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  • selemun mesfun megos September 28, 2011

    widket nhgdef ms korakuru

  • Dawit Tsehaye September 28, 2011

    Nezi kitgietas trihxsa

  • Muse kidane September 28, 2011

    These is the right time of removal of east africa canser nhgdef . we have to stand up and fight the evil these our moment for youth of ertrian

  • abel September 28, 2011

    The two meetings held on new york has revealed some truth and i truely believe these incidents clearly shows our weakness and we need to ask ourselves why the goverment of Eritrea still enjoys a massive public support and why those on the opposition failed to win such support .i want to seize this opportunity to urge those forces who strive hard to bring change to their people ,they need to sit and revise their programmes and devise a mechanism so as to gain a people’s support ,without it ,it will be a fool attempt to bring any change to our people.
    we need to change the way we perceive things .times demands us to come together and solve our differences ,affirm our readness to work for the good of the Eritrean people instead of trying to divide people on basis of awraja .UNITY WILL PLAY A PIVOTAL ROLE IN BRINGING THE PEOPLE TOGETHER AND ACHIEVE OUR OBJECTIVE .

    • mohammad September 29, 2011

      dear abel this is a great question , and the answer is they have to loyal to the people instead to occupiers

      • Maazza September 30, 2011


        I believe the power lies in your clear thinking and the determination to change things that one perceives from your message. This unflinching desire to change an unpopular oppressive system is the core energy which when united needs no guns to chase unelected tyrants from decades of iron rule. I agree with you, we have to identify the problem why we are not numerous. I hope and believe however that it is only now that people who protest are coming out in the open and the potential for growth in record time is immense. At least I pray so.


  • Daniel September 28, 2011

    well done miniseayat ketsilu jeganu

  • Yousef September 29, 2011

    Well done guys new york ……and many more to come

  • des September 29, 2011

    Eritrea which fought and won its independence 20 years ago is now governed by a dictatorial government that refuses to let its young people give them self-determination in their country. Eritrea is ruled by a man, Isaias Afewerki, in power by force not by the will of the people. The man is hard as a nail, former guerrilla fighter who holds firm to the Marxist ideology and who demand that all young people work for the government until their 50s. Prolonged military service, harsh treatment, imprisoned, killed, torture, stop from education to go to military services, beaten, no freedom of religious and starvation wages are the reasons for the hundreds of young people risking their life are to escape their country. Anyone who is found attempting to escape the country is subjected to cruel inventive tortures. There is no such thing as human right in the country. Parents of kids that escaped the country are subjected to inhuman imprisonment and fees. why you did not take any risky for this stupid presdent …in Neywork….I wish I could make this one in NewYork … this dishonest person …how he weak in the freedom street…..from orginal eritrean not the selection of amharay …

  • LULU K. October 1, 2011