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History won’t judge Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and the Ethiopian people kindly.

History won’t judge Prime Minister Abiy   Ahmed and the Ethiopian people kindly. By Petros Tesfagiorgis When the government of Ethiopia and Eritrea signed peace the people of Eritrea were over the moon. Many Eritreans took PM

History won’t judge Prime Minister Abiy   Ahmed and the Ethiopian people kindly.

By Petros Tesfagiorgis

When the government of Ethiopia and Eritrea signed peace the people of Eritrea were over the moon. Many Eritreans took PM Abiy Ahmed (PMAA) as a peace messenger sent by God. Indeed for the people of Eritrea peace is priceless. They hoped that Isaias will end the indefinite national service and other forms of human rights violations so that they can build their shattered life of poverty and degradation.

To understand the fundamentals of peace in the Eritrean context do matter a lot. It means not only to end hostility with Ethiopia but also to end the gross human right violations that is destroying the fabric of the Eritrean society.

When PM Dr Abiy Ahmed campaigned for peace he released all political prisoners, invited the opposition political organisations operating from abroad mostly from Eritrea to come home and participate in the social, political and economic life of the country peacefully.   On the other hand the president of Eritrea is using the peace with Ethiopia to consolidate his repressive regime and come out from international isolation. The UN human rights commission has voted Eritrea to be part of the commission. It is shameful that the commission has rewarded oppression;

Because of the peace with Ethiopia the fear of the threat of “Weyane” Ethiopian Government’s Invasion” to intimidate the population to submission for years is gone. It was used as an escape goat to hold the youth hostage in the national service indefinitely so that they cannot rise up and advocate against the gross human rights violation in Eritrea.   It is expected that the youth will be demobilized.  My concern is that they may be used as cannon fodder (mercenaries) in Yemen’s devastating civil war instead.

In Eritrea, the human rights violations continues unabated. Arbitrary arrest is still taking place. Recently the ex-Finance Minister Berhane Abrehe – has been arrested for writing a book critical of the President. President Isaias squandered the momentum by failing to make peace with the Eritrean people. To add insult to injury Isaias Afeworki did not bother to brief the people of all the agreements he did with PMAA.  The population is effectively side-lined. Even his colleagues in the government are ignored.

It is sad to observe that in this moment in time PMAA is not concerned at all of the gross human rights violations perpetrated by Isaias. One could argue that to do so amounts to interfering in the internal affairs of Eritrea. But he is already involved in many ways to the extent that he is allowing Ethiopians to invest in Eritrea denied to Eritrean investors. This is scandalous.   In fact it looks that the peace is among two leader friends. What happens if they quarrel? This has become a concern among some Ethiopian intellectuals as well and they are beginning to speak out.   Eritreans have realized that if they are going to be listened and take seriously they have to struggle in unity. They have a long history of sacrifice and commitment to justice and they can do it.  In fact we are witnessing the Diaspora Eritreans are organising conferences, seminars towards that end, and to own a powerful voice which they lack hitherto. They should not expect any sympathy of their ordeal and pain from Ethiopians.  This has become crystal clear, when PMAA started the peace campaign,   Ethiopians from all walks of life were calling Eritreans “our brothers” and expressed their solidarity and love with passion.   But as soon as they found out that Isaias would not end the brutal repression they maintained their silence.

I am not surprised of their silence. The history of Eritrea is always told by Ethiopian politicians out of its historical context, saying that Eritrea was part of Ethiopia.  That gave them the justification to use force to maintain their occupation until they are defeated and left Eritrea in 1991.

This is the belief particularly by the Amhara ruling elite who happen to be the main beneficiaries of feudal rule over 100 years.  (More on that on part 2). My only consolation is to see the genuine enthusiasm and joy of the people of Eritrea and Tigray/Ethiopia as they greet each other in Zalambessa and Rama celebrating the Ethiopian New Year and the feast of Kudus. It was uplifting.  After all Tigray is the bridge between Eritrea and the rest of Ethiopia. Isaias’s Game over has no weight.

In order to put Eritrea in its true historical context ERITREA FOCUS – organised a photo exhibition of the history in pictures in London.  It was in display for 25 days from 4 to 30 September. It is divided into 4 panels.  1.  Italian colonialism 1882 to 1941 2. British Administration 1941-1952. 3. Federation and annexation 1952 – 1991. 4. Armed struggle 1961-1991, Independence, human rights violation and the present peace with Ethiopia.

