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  • zeregabir April 12, 2018

    Please be Rational.

  • k.tewolde April 12, 2018

    He will be remembered in Eritrean history as the oldest iconic fighter who rekindled the true spirit of the nation.At 90+ y/o he thought us,it ain’t too late to go out there and brawl against the bullies and win.He stepped in to the octagon and took hard punches for us,he put us to shame and left. A eulogy is not enough for this “Majestic Mountain” as the wailing tigrayit called him on his funeral procession.He holds a special place in our hearts,he planted a seed in his backyard which will eventually mushroom and cover the premises with a cool shade where the children will continue to learn his legacy in peace.So long HALIBAY!

  • Danilo April 12, 2018

    Indeed, the legacy of patriotism is when someone is ready to die knowing his enemy. Haji musa did with out hesitation . Thus why the true Eritrean do but not those ሓበጀረዎት ዓልየት ደቂ-ፈሰስ።

  • Simon G. April 13, 2018

    It is about time! This father is THE real hero!

  • amanuel April 13, 2018

    If iseyas dies what would you do with his dead body?

  • Beraki T. April 14, 2018

    Haj Evil Musa ROT in your vicious Islam HELL where you fucking belong muslim devil.

  • Deglel April 14, 2018

    What a waste and tragedy for poor weak and hopeless Eritreans
    to see this mujahadeen man as a hero. Heroes die for their people
    sacrificing their lives but this foreign mujahadeen died for jihad missions.
    Real Eritreans back home know who is their real hero and who is their enemies.

    • Sol April 14, 2018

      Beraki T., Deglel, the late Shilan (thanks to Fitsum
      Whenever you are called by your operators for quick update or for rebuke for taking long time to pollute assenna,I feel sorry for your sufferings taking into consideration the backwardness of your operators in the dark rooms of the mafia regime so my advice to you is set free yourself by standing beside the persecuted people of Eritrea (even if you are not Eritrean) instead of living in degenerated life to save a mafia regime..

  • rezen April 14, 2018

    Subject: Memorial of Haji Musa Mohamdnur in London, April 11, 2018

    Commentary, 13 Apr. 2018 Amanuel asks (April 13, 2018): “ If iseyas dies what would you do with his dead body?”

    My short answer is this: I have no authority nor affinity to do anything with his body. But his Family do and as Eritreans they can, and should, have, humane right to bury their deceased relative in ERITREA with human decency – in any place they wish to undertake the burial. Less than that, it would be a testimony that WE ERITREANS have also LOST our decency as human beings. It is NOT in our character, nor in our history We are NOT savages. In this context, Issayas was, cruel, inhuman and criminal when he prevented the burial of his closest comrade in Eritrea.
    The crime that has been purported under Issayas’ dictatorial governance, upon the entire people of Eritrea – cruelest as it is – is a different matter that can be >should be >must be taken care of under its own plateau to do service to the entire Eritrean people and to keep proper historical record for future generations. We must be decent in the process.
    We did not create Issyas, but, at the same time, we can be accused for being accessories to his crime by virtue of keeping silent and squabbling among ourselves, based on our respective petty sociological mattes. In short, WE can be accused for being virtual ENABLERS to a cruel person on power and hate consumed dictator. Issayas has a revenge account to settle against the Eritrean people. He himself admitted it in a moment of carelessness due to slight consumption of alcohol. Anyway, WE know, and kept our eyes closed, when Issayas was taking advantage of our weakness, based on parochial matters. That is my OPINION but any decent criticism is educational to ALL of us, at any time. THE END.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! April 16, 2018

    Selamat Sol arkey
    Talkative fake Christian wanna be can not defend his own kind.
    They can promote AGAZIAN backward mentality while killing innocent
    Christians inside Ethiopia that was considered normal incidents according
    their stupid beliefs . Infact they try to portray the victims as terrorists .
    Cowards lack courage to speak against injustices inflicted toward their
    brothers , sisters , mothers and fathers . This lowlife commentator has
    no shame to utter his arrogance .
    Hagi Mussa died because of his resistance to kneel down for HGDF thugs .
    Does he need recognition from some insane people ? I doubt so .