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New Red Sea island formed

A volcanic eruption has created a new island in the Red Sea between Yemen and Eritrea, CNN reported. On Dec. 19, fishermen said they saw 90-foot-tall lava fountains from an eruption, OurAmazingPlanet reported. On Dec. 23, NASA’s

A volcanic eruption has created a new island in the Red Sea between Yemen and Eritrea, CNN reported.

On Dec. 19, fishermen said they saw 90-foot-tall lava fountains from an eruption, OurAmazingPlanet reported.
On Dec. 23, NASA’s Earth-Observing-1 satellite snapped a picture showing a mass of cooled lava with a plume that’s possibly volcanic ash and water vapor rising from it, CNN reported. The Global Volcanism Program estimates the island, located in the Zubair archipelago, is less one-third of a mile in diameter, according to CNN.
“I am surprised about how quickly the island has grown,” Erik Klemetti, a volcanologist at Denison University in Granville, Ohio, told OurAmazingPlanet.
According to Joe Bauwens of the blog Sciency Thoughts, the eruption that created the island was the first in the Zubair archipelago since at least 1846, Discovery Magazine reported. There have been as many as 10 volcanic eruptions in the central and southern Red Sea in the past five years, CNN reported.
However, cartographers might want to hold off on updating their maps just yet.
“Many times the islands are ephemeral as they are usually made of loose volcanic debris, so they get destroyed by wave action quite quickly,” Klemetti told OurAmazingPlanet.


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  • Dawit December 29, 2011

    Here you go, another Badume in the red sea for the Mad dog to start a war against Yemen and thereby make the war another excuse to stay in power

    • jemila December 30, 2011

      stupid thinking!!!!!!!!

  • simple December 29, 2011

    May the island be destroyed by wave before the mad dog knew it…He is busy analysing about the whole world , its problems and solutions..yet He is unable to even properly feed a 4million soul

    • Huluf December 30, 2011

      “When confronted with criticism, it is not useful to think only in terms of digging up trenches and launching counter-offensives; criticism should be accepted with an open heart and an environment of tolerance; institutionalism is the best approach to decision-making… nobody or no institution has a monopoly on wisdom and foresight.”

      Petros Solomon, Tsigenai Newspaper, June 11, 2001 as translated by[9]

      • gerimuna December 30, 2011

        Huluf ,
        I think we are cursed that we lost Diamonds like Petros Solomn, Berhane, Ogbe and alike, and left with carbon scrapes .

    • gerimuna December 30, 2011

      nice!!!!!!!!!!! we need comical stuff at this gloomy times thanks to the grumpy mad dog existence.

  • Halewlew December 29, 2011

    aya Issaias will claim it before anyone else. In the next ten years, Yemen may not exist as a stable and one state. Yemen is heading to the next Afghanistan and most likely to next Somalia. Therefore, ayay is safe, he can shoo off the Yemeni fishers with their dull sword.
    This may be a good time to grab the Hanish islands.
    Issias should soon start farming and exporting lots of Chat which the Yemenis love to chew all day long like a Kerenite goat. The Yemenis, aka Jebelis, as Asmarinos call them are a different version of Somalis. Who knows, they may be cousins.

  • Halewlew December 29, 2011

    Please listen to the long EriTv interview of aya Issaias. Though it is very long, it shows, he is well informed and well read. He is not stupid.
    The problem is that he hates to practice it or he ignores it when it comes to practicing it at home.
    ayay, you know it: kab guyiy m’Al: ksad mHaz:

  • jemila December 30, 2011

    @simple,,,,,,,,,,,,,,really simple,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what u say what u are

  • truly, Truly i say to you December 30, 2011

    part 1
    Today the socalled volcanologists told us , as A volcanic eruption has created a new island in the Red Sea between Yemen and Eritrea, tomorrow they will tell us, as volcanic eruption caused and because of the the caused sea quake (tsunami,) hundreds of thousands people as they lost their lives, like because of tsunami in Haiti and Thailand case. God forbid! May they do, or say something those Isayas´s wisdom Akadami, geologists and volcanologist scientists to prevent this catastrophe?

  • truly, Truly i say to you December 30, 2011

    By the way I like to share you God words like always for to day this:- the bible tells us as God created the universe through his word and commands.“ God commanded, “let there be light” – and a light appeared. And names to the light “Day” to the dark “ Night” Genesis 1; 3 …… Then commanded, Let the water below the sky come together in one place…. like said tells us the created land like called “Earth” and the water which had come together like named “ Sea”( Genesis, 1; 9 etc…) Lord Jesus also did it all what it is written in the God´s word through “ word and commands” when Phrases, because of that wanted to kill him, he says, “ I tell you the truth: the son can not do nothing on his own; he does only what he sees his father doing. What the father does , the son also does.” (Johannes 5; 19) and he says, Who ever believes in me will do what I do- yes, he will do even greater things. So is there a surprise about? By the way if it gives you sense, I invite to read to what at 27 December i commented, about the 13th June Clinton´s journey in the horn of Africa and that time to that created “because Volcano eruption in Eritrea the white cloud, and my definitions about and to that most of you calling nature disaster or miracle. You find it this my comments to under tittle “ ጕድዩ! ጕድዩ! ጽንሕ ኢልና ገለ ክንሰምዕ ኢና።written article.

    • Dawit December 30, 2011

      Similarly, our Mad dog will command , “let there be war against the Yemenis” and in an instant a war will erupt in the red sea over the unidentified floating object (UFO) which appeared out of the blue and is claimed to be an island. The Mad Dog will then call the war “Sirihit Keyih Bahri”. HGDFites will march , thoughtlessly , to the war just like a robotic machine performs as what the programmers intended it to.

      • MEHRETU HABTE December 31, 2011

        I think our president has already said “for our forces to leave this island ,means the son will not rise again.But , I hear some of the wales are agentsa of woyane. ANOTHER “MEKHALF” ANYONE,.I think we should raise money ,so that our fighter jets could bombard the small fishes.

  • MEHRETU HABTE December 30, 2011

    I think U.N already awarded, the new Island to the whales of red sea.

  • MEHRETU HABTE December 31, 2011

    Our forces are already on the island & President Isaias has already stated “for our military to leave the island means the son will not shine again ” !!!!!

    • MEHRETU HABTE December 31, 2011

      Sorry , I meant the “SUN” not “son”