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Isayas: From Confrontation to Avoidance

Isayas has been suiting everything to his whims commending and condemning or avoiding and compromising or admitting and denying in order to benefiting the vision for his tyranny.  As powerful as he is, nothing lies

Isayas has been suiting everything to his whims commending and condemning or avoiding and compromising or admitting and denying in order to benefiting the vision for his tyranny.  As powerful as he is, nothing lies outside Isayas’s power in that he shuts the door on those unwelcomed and widely opens the door on those favored.  His link is an opportunity found to many, opening for them the door widely for everything including regular/irregular businesses, scholarships and travelling.  Many of his favored close friends bounced back from business failures with just his approvals.  His relationship with others is based on never to confuse those that strengthen his power with those that weaken his position.  Thus, using avoidance approach as a means to ignore and discourage those unwanted is designed to enable him to avoid setbacks by shifting shames and failures to others through confrontation.

At first, Massawa was chosen to be the tyrant’s convenient place for imposing his tyranny’s reality on the Eritrean people and the whole nation by avoidance or staying away from making direct decisions to address questions of the time or sensitive and controversial issues.  To further narrow the tyrant’s inner circles, his place of avoidance was first moved to Gahtelay and then to Adi Halo.  From his place of avoidance, the tyrant must be using the most sophisticated technology to check on his regent or the generals or those who are potential sources of threats, while the people are only allowed to use a reverse peephole to follow where and what the tyrant is doing at his new place of avoidance, Adi Halo.  Although the tyrant’s avoidance approach is not a response or a solution to correcting his behavior and controlling his arrogance, the continuation of his confrontational behaviors from Adi Halo is becoming a cause for blaming all failures on the tyrant and making the criminal generals into victims of the tyrant.

All those remote controlled by the tyrant from Adi Halo are said to be doing their best to carry out orders strictly as instructed.   Yet, there is no any peace associated with what those remote controlled are carrying out because they know that in the event of any fault they are on their own and supposed to take the blame.  They cannot resign.  The only option they have is either to commit suicide or flee the country.  Their taking the blame makes the tyrant always perfect and all achievements are meant to release greatness for the tyrant, who is hiding in Adi Halo.  Unless the place of avoidance is meant to hide the tyrant’s poor health, for the people who are seeing the country shaped by the generals’ decisions may push the tyrant out of the people’s minds.

No doubt, the tyrant’s staying at distance or not being directly involved might be reducing his bitterness towards those who secretly blame and criticize him.  Similarly, his absence might also be denying him to praise those who deserve it and, as well, is preventing him from building relationship with those who could serve him better.  With the generals’ decisions shaping the country and resolving all the tensions between the government and the people, it seems like Isayas has either quietly handed the power over or that he was forced to hand the power over to the military junta of criminal generals to govern the country.  It would have been better for Isayas not to hide in his place of avoidance and, instead, return to secure his regular office as the safest place from where he could face the realties without avoiding direct confrontation, when needed.

Confrontation as a Means to Get Away with his Denials

Isayas’s close friends always try to find out whether his confrontational behavior springs from cover ups or strength.  If Isayas has no frustration and has no reason to be pretentious, why would he be so confrontational?  If there is anything that comes back to haunt him in the fear of retaliation from the silent supports of G-15, can’t he silence the source of the threat?  BTW, do these silent supporters of G-15 have power to counterattack and who are they?

Should Isayas be suffering from frustration other than failure of his rule, he then could be having a problem of making a precise distinction between his supporters and those supports of the G-15.  And, if Isayas knows what Wedi Ali was up to, then he can have a hint about the potential threats.  Otherwise, Isayas, as the most power man, has to move on peacefully past his actions of dismantling the political opinions of the G-15 inside Eritrea.  After all, Isayas is well aware that it takes a lot of crookedness, bullying and intimidation to be a dictator but it takes courage and openness to be a good leader.

