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  • Wedi hans December 20, 2014

    Londoners, you are lucky! I wish I was there, this is an opportunity for you those who live in the United Kingdom, Please do it for us on the stage, we will do it on online. I for one will contribute $300 and you do your bit. It is our duty, let’s support the voice of the voiceless Radio asena.

  • Mesinas December 21, 2014

    ዝኸብርኩም ኣሰናውያን ካብዛ ሓዳስ ካሴት ናይ ሃኒ ሓንቲ ደርፊ መሪጽኩም ንመዋዕውዒ ተጠቒምኩም ወንን ስምዒትን ህዝቢ ክትትንክፉ ፈትኑ? ንኣብነት፥ ሎሚ ንግሆ ኣብ ራድዮ ኤረና ሓንቲ ኣዝያ ጥዕምቲ ደርፊ ሰሚዐሉ ኣለኹ። ሰብ ከኣ ብተፈጥሮኡ ብሓድሽ ተሳሓቢ’ዩ። እዚ ከኣ ኣብ ምብርካት ህዝቢ እዚ ጽንብል ግደ ኪህሉዎ ይኽእል’ዩ። የቐንየለይ።

  • keren December 24, 2014

    Assena Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    We just learned the untimely death of 13 young Eritreans and to day Erena reported another 21 drowned in the Atbara River. Eritrea is mourning. I would like to politely ask/suggest either assen a reschedule the 31st December Event or turn it into an event of mourning/reflection out of respect for our wounded nation and the families of the victims.

    Just an advice. With due respect.