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In Support of “Forum for National Dialogue” (FND)

In Support of "Forum for National Dialogue" (FND)  We, the civilian elements who have been silenced by armed groups, marginalized and side lined elements of the Eritrean Society, patriots & fighters in the former ELF, civilian elements of the former

In Support of “Forum for National Dialogue” (FND)

 We, the civilian elements who have been silenced by armed groups,

marginalized and side lined elements of the Eritrean Society,

patriots & fighters in the former ELF,

civilian elements of the former ELF,

patriots & members of the former EPLF,

civilian elements in the former EPLF,

last but not least current and former members of PFDJ,


are hereby extending our support and enthusiasm to the advent of “Eritrean Forum for National Dialogue” led by former EPLF patriots and former members of the current government (namely Dr. Andeberhan, Dr. Tekeste, Ambassador Abdalla Adem).


We support the fact that these individuals have made it clear that they are inclusive of ALL genuine ‘peaceful’ Eritrean resistance to repression, ALL  Eritrean reformists, ALL genuine ‘peaceful’ Eritrean oppositions, and most of all we believe that these individuals have links with progressive elements in Eritrea and they are also effective in communicating and addressing the Eritrean aspirations here in the Diaspora.


These overtures proclaimed on Tuesday the 2nd day of February 2014 by “Eritrean Forum for National Dialogue” are very timely, exigent, overarching, and effective to the current atmosphere in the Eritrean society both inside and outside. These particular individuals can not by far be characterized close to the likes of Issaias or his tight knit cronies, that is indeed far fetched, ridiculous, and counter productive.


We have ALL made serious mistakes by condoning, not doing anything, or by not condemning the ruthless and useless Issaias Afewerqi’s regime. We are ALL invested in Eritrea. We ALL have stakes in the country and in our people. We are ALL to blame for the current plight of the country and people. These are the ‘tipping points’ stipulated in the Forum’s declarations and their Radio propagations, if we do NOT own our mistakes we are bound to repeat them let alone resolve them.


Forum for National Dialogue is the best thing that has happened since the inception and birth of the PFDJ in February 1994 – exactly 20 years ago (no accident there); it is only seasoned, tempered, and hardened veterans of the EPLF that will undo what is currently the madness defecating on the heads of the Eritrean population.


We sense a lot of cynicism but that is the trend nowadays. What makes this latest enterprise different from the previous ones that attempted and failed miserably, including those trials made by ex-fighters and seasoned characters? The difference this time is the manifestation of the hopes, thoughts, and aspirations of the Eritrean people by a broad based competent, committed, connected both inside and outside of Eritrea, and most of all with nothing to gain but ALL to offer – nationalists.


Some elements in the opposition are posturing their positions and claiming seniority or making a claim of higher status in the hierarchy of the waddling, swaying, and “defunct” opposition. Clearly, the Eritrean people can not afford to ‘babysit’, appease, or entertain a losing, ruthless, worthless, and bankrupt opposition.


This is NOT a power struggle we are NOT even there yet, it is not a competition either,  and nor is it a sectarian manifesto – this is a mission to remove a despot “before” he destroys the Nation of Eritrea.


Yonas Ghebregzi(abiher)

Harnet  N’ Hzbi  Eritrea                                ሓርነት ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ።


Awet N’ Teqalesti                           ዓወት ንተቓለስቲ።

Review overview
  • Kalighe February 14, 2014

    Why Medrek people are ignoring the activities of Wedi Vacaro ?

    I think by now it’s clear what these people are upto.

    – Wedi Vacaro is calling for unity of Eritreans, so that we Eritrean can choose our own government.
    – Medrek people are saying: all those on top positions of the regime will be part of any arrangement in future.

    * Wedi Vacaro is with the aspirations of majority of the people.
    * Medrek people are reformists who want preserve the system after removing Iseyas, i.e. they are against any radical change.

    The Medrek people have indicated that they have connections inside the country. This could be true, and the risks of the military forming a new government to extend the life of the regime is a possibility that should not be excluded. The worst part of this scenario is that, these people are trying to sideline all those who have been fighting for freedom for the last two decades. It seems they want to use the ELF/EPLF divide to get support from those who think EPLF is still in charge and should be revitalized to play a new role in the country. The consequences of the dangerous game Medrek people want play are very clear: a divided opposition camp, which obviously will give the regime and it’s new allies ample time to do what they wants away from public pressure.

  • Amanuek February 16, 2014

    You stated all opposition are useless.In that case, there is no useful opposition even a single one!!
    I hope your Medrek, X-Pdfj people are the one useful opposition. Remember, your comment is very idiotic! No offence. Selam