The EPLF veterans believe that the EPLF’s legacies are the only forces that can drive the democratic changes in Eritrea.  Isayas is blamed for most or 99.99% of leadership failures to live up to the EPLF’s legacies and the Eritrean Revolution’s promises.  If Isayas’s denial of these facts is the root cause for his frustration, then his arrogance or confrontation on all fronts is to deny the truth and punish those who are trying to find the truth in an effort to bring about justice and rule of law in Eritrea.  The fear from Isayas’s punishment have made all those around him wretchedly blind to the ugly political reality in Eritrea, where tyranny has inflicted fear, forced labor, slavery, wide starvation and economic devastation that are forcing the people to flee the country depopulating the country.  Many of Isayas’s life-long comrades tried to put truth into his lips but every attempt was met with anger and negative reciprocity escalating him into a full-fledged confrontation with everyone around.  The following are a few examples of his confrontations and denials:

-When a group of religious people questioned about the failure of the government to function appropriately, Isayas replied asking, “What can I do by myself when the entrusted Muslims have become drunkards and the entrusted Christians have become thieves?”

-When a journalist asked Isayas about democracy in Eritrea, he answered saying that, “Democracy has so many definitions and it is a shocking fact that it has even failed to work in the USA and UK.”

-When close friends informed Isayas that there are people who are questioning his good intentions and backgrounds, he told them, “Tell those people that like I brought the independence by breaking away, I could surrender it back.”

-When a journalist asked Isayas to clarify about press freedom in Eritrea, he explained that, “You can no longer persuade people that there is freedom of press and freedom of expression or there to be unchecked political opinions (anywhere in the world).”

-When a close friend from Hadamu of Asmara jokingly suggested to Isayas that he could run for election from Hadamu rather than Tselot, Isayas jokingly and without anger retorted saying that, “All of Kebesas cannot trace back more than four generations in Eritrea, and specifically you of Hadamu starting with your Harogot and general Inghida cannot count back more than two generations in Eritrea.”

-When a close friend from Sahle jokingly suggested to Isayas that he could run for election from Sahle rather than Hamasien, he jokingly without anger replied explaining that, “With exception of Naras, Kunamas, Danakil and the Eritrean crocodiles, all the rest are of new arrivals from across the borders.”

-When a journalist asked him as to why thousands of Eritrean youth were fleeing, Isayas replied, “They will come back.  They are just on picnic and for sure they will come back soon.”

-When people asked about the mined gold, Isayas answered, “That mined metal has its owner and it is unhealthy to expect a change in the economy of the country from the mined gold.”

All of Isayas’s confrontational statements are to escape accountability and clarity.  It is not a surprise to see the secret holders fleeing the country when they feel that their secrecy is failing.  Although Isayas knows that the best way to ensure credibility of his entrusted people is through confrontation and not avoidance, his choice for avoidance is not without cost.  For sure, the avoidance approach is failing to keep the horrors of his rule in safe hands.  Thus, for those silent supporters of the G-15, it is time to be firm in holding their grounds.  They don’t have to be allowing themselves to be stuck in between Isayas and his generals.  This time, the silent supporters of G-15 have to declare their political stances if they could to send a message that they too are there.  They don’t have to continue to be politically repentant who are forced to stay out of politics condemned to work only towards self-destruction.

Other Forces that can pose a Coup Threat are the Pro-G15 Elements

Indeed, to many of Eritreans inside Eritrea, the absence of Isayas or staying away from sight is only about who he is and not what he does.  During his absence, the tyrant has been forced to share his authority, however; his generals with whom the authority is shared, they have become more cruel and abusive.  It looks that according to the forces of tyranny, the generals appear to be worse in terrorizing the people into submission. Everyone is pressured to comply with the orders of the generals.  Should the generals do not remain to be loyal dogs to Isayas during his absence, they could unite the people in hating the tyrant and removing him any time.  Similarly, it is time for the silent supporters of G15 to match their political practices with their principles even if that poisons their relationship with the generals.  After all, in the absence of Isayas there is no a safe distance from the criminal generals, who are accused of corruption and crimes.  The game played by the pro-G15 elements, in the absence of the tyrant, should be challenging the unfettered powers of the generals.  Otherwise, military dictatorship will become inevitable taking root by the unrestricted discretion the generals are enjoying during the tyrant’s absence.