The exhibition was educational for the British citizens particularly Ethiopians and Eritreans who grew up in the West. Some young Eritreans said, that they have seen the picture of Emperor Haile Selassie for the first time when they saw his picture signing the agreement of the federation (see picture) and when he was crossing from Ethiopia to Eritrea across the Mereb River  cutting  a ribbon as he steps his foot from Tigray/Ethiopia  to Eritrea.

In Its flyer pamphlet Eritrea Focus wrote: Today there is a glimmer of hope. Ethiopia reached out to Eritrea. Their leaders have met and there is the prospect of reconciliation. Yet Eritreans still long for true freedom. This timely exhibition traces how the years of devastating conflict came about and includes rare photographs – some shown for the first time. The exhibition was opened by Lord Aston of Liverpool and there were about 80 people in the opening and it stayed for 25 days.

It is not wise for Ethiopians to ignore the pains and suffering of the Eritrean people and put all their eggs in Isaias basket. The trust the people of Eritrea put on Abiy is wearing out. Abiy don’t have to   sacrifice the people of Eritrea in order to serve the interest of Ethiopia, win-win is the answer. It could be done and is sustainable.   History won’t judge Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and the Ethiopian people kindly.

At least PMAA could have shown some concern towards the people of Eritrea by raising his voice to rescue the Eritrean refugees trapped in Libya in this moment in time.   There are voices such as Giulia Tranchina, Meron Estefanos and Elizabeth Blunt   appealing for help persistently (1) reminding UNHCR, IOM to register and rescue the Eritrean refugee trapped in Libya. They are making a difference. To PM Abiy Ahmed the tragedy of Eritrean refuges in Libya presents a chance to show he is concerned of the pains and suffering of the Eritrean people as well and taking advantage of his reputation as a peace maker he is well positioned to ask UNHCR or IOM to move the refugees out of Libya to a third country. His peace campaign has given him powerful voice and he can be heard.

At the same time Sham Gabriel from the London based Eritrean Youth has put out a call on You Tube for demonstration outside the Italian Embassy – in London in order   to put pressure on the Libyan Government to give protection to the refugees and treat them humanely. After all it is the Italian Government   who is funding the Libyans in order to prevent refugees going to Italy but what they did is to put them in detention camps worse than concentration camps. They are being enslaved, starved and in danger of their life.  Date of the demonstration is 31 October 2018.


The End

  1. ERITREA FOCUS (EF) Founded in 2014 is an association of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) human rights organisations, exile and refugee groups and individuals concerned with the gross abuses of human rights of Eritrea. In addition to various activities it has solicited a study and came out with a report titled MINING AND REPRESSION IN ERITREA: CORPORATE COMPLICITY IN HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES Presented to the All-Party Parliamentary group on Eritrea. Can be downloaded from its website
  2. The Urgent Appeal:  Please help us to try to contact these numbers for the 300 refugees including about 150 women and children in Qaser Bin Ghashir detention centre, 27 km from Tripoli. They need to be registered by UNHCR and evacuated most urgently! Below are UNHCR hotline numbers to call: Community Service lines: 1. Tripoli: 00218917127644.2. Benghazi: 00218910007218.Registration line: 00218919897937.Sea Rescue line: 8916998580.
    General Protection and Detention line: 00218919897936








Review overview
  • zeregabir Teaghes October 21, 2018

    Mr. Petros,
    Articles must be written in Tigrigna language so as the Mass can read and understand.
    Those who can understand English can understand or already are on truck with your idea.
    I would kindly request you to write your articles in Tigrigna.

    • Lula October 21, 2018

      ZT, … then help and use your time to do the translation at least. Petros is doing his best to inform and educate the public. Can you do your part by translating or supporting Assenna.
      Thank you Petros again.

      • Ghirmay October 22, 2018

        Why do you expect the translation just from ZT? He is doing his part by caring for the masses who read and understand easily the Tigrigna.language.
        Why can’t you also ask yourself or assenna to do the translation for Eritreans?
        Mr Petros, thank you for your always positive contributions and educational articles.

        • memhir October 22, 2018

          Ghirmay, for one thing, the internet is full of articles in all kinds of languages and Tigrigna is one of them. For another thing, if zT thought that articles should be written in Tigrigna, which is a bold statement in itself, he should have thought of translating it. Better yet, write articles himself. Any way, Ghirmay, we are not in a pickle for lack of knowledge or language. I am sure you know: It is for lack of commitment, which includes myself and perhaps you.

    • memhir October 22, 2018


      It is sort of funny that your comment is in English. By the way I agree with Lula.

