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Israel to pay Rwanda millions to absorb unwanted African refugees

BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Israel and Rwanda are working to finalize a multimillion dollar deal that would relocate hundreds of African asylum seekers living in Israel to Rwanda, Israeli media reported Friday. According to Israeli news site

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israel and Rwanda are working to finalize a multimillion dollar deal that would relocate hundreds of African asylum seekers living in Israel to Rwanda, Israeli media reported Friday.

According to Israeli news site Ynet, Rwandan President Paul Kagame said on Thursday that a deal was being worked out, and Israeli Interior Minister Gilad Erdan later confirmed the report.

Through the agreement, Israel will deport hundreds of Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers to both Rwanda and Uganda, with Rwanda receiving millions in grants and sales from Israel.

The deal comes after a new policy was unveiled last week by the Israeli Population and Immigration Authority that would enable the state to deport Eritrean and Sudanese refugees to third party countries in Africa against their will.

Up until now, asylum seekers were required to sign a document indicating voluntary departure from Israel, as Israel is a signatory to the Refugee Convention, which prohibits a state from deporting individuals whose lives are in danger in their home countries.

However, the Population and Immigration Authority, which is promoting the policy, argues that there is no law preventing Israel to deport asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan to a third party country where their lives are not in danger.

International human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) released a report in September 2014 criticizing Israel’s response to an inflow of Eritrean and Sudanese refugees fleeing human rights abuses in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula in 2006.

The report revealed systematic discrimination of refugees, with the intent of coercing them to leave Israel. It said that Israeli authorities tended to perceive Eritreans and Sudanese refugees as a “threat” and brand them as “infiltrators.”

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  • Biniam April 3, 2015

    Huummmmmm, Israel out of all countries, but as they say,
    ‘Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it’.
    As the desperate Eritrean in the desert of sanai inscribed his last sentence, ‘kulu khalif eyu’ yes indeed time will come for a free Eritrea and the perpetrators of this act will pay the price.

  • memhr April 3, 2015

    Though Israel is very tiny nation full of its own problems let alone to deal with tens of thousands of Eritrean refugees, it still has a responsibility on the safety of the Eritrean refugees in its own care.

    Below is a news article of what may happen to Eritreans in Eritrea or in the region in the Arab nations around.

  • rezen April 3, 2015

    Article: “Israel to pay Rwanda millions to absorb unwanted African Refugees, by assenna on April 3, 2015”

    Here is a quotation from the Article:
    “Israel will deport hundreds of Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers to both Rwanda and Uganda, with Rwanda receiving millions in grants and SALES from Israel.” The emphasis(caps)on the word “sales” is mine.

    It boils down to this: Eritreans are not wanted anywhere, explicitly in Israel and the European countries! And the “selling” price would seem to have no limit. Who ever imagined that the proud nation of Eritrea – known for their honesty, hard working, independent and fair minded characteristics — would ever succumb to such a low degrading level? Eritreans sacrificed over three-hundred thousand sons and daughters in a thirty-year war believing that they were fighting for independence, freedom and DIGNITY. Alas! They were betrayed – not by the world – but by their own indigenous cruel off-springs!!! As to ‘why and how’ we leave it to history. But at this precise moment, Eritreans of all walks of Life – anywhere around the Globe — must surely come to their senses; completely rejecting their divisive parochial prejudices; getting together with one mind; and lift themselves up from the gutter. It is their moral duty to themselves. Humanity dictates that conviction – right away, without delay. If not, we are doomed to be mourners for eternity while Eritrea the real Estate becomes the pony of any external force(s). There cannot be any doubt about it – it is already glaring. THE END

    • AHMED SALEH April 3, 2015

      Rezen said ;
      ………….. while Eritrea the real estate becomes the pony of external forces .
      Well if we lost control of our country national ownership , obviously to
      expect for unexpected consequences might be its end result . Infact the
      whole scenario in Eritrean political affairs direction is troublesome ,
      unpredictable and scary to imagine the future it brings .