The other possibilities for Isayas’s turning away to take stance of avoidance in Adi Halo to escape blames could be due to his inability to forgive himself for what he did to the G-15.  It is usual that young and cruel revolutionists, like Isayas and Gadhafi, when they get old, they try to review their past mistakes in isolated places.  Very much, Isayas should be in such life crisis reviewing and looking, as regret stricken person, into his past mistakes in isolated places like Adi Halo, while at the same time keeping his distance from those who let him commit the mistake against his life-long comrades.

If Isayas is suffering one betrayal pain for each of the betrayed G-15, then he must be suffering from 15 betrayals that he has to deal with at his place of avoidance in Adi Halo.  Prior to the G-15 disappearance, Isayas must have had trust and respect for each of them.  And, if deep inside Isayas admits that he had backstabbed each of the G-15 when they served the nation honestly and honorably, he might be struggling, in Adi Halo, for the right words of apologies to their families and offspring who suffered the consequences.  Therefore, if Adi Halo could not end the pains of Isayas for the betrayal of his life-long comrades, the only solution is for Isayas to honor those comrades, who perished in his dungeons, by stepping down and handing power back to the people in the name of the G-15.

Long Live Eritrea


Review overview
  • Ghirmay November 15, 2016

    I really thought you’r a cool and reasonable person but unfortunately you are proving me wrong with your poor shots of “even your friend Alem Goitom” claims! You must be that desperate and that low to wildly associate/befriend me with the Meshrefet man. I know you have this habit of ignoring/skipping some of my questions but why and how????
    There is a fundamental problem with your argument. Stop listing PFDj sins to make the opposition leaders and cadres shine. The problem is the finished product. You don’t have ‘good’ finished product in the opposition camp that you can sell to the Eritrean people. In short, sell your ideas, visions and your leadership qualities. Trashing, name calling, counting mistakes is just repulsive; because it doesn’t say much about you.
    To me, the mantra of a political opposition is “We can do better than the governing regime”. And the opposition has to prove that in the court of public opinion. Because trashing the governing party is not good enough to put you on the top. You’ve to prove to the citizens of the Nation how you would make the economy better, you have to explain to the public how you would protect the nation, how you’d solve the Ethio – Eritrean problem, how you’d balance Eritrean policy to our North and to our South, how you’d stop the exodus of our young, how you’d have a representative government. To sum it up – sell your ideas and visions to Eritreans.
    When a man tries to win the heart of a woman, he doesn’t just try it by trashing other men. He does it by proving to the woman that she would be better off if she chooses him over the other men. Now similarly, sell your opposition how they are better than PFDJ regime. Got it? And you can’t; and that’s my point. The opposition has never been given a power to run a government. They didn’t get a chance to lead because they didn’t earn it, because they failed to rally the public behind them, because they failed to earn the trust and respect of the Eritrean people. Do you only want to blame the weakness of the opposition on the PFDJ regime? And I challenge you to prove me wrong.
    Whining, complaining and criticizing PFDJ is not a vision or solution. Counting every Eritrean problem under the sun, is not a ticket to govern a nation. Proving PFDJ mistakes and misdeeds is not proof that the opposition are qualified to lead Eritrea. Proving the incompetence of PFDJ leaders is not proof that the opposition leaders are more competent than PFDJ leaders. Now, sell me your opposition leaders of diaspora, sell me the competent leaders (your leaders) of Awasa and Debrezeit. Those are the products of your opposition. Can you? And never come back to me with more bullshits of “even your friend Alem Goitom is questioning…..” crap.

