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  • Taddesse T Gebremussie October 30, 2011

    Eritrea is naw for yung jeneration we brought freedom ,this is your tern to stragl for equality fraternity to bring modern administration with two party system ,this is good time our yung children to conect each other by internet from eny part of the world exchange idias to know each other bring change with aut any bloodshed this is time of change ,we dont want to see yung ERITREANS die to be refeeges in any part of the world .Say enuagh is enuagh to the old dictator make sivil dis obidens say no to ISAYAS & his regime generals yuo are the wipon if you refuse his order of aresting kiling your Eritrean brothers he or his generals will do nathing.

  • taddessegmussie October 31, 2011

    Leson all Eritreans if a governament fail to protect its citzin that is not agovernament. If your son or daughter are bad you may dispiln them ,you can’t close the door in the dark to be aten by hayna or ather bist,no father or mother do for their children. Aleader of nation is responsible for citzen. ISAYAS is mud cruel person he is not a leader. HE is worst than Gadafee. Any one who saport him he or she they are ERITREAN anemy they will be charged from naw on. Any movement who is looking self interest is anemy of Eritreans old leaberation fighters if you are looking for power get out of Eritreans way.Stay your home. ERITREA IS FOR YUNG GENERATION EDUCATED HAMBLE PEOPLE WHO LIKE to see prosperous peaceful Eritrea for all ERITREANS equal. that is our stragle not for GUALA lover idiotes.