      • Hilna October 22, 2018

        memhir Awalu, negiram tokato aytiKhun, OK! Yes, we all like to read them in tigrigna.

        • memhir October 22, 2018


          Here is my response: Have a good day!

    • petros Tesfagiorgis October 22, 2018

      Dear Zerebaber

      Yes you are right. It would have better to write in Tigrinaya but it is easier for me to write in English.

      • Danilo October 22, 2018

        Dear petros, you missed the occasion to tell us a necessity of writing in English because many read English page . For example, our children in diaspora, Arabic speakers and amharic ect., there are many tigrigna articles for access.

      • Ghirmay October 22, 2018

        Mr P.T/giorgis,
        You are not to blame for writing in English, far from it, you are doing your part superpbly.
        As we are not talking about a book to be translated into Tigrigna asseenna could do the translation in seconds/minutes. But, it seems assenna are busy collecting money!
        Your well written article is a mere one page meaning it wouldn’t take much of a time
        to translate into any language. Thanks again for your inputs.

        • meron October 23, 2018

          I think you should translate it because you seem to think it would only take seconds/minutes (do you even know the difference between seconds and minutes?) As per your assumption, that “assenna are busy collecting money”, I would dare to call you idiotic. How could any one in their right mind not see the obvious that assenna is run by human beings who are working day and night with the meagre resources at their disposal. You are one ungrateful brat. Ask yourself what you are doing except sit there complaining when others are doing much much more than their fair share. Tebelaxi

        • nati October 23, 2018

          You are funny. In a stupid way. Kabakas kileyo ilka ika. You are sneaky and sneaky and a fool. Instead of giving assenna an assignment, be useful for once and translate it yourself. Don’t expect others to do everything. Lazy Ghirmish who wants to be spoon-fed. When are you going to be a man, Ghirmish man-child?

      • Kiki Tzeggai October 23, 2018

        Dear Petros,
        I always look up at you as a writer and for your knowledge of our country’s detailed historical events, before and after Independence. The strength of your writing is efficient and yet you keep competing with yourself to do much more. I learned from you that writing comes easy in any given language we might master. It is a cognitive discovery and it is – at least for me – maddening impossible to predict the time for writing a particular article. Some days words roll out and other days they must be sprained forth. One must write in order to learn about the efforts it takes to send a message forward. I learned to loop off the unnecessary narrative before I send you some of my drafts for your esteemed opinion. You tell me to write, step back and take stock of my writings. I hope that all your writings will end up – soon – in our future museums and be translated in every language beside Tigrignya. For now – please- keep writing in any language of your choice, for the sake of making the process of unity one of knowledge and discipline.
        I thank you Petros.

        • Petros Tesfagherghis October 24, 2018

          Hi Kikina
          Thank you. You gave me too much credit. I deserve less. My question to you is that: do you know you are gifted as to be able to share with others through, your pen, your love and commitment to work for justice for the people of Eritrea. I admire your stubbornness to insist in organising a commemoration day for all those martyrs who gave their life for the freedom of Eritrea.
          I sometime wonder, is this writer the teenage girl I know since she was a student in Asmara Italian School. Her group were full of fun frequenting cinemas, dances (the junior club) and above all playing to the music of James Brown, Sam Cook, Ray Charles, Roberta Flack, and Elvis Priestly etc. Sharing the fun in Asmara.
          Yes you married young, had children and started a good life when the Ethiopian military junta snatched your husband Berhane Tesfamariam (wedi Balila) from you and the children and killed him in cold blood.
          I admire your courage to leave Eritrea on a long and hazardous journey and you struggled to build your life abroad and settled down. Now you offered your time and focus to struggle for democracy in Eritrea. Your resilience is beyond belief. I am also inspired by your mantra on hope on all your articles. Yes you always conclude by saying “
          Of all the forces that make for a better world, none is so powerful as hope. With hope, one can think, one can work, one can dream. If you have hope, you have everything.

          La luta Continua – Eritrea will prevail

          • Kiki Tzeggai October 24, 2018

            Petros, my utmost personal fight – besides honoring ALL Eritrean Martyrs – is to see the creation of an Eritrean Veterans’ Day in Eritrea. A day to honor ALL our Veterans.
            I grab this opportunity to thank the team behind Assenna and acknowledge all their sacrifices for protecting our rights to freely express opinions. We need to forget the empty platitudes and keep in mind that Assenna is not a “Godsend” gift to us. For, it takes hard work and time away from families to keep up this website. And they do it without complaining. Their dedication is a motivation for all of us to make a courteous political dialogue exists among Eritreans. Assenna is preparing us for future national round table debates, in order to discuss our problems without ever crossing the line of civility. Thank you Petros and thank you Assenna.

