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Letter from Africa: Emptying Eritrea

In our series of letters from African journalists, film-maker and columnist Farai Sevenzo considers why Eritreans endanger themselves so much to reach Europe. The Mediterranean is fast becoming a massive watery grave for Africans. Another 500 reportedly

In our series of letters from African journalists, film-maker and columnist Farai Sevenzo considers why Eritreans endanger themselves so much to reach Europe.

The Mediterranean is fast becoming a massive watery grave for Africans.

Another 500 reportedly drowned off the coast of Italy the other week, while the attention span of the world quickly moves away.

But who are these Africans willing to risk all to reach European shores where they are not wanted?

Those of us following the story of African migration will have noticed a marked increase in the number of Eritreans being interviewed in refugee camps on the edge of Europe.

President Isaias Afewerki is accused by human rights groups of turning the tiny East African country into “one giant prison” and brooks no opposition.

The Eritrean parliament has not met since 2002. As for elections, they have not happened since Eritrea broke away from Ethiopia voting for independence in 1993.

But is that reason enough for this tiny nation to keep haemorrhaging its citizens at such an alarming rate?

The young men and women who survive trekking across the desert and make it across the Mediterranean in wooden boats further endanger themselves by climbing on to lorries in European ports to try and find a place to make a life.

In Eritrea, they are expected by President Isais’ government to do national service until they are 40.

All around them high-ranking government officials are locked up, opposition members are imprisoned, the private press has been gagged for decades and President Isaias keeps flexing what military muscle he has by constantly threatening another border war with Ethiopia.

And he has also been accused of sending his soldiers across the border of another neighbour, Djibouti.

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Review overview
  • Mulue September 29, 2014

    Isaias Afewerki is known as lunatic and bastard shit which worked only for his fame,further more he is boast, lier and killed so many innocent people in our country!!!! May Our God Shorten the next time of his leadership,to avoid another devastation of the people and country!!!

    • AYDA September 29, 2014

      mULUE YOU ARE not Eritrean. Do not pretend. We know you very well post a lot of shut things here. So you are Ethiopian and you do not know anything about Eritrea. If you can say Your woyane government is nailing millions in Gambella, Promo, Ogden , Amahara and Afar people. The woyane regime is assassin who is killing oGADENS AND ASSASINATING THEM in masses.Ethiopia is silencing opposition by killing or labelling them terrorists and incarcerating them for crimes they never even committed accusing them as terrorists. There was no one killed in Eritrea by the government. I am Eritrean and we Know inside out. We have imprisoned people fore various reasons, but no killing no assignation.

      MuluE is Tigray name, it is not Eritrean name. So you better write about Ethiopia where you have a million crime to list one AFTER THE OTHER.

  • AYDA September 29, 2014

    All the Asylum seekers from Africa are not Eritreans. Those who are considered from the East who include, Ethiopians, Somalis, Sudanese. Majority are from Ethiopia.They are Ethiopians until they reach the refugee camps in Ethiopia, Sudan . Libya they change their names as Eritreans. The Ethiopian names are mostly different from Eritrean names when they register Ant refugee camps they change their names to Eritrean names. The northern part of Ethiopia which is Tigray in most cases they have similar names but they speak a different dialect . When they reach Europe all of the Asylum seekers change their names and nationality and over night everyone is Eritrean. You cannot it seems they have similar features which will confuse a stranger not identify who is Eritrean or Ethiopian. Using this opportunity all Ethiopians claim a to be Eritreans. They speak Ethiopian Languages and claim to be Eritreans. So African journalists or analysts , do not get confused by the false information you are fed by people who purposely distort facts. Ethiopians have free exit visa to leave their country and a million people leave the country legally and reach Europe on Visas and position themselves on the costs of Turkey, Greece, Italy, France, Eastern European countries like Check Republics, Poland. Most about 50,000 a month people leave to Middle East-Arab countries as maids. Over half a million leave Ethiopia by buses, planes and arrive in Sudan through their the Ethiopian Sudan borders. They flood Sudan and treck to LIbya, to Italy to gether with Eritreans. They never are registered as Ethiopians. But only as Eritreans. All those who arrive in Europe through all means of mode of transport register themselves as Eritreans at all Refugee camps and Asylum registration offices. SWo all European and American/ Canadian office know well that Ethiopians register themselves as Eritreans. There is no single Ethiopian ( except few who had fingerprint in Foreign embassy before they reach that country cannot escape so they have to put down their names and they risk being rejected. So all Ethiopians whether they travel by planes to Europe or who travelled by sea like Eritreans claim themselves to be Eritreans. The proof for this is there is no single Ethiopian who has claimed asylum since 2006. So believe it or not , it is fact, there is Asylum claimant from Ethiopia in all the Asylum giving countries in the world. Those who travel with visas from Ethiopia get a shanghai visa to Europe and claim asylum in the country that is not covered by the shanghai Visa. Like they arrive in France and claim asylum in The UK. Therefore there is no fingerprint problem for them.

