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Nordea helps dictatorship recover illegal tax

Nordea allows Eritrean government use PayPal to collect a tax that the UN believes is illegal. Now expected the state -owned bank have to explain itself in parliament. According to a recent UN report, Eritrea stands

Nordea allows Eritrean government use PayPal to collect a tax that the UN believes is illegal. Now expected the state -owned bank have to explain itself in parliament.

According to a recent UN report, Eritrea stands near terror stamped al- Shabaab and buy weapons in violation of a UN resolution . It also states that Eritrea continues with “illegal fundraising ” from Eritreans abroad , ” particularly the application of a two percent income tax .”
The UN has evidence that , among other things happened in Sweden where the embassy draws in taxes from all the Nordic countries. The tax is one of the dictatorship ‘s main sources of income. Just from Sweden may only be present for tens of millions of dollars annually . How much gone through Nordea is unclear.
AD : Eritrea claims that the tax is voluntary, but TT’s sources say that it is driven in with blackmail if needed.
– In my eyes , the tax is illegal . One should not be forced to pay anything, says Yoseph Yohannes , prominent Swedish – Eritrean dissidents .
According to TT’s sources, the Eritrean embassy used a specific Plusgirokonto for many years and at least as late as last spring. A search of the PayPal shows that the Embassy has six accounts in Nordea.
In the Bank’s ethical guidelines states that all employees shall work with great integrity and high ethical standards and that Nordea will take ” strong measures to fight crime .”
But last spring, the bank was fined 30 million kronor when FSA found that, lagvidrigt , could not know if many customers finance terrorism or launder money .
Now brought back questions about Nordea , and the Parliamentary Industry Committee responds quickly.
– Suspicions that it has not gone right with these accounts is very serious , says committee chairman , Christian Democrat Mats Odell.
Nordea will be included in the committee already on Thursday.
– I will suggest that we call the company so it may explain what happened, says Odell.
Green Party Rock Jonas Eriksson , vice chairman of the committee, believes that Financial Markets Minister Peter Norman (M) must ” ensure that the Board acts on this and the information obtained in the UN report and ensure that the deficiencies are rectified .”
– I think it’s just fine to the Economic Affairs Committee invites the bank , said Norman himself.
He would not yet comment on the substance.
Nordea says nothing about any measures against the Eritrean embassy : ” We can not and should not comment on the potential customers we have. We comply with the laws and regulations arising from EU directives in the field and acts in accordance with the sanction demands of the UN and the EU , “the press secretary Erik Durhan .
TT sought a comment from the Eritrean embassy .


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  • eritrean September 18, 2013

    Why is it a game business if eritreans want to pay taxes?

  • yukunno ghirmay September 18, 2013

    ጎላጉል ዓይነ
    አለቅሓኒባ ልቢ
    ስኢነ ግቢ
    በይነይ ዝውዕለሉ
    ከም ልበይ።
    ክሳዕ ከም ዝሞለቀካ እቲ ካልእ ኩሉ
    ይጽበያ ለዋ
    አይሰኹዐን ልቢ።
    አብ ኢደን
    መከራኻ ክትርኢ።
    ከመይሞ ይገብረለይ
    ይልብም ብዘይልበይ።
    ይሓልፍ አሎ
    ዘይብሉ ልቡ
    መዓልካ ኳ ተይሉኒ።
    ወዓልካ ኳ ተይሉኒ።
    ሓደርካ ኳ ተይሉካ።
    ታይ ገይርካ
    ሰላም ተሂቡልካ።
    ይህብዶ ትብሎ
    ክሓቶ ዶ
    ንገራ ጉራጉራ ባቶ።
    ቅድሜኻ ቅድሚአ
    ይምለስዶ ሎ
    ኩሩምራ ጸሓይ
    ትህነነልካ ዶ

    አ ቤ ት።

  • Zola September 18, 2013

    Withdrawing my Nordea account !

  • Bokre September 18, 2013

    Thanks God there is no damage.

    Here is bold and brave move by Israeli lawyers and politicians who took their own government to the highest court of their own land to defend the right of Eritrean and many African refugees.
    The Israeli lawyers, intellectuals and activists defended Eritreans. This is while the Arab regimes, civilians, intellectuals, Islamic Shieks, medical doctors, the Arab security and media kept silent, even some coward Eritrea websites kept their mouth shut and did not post crimes on Eritreans in Egypt, Libya, Sudan and Yemen, to the slavery, organ harvest, rape and murder of young eritreans in the Arab world.

    Supreme Court Overturns Law to Prevent Infiltration

    “The prolonged imprisonment of asylum seekers in administrative detention is unconstitutional. The Anti-Infiltration Law is overturned.”

    Today (September 16) an expanded panel of nine Supreme Court Justices ruled that the Third Amendment to the Law for the Prevention of Infiltration is unconstitutional and must be overturned. Over 2,000 women, men and children are currently being held in harsh conditions without trial under the amendment, which was passed in January 2012.

    Despite the fact that most of the detainees are asylum seekers, and despite the fact that Israel recognizes that in the vast majority of cases deportation would put their lives in danger, the amendment called for their imprisonment en masse.

    The Supreme Court ruled that administrative detention of this sort violates the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Freedom and that the state must examine each of the detainees’ cases individually within 90 days and release all those who are entitled to release under the Law of Entry to Israel. Unlike the Anti-Infiltration Law, the Law of Entry to Israel does not allow extended detention of persons against whom deportation proceedings are not underway.

    The ruling was issued on three cases that were joined by the Court: a petition to the High Court of Justice filed by Attorneys Oded Feller (Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), Yonatan Berman (Clinic for Migrants’ Rights at the Academic Center of Law and Business in Ramat Gan), Asaf Weitzen (Hotline for Migrant Workers) and Anat Ben Dor (Refugee Rights Clinic at the Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law); an appeal filed by Attorneys Berman, Omer Shatz and Yiftach Cohen; and an additional appeal filed by Attorneys Tomer Warsaw, Yael Rothschild, and Orit Ronen.

    Attorneys Yonatan Berman and Anat Ben-Dor: “The Supreme Court ruled today what should have been taken for granted. Administrative detention of asylum seekers cannot be used as a method of deterring immigration. It is regrettable that the state has imprisoned thousands of people for a year and a half in unacceptable conditions without justification for their arrest. We hope that from now on the state will understand that asylum seekers are human beings who must be treated as such, and begin granting them rights.”

  • The Truth September 19, 2013

    The constant push by the opposition to obstruct the 2% tax is actually working to the favor of the government. Everyone knows its not mandatory or forced by way of threat and by pushing that lie, the silent majority is seeing the true character of the opposition. I suggest people re-think this strategy.

  • Wereket Taesa September 19, 2013

    what are PFDJ waiting for. the tax should be increased to 25 %. all the Sawa desertees do not mind signing Wereqet Taesa and paying whatever Isaias requests. They are bums.

  • aus 17 September 20, 2013

    They talk about dictator’s actions yet with almost hidden hands help him to survive, torture and ruin the Eritrea, shameful stance for Nordea, Sweden

  • Yonas Tesefay September 22, 2013

    The man is not presidential. He sounds like he is a paltalk guy with four prisoners. He is pessimistic as low as you can get. Angry and Sad man ruling great ppl.
    21st Phoron.