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Review overview
  • Fisehaye February 13, 2016

    How they made a jointventure with a dictator from the very begining.
    They knew the Eritreans were working asa slaves.
    And the dictator had no constitution.
    So these people are not worthy.

  • abe February 13, 2016

    The Arab Canadian ambassador is not the right person for honest and independent testimonials on Eritrea, there is clear conflict of interest.
    Does the Nesvum CEO sound like PM Margaret Thatcher apologetic statements during the dying days of apartheid?.

    All in all I should say this is a well balanced documentary by the fifth estate.

  • Yerhiwo February 13, 2016

    It is very sad to hear the NEVSUN spokesperson sugar coating the brutal Eritrean regime! NEVSUN is stealing Eritrean wealth and mining blood stained gold!! You are exploiting Eritrea because the Dictator is not Eritrean and does not care if Eritrea’s wealth is drained forever. The dictator is getting the blood money from your company to stay in power and kill Eritreans!! I hope you don’t stay until 2016-2017!

    How on earth is NEVSUN spreading liberal democracy on a country that has more than 300 jails and kills anyone for any decent? How on earth is NEVSUN spreading democracy when NEVSUN is using conscript soldiers that are not paid even 30 dollars per month?

  • rahwa February 13, 2016

    Dealing with a dictator is the worst crime anyone could committ. What is nevsun resources doing in my country when it has become a prison for me and my fellow countrymen? It is there exploiting my land and my resources in partnership with a dictator and his illegitimate regime. Whether they are making use of our forced labor or not they have no business mining our land without the people’s consent. And we could not have consented because we are not free. The west and its double standards is sickening. You can not advocate for human rights and then let your citizens deal with dictators who put citizens in jail without due process. nevsun resources is dancing on our graves. A Canadian company sucking the Eritrean blood in 2016 just as the British and the Italians sucked our blood during world war 2.