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Important Public Announcement – Organizing Committee/SESADU in cooperation with others

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Review overview
  • Lilay May 20, 2014

    Please don’t mix upp Swedish politics with Eritrea. Those Eritreans who have the right to vote should vote according to their advantage as Swedish Nationals not which party supports sanction.

    Saction has done but it dones not wotk. Please don’t try to use this situation for your own as advantage as individuals because now or then the secrete will be revealed and the justice seeking Eritreans will be disapointed by your none sence did.

  • Lilay May 20, 2014

    We bother about which party has good politics for me as a Swedish national is a very important Point on which verybody whould strive after.

    So what you have written is none sence. Please Think twice Before you come upp on the scen. This is a babish anouncement för me as an individual because the allians which led sweden for 8 years are the saction supporting parties most of them but what has they don’t in these 8 years? The dictator supporters are getting what they want and Sweden is the strong hold Place for the regime in Eritrea so don’t try go out with this rabish idea which you have posted.

    Those of you hwo have goten the chance to work for some Swedish parties with Eritrean origin, please don’t mix upp and cook up uneatable sope.

    thank you.