    • Asmara Eritrea October 23, 2018

      When I first heard about the Ethiopia/Eritrea peace initiative, I was hugely dismayed of its timing.

      Clearly, the Eritrean and Ethiopian people desperately need peace to build their own lives as they have done for well over 4 decades. But for Dr Abiy to instigate a peace initiative with Isaias is a mistake which he will soon come to regret.

      Isaias is a man of violence and has always been. It is naïve of Dr Abiy to expect Isaias at his old ripe age will change when the stakes are even higher. If Isaias is incapable to make peace with the Eritrean people, I ask, how it can be possible for him (Isaias) to make peace with Ethiopia, the very country he has repeatedly called for its break up?

      In my view, peace with Ethiopia rests in the hands of the Eritrean people. It starts by first removing from power Isaias and his handful cliques by all means. That should be our priority one. We do not need an army to do that, as was the case to liberate Eritrea from Ethiopia. What we need NOW is one brave Eritrean individual with the right tools to free Eritrea from Isaias.

      Let’s not worry too much how history will judge the Ethiopian people but rather what we do NOW for our own people. If we have unity as Eritreans and build on our love of the country in a nationalist manner, we can dislodge the evil dictator from power in a matter of days.

      As Eritreans, we need to forget our minor differences and come together to remove this evil cancer from our country.

      Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship.

      • kokhob October 23, 2018

        You are just a fake talkative always making so much empty noisy under different names. Eritreans don’t need talkatives and cowards like yourself, we need REAL people.

      • ogbai October 23, 2018

        Asmara Eritrea, thank you very much you made my day. You just nailed it to the point thanks again. I like it very much, Sir.

        • kokhob October 23, 2018

          Ogbay, you must also be another cheat like that fake talkative with so many deceiving hoax names. I wouldn’t not be surprised if he also copies his comments from other comments on different websites, he is that desperate pathetic.

  • Adi October 22, 2018

    Eritrea is independent country, so do ethiopia, two different countries.
    If u don’t need good relationship between ethiopia and eritrea, just like ethiopia with Djibouti or Kanye, or like eritrea with Egypt or sudan, that is fine. But don’t undermine your own country independence by writing this kind of nonsense.
    Eritrea is eritrea and ethiopia is ethiopia, what is going on in ethiopia is upto ethiopians and the samething is true for u eritreans.

  • k.tewolde October 22, 2018

    NGOs been around for years,their job is to inform and educate the public like Lula said,they are a voice for the voiceless,thus they have a limited scope in forcing change in public domain.Like the article states,Eritrea has been a story of successive predatory occupation of all sorts including the latest one HGDEF, the people never ruled themselves except briefly through a divided assembly with weak federation arrangement which was rigged to fail.The pioneers who dared to bear arms for the first time to solve the issue got it right however their vision was abducted along the way,the result the occupiers found their way among us and gave us a de facto nation of their version with annexation attached to it.Nobody has to tell us our story,we know it well,we know how we got to where we are,we just have to learn from it ,own it and fix it ourselves and redeem those who had fallen and restore their version of Eritrea which is governed by its people. Abiy is not going to do it for us nor is an NGO or EU,AU,UN…Eritrawi get back to basics,you know what it took to claim your identity and mesmerize the world how you got there.If you can discard an army backed by the mightiest nations at different stages,you can get rid of a handful pot bellied,areki drinking demented senior citizens and their capo who are sucking the life of our people.You know what needs to be done,nobody has to tell you.

    • Daniel Asfaw October 22, 2018

      Ato K.Tewolde, when are going to stop or cut your usual bla, bla nonsense?
      So far and for the last 50+ years, what happened or is still happening in poor Eritrea is nothing short of a self-inflicted genocide in slow action and in which Eritreans themselves are active participants or silent witnesses in their own act of self-extermination with a twisted sentimentality they have for Eritrean ‘martyrs’ who, if given the chance to rise from the dead, would not even imagine raising a finger or pulling a trigger and die for Eritrea. Yet, their dead soul is used, misused and abused to remind the living or the walking-dead that Eritreans are better off and, lest they forget, they’ll be labelled as disrespectful to those who gave their lives for the so-called ‘independence’ of Eritrea. In short, start living in the real world and integrate with real people of the world.

