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  • Amanuel September 23, 2011

    This photo got be posted by fuckin Ethiopian or half cast.. how can u compare mengistu to Issayas

    • change October 26, 2011

      I know
      he is worse, and deserves the first place for himself. he has worked hard to get there!!!

    • Ak-47 April 21, 2012

      Yeah you are right mengistu’s brutality is nothing compared to isayas’s savageness and cruelty.

  • COMEBESHTATO October 29, 2011

    of corse issayas is the worest .all of them ethiopian any way.that’s whay they all worest for eritrian peopple.

  • senai Haile November 17, 2011

    in my opinion i can describe Mengistu as Nationalist who fought for his people against our Evil who oppressed his own people upto hell

    • Mahamuda Danaba March 20, 2013

      i absolutely agree with Senai Haile

  • D February 24, 2014

    If the current Ethiopian leaders got any sense at all, they would have asked for the return of the Ethiopian money that is stolen and deposited in Swiss Bank by the previous rulers of Ethiopia. The Switzerland government is charging this guy because they are afraid he will start demanding the return of all Ethiopia’s money.Ethiopia is entitled to demand the money estimated to be close to 50 billion dollars that was deposited in Swiss bank accounts by rulers like Hailesselasie, Meles and their close family members. The young are currently choosing Switzerland as their destination out of all other countries because they know about the countless Ethiopian money that is sitting idle in Switzerland. Switzerland owes Ethiopians their future. The older generations owe it to Ethiopia to tell the new generations where the money of the previous generations is buried at.Mengistu and Isayas didnot steal our money and deposit it worldwide.