias and Sabbe are refined because they studied in English in Addis and Asmara.
    I know this first hand because his nephew was a student of my friend in a community college in London, UK.

    • Suleiman Salim September 13, 2013


      “There are also many people: Ethiopians, Sudanese and Djiboutians even Egyptians who claim asylum as “Eritreans”.”

      A friend of mine met an Egyptian in his work place and when he asked him where he came from the Egypt replied : Eritrea. Then my friend kept quiet. asdemimwo!!

      That is to say, all of the information that you have written is correct.

      • Tamrat Tamrat September 14, 2013

        It is difficult to know the difference between Arabs and eritreans. Do you think isayas made eritea a member of arab League With out a reason.

  • Kabbire September 13, 2013

    An eight year old marries and dies the same day in Yemen. The savagery in the Arab world has no end. What a shameless retards are these animals? (Read what has happened to her)

  • Kabbire September 13, 2013
    Aljazeera says:
    The Arab slave trade is a fact of history and anti-black racism is a fact of current reality, a shameful thing that must be confronted in Arab societies. Though I claim no expertise on the subject, I think that applying notions of racism as it exists in the US will preclude a real understanding of the subject in the Arab world.

    I spent much of much of my youth in the Arab world and I do not recall having a race consciousness until I came to the United States at the age of 13. My knowledge of Arab anti-black racism comes predominantly from Arab Americans. Like other immigrant communities, they adopt the prevailing racist sentiments of the power structure in the US, which decidedly holds African-Americans in contempt.

    This attitude is also becoming more prevalent in Arab countries for various reasons, but mostly because Arab governments, particularly those that import foreign labour from Africa and Southeast Asia, have failed to implement or enforce anti-discrimination and anti-exploitation laws.