  • AHMED SALEH April 3, 2015

    Last month P.M. Natayahu asked Jews Europeans to resettle in Israel , you tried to defend their
    inhumane and biased decision to deport non Jews foreigners with arrogant excuses . Speak up
    straight forward into subject of discussion instead attempts to divert the needed attention of
    those refugees in question .
    Do not forget at present lies will swallow us but tomorrow God will also swallow the liers .

    • AHMED SALEH April 3, 2015

      Sorry , my respond is meant to memhr comment . Memhr dima yibleley , wey gud .

  • Daniel April 4, 2015

    When other countries take any action against the Jews, it is called antisemitism, racism, ethnic cleansing…but when it is the other way it’s called relocation of infiltrators.

  • Daniel April 4, 2015

    Initially bedouin criminals were selling them for few thousand of dollars, and now israel is offering money to any country who would like they say absorb” them.

  • HOMIE April 4, 2015

    Isreal smashed the Palestine nation what ever the agenda and excuz givin, the world didn’t do anything and what makes you the world would make any action for this racist act, i advice the eritrean to stick with the wave of change that is coming to eritrea together starting from me. Enough running from our problem lets think how to face and solve it. sick and tired stupid power hungry few people playing us like dummies in opposition and in the regime too.

  • Wadi April 5, 2015

    Eritreans came to know about the real Israel only in recent years. In the past some thought it was a Christian nation. Others, took it as a divine entity that cannot be defeated, a small nation surrounded by enemies. In my country, if you ask ordinary Eritreans about Zionism out of ten not even one knows what it is. Zionism is a global Jewish political and ideological movement that created Israel. This movement turned a religion (Judaism) into an ethnic group. It’s a bit strange but true. To understand what that means, just think about Christianity, do you think all Christians come from one ethnic group ?, are they blood related ?, do they share the same genetic pool ?.
    Both Judaism and Christianity had their origins in Middle East. Christianity spread to Europe during Roman empire when the Emperor Costantino said he saw in his dream that with cross sign he was winning wars. His mother was a Christian, that may have also contributed. He stopped the persecution of Christians and made Christianity the religion of the State. Judaism had reached most of continental Europe much earlier through traders. Today European Jews, the Ashkanazi who at the end of Second World war left their countries and settled in Palestine make about 80% of the population. Middle Eastern Jews who came from Yemen, Iran, Morocco, Iraq, Egypt, who are Semites are a minority. The creation of Israel displaced more than a million Palestinians. Many of them are still in refugee camps and are hoping to go back to their homes one day. The population issue is Israel is one of the most sensitive issues. Zionism tried to create a nation for Jews by bringing them from all over the world and turning the country into a melting pot. But the Israelis are united only when they join the Army. That is the only institution that seems to work as melting pot. Israel has different laws for different non-Jewish groups. Population growth is seen as a ticking time bomb and Israel is worried it may one day change the Jewish character of the nation. Foreign groups like Eritreans and Sudanese as seen a threat to this strategy, not less than Palestinians who are kept under check in their own land. Israel will never accommodate Eritreans and Sudanese, even temporary residence is frowned upon. It’s better our people try to find some other place to go, if possible, instead of wasting time there and suffering.

  • yohannes April 8, 2015

    It is sad to hear the degradation of Eritreans and our dignity in such a way, let alone by people, Israelis who claim to suffer mass deportation and holocaust in their history. Now they forget about it and are acting the same way as their persecutors. When it is done by the Nazis its “deportation” and when it is done by the israelis it is “relocation”. They call the refugees “infiltrators” as if by giving it an exotic name to hide the true nature of these people “refugees”. In one BBC interview an Israeli was asked the Israeli government calls them “infiltrator”, what are these people to you. He said “Human Beings like me”. They don’s carry arms and have no political agenda other than their safety. How on earth you call them infiltrators.

    The irony is that the British were at one point planing to deport jews to Uganda, they refused. Now they are planing to do same thing to other people. If it was wrong at the time what makes it right at this time.

    There were many jews in Eritrea and were living respected and prospering more than any other indigenous people. Eritrean people were sympathetic to Israelis in their history. Apparently we were mistaken. But now we learn.