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Hostage Situation over – At least 100 people reported to have died at Bataclan concert hall in Paris (BBC) – Witness Describes Attack at Bataclan Theater in Paris As ‘Bloodbath’ (CNN)

rance has declared a national state of emergency and has closed its borders after scores of people were killed in multiple gun and bomb attacks in Paris. At least 100 people are reported to have died

rance has declared a national state of emergency and has closed its borders after scores of people were killed in multiple gun and bomb attacks in Paris.

At least 100 people are reported to have died at the Bataclan concert hall in central Paris.

Gunmen took many hostages there before being overpowered when police stormed the building.

Others died in attacks near the Stade de France, with some reports suggesting a suicide blast, and at restaurants.

Paris residents have been asked to stay indoors and military personnel are being deployed across the city.

Source: BBC

It was “a bloodbath,” Julien Pearce says.

The radio reporter was at the Bataclan, an oriental-style theater and concert hall in Paris’ 11th district Friday night, listening to an American rock band perform when gunmen stormed the venue.

“People yelled, screamed,” Pearce told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Friday on “The Situation Room.”

“It lasted for ten minutes. Ten, horrific minutes where everybody was on the floor covering their head,” he said.

The theater has a capacity of 1,500, Cyril Vanier, a reporter with France 24, told CNN.

Pearce saw two people he called terrorists enter the theater, “very calm, very determined” and firing “randomly.”

They wore black clothing but no masks. He saw the face of one shooter, who was very young — a maximum of 25 years old.

“He was like a random guy holding a Kalashnikov. That’s all.”

Pearce said the gunmen managed to reload their weapons three or four times.

“They didn’t shout anything,” he said. “They were shooting people on the floor.”

He says he was located near the top of the stage during the incident.

While the gunmen were reloading, Pearce managed to find an exit. He climbed on top of the stage and went for it.

He made it to the street, where 20-25 people lay splayed across the road — many dead or injured very badly.

Pearce said he ran 200 meters with an injured teenage girl to catch a taxi, and told the cabbie to get her to the hospital.

When he spoke with CNN, Pearce said still has friends inside. He was communicating with them by text message; they’re hiding, not sure if they are safe yet.

“This is terrible,” he said, his voice cracking. “It was horrible.”


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  • Tesfaldet abraha November 13, 2015

    Did assena going to report this like ERITREANS did it this is big propganda to use for Assena.this happen after France president say something about ERITREA so a good news to Assena awateasmarino

    • zafu November 13, 2015

      I have to say you are either cluesless or dumb to say what you have said. Just think and act like human being especially when terrible things such as terrorist act happened to innocent civilian people.

    • merhawit November 14, 2015

      Tesfaldet Abraha,
      U seem to be one of the kobero junkees of hgdef. Ur English is awful. Better learn in life to transform yourself into the human species. As of now, u are a subhuman trapped in the backward domain of hgdef’s animal farm. What a low-life scum u must be, Ato Tesfaldet!

    • Berhe Tenesea November 14, 2015

      You sound a first class moron.How can this terrorist act act happened in response or in relation to what the French president said about Eritrea?
      I feel sorry for retarded brain and childish message. Wake up monkey and smell the coffee.
      The French president said that Eritrea is losing its young people at an alarming rate and that is 100% true.
      Pleasse wake up and smell the coffee rather than being the toy of the Tembenis.

  • Memhr November 13, 2015

    Here we go again, another Islamic State (ISIS) murderous tragedy and another city. What is wrong with these people who act far below rabid dogs?
    This is not new to Eritreans who have seen many terrors like this including the recent executions and beheadings of Eritreans in Libya. Unfortunately Eritrea is surrounded by a region surrounded and poisoned by extremist Wahabi, al Qaida and Islamic State infected countries such as Somalia, Yemen, Sudan and Libya.
    May the angels of peace protect the Parisians. May our Qidist Maryam Asmereyti protect us from the evil possessed ideologues and their devilish minds.

    • AHMED SALEH November 13, 2015

      What is the purpose of some stupid commentators always to
      mix Eritrea and Eritrean at negatives irrelevant to the
      topic .

      • Sol November 13, 2015

        Ahmed, We have only one stupid commentator here in assenna, who frequently changes his name to appear as if he is many and his purpose is just to promote the divide and conquer system of DIA, because he is very frustrated to see the predator exposed and opposed by Eritrean people.

        • AHMED SALEH November 14, 2015

          Life taught us not to trust people who neglect the cry of fellow humans . We observed even our arrogant brothers/sisters reaction
          at our dark time when young Eritreans condemned to face through
          every cruelty we can imagine that pain us deep to the bone .
          May God protect us from Satan influenced haters of our man kinds
          in this biased world .

  • Nsane November 13, 2015

    RIP for all those who died on the event.

    And I wonder how Tesfaldet Abraha is narrow minded

  • Fana November 14, 2015

    We all need to be far-sighted and not point any fingers at innocent religions and countries. Individuals may commit crimes and terrorism but they don’t represent their societies or religions at all.

  • wey Gud November 14, 2015

    looks like the love hate relationship between ISIS and the west is winding down. compliments of the recent RUSSIAN offence. The russians are saving the world once again…

  • Sam M. November 14, 2015

    We all have to be sorry and angry for the loss of innocent lives in Paris – France.
    But France and Europe are bringing trouble and bloodshed to their homes and people by their involvement in the Middle East.
    Their involvement is unnecessary and unasked for by the Middle East people and countries, they are just doing it in order to sell their weapons to the Arab world and not out of humanity or kindness to the Arabs.
    The sooner they change their foreign policy in the Middle East the better for their reputation and their safety. Arabs and Africans no longer want to be dictated or guided by the Europeans or any other white bosses.