      • Danilo October 22, 2018

        Asfaw, I doubt you are Eritrean neither have sympathy nor honesty. You are spoiling or contaminating the fact . At least reread the above article why the burden we got and getting. Isn’t because Ethiopian evil thinking? You better get Hell.

      • k.tewolde October 22, 2018

        ‘ In short, start living in the real world and integrate with real people of the world.’.>>>>In other words,give up,surrender,abandon the truth,jump in the bandwagon cheer for those elements who temporarily snatched the trophy from the people and are riding on their back.Yep,that is what you mean D.A.,it is an easy thing to do,if that was the case,history books will be owned by prostitutes.BTW,I am posting this from my I Phone X in real time from a real world from a sports bar getting ready to watch Monday Night football.

      • Haben October 23, 2018

        As your last name (Asfaw) indicates, defnitely you are not Eritrean so you don’t belong here. This site is for Eritreans only and Did you get that?

        • Daniel Asfaw October 23, 2018

          You are too weak too backward business oriented “negado” – just in it for profiting, are you not?
          Please tell me in your own advanced business word or explanation of “constructive and relevant” means???????
          Do you really really believe that you are serving the poor genuine Eritrean people with “constructively and relevantly”? Not with your few reactionaliers and opportunists backward ELF leftovers. Do you get paid from these useless defeatists and yesterday’s shames?
          Let me ask you all one simple question, do you pay/contribute regularly to the children of ‘martyrs’ ‘deki sewuat’ from your Western goverments handouts or state benefits, the answer would be big No, none of you help the real needy ones all over the world but you misuse and abuse the name of the poor martyrs for your own convieneneces. You are all a rotten waste of time individuals and you should consider it an honour that I joined momentarily your rotten lousy website. May your suffering and punishments under PFDJ continue indefinitely.

          • Kiki Tzeggai October 23, 2018

            “joined momentarily”. Thanks God for that.

    • Gezae October 23, 2018

      Believability and Truthfulness are often not the same
      Politicians, very often, think they’re only just a name
      What happened to those good old days, When a man’s word was his bond?
      What could it hurt to stretch the truth, from coast to coast and then beyond?
      So far, in this century, ELF has shown the way
      When truth does not produce for them, they try believable to say
      Lately that’s not working; they’ve stretched them both until they’ve popped
      It’s time to tell the truth again, and this playing games is stopped
      If you,ve followed their example, only lied for your organization’s hope
      You cursed your reputation, should have your mouth washed out with soap
      Thus, to everyone’s the politicians they say discombobulation
      I real believe democracy’s rotting at its foundation

  • zeregabir Teaghes October 22, 2018

    1. I wrote the comment in English for I don’t have Geez in my mobile.
    2. I lack time and resources for I am newly evicted Eritrean from his country.
    3. I never denied or rejected the articles written by the veteran Petros but I gave the suggestion that had he wrote it in Tigrigna it can be read by thousands rather than hundreds.
    Thank you Wedi Daero Mekan

    • Hilna October 22, 2018

      Zeregabir, please explain who is Wedi Daero Mekan, is that meant for the memhir Awalu?

    • memhir October 22, 2018


      My apologies despite the insult. You have a good too!

      Eritrea is the subject.

      • memhir October 22, 2018

        zT, meant to say “good day”.

  • SUPER ERITREAN October 22, 2018

    I like the statement “Eritreans are waiting for REAL independence” .How true !!! እቲ ዝነበረ ቓልሲ ናይ 30 ዓመት ፍርቁ ዓረባዊ ፍርቁ ድማ ሃጸያዊ ኢትዮጵያዊ እዩ ኔሩ . እቶም ንገለን ኣዔሽዮም ነቶም ዳሕረዎትን ኣገዲዶም ኣብ ሓዊ ጠቢሶም ዘጥፎእዎም ስዉኣት ይብሉና. ንዓና ንኣሕዋቶምን ደቆምን ግን ንጹሃት ግዳያት /Innocent Victims እዮም ኔሮም,ምኽንያቱ እቲ መሲልዎም ዝወደቑሉ ኣጄንዳ ኤርትራዊ ኣጀንዳ ኣይነበረን !!! ንመጀመርያ ጊዜ ሓቀኛ ኤርትራዊ ቓልሲ ጀሚርና ሓቀኛ ኤርትራዊ ዝኾነ (ዓረባዊ ወይ ሃጸይ ዮውሃንስ ኢትዮጵያዊ ዘይኮነ) ነጻነት ነምጽእ..