    Most of the Asylum claimants in Israel are Sudanese and Ethiopians. Eritreans are not the majority. Majority are in fact Ethiopians. But we never heardn there is Ethiopian Asylum seeker in Israel. All the News papers, and politicians are fed with false information and they claim Eritrean in Israel, Illegal immigrants from Eritrea… and blah bla is the news. Asylum infiltrators from Eritrea and Sudan is the only news on the Air. But why cannot the journalists try to ask what about Ethiopians, not coming to Israel, ??? Majority Immigrants in Sudan are Ethiopians. One can ask why is Ethiopians are not moving to any other country, Israel or Europe? Journalism is politics. There is no journalist who is a lier, who writes without verifying information. Journalist are bourn to produce false information knowingly, purposely. Why do not say there are these much refugees of Eritreans, Sudanese, Ethiopians and Somalis. Somalis are moving, immigrating, equally as Ethiopians and as equally as Eritreans and Sudanese.

    I understand Eritreans are immigrating but everyone from Africa is not Eritreans. For Heavens sake speak the truth.

    • selamawit2 October 1, 2014

      What an screwball AYADAiot – “…a shanghai visa to Europe”! LOL very much.
      1. Like one brother in this forum said it: Sincere “Mihret Yewridelki”.

      Than, if there is any thinking capacity in your airhead, brood over this:
      Why should one single person want to be considered Eritrean when he/she seeks asylum???

      I’ll give you a prediction: It could be related to the reasons why Eritreans flee…

      • selamawit2 October 1, 2014

        P.S. “AYDA”, for the case, that you didn not get ist yet:
        you find shanghai in far East, in a country with the name CHINA. It has nothing to do with europe.
        It is not fatal to make geografical faults but IS awkward when you present yourself as somebody who knows much about the escape ways of african refugees.

  • AYDA September 29, 2014

    For heavvens sake can any one Tel;l me which one of the people in the photograph is Eritrean, Ethiopian? It is very difficult to identify who is Eritrean, Ethiopian or Sudanese in this pictures. Eastern Sudanese look Western and north Eritrean people.

    Can one of the prefect journalist who is true to himself identify any Eritrean her. By the look Ethiopians and Eritreans have the same or similar features. Be honest to yourself. I am not saying Eritreans are not immigrating, but how is every Eastern African man/ woman is only from Eritrea.

    Every Eritrean, Every Ethiopian and Every Sudanese and Somaliland know that Ethiopians and some Sudanese are claiming as Eritreans. We have seen many who do not speak any of Eritrean languages claim to be Eritreans. Some say were born in Sudan and grew up in Sudan, Majority say were born in and grew up in Ethiopia and do not know a word opt Eritrean languages ( they cann0ot eve say ” how are?” in Eritrean languages claim to be Eritreans. If any one had ever put feet in Eritrea, he would have been able to say some words for example ” hello” . so please not bury the truth. Speak the truth. The credibility of a news agent, journal;ist. analyst and reporter is compromised when they tell the false, unreality, non factual news. People on the ground know the truth. You cannot fool the majority who know everything. We are on the ground. You are on the Air.

  • Tsega Tesfay September 29, 2014

    Most Eritreans don’t want to leave their homeland but under teh current regime, they know there is no future for them, nothing. The condidions are disgraceful and because Eritrea has no strategic or economic value to the rest of the world (except a port for Ethiopia), the world is not interested in the plight of these people. The regime is entrenched, feathering their own nest eggs, with their plans and grab bags ready when the regime is close to falling.

    Why don’t the people who are running away in droves stand-up, bring about change? Every household has an automatic weapon and ammunition, it will only take one bullet to put an end to this lunatic dictator. Eritreans used to be a proud people, but no longer.

    When this regime falls the international court for crimainal justice is going to be very busy trying the ambassadors, ministers, bureaucrats who have been propping up this corrupt, arrogant, ignorant shameful regime. It needs to happen now before Eritrea is completely empty

  • kk September 29, 2014

    All these people who are questioning why Eritreans are taking such a risk journey to get to Europe, because they can see that this exodus of people can only occur when there is a natural disaster is taking place in the country. However what are Eritreans are fleeing from is a dictatorial regime which is much more easier to stay in the country and change the regime than to look for freedom somewhere else

  • Geje September 29, 2014


    Why would they “stay” in a hopeless country that they instinctively know and practically had seen dying? If you believe in it, what are you doing in the West with your family? How many of our brothers and sisters are in Eritrea?

    The young Eritreans have rejected all the lies of Gedli, hence they are voting with their feet. Young Eritreans know through harsh experiences in Eritrea that Eritrea is not worth all the sacrifice paid.
    Young Eritreans are telling the entire world, we would rather die leaving Eritrea than trying to hallucinate in Ghedli dreams.

    The young Eritrean generation is not responsible for the end of Eritrea.

    • Wadbahar September 29, 2014

      “…Eritrea is not worth all the sacrifice paid.”Can you explain this statement further, please? What do you suggest as a solution then? I am very curious to hear, as other readers are, from a young man like you. Be sober and teach us, if you have some feasible solutions to suggest. Even if you go as far as saying, “Sell the country with its people”, we will just listen with patience to your views. Now the ball is at your quarters. Don’t run away after making such statements.

      • Fitsum Beraki September 29, 2014

        Wadbahar, are you by any chance a misinformed or misinformer moron? Why should Geje suggest any solutions for you as he/she didn’t prescribe the ghedli madness (medicine) to you or your likes in the first place. It is easy for the ‘smart’ Diasporas who live in their comfort zones like you to sing “Ereye Ereye” when you have no damn clue what life looks like in the cursed land. If you think people are ONLY fleeing Eritrea in their thousands to escape injustices and the national “slavery” service, you are dead wrong. People across Eritrea are suffering from hunger and all kinds of desolation. The reckless policy of the regime might play a destructive role but the bitter truth is that Eritrea simply can’t afford to feed its poor population. Now, go on as usual deny the undeniable and accuse the Weyane & CIA as all their faults. The truth is stranger than fiction, Isn’t it smart guy? Let’s stop playing ‘the ball is at your quarters’ games and halewlews!!!!!!!!

        • Wadbahar September 30, 2014

          I would like to tell you that as the youth are social actors of change (if you really understand this language), it is a national treason and cowardice to run away from that responsibility and want to go to a foreign land where everything, you think, will be offered to you in a plate, yet you did not contribute anything in the construction of that host country. Stay there, organize yourselves, fight the dictatorship and bring change that will secure the future of youth and the whole population. That is the solution. The Western countries were built by the youth. If the youth run away when things get thicker, then there cannot be countries and civilizations. Who do you want to build the country for you? Who do you want to fight the hunger for you? A quick note is also to advise you to watch your language; the adjectives you use describe you more than anybody else. Nobody denies the existing realities in the countries, but we say, face it as other youth in the region are doing. Instead of dying like a rat in the Libyan Desert or the Mediterranean, die as a lion fighting the butcher and his junta. By doing so, you would do a great heroism for the people and your tomorrow. YOU ARE THE SOLUTION.

          • Fitsum Beraki October 1, 2014

            It is really frightening that our nation is in the hands of such low IQ morons to defend it. You simply are “Ab kunat zeyiwaAle beliH/sharpy” indeed. Spare us from your recycled garbage as you are only an opportunist day time dreamer aka a fake philosopher. We also have an old saying in tigrigna which more or less relates to you and that is “Zey siniKa Hutsa kortumolu” indeed. The underlying assumption here is that life under dictatorship is better than a possible chaos. What a nut case! Denial of the reality on the ground and living in a virtual world with a big dose of romanticism is a strong defence mechanism. Get real, stop being a clueless and completely disconnected from reality. Swallow the bitter truth and try to make a proper and legal U-turn. If you own a peaceful country where there is justice and where you can work and loudly speak your mind, it is obvious that we will have youths flocking back from exile but not youths eager to leave their country, for nobody would look for honey which they already have. In other word, if you are in a country of honey, there is absolutely no need to look for another one (honey). Lets hope you understand the real ‘honey’ and not your kind of fantasy Arabic world of honey! Now, no more halewlews Mr/Mrs Belih (Sharpy).

    • Fitsum Beraki September 29, 2014

      Well said Brother/Sister Geje. Such is what ghedli Eritrea has been reduced to …. a farce.
      The whole Eritrean saga is a story of gamblers who would never admit their addiction (ghedli) despite the fact that it is destroying them with the poor nation. The experience one has with our poor people is that they tend to be irrationally emotional because they are terrified of having to quit their addiction without proving the fallacies on which they bet many lives….denial being a typical symptom of addiction. The oldies (the ghedli generation) who were vehicle of hate and antagonism is going to be retired or dead, and the new generation will come to understand that hate and isolation will not serve Eritreans best interest. Positive changes will come to beautiful Eritrea really soon but so far it has been a case of ‘you reap what you sow’ indeed

      • Wadbahar September 30, 2014

        If you think the older generations did something wrong by introducing the national struggle, then correct the history and hold them responsible; but don’t run away. The country is yours because you will live longer while the older generations will die. Again, the generations after you will judge you on what you did, and so on. This is the way consecutive generations work.

        • selamawit2 October 1, 2014

          Dear Wadbahar,
          please don’t get fooled by the the indivuduals withe the cybername Geje and similars.
          These are few people with frequently changing cybernames which try to confuse people and to channel teh energy of justice seeker
          to a wrong direction.
          This are theier main buzzword: gehedli romatic, arab slaves, italian slaves, cursed nation, shifta (using as a name for our ancestors) etc…
          They appear to be Ethiopianists but i think they are undercover pfdj workers or demhit supportes who want to spread hatred between different nations, diffrent ethnics, different religions and even between differnet GENERATIONS…

          Keep it up brother and ignore them!

          • Wadbahar October 1, 2014

            Thank you Selamawit2 for the kind words, advice and support. As democrats, we tolerate different views and it is good to give them the chance to say what they want. In the final analysis, they could do nothing except exposing their ignorance and desperation. They could be rude and impolite to intimidate us, but we do not go to their level. We just ignore that part but reply to their arguments and confront them. Thanks.

          • Fitsum Beraki October 1, 2014

            You can scavenge as much as you can swallow. You are a typical scavenger always sniffing around for real or imaginery differences of comments. The sad and pathetic part of yours is you are so slow and retarded you crawl out with your grabages after people have moved on. No wonder you have been called selamawit2 aka public toilet2 with your track record. Now, it is very easy to hide behind the name of “our martyrs” or “suwatina” crap. Both the Maosit, Mafia and the Islamo-fascists used it. Get a real life for a change! Why is anybody that oppose the fake independence labelled this & that. morons. Do you know your Weyane (Ethiopian) obsession is born out of a loser mentality after sustaining a good trashing down by them for the whole world to see! There is absolutely nothing to brag about Eritrea. Unless you have issues on substantive matters stop coming with your garbage. Also keep reading (real stories and NOT fictions though) and you might just regenerate some of your paralyzed brain cells. Last but not least, don’t inflame yourself beyond its normal size. It is not really healthy for your fragile and stone head to survive. Dishonesty will also keep you perpetually in circular motion that is in the ‘inkilil motion’ indefinitely.

          • selamawit2 October 2, 2014

            You are very right, Wadbahar:
            “They could be rude and impolite to intimidate us, but we do not go to their level.”

            @”Fitsum Braki” aka BINJAM ANJAL (see alsoውልቀመላኺ-ኢሳይያስ-ኣፈወርቂ፣-ብ-24-ግንቦ/comment-page-8/)
            What a I am very impressed. LOL
            Get you medicine otherwise in addition to your insanity and tourette syndrome you will also get an heartattack…

  • Real Eritrean September 30, 2014

    Hi Guys,

    It’s very interesting to hear from you all wanting to stop Shaebia/Hgdef. But my friends all of you are
    talking sitting on your fancy chairs. Freedom has a price and you have to pay it in cash. Come to Eritrea
    or somewhere around it and try to face the problems being in there. You are just talking and waiting
    someone to free your country.