    • Z. Hagos November 15, 2016

      Without having a free political expression in Eritrea we cannot speak of a court of public opinion that may be used to determine the silent voting results. Thus, let’s rule out this kind of mechanism because the regime including the nominal party does not believe in free and fair elections, be it silent or open. Again, since the relationship between Isayas and the people is similar to that of a master and slaves, public opinion can only be expressed through disobedience. But unfortunately our people inside Eritrea have their own priorities, fighting to feed their stomach and the stomachs of their children.
      Our people inside Eritrea, as victims of the tyranny imposed on them, they are being exposed to mind-manipulation to silence them and ensure their submission and obedience to the tyrant’s rule. Now, speaking of the Eritrean Diaspora, while the Eritrean opposition or justice seekers are seeking to free the tyrant’s slaves from the tyrant’s chains, the pro-tyrant are fighting to tighten that chain on the enslaved population of the nation.. Here’s the bad news for you, the voices of the Eritrean Diaspora in Geneva and NYC have emboldened the slaves and, as a result, the fear imposed on them has become of little effect in intimidating them into total obedience. They have already started going on disobedience to express their opinion rejecting the tyranny imposed on them.

  • andom November 15, 2016

    I have never seen a leader who works as minewale to provide driking water to his people. I am worried though he may break his back trying to haul a stone in his seventies. So i am asking kubrom ans stupid durue to help me send him anti aging tablet which will keep him young till he finishs adi hallo dam which is going to be the bigest dam ever in africa even bigger than the grand dam of ethiopia. “Awet ni hafash kubromai”

    • Z. Hagos November 15, 2016

      This EPLF slogan “Awet ni hafash” is a great slogan but it became meaningless upon being adopted by PFDJ. During the EPLF’s days, the slogan was about loyalty to the country and its people. But now, with the nominal party of the tyrant, the slogan is only representative of “us-him, him-us,” pushing down the country and its people to the level of “we don’t know and we don’t care.”
      There will come time when the slogan will once again take its right place becoming a true representative of the people that supports a caring and popular government. Right now, according to the Eritrean justice seekers, the slogan is made to be a representative of unsafe and unclean politics played the tyrant. The wars conducted by the tyrant and his generals against the Eritrean people and the neighboring countries can be considered as symptoms of the tyrant’s sick and failing leadership and, as such, the slogan “Awet ni hafash” cannot be chanted to support the tyrant’s dirty wars of enslavement and destabilization of the region.

      • Ghirmay November 15, 2016

        What should the future slogan be then for the new democratic Eritrea, Z.Hagos?

    • Yared November 15, 2016

      andom, why don’t you be kind enough (nitsdiki ziKhoneka) find some tablets that shortens the stupid life of kubromay and the other stupid HaseKha?
      As for their leader he has the bastard Arabs to treat or look after him as he is serving them blindly. He is also not building a dam but building his mekabir/cemetery/graveyard.

    • koubrom November 15, 2016

      Well we don’t need your welfare tablets keep it for yourself he will live more years to come ,he in a good helth but you will die whiteout achieving nothing ,if survive your agameland will be wipe out soon

  • Ghirmay November 15, 2016

    There is no nice way to say this. The anti EPLF/PFDJ opposition that was led by the Ghedli generation for over three decades is laying on its deathbed waiting the inevitable. And there is nothing that could save it. Yep, the Ghedli generation opposition leaders who are trashing the PFDJ regime for not transferring power have failed themselves to transfer power to the yoyng generation; they have failed to earn the trust and respect of the Eritrean people; they have failed to articulate their message and lead the fight against PFDJ; or simply they have failed in every category.
    The Ghedli generation opposition leaders have failed so bad Isaias, his ministers, his Generals, his Colonels, his spy and security agents could leave the country, and all his conscripted militias could call it a quits and go home, and still no opposition would show-up at the doorsteps of the State Palace to govern. That’s how bad you are.
    And what does that mean? That means, for the next decade or two, Eritrea would be governed by some kind of PFDJ derivative brand. That means, the Post-Ghedli generation (under forty), has to go back to the drawing board and learn all by themselves, how to be a civilized opposition in the Eritrean political arena. And that would lead us to the obvious question : where did the Ghedli generation opposition leaders go wrong? Well, I would leave it to your capable hands but some hints might help you; so how about “dishonest political positions”!!!!!
    Now, ask yourself : if the Eritrean opposition, are proud of their contribution to the sanction and isolation of the PFDJ regime (Eritrea) and if the Eritrean opposition are proud to support Ethiopia’s no-war-no-peace policy (which they are), then, why are they blaming the PFDJ regime for the effects of the policies they proudly support? Isn’t the objective of sanction blockade and isolation to make people’s life miserable until they raise-up and overthrow their government – or until their government yields to the demands of foreign powers? Isn’t that exactly what the Tigrean/Amara hardliners are telling every single day – no matter who you have as your leaders (PFDJ or Opposition), if you don’t yield to our demands (access to the Red Sea), we are going to make your life a living hell.
    Let’s face it : no matter what the Eritrean opposition thinks of the whole PFDJ thing, for million reasons, change is going to come only from inside Eritrea. And the Eritrean opposition leaders don’t have an iota of influence to engineer or shape the out come of it. If the Diaspora based Eritrean opposition, are going have any role in Post – Isaias Eritrea, it is going to be at the timing and at the goodwill of the Post Isaias PFDJ brand government. If that is the Eritrean political reality, then, what is the wisdom of talking tough (violet change) when in fact, your both hands are tied behind your back? Or simply, how could you defeat the PFDJ regime militarily to have it your way, when you don’t have the military might to get the job done? You just can’t.. Of course, there are those who would beg to differ, especially those who pray every single day facing South; but their prayer doesn’t have any buyer.

    • Ghirmay November 15, 2016

      please add “us” and read as the Tigrean/Amara hardliners are telling us ….. thanks.

      • Z. Hagos November 15, 2016

        Just we have different focuses. The justice seekers focus on the message and not on the messenger. While you may be focusing on the weakness of the opposition, the justice seekers are focusing on the strength of the people.
        Those who are in a state of being of one opinion believing only in individuals, they fail to have a sense of political line because their focus is only on individuals. I hope you are not reinforcing a kind of imposition on only this individual to lead the country and if not, let the whole population go to hell. Unlike such way of thinking, the justice seekers already stepped out of the box to think of the safest transition to democracy whether that is achieved and led by the opposition in the Diaspora or by those opposition groups inside the country, so long they are Eritreans. Again, we should not forget that the justice seekers gave the tyrant many chances to bounce back from his leadership and policy failures. But, unfortunately, the tyrant has chosen to dwell in the past grudges and fears, and won’t take corrective measures to treat the Eritrean people with respect under rule of law. Therefore, he is a must go person in order for the Eritreans to end tyranny and live like human beings.

        • koubrom November 17, 2016

          You don’t answering his questions,

          • Z, Hagos November 20, 2016

            what answers are you expecting. Ghirmay’s question: how could you defeat the PFDJ regime militarily to have it your way, when you don’t have the military might to get the job done? is about sending the country to civil war. The shows that Ghirmay is pro civil war or pro-wars against the neighboring countries.. The justice seekers are seeking justice for the people to live their life and not to cause wars to already destroyed country and impoverished people.

  • andom November 19, 2016

    Kubtom benglish kitxihif megemerta english temahar. Wey btigrigna xehaf. Nay afafat sirah aytisrah. Ayaka dima arigu eyu keymeteka kedka abryo. Abzi kenka nihna nsu mibal tirgum yeblan. Welfare endabelaeka neti welfare zihbeka endaregemka neyaka etot yebleyin elka 2% ketikefil endatalelka nebska ayteashwa. Kem hawi metenye zimekreka zeleku kubromai” awet nihafash”

    • Koubrom November 19, 2016

      ATA nezom aboy hagos indiye iti melsi keyhibu halew lew
      Ata neskha engliz engliz aytibel nayaboy aykone nayadey aykone
      M still learning its just a forum nothing serious will came up let just have fun