  • k.tewolde October 22, 2018

    aditekelezan you are SUPER ERITREAN now. Somebody who changes his identity like a chameleon is always up to no good.

    • Daniel Asfaw October 22, 2018

      Ato K.Tewolde, why do you keep picking unnecessary fights with excellent commentators on irrelevant issues and on matters that don’t really apply to you? Stop being a fake preacher and the usual attention-seeker? Let Assena deal or remind readers if they are being to no good or abusing their forum.
      Furthermore, I find Super Eritrean or Aditekelezan’s comments to be very precise with realities and also straight hammering/exposing the real issues & the cover ups.

      • Danilo October 22, 2018

        Asfaw, go where you belong.

        • AHMED SALEH !!! October 22, 2018

          Go to where you belong sounds fair answer to
          settle the argument .
          Well said K.Tewelde to avoid destructors .
          Iti zigherm ab ghezaE ghezana nikninzareb
          zikhelekuluna zifitenu kurub inte zihasbu
          yihishom . Tehalekti hagher ina meselka
          seb mednghar natna ilom kab zihziwo
          ametat uko halifuwom .
          Higi intokhone xubuk gherna tefalitna alona.

          • kokhob October 23, 2018

            Dear Assenna,
            Why did you delete my comment in response to these two sheikhs Danilo & Ahmed Salih who I repeat have no rights to tell commentators where to go or what to write? With respect, you have an impartial role to maintain and not to take sides.

  • zeregabir Teaghes October 22, 2018

    The present Akria is being called Daero Mekan. Almost all Azmarinotat are from Daero Mekan, Gheza Harish.or Mai Anbesa.
    Bye wedi Daero Mekan

  • Gezae October 23, 2018

    Peace entails agreement and harmony among people. At its largest scale, peace is to live without violent conflict or war. So it underlies our quality of life and the fabric of our societies; and, as our weaponry becomes ever more powerful, our very survival as Eritreans depend upon it.Yet contrary to what certain propagandists hostile to the peace process in here they often see peace described in an inverted way
    They do not comprehend promoting peace requires valuing and considering both oneself and others. Sure peace-building calls upon us to ensure that policies and procedures benefit the entire society. A fundamental first step is to establish and follow a clear, fair, and just rule of law. This relies on full participation of diverse stakeholders in its development and maintenance so that everyone’s needs and contributions can be incorporated.

    A number of other terms and concepts are also necessarily related to the creation of peace, including fairness, justice, inclusiveness, and human rights. These must be embedded into the society in order to foster agreement and harmony. Peace is strongest when derived from social justice, which can be defined as ensuring fundamental rights and equity to all. Strengthening civil society – the rules that bind us and allow us to live productively together, with established means of resolving differences – is the means to those ends.

  • Gezae October 23, 2018

    I understand many of us must confront having been harmed, either directly or through a history of harms done to our family or people. There is a choice to be made clear here: to exact revenge, or to seek justice and reconciliation. By separating the deed from the whole person, we can begin to forge connections and to heal. Empathy can arise when we acknowledge that we might have acted in a negative way under the same circumstances, or by recognizing that people are multidimensional and can change and grow. So why not? why are instinct or savvy to one person and always stand for negation?

    Peace with neighbors starts with broader understanding too. You may like your neighbor or dislike him. You are not obliged to be friends or visit him. But you live side by side. All the more so in relations between. if not what, then, remains to be done? There may be two ways out: either war-or peaceful coexistence. Whether you like your neighbor or not, nothing can be done about it, you have to find some way of getting on with him, for you both live on one and the same region.

    In brief the Ethio-Eritrea peace deal does not come because of PIA and or PM Abbiy initiations every and each of us paid contribution to come this deal. So one does not need to delve deeply into history to appreciate or negate to how important it is for mankind to ensure peaceful coexistence. The main thing is ensured: the states which decided to adopt the path of peaceful coexistence repudiate the use of force in any form and agree on a peaceful settlement of possible disputes and conflicts, bearing in mind the mutual interests of the parties concerned. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • rahwa October 23, 2018

      Say you! Peaceful co-existence? How is peaceful co-existence possible with a neighboring country, ethiopia, when the dictator has made a prison out of Eritrea? You are one delusional dude. A monster who refuses to implement the constitution is supposed to have initiated something here? You are a cadre who does not know what they are saying. Stop your crap already! You are a snake just like your master whom you call PIA. Lol

      • kokhob October 23, 2018

        You are NOT a real lady called Rahwa, