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Libya stops air flights to Sudan

Libya’s internationally recognised government based in Tobruk decided to stop air flights with Sudan for security reasons without further details. Sudan is accused by the official government of supporting Libyan Islamists government based in Tripoli, as

Libya’s internationally recognised government based in Tobruk decided to stop air flights with Sudan for security reasons without further details.

Sudan is accused by the official government of supporting Libyan Islamists government based in Tripoli, as reports say Jihadist fighters from Sudan and other African countries are joining the Libyan chapter of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or Daesh group.

A spokesman for the Libyan Interior Ministry, of Colonel Abdul Hakim al-Obeidi said that the interior minister instructed to stop flights to and from Sudan for security reasons with effect from 28 February 2016.

Al-Obeidi didn’t elaborate on the reason behind the decision.

On Tuesday February 2, a senior police officer in Misrata town, told London based The Telegraphthat Daesh is recruiting improvised migrants from neighbouring countries such as Sudan, Chad and Mali.

“Illegal immigration is a menace because it brings and encourages foreign fighters to come and fight with ISIS. “Most of the migrants want to go to Europe, but some want to link up with ISIS. Unfortunately, here in Libya we are right in the middle of the migration rat run.”

Colonel Ismail Shukri, the head of military intelligence in Misrata, further said that around 70 % of ISIS’s army in Sirte was made up of foreign fighters. “The majority – I cannot tell you exactly how many – are Tunisians, while the rest are made up mostly of Sudanese, Egyptians and then people from the Sub-Saharan countries stretching from Chad and Nigeria, along with a few from Algeria and the Gulf,” he said.

In September02014, the Libyan government had expelled the Sudanese military attaché after accusing Khartoum of flying weapons to Islamist rebels in Tripoli.

The Sudanese army on Wednesday said they clashed with rebels belonging to the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) without specifying which faction near Libyan town of Al-Kufra which borders Sudan.

Sudanese army spokesperson Ahmed al-Shami told Radio Sawa that Libyan Army killed over 20 SLA fighters. He added the rebels were forced to enter in the Libyan territory after their defeat by the Sudanese army in the far northern border.

On the other hand in statements to Wednesday, a Libyan military source confirmed the clashes with the Sudanese rebels.

According to Alarabia, the Libyan army repulsed an attack by the Sudanese rebels who tried to recapture Bouzriq area in the southern part of Al-Kufra town.

The SLA fighters controlled the area for three months before to pull out of the areas as result of an attack by the Libyan army.

Al-Kufra region is under the control of the rival government of the General National Congress (GNC) in Tripoli.

The international community still continues its efforts to form a national unity government in Libya including Tobruk and Tripoli governments, one month after the signing of a UN-brokered deal in Morocco.


Review overview
  • AHMED SALEH !!! February 6, 2016

    The report raise questions about safety of Eritrean refugees journey
    in route through Libya to Europe . With thousands desperate people in
    Ethiopia and Sudan refugee camps the current momentum may lead them to
    to take unpredictable and risky decisions . Unless we find ways on how
    to resolve our problematic issues , we are waiting for heartbreaking
    sad events to happen .
    For heaven sake , how the hell Issayas hidden agenda transformed the
    whole country fearful to give up their God given right to live in peace
    after they sacrificed more than 100,000 lives . It really hurts deep to
    the bone .

    • yohannes February 7, 2016

      Ahenmed Saleh
      Please go yourself to join them, are you in Ethiopia or in Sudan .
      I have never heard any Eritrean in Ethiopia who said he is suffering . I don’t know in Sudan. Read there are several Eritreans GRUDUATE IN THE Ethiopian universities.
      Please give proper information to Eritreans. We are not brothers of SHIKOR NAHEBEKI my be you are because in Eritrea we have plenty of them and left in that country and they don’t know their Identity.
      Your friend Essayas too is from Yemen and Eritreans they are sending him to Tigray.

      • KIFLOM BELAY February 7, 2016

        Yohennes ,

        People like Ahmed are that invent repression and colonialism to justify their destructive role in the “gedli” socalled sewra.

  • ogbai February 7, 2016

    Are you kidding me does any accusation has to go by the name or by reasonable means. Mr Yohanse please don’t try to confuse people. I am sure Ahmed Salih is an Eritrean fighter TEGADALAY with so called SHAEBYA once serving with the now dictatorial system in the gedli era. Now he abandoned the cruel system of Isaias, and doing his share to bring JUSTICE to our people. Please thing twice before you post your comment or you may stay with you the dictator until his days come to grave.

    • AHMED SALEH !!! February 7, 2016

      When I observe wicked people who try to politicize the suffering of
      mankind , I can’t help them but to ignore their arrogance .
      Yohannes said ” I never heard the suffering of Eritrean refugee in
      Ethiopia ” . Issayas also said long time ago ” these refugees are heading
      to picnics “. It is a learning lesson to identify friends and enemies at
      times when our people are in need .
      Those corrupted individuals presence regardless where they come from have own purposes to profess their destructive thoughts.

      • umer salih February 8, 2016

        Dearest Ahmed Saleh,

        Although on many points (almost all) I do not agree ,I do not doubt that you are a true believer ,you are not a hypocrate and I do not doubt you want to see a ,united,prosperous and somehow democratic Eritrea ,but ,not everyone that opposes your ideas hates you or wants worse for the country ,please follow this advise and crush the ideas of that oppose you without taking it personal.

        You are welcome
        It is on the house

        • AHMED SALEH !!! February 9, 2016

          The hypocrisy lies with people on comfortable and safe arena that show
          negligence to the need of unfortunate others .
          To speak on behalf of Eritrean refugees is reaction based in humanity against wrong . Facts or reality on the ground shouldn’t be considered
          ideas for political entertainment because it is about somebody else
          life and death issue .
          Wish them good the same way we wish for ourselves . Then we can bridge
          trust among ourselves for honest discussion and advice .

  • Zahra February 12, 2016

    Please all my friends needs to keep ourselves to verify our enemy for the best lifestyle. being? Tegadlay” it was precious and success on that moment. But nowadays it is nothing with empty mind and collapsed nation. we have to reverse our mind on the right truck the modernization in the 21th century living free without any discrimination and all human beings are equal by its nature. Accordingly, just thinking 14th century is becomes very crazy. For all of us, our typical enemy is not actually Isayas Afewrki but the most dangerous enemy of us is with our personal Attitudinal problem