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Matias Habte Funeral Service – ስነስርዓት ቀብሪ ማትያስ ሃብተ

Medhanie Alem Church; Woodberry Down, N4 2TW,  London, Saturday, 04/06/2016

Medhanie Alem Church; Woodberry Down, N4 2TW,  London, Saturday, 04/06/2016

Review overview
  • unanimous June 4, 2016

    Oh..very sad. May the Lord receive you in his heavenly kingdom. May he comfort your family and send his grace to your children. Tragic at such a young age. My heart is bleeding Matias hawey. Rest in peace…Love

  • Wedi fre June 4, 2016

    We are sorry because we are loosing valuable brothers like this.
    My condolence to all his family and friends.

  • Haile .B June 4, 2016


  • Fitsum June 4, 2016

    A great son, brother and father very young to die. You will be remembers for your kindness, devotion, contribution and love

  • petros tesfagherghis June 5, 2016

    A unique precedence has been established during – Matias Habte Funeral service attended by unusually big number of people at Medhanialem church. He must have been very popular especially among the young.
    At one point while preaching the priest say “not only for Matias but we are also praying for those Eritreans who are drowning in the sea.” This is unprecedented. Yes they reminded us of our responsibility to our refugees as human beings and Eritreans.

    The religious leaders – must be in the forefront in their churches, mosques, in pentecostal churches to pray for all the Eritrean refuges in their hundreds – Because their life matter.

    Through the testimonies it was revealed that Habte life was full of challenges from being a solders at Assab front to being a role model in his supporting of the youth, his humility, modesty – kindness and care for the youth. It was heart breaking when the young person took to the stage and revealed all his unforgettable life with him, his love, his support. My heart felt condolence to the family. A friend of the family Petros Tesfagiorgis

  • Berhe Tensea June 5, 2016