    • Wadbahar September 30, 2014

      Just give me one example in the world where change was brought by citizens from outside. Change comes from inside and by the youth living there. The external factor is a secondary or a helping one and cannot replace the internal forces: specially the youth who are expected by all peoples in the world to organize, mobilize and lead the rest of the population towards change at times of peace and war. Do the hundreds of thousands of Egyptian youth protesting and struggling with all available means against the junta with their naked chests daily and for their third year come from outside? The over 5000 Egyptians burned and massacred alive in just few hours by the junta at Raba Al-Adawiya in August of 2013 were mostly youth protestors rising up for freedom. Just read the history of Tahrir Square and follow the daily activities of the Egyptian youth in the Internet. How many of them are shot or thrown to jail, tortured, deformed or given harsh sentences daily just because they protested? This is not in Cairo only but in all Egyptian cities, towns and universities. All of those massacres, prison sentences, torture, rape …etc. did not stop them; they are still doing wonders vowing either to die or bring change. How about those who brought change in Tunisia and are running the democratic process to create a country free of poverty, unemployment, inequality and exploitation of man by man? How about the youth struggle in Yemen and Syria, with the latter taking up arms? Aren’t these youth like you but they are doing miracles to secure a future and prosper with the rest of the population? The only youth saying they want to leave the country because they are hungry are the Eritrean youth. The only youth telling the citizens living outside the country to come and fight for them instead of saying help us, while they sit idle or run across the border to be the prey of the Mediterranean Sea or the human wolves of the Eritrean, Libyan and Sinai deserts, are the Eritrean youth. Do you think this is a standard way of thinking and becoming of the youth, any youth of any country for that matter? “Alam Kaisamakum”. Isias is really very lucky if your views represents the Eritrean youth. THIS IS REALLY WORRISOME.

      • love eritrea September 30, 2014

        Wadbahar, sorry to see you wrong comments on this board. I think, you are wrong. we will need to fight from out side and inside as in 60s,70s,80s, and most of Diaspora Eritrean spent their time and life supporting the Gedli in the old day. I met many smart Gedli, who went back to Gedli from EU, USA, etc., after they graduated with the Mast Degree or PhD. Furthermore, Adedeta Italy made significant contribution to Gedli during the fighting, and sent most of their money to Gedli.

        These days, we all Eritrean diaspora love to have good life without any problem. Most of us have a nice house, business in Eritrea or have saved money in the bank of Eritrea. Further, we spend most of our summer holiday in Eritrea with nice dress and cars……

        I would greatly appreciate it if you could tell us the really problem in Eritrea and the main problem that the Eritrean people are facing, so that I would allow you to compare Young Eritrean with the with the 21st Arab revolutions.

        Let me ask you question, when did left Eritrea? did you have a chance to go back to Gedli and fight against Hgdef “Eritrean CANCER 03-high security”, which was found back in Gedli 30 or 40 years ago, when most of our smart brothers and sister were killed by they 03-HIGH SECURITY. I assume you were young when you left your beloved family back home to save your self OR HAD A CHANCES TO GO BACK TO GEDLI AND SAVE this generation!!! what went wrong in 60s, 70s and 80s? this will allow me to give your further comments in the near future!!!

        I think, you will need to find the main problems before you tell us your solutions. I don’t think, you know the main problem of the young ppl of Eritrean and Eritrean people, and your solutions won’t work in the near future.

        I hope this will help you to find the long term solutions for the Young Eritrean and Eritrea… Don’t get me wrong, we will need to fight against Hgdef-HIGH SECURITY “the main CANCER of Eritrean” from in side and out side.. we will need your support and help to stand beside the Young Eritrean people, so that you could remove the dirty HGDEF and its followers from Eritrea in the near future…

        • Wadbahar October 1, 2014

          Love Eritrea:

          As long as you do not consider the flight of the youth a solution and that the youth have to be steadfast and fight while getting support from Diaspora Eritreans, there is no basic disagreement between me and you. I would not mind about your description of my comments as wrong, though you neither mentioned one reason why they were wrong nor you did contest any of my views. Then the bone of contention between us remains whether the Arab Spring could be repeated in Eritrea too. My views here are summarized in an off-shot (few paragraphs) of a paper I presented to a symposium in May 2012 on the occasion of the Eritrean Independence Day. The whole paper was published on some Eritrean websites then. I hope that will give you a chance to see some of my arguments. You can write a paper contesting my views and that will be highly appreciated. Our people will benefit from different views. The off-shot of the paper is as follows:

