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  • m May 2, 2014

    Wedi Tikabo is undercover hgdef i am sure very sure what a joke our Eritrean pepole suffering and dying and you want celebrate shame on you

    • Ahmed Omer May 4, 2014

      Why not 77% from whao run away from shabia are undercover that why oppositions failed to kick the idiot and ugly regime from the power

  • getsmarterfirst May 7, 2014

    If u guys think that the Eritrean government does not represent Eritrea, The Eritreans in diaspora does not represent the Eritrean people. A very devided society. who generates good words in face but contains every evil that a person can have in their heart. They hate the government based on its view on their region, religion and/or ethnicity. You do not sleep if your own brother tells you he sleeps enough every day. U have lost all the goodwill, cooperation and reasoning. U Eritreans in diaspora are a pile of evil thoughts. I am sure that you are gonna mess up the country even if peace and justice reins. Forget about politics, reconcile with ur own self and ur brother and help each other.