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If martyr’s rise for the day …

If martyr's rise for the day

If martyr’s rise for the day …
if martyr’s rise for the day
what would they say ?
anxious to celebrate misery
at the nations anniversary
 reminiscing,  back in the day
 when hope & glory led the way
the “Sewura” and its cost 

the comrades you lost 

ideals, and visions you fought for
freedom, justice & equality for all
the price you paid for the nation
to prosper with dignity & protection
principles, so dear to your heart

betrayed by the comrades you trust 
thousands jailed, & many more tortured
progress curtailed & dreams shattered 

from the never ending slavery
hoping to be free
dodging bullets and mines,  
risking death to flee
one by one, things seems to fade
vision and hopes differed 
once detested, began to flare
when nation stripped its honor

legacy of the generation
stagnant culture & tradition
 poverty, corruption & repression
division, exclusion & isolation

dwindle by the day,

demonized by all
collective leadership,
to a one man dictatorship
The tyrant and his confidants
stand among the crowds
flowers on graves, &  crocodile tears
a deceptive display of remorse

Glory to our Martyr’s !
Petros Haile

Review overview
  • ahmed saleh June 13, 2013

    Yes in deed we are not cowards and we will keep the torch higher and higher to the end .
    We will keep vow for the promise .

  • TwoWayStreet June 13, 2013

    They are gone
    never to come back
    I hope they feel happy
    I hope they sense good luck
    for not seeing this
    for not living in this dark
    If they had to choose
    If they had to pick
    Which one would it be?
    Which one would they seek?
    Breathing with us?
    Or printed with ink?
    Would it take them long to choose?
    Or would it be quick?