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  • Daniel November 22, 2011

    I support your message but as the same time applied to your team too. I am asking every one who is part of GUBAE to ask and investigate Daniel Tewelde case as well as those who are selected by Emha & his group to participate to GUBAE about 200 people. 

  • Aurora Bruk November 23, 2011

    The message is timely not only in regard to the conference but also when you consider the opposition (against the dictator) that is up and coming from all directions. It is perceptive and well-founded. It goes to show the level of understanding Assenna has (among other things) when it comes to our people, our country and issues. I also find the message consistent. And Assenna’s consistency is something that makes it stand out from the lot. Simply a breeze of fresh air. WELL DONE!!