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Kenya dismisses UN report on Eritrea

NAIROBI, Kenya, January 21 – Kenya on Saturday dismissed a report by the United Nations exonerating Eritrea from claims that it funded the Al Shabaab militia with both monetary and ammunitions support against the Kenya

NAIROBI, Kenya, January 21 – Kenya on Saturday dismissed a report by the United Nations exonerating Eritrea from claims that it funded the Al Shabaab militia with both monetary and ammunitions support against the Kenya defence forces saying it is one sided.

Speaking during a press briefing on the war in Somalia, Foreign Affairs Ministry Director of the Horn of Africa Division Lindsey Kiptiness said that no one has come to Kenya to investigate the claims.

“In as far as we are concerned I don’t think it is accurate that report has been taken to UN. I don’t think that is true. Simply because I am also reading stories from papers like you,” Kiptiness said.

“If Kenya did allege that Eritrea sent three plane loads of arms to Al Shabaab, the UN has been undertaking an investigation. They have not come to us. So I don’t know how the report has already been made to the UN before they come to the other side of the story.”

He discredited the report saying that for it to be objective, thorough investigations need to be undertaken.

“We are still waiting for them to come, and if they come we will give our report accordingly. Let’s wait until they come to our side otherwise that would be a one sided story,” he said. “If somebody has leaked such a report then I consider it to be just that…until they get to hear our side of the story.”

He said Kenya is ready and willing to cooperate with the UN should it wish to clarify any information about the claims against Eritrea.
The UN had discounted reports that Eritrea supplied weapons to the al-Shabaab to fight Kenyan troops last year.
A preliminary report by the Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group (SEMG) to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) concluded that the allegations were untrue.

Part of the report stated that after the SEMG’s preliminary assessment, the allegations were incorrect and that the alleged deliveries to Baidoa probably did not take place.

The monitoring group also pursued its investigation into alleged arms deliveries by air to the Al Shabaab controlled airfields in southern Somalia in late October and early November 2011.

Kenya had accused Eritrea of delivering arms to the Al Qaeda-linked Islamists and reported the matter to the Security Council through the regional Inter Governmental Authority on Development.

Foreign Affairs minister Moses Wetangula had also summoned Eritrean ambassador to Kenya Beyene Russom to his office to explain Asmara’s alleged links to the militants.

Eritrea through its Foreign Affairs ministry however vehemently denied the claims branding them as part of Ethiopia’s campaign of misinformation to discredit Asmara.

The Eritrean embassy in Nairobi had further demanded independent investigations into the matter to be conducted by UNSC to the above mentioned allegation and all other unfounded related accusations.

Source:Capital FM NEWS

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  • tesfaldet January 23, 2012

    MR T one more thing what make this interest is KENYANS LIE this time if you rememeber in the 2009 THERE WAS WEYANE & SOMALIA so the UN is is tride of them no one will belive so they have new name KENYA the propoganda & lie is the same like the 2009 the only thing change was the lier so jast look for next year in christimas time to come with differnt lier with the ALSHEBAB ISSUE

  • tesfaldet January 24, 2012

    hi people this thing abaout ERITREA& ALSHEBAB is not over yet for now it looks that way because the president holding the UN this year is RUSIA so wait for next year when one AFRICAN COUNTRY holds the president then the arm twisting & hand out will start by SUSANRICE & WEYANE

    • Hameed January 25, 2012

      Did you hear this idea or your mind has produced it. Anyhow you know to use your mind. It is a good job. I hope your mind is not a pot that someone fills with water.

  • tesfaldet January 25, 2012

    ihave to say we are glad we have CHINA & RUSIA in the UN if not for their veto eritrea wii be put in sunction thats way god put the RUSIA to hold the president in UN THIS YEAR but if next year the president of the UN gose to an african country look the ALSHEBAB issue to come again because AFRICAN countrys will do any thing for some hand outs

  • tesfaldet January 25, 2012

    icant belive & suprise that ASSENA & ASMARINO forget to use the bigest propoganda for their advantege iam talking the bombing i n NIGERIA BY BOKO HARAM way iam saying this is the ajenda of WEYANE & THE OPPOSITION is to make look like eritrea is proplem in AFRICA like in 2009 in the world score in UGANDA BOMB they bleim eritrea so this propoganda shuld make their lie true if you know NIGERIA is one of the countrys in this years UN sunction in eritrea it present acase with GABON so so ASSENA & ASMARINO MISS the oporitunity to make belive to the world like they are dowing

  • tesfaldet February 1, 2012

    ibet any one who can tell me iam wrong SUZAN RICE is looking in her book for next year acountry from AFICA who can testefay against eritrea for some hund out one luky country is going to get the oportunity 1st IT WAS SOMALIA & ETHIOPIA 2ND KENYA NAGERIA GABON WE dont know the next is jast wait antil next year