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Leaked document show government estimates over half a million will sign petition denouncing UN human rights report on Eritrea

Posted on April 27, 2016 by Samuel N. An Eritrean whistleblower that goes by the name Samuel has recently started publishing leaked government documents through a Facebook page: SACTISM: Classified documents of the dwindling PFDJ. On April

An Eritrean whistleblower that goes by the name Samuel has recently started publishing leaked government documents through a Facebook page: SACTISM: Classified documents of the dwindling PFDJ.

On April 20, SACTISM posted a seven-page document, in Tigrinya language, of a letter by Eritrean Ministry of Foreign Affairs detailing a government plan to collect over 300,000 signatures from Eritreans for a petition that denounces the UN Commission of Inquiry and its ‘fabricated’ reports.

The letter, dated 12th of April 2016, is addressed to “All Eritrean missions” and to “Eritrean consulates in Canada and Australia” with copies to “(1) Coordinating committee; (2) Coordinator of Action Europe, Ambassador Fisehatsion Petros; and (3) Eritrean permanent representative to the UN, Ambassador Ghirma Asmerom

The letter urges the responsible to collect signatures starting from 16th of April until 27th of May 2016 and fulfill their respective country’s “quota“. The document lists 25 countries including the Scandinavia region and sets the target number of signatures for the petition.


Target numbers of signatures to collect from Eritrean citizens residing abroad from the leaked government letter.

These numbers are perhaps indicative of the number of Eritreans in those countries (most of them as refugees or political asylees), and the level of influence and leverage the government believes it has on its citizens residing in each country.

The document details that this ‘drive’ is overseen by a certain “Global Eritrean Action for Justice” and all reports and copies of petitions are to be sent to it via email ( The letter also indicates that a peaceful rally will be held in relation to this petition sometime between 21st and 23rd of June.

Perhaps an interesting point is when the letter explains how the ‘drive’ will be mobilized. It indicates that “every citizen will take the petition form and collect signatures from their neighbors, friends, workmates and so on.” furthermore it indicates that during this mobilization, citizens will be “helped by groups, organizations and unions who will be leading the action.” It will be curious to know who those groups, organizations and unions are since most government organizations claim they are mere civic organizations with no political affiliation to Eritrean regime. In fact, in a recent well-publicized case, a member of one such Eritrean organization sued a Dutch professor for defamation because she claimed he has association with the Eritrean government (details of the incident here andhere).

This also suggests that the signatures will be collected in a similar manner the 2% ‘diaspora tax’ is collected and Eritrean refugees are forced to sign a ‘letter of regret’ at Eritrean embassies and consulates. That is, through extortion.

The petition form reads:

“We, the undersigned reject the fabricated Reports of the Commission of Inquiry and the Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights situation in Eritrea and request immediate nullification of the Reports and termination of their mandates, and instead promote constructive engagement!”


The petition form. Appendix 2 of the leaked document

Review overview
  • g michael May 1, 2016

    A leak by design to demoralize the opposition.

  • k.tewolde May 1, 2016

    All this is to shield and protect the tyrant and his accomplices from facing justice for the heinous crimes they committed against our people, and that includes the dummies who are supporting him, and he is using the money he stole from the people to buy himself everything including foreign media outlets to exonerate himself.Nice try, but no cigar.The day of reckoning is fast approaching, the curse and pounding of the ground by those mothers and fathers who are grieved is getting louder and louder in the ears of the murderers.The cowards are sweating marbles and shitting bricks.The Lord will unleash his wrath and incinerate them in the infernal cauldron.Innocent blood does not get spilled in vain under the watch of the Holly Spirit.Amen!!

    • AHMED SALEH !!! May 1, 2016

      Western countries expected Eritrea to play positive influences on other
      African political establishment but we prefer on joining our cousins
      than look for different exit from darkness . We can submit one million
      signature in defense Papa Issayas . Well you think they will care if
      what they had seen in their shores and lands ignored by some fools call
      themselves concerned Eritreans ” action for justice ” .
      Back stabbers work as supportive force for the betrayal of people’s
      struggle principles . I don’t blame those in Africa and Middle East
      dependents of Eritrean embassy services .
      Kab dikha hilna zimexe ghezana abrisna des yibelkum zilekemkumna .
      Ab meriyet yikhun ab semay xibah kuluna tehateti ina .
      xubuk zighebr baelu yibareko hmak zighebr dima baelu yimharo
      NIBEL imber natna mewaredi hashewye haki zeyblu zegherm iyu .

      • Berhe Tensea May 2, 2016

        Ahmed, first of all you are right, seeing is believing and what they see is Eritrean boat people after boat people every few months and about the numbers who signed it is just propaganda, and it will have zero effect.
        The dictatorial regime and his puppets also like to use the word JUSTICE, in their name and that is unbelievable.

  • Tedla May 1, 2016

    A government forcing it’s citizens to sign petition letters …. what a shame !!
    Where and when will Higdef’s mass manipulations will stop ?
    Human rights organizations and UN are not stupid, they know the government is forcing people to sign papers.

  • Berhe Tensea May 2, 2016

    Those people who will sign to denounce the UN in support of the regime willingly will be held accountable and will be asked to account when the right time comes.
    Their name is well known and will be public to the hero called Sactism and concerned and nationalist.

  • Berhe Tensea May 2, 2016

    Those people who will sign to denounce the UN in support of the regime willingly will be held accountable and will be asked to account when the right time comes.
    Their name is well known and will be made public thanks to the hero called Sactism and concerned and nationalist, members of the internal security inside Eritrea.

  • stefanos temolso May 2, 2016

    The evil regime has become so paranoid and foolish that it does not know this is a useless venture. The basic reason is people report to the UN or Human rights commission when they are persecuted. Otherwise for something like this high level diplomatic campaign is needed. Alas! the regime is blind in this since it follows Sahel politics of negative attitude to so called Imperialism or western countries. What will the concerned people answer for example if they were asked “which legal body asked you to be a witness in this case?” They have literally no answer since they can not say the PFDJ ordered me to do so. The only option for the regime is to put into practice what it is telling the signers of the petition at the soonest possible time. The regime of course knows that its demise is nearing and that is why it trying this aimless FERIMULEY! adventure.

  • It is an open secrete and everybody knows that the signatures were collected under duress. So no one gives it any weight or value.

  • Sisu May 2, 2016

    The dummies are signing a paper to replace their national ID card. That signature will end up with the petition to lift the sanction…

    • sidi abdu May 2, 2016

      Frankly I am flabbergasted with our situation.I think we need need a gut transplant. We have being cowed to death. Is a life with a continuous humiliation a worthy living? All this excitement about independence has given to misery and gradually we are reduced to become slaves of Issias and his cronies. Come on we can do better and it is time we stop being a laughing stock of humanity along the way we could relieve the population from becoming the gift of the Mediterranean sea creatures. . We have to call a spade a spade and we have to start being counted as being friend of Eritreans instead of looking the other way while a gross injustice is being done to the once brave people of Eritrea.

  • sidi abdu May 2, 2016

    You can put a lipstick to a fish, but it will remain a fish (stink).

  • semere 2 May 2, 2016

    ሓቂ ብርእሳ እንተ ቀበርካያ ብእግራ ትወጽእ።
    Nothing to worry. Isayas will never be able to hide his crimes against humanity. Weather alive or death he will face justice.