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No Reason To Celebrate …

No Reason To Celebrate

No Reason To Celebrate …


“ I did not promise, and owe no one …”

blatant contempt of betrayal

as a plantation owner dealt with the subjects

enforced obedience from his slaves


generational curse, starved for glory

from arduous history to a repeated journey

in the eye of the world, poor and unmanaged

dis-honoring the dead, and the living dead


misguided hope and deceptive slogans

in the name of salvaging our souls

the conflicting messages of dissenters

from peace seekers to hostile actors


living in confusion and withdrawal

road to glory, mistaken to hell


defiance and vision of the opposition

surrender to sect, not to the nation

prolong poverty, war and destruction

coerced compliance into submission


when  soldiers defect under pressure ,

and the worshipper pray inside the container


when the elderly beg for food,

and families dependent on aid


when the youth no longer productive,

and farmers nothing to produce


when the merchants faces scarcity,

and suffers from government monopoly



when mothers unable to nurture,

and a child became a provider


for the resistance to prevail ...


reconcile & build  coalition

demand for diplomatic solution


  promote peaceful movement

set up transitional government


hold leaders accountable

make sense of the struggle


rise up  EDF, and help end tyranny

and secure peace and stability


seeking the truth from the facts

out of the scuffles, clarity prevails

courage, wisdom and honesty

in search of sustained unity


Happy Independence Day

May 24, 2014


Petros Haile

Review overview
  • Mehari T May 3, 2014

    The so-called ‘Independence day’ has lost long ago, if not its meaning , but certainly its luster, its shine, its brilliance to many Eritreans. Narrow nationalism and extreme hate to Ethiopia led to a social quagmire in Eritrea. Much of our history, as crafted by ELF/EPLF/PFDJ is based on denial. Now we are at a junction point where denial can no more be denied. The time is for the truth and when truth hits hard, the luxury of a vision that was based on denial is completely lost. “Major and urgent surgery required in Eritrea”. This major and urgent surgery requirement to Eritreans is to wake up and to face up to reality on the ground sooner than later. Otherwise “enho meda enho feres” again, and sadly so far we’ve seen the disastrous results from enho meda enho feres ‘miglab/minihar’. AmlaK yehagz.

  • Teclay May 4, 2014

    Petros Haile
    Your message lacks consistency,look the tittle of your poem was no reason to celebrate ,ok nice you are right ,and at the closing of your message you wish us happy IN…day , .It doesn`t much to each other
    If you want, you can congratulate to The Rashaida- Arabs,as they are the only beneficiaries of the so called independence

    • Mehari T May 5, 2014

      Teclay Anbessa,
      You have said it correctly brother. You’ve also made me laugh with your great observation about the savage Rashaida Arabs being the only beneficiaries out of the so-called ‘independence’. How very true and precise. Kemaka hakegnatat yibzihulna tirah.

      • Teclay May 5, 2014

        Thanks for your compliment.It is not difficult to observe this,deep inside every body knows that and in private they give up but not in public or among friends.There are few who stuck in our forefathers saying “wala tinfer inber Tel iya” As for me i experienced from child hood ,like an average Eritrean family 3 of my brothers were Shifts,the oldest was AA university student and he didn´t come back.I saw when they confiscated grains from the farmers and so on :From the beginning starting from the most notorious Shifta Awata they were shiftas nothing else

  • Fanko May 4, 2014

    Yosief Ghebrehiwet writes:

    Doctoring the Omaro affair: another Awate sideshow

    The sideshows at are many, but let me mention the last one to make my point: the Omaro arrest. In their desperate attempt to find a hero among ghedli, they include every Isaias loyalist caught in Isaias’ web into the hero-category. But that is a minor subject matter, compared to what is written at the end of that ghedab news article, where the real sideshow is narrated. Now please, I want the reader to take notice of how the Awate Team carefully fabricates the background context for the news in the last four paragraphs of its report:

    First, the Awate Team writes, “According to an observer who has access to PFDJ party leaders, ‘Eritrea is suffering from a political vacuum and Omaro’s appearance in Asmara is easily perceived by Isaias as a threat that has to be chocked to deny him any opportunity to rally people or to discuss national and governance situation with his comrades.’” After reading this, you would end up thinking that Eritrea is a country that has, not only a public arena where people can be rallied by leaders that oppose the regime, but also has an environment where candid discussions with fellow comrades at the top can be conducted. The Team is forced to normalize the Eritrean situation to such a benign level to make a hero out of an old Isaias loyalist caught in Shaebia’s net.

    Second, we are asked to believe that in today’s Eritrea there is a “power struggle among the many factions within the top and middle level army officers and senior members of the regime and the party has been boiling for over a year under the surface.” Imagine that! Anyone that believes that the PFDJ party is in such turmoil over the state of affairs in Eritrea must be an inveterate idiot. To believe that such a “boiling over” exists within the PARTY (it is not even outside the party, among the military), without the knowledge of the authorities is a joke. Again, one would think that the Awate Team is talking about an open society where such “boiling over” is not only visible to all but tolerated by the authorities.

    But hold on to your seats, for the best is saved for the last, “He further stated, ‘However, the conflict is particularly exasperated within two major factions of the party both planning to remove Isaias. One group, represented by a few high ranking officers, old guards, and party bosses, is vying to keep the status-quo in response to the Jan. 21 Forto insurrection, and are aiming at carrying out cosmetic changes on the system, while the other group is a continuation of the Forto incident which aimed for an urgent and meaningful democratic transformation of the state and party apparatus.’” Here we go again!

    Not only has the astute observer noted the “boiling over” within the party that no one has ever yet detected, but also that this “boiling over” has its moderate and hardliner factions. Imagine then the scenario where “a few high ranking officers, old guards, and party bosses”, moderate but dead set to remove Isaias, are walking around in Asmara visible enough for our astute observer but simultaneously rendered opaque to the authorities. And if we include the other louder faction that wants to totally overhaul of the system, composed of middle rank officers (as the Awate Team added in the end, “The Forto insurrection was led by middle rank military officers,” to make a popular movement out of it), you can see that this “boiling over “ is a huge one – and the authorities are entirely in the dark to what the Awate Team has come to know with a single phone call – thanks to that astute observer from Asmara. Moreover, we are led to believe that there is some kind of tag of war or “dialog” between the moderates and the hardliners (clue: that the conflict is “exasperated” …), which turns the whole narration into farce.

    Of course, there has been no astute observer; the entire background story was concocted in the basement of And the reason: to create the impression that imminent change is coming from within.

  • Fanko May 4, 2014

    Yosief Ghebrehiwet writes:

    Selamat all,

    Let me make it crystal clear that I have no problem at all with Muslim Eritrea, as I don’t have any problem with Christian Eritrea. I do believe that these two peoples could have lived in peace together had it not been for their respective elites.

    My problem is then with the elite, both of Muslim and Christian types. I do believe that the whole ghedli enterprise is the making of the elite, and for the elite. Both of these groups undertook the ghedli project with colonial aspirations in mind that could only be attained by constructing alien identities. While the Christians had the Italian master to emulate, the Muslims had the Arab master. And the entire disaster that befell on Eritrea and Eritreans during the past 50 years, with more in the offing, has been due to these alien aspirations. And it these very aspirations that are solidifying the Muslim-Christian divide in Eritrea.

    And for the record, when I am talking about “anesthesiologists”, I am not talking about the entire Muslim elite but about a specific group, namely the Awate Team and their likes.


    • Teclay May 5, 2014

      Thanks for sharing us this valuable item,,,,,,,,Memhris alo temahro imo zeyrekebe aiman(stone heads) indina