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  • Concerned Eritrean October 8, 2011

    History repeats itself. Our people don’t get along with each other, not even for a minute. We have seen it already in Europe. They can not even perform a peaceful demonstration for few hours. They beat up each other. Call each other worst names. So uncivilized. So, I came to conclusion that After Shaebia, Eritrea will be dismantled. We never had a country until 21st century because we were fighting each other for centuries. We were handed over from a government to another foreign government. It will happen again. However, I am also blaming Shaebia for the creation of this uncivilized opposition. Shaebia needs to face the reality and join the international community and become democratically elected so that the unity of Eritrea can sustain. Otherwise, these people , like in Europe, are like breeding dogs. Don;t work. Don;t go to school. Just live off
    of welfare So weired, aggressive and they do not even look like Eritreans. May be I am lost. I certainly do not want to live with these animals.