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Lead Eritrea Leading the Eritrean “Route to Democracy”

  Tesfagabir Berhe Tesfu (George) At a time when some critics are undermining the power of Non-Violence struggle, Meron Semedar (probably the youngest dynamic and vibrant human rights activist in the US) has managed to organize to


Tesfagabir Berhe Tesfu (George)

At a time when some critics are undermining the power of Non-Violence struggle, Meron Semedar (probably the youngest dynamic and vibrant human rights activist in the US) has managed to organize to Host the first ever conference on Eritrea titled:

Eritrea at 25: Human Rights, Migration and the Route to Democracy.

In his short life span in the US, Meron has successfully managed to establish his own organization called LEAD ERITREA (where Eritrean youth start leading) and the conference that was held in San Francisco on 24/09/2016 organized in collaboration between LEAD ERITREA and the department of International Studies based at the University of San Francisco.

One of the most painful and less discussed issue on this post-modernism era is the disillusionment associated with going to exile, where Eritrean young people have to settle for whatever job they get in the Diaspora but Meron Semedar does not fall into this category. He wasted no time in integrating his hobby (marathon) his studies (international relations) and his passion (human rights) and I must commend him for initiating a conference where Eritrean and non-Eritrean activists, politicians and diplomats came together to discuss on Eritrean past and contemporary issues.

Meron was also the coordinator of the conference and he stated that the objectives of the gathering were:

“- to create a route for many Eritreans refugees, asylees and Eritrean American to be accepted at the University to study.

– to minimize the gap in generational difference and ideas,

– to craft a policy to directing our nation in the right direction and giving a positive international recognition

– to help in bringing peace and reconciliation in Eritrea

– to bring ideas that can help in solving the risky route Eritreans have to take to save their lives.”

25 years after ‘independence’ Eritreans are still leaving their country in their numbers due to the gross human right violations taking place in the country. In the invitation video , Meron sent a strong reminder that our actions today will determine what kind of country we will have in 25 years from now.

The event was very well thought in all aspects. The participants were very diversified in terms of their  age/gender/culture/political opinion/educational back ground and that made the conference more fruitful. The event was non participant in which Eritrean government representative (PFDJ) and its youth group (YPFDJ), members of the opposition and more were invited to speak and attend. Meron believes that we all are Eritrean, hence we all need to come together with good intention for our people and country. Bringing the good in us all and finding the solutions for the problems that our country and people are facing will take us a long way and far in fulfilling the reasons why our heroes died for Eritrea and its people.

A conference can be numb without any form of entertainment hence Young Eritrean Americans were there in full force to show case the Eritrean cultural dance.

One of the big issues that is disturbing in the Eritrean opposition camp is, justice seekers are busy belittling each other forgetting that they have a common goal to deal with. On the contrary we are supposed to affirm each other and LEAD ERITREA is leading this initiative by; among other things, honoring Dr. Haile Debas and Dr. Alganesh Fesseha for not only pioneering the Eritrean activism but for their long, persistent and relentless leadership and humanitarian work.

Four panelists discussed in depth around the Eritrean past and current situation focusing on: the root cause for why the Eritrean people are leaving their country in their numbers, the predicament they had to pull through in their pursuit for a better place and daunting issues around integration and resettlement.

The Eritrean struggle for liberation was launched on 01 September 1961 and the Eritrean government closed all the private newspapers and detained top government officials as well as journalists of the private newspapers on 18 September 2001. International peace day is also celebrated on this month hence organizing the conference on September had a deep historical and geo-political significance.

Review overview
  • k.tewolde October 23, 2016

    Indeed,it is a September to remember.There is hope for this little nation at the end of the tunnel.The people who care and love it dearly regardless in which side they are today will join hands and will start communicating with the language of their forefathers and chances are the visionary young with unique perspective like Meron will bridge the gap and lead the way eventually.There is enough for everybody back home for people to stay put and enjoy the natural gift that the Lord bestowed upon them.Amen.

  • Z. Hagos October 23, 2016

    The concept of “by the people” and “from the people to the people,” all are about empowering those without power. Thus, each has a role in the going on change. The daily injustice in Eritrea already, like Mamino said, already crushed and silenced the mothers, fathers and the elderly. As the result, the worst blow is on the youth. Because the sufferings on the youth makes them the victims of the untold barbarous, murderous and diabolical practices of the tyrant, the demand for the fight back on them on very high.
    Therefore, if the Diaspora Eritrean youth do not raise and fight to save the youth inside Eritrea, then who would? After all, the future is theirs. The hot call is on all the independent pro-justice websites including Assenna, Togoruba, Jeberti, Gereger and others to become firstline promoters of “the youth for the youth in Eritrea.” Even if the fathers and mothers non-voluntarily go into silence, the youth should not give up or quite until they achieve victory over tyranny and the tyrannical rule in Eritrea. So, let the youth lead the working together of the justice-seekers journey and hasten the victory by reinforcing the fight with advanced technology.

  • koubrom October 24, 2016

    We don’t want civil war in eritrea you guys should stay out of eritrea business, ethiopia is your country do not mislead us please the peaceful country left is eritrea in that region, we don’t want your democracy ,a democracy of elite have nothing to do for problem

    • Samrawit October 25, 2016

      Koubrom, how can you say it is peaceful when Eritreans youth are in disarray heading to unknown world and unknown future? we do not even know how many are dying in the desert, captives in ISIS, drawn in the sea and dying in the streets of foreign land. You better go to highschool and finish a college or university before you involve your self in politics, otherwise you will be a victim of PFDJ.

      • koubrom November 14, 2016

        How about you , how did you left the country ?
        Please stop this nonsense, youth are fleeing because of the economic situation that all eritrea hater activists lobbied for sanction, so you guys are responsible

  • Haile stupid Drue October 24, 2016

    what is danconnel doing

  • Haile stupid Drue October 24, 2016

    if this is for all Eritrans meeting can some one tell me DANCONNEL is an ERITEAN if not whay is the reasone he is at the meeting

    • Samrawit October 26, 2016

      He is best wisher for Eritrea. He knows the train has lost its direction, and he is trying to help, may be you see him a white person but you did not know his long relation with the Eritrean cause, so better learn before you talk.

    • koubrom November 14, 2016

      They admitting that they have no brain to think for themselves, they are white man to guide them ,what a shame

  • Tesfagabir October 25, 2016

    Yes. Dan Connel is proudly Eritrean. He did an amazing work for Eritrea pre and post ‘independence’

    He knows the psych of the dictator more than any other Eritrean.