          Is Egypt-type revolution possible in Eritrea? (An Off-Shot of a Paper)

          My answer is a big “Yes”. There are parallels in kind between Eritrea and Egypt when it comes to socio-economic underdevelopment, though one thing is clear and that is the situations differ in degree, with Eritrea being in a worse situation. The harsher the socio-economic situation the more people will be inclined to protest. If the social-economic situation has worked in Egypt to force the people to the streets and protest, it should work more in Eritrea. In both countries, we have one-man dictator that has lasted for decades. In fact, in the case of Egypt, there was a facade of modernity characterized by a constitution, fake multi-party system and judiciary that are deceiving and could win supporters for the regime both at national and international levels, whereas in Eritrea, it is an open dictatorship with no democratic disguise or rhetoric at all; a matter which makes it easier to mobilize the people. Furthermore, unlike Syria, where the Alawis clearly support the regime, in Eritrea as it happened in Egypt, you can mobilize everyone against the regime as no part of the society supports it. At the same time, unlike the Libyan population, which is dispersed over a vast area and dependent on access via air (monopolized by government) to hold it together, the Eritrean population as that of Egypt is not as scattered as that of Libya. This makes it easier to mobilize. Add to that, there are armed wings of the opposition operating against the dictatorship in the country and they can protect the protesters, thus blending the features of peaceful popular revolution with armed protection, whereas the opposition in Diaspora could play a complementary role as did the Muslim Brothers in Egypt and Al-Nahda in Tunisia; not a leading role.

          We cannot deny that the social media and online communities did contribute a lot for the success of the protests in Egypt. No doubt that social media and online communities are difficult to imagine in Eritrea. Nevertheless, we cannot deny that the Egyptian revolution included many people, estimated by some sources as the majority, who did not have Internet access at home, let alone Facebook accounts. By the night of January 27, the Internet was down, text messaging was disabled, and all cell phone coverage in Egypt was gone the following morning because of government orders. Phone services returned on January 29 but SMS and Internet remained disabled for five days. Nevertheless, the youth could pass the instructions for January 28 protests using handouts and conducting face-to-face meetings. This shows that the absence of connectivity did not knock down the Egyptian protests during the five days. This situation would help us to conclude that it is possible to arrange protests in Eritrea, if our youth are determined and assisted to do as the Egyptian youth did without Internet and cell phones during those five critical days. It is also difficult to say that there is a big difference between Eritrea and Yemen as far as the availability of Internet and cell phones is concerned. The situation in Yemen could be slightly better than that in Eritrea but there are other aspects that put Eritreans in a better situation to organize protests. As compared to Yemen, the Eritrean society is more homogenous and there is a long-time experience of the Eritrean revolution which succeeded without Internet and cell phones. What is the fear then that the Eritrean youth can’t do what their counterparts in Egypt did?

          • love eritrea October 1, 2014

            Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, you have not answered my questions:

            when did you leave Eritrea? did you have a chance to go back to Gedli or in 1993, to fight against Hgdef I assume you were young Eritrean, when the Eritrean CANCER “03-high security” was found back in Gedli 30 or 40 years ago?

            I have not read your article. However, why do you need to compare the Eritrean people with the rest of the Arabs “Is Egypt-type revolution possible in Eritrea? (An Off-Shot of a Paper)” . It is always easier to fight behind the screen or using the articles.
            We will need a good fighters from your generation. For example, our hero, Wedi Ali tried much better than the Arab’s spring!!! but he didn’t get any support from the other old Tegadelit (i.e., your Generation).

            I would expect you to go back home and fight against the Hgdef? No matter your age!!!! after that we will be able to use your methodologies to fight against Hgdef!!!

            What are the main issues in Eritrea or challenges for our young Eritrea people?
            What are the Hgdef’s long term plans or goals?

  • Truly Truly i say to you October 3, 2014

    Aida´s remark it is not completely wrong. To be honest in one side has a lot of truth. But other sides according the Ethiopian population out of 90 millions if sees tens of thousand immigrant what is the surprise by relativity with Eritrean population? The second important point Aida should answer to us this. Can you tell us the reason why all Ethiopians the ask asylum as Eritrean? Is not because they have good governance but in Eritrea worst leadership and dictatorial injustice regime?

  • Eritreans don't care October 18, 2014

    Why is this happing?