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Newlyweds among 32 Christians arrested in Eritrea in fresh crackdown

Eritrean police have arrested 32 Christians in the country's capital, Asmara, this month, including a newly married couple and 10 of their guests, according to World Watch Monitor (WWM). Twenty were arrested last Sunday, March 25, all of

Eritrean police have arrested 32 Christians in the country’s capital, Asmara, this month, including a newly married couple and 10 of their guests, according to World Watch Monitor (WWM).

Twenty were arrested last Sunday, March 25, all of whom remain in detention, WWM said.

The newly married man and two of his guests are reportedly being held in a prison north of the city.

The newlyweds and 10 guests were arrested at the couple’s home on March 5, a local source told WWM.

Ten friends were reportedly visiting the couple for a traditional coffee ceremony to welcome the bride when the local security officers forced their way into the house and arrested all 12 people there and took them to a police station.

The authorities released eight of the group two days later, after they presented valid travel IDs.

But WWM said that the four remaining Christians, including the newlyweds, were moved to Adi Abeito Prison, north of Asmara. A source told WWM that the newlywed couple was split up after the arrest and the bride was released on Tuesday (March 29).

The UN Human Rights Council recently condemned Eritrea’s human rights record. Kate Gilmore, the UN’s Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights, said that over 100 people were arrested in Eritrea in 2017 for practising religions not officially recognised by the state.

Meanwhile, a monitoring group for the UN, United Nations Watch, said ‘thousands’ of Christians are also facing detention as ‘religious freedom continue[s] to be denied in Eritrea’.

Eritrea is sixth on Open Doors International’s 2018 World Watch List of the 50 countries in which it is most difficult to live as a Christian.

In 2002, the government introduced a law prohibiting Christian practice outside the Orthodox, Catholic and evangelical Lutheran denominations, as well as Sunni Islam.



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  • AHMED SALEH !!! March 31, 2018

    Do not forget the message of our religious leaders from Catholic church on behalf of voiceless
    Eritreans everywhere in this cruel road . When they call to remind us about love , brotherhood
    and sympathy .
    ” HAWKHA ABEY ALO ‘ . For a real brother it is not like black & white kind of stupidity in here .
    Unfortunately to become ignorant of facts make some people blind from reality with biased attitude .

    • amanuel March 31, 2018

      We still have a lot of ignorance. Seb dilayu kiamin meselu eyu. Emo iseyas ziamno zeymieman win wengel eyu.
      Miekabom ember emnetom aykonen wengel koynu zelo. Keyestewalna nay hgdf mesarhi nikewin alena. Nihna abgonom tetew tezeyelna ab gonina tetew zibil xibah yelen. Manm zega nay kalie mesel sigab zeyregexe meselu eyu. Wenjel zifexeme dim bet firdi ember esribet aykonen zidirbe.

  • meretse March 31, 2018

    Stupidly, ignorance, blindness, bias,. Last time I heard these kind of words was a couple days ago.

  • Tesfay March 31, 2018

    ሕጊ ጥሒሱ ኣንጻር ሕጊ ንዝኸደ ምቕያድን ሕጋዊ ስጉምትን ይግብኦ እዩ። እዞም ሰባት እዚኦም ብዘይካ እተን ብሕጊ ዝተፈቐዳ 4 ዓበይቲ እምነታት ካልእ ክልኩል ሙኻኑ ኣብ 2012 ዝወጸ ሕጊ ጥሒሶምዮም። ምቕያድን ሕጋኢ ስጉምትን እዩ ዝዉሰዶም። ከምቲ፡ናይ ወያነ ኣብ ጽርግያ ኣይተረሸኑን።፡ህዝብና ስራሕን ሰላምንዩ ዘድልዮ እምበር ኣደዳ ዕለታዊ ዝቦቕሉ ማፍያታት ብሽም ሃይማኖት ሃብቲ ዘኻዕብቱ ናይ ሃይማኖት ነጋዶ ኣይኮኑን ዘድልይዎ።ብሽም ሃይማኖት ናይ ምዕራባውያን መሳርሒ ኮይኖም ሃገር ክሕምስዋ ብሽም ሃይማኖት ዕግርግር ክፈጥርሩ ። ብሽም ሃይማኖት ሰባት ክጎጃጅሉ ኣጀንዳ ሒዞም ንዝተበገሱ ኣብ ኤርትራ ቦታ የብሎምን።

    • amanuel March 31, 2018

      Kemaka hade kisha gahafke bota alewodo tesfash tefash. Hatela gillet eka. Dinkurna zeyesmana neger yelen. “Denkoro kindi zisiter yigiter.”

  • Hara March 31, 2018

    Aye kem beAl tesfai ..meAs kon ykewn kab Eritrana tegahitkum titefiU….Emnet hizbina zikebrelu gize rihuk aykonen!! Denakur dkumat!!

  • Nahon April 2, 2018

    Under Higdef Eritreans are not even allowed to pray the God of their choice.
    It’s unfortunate that we still have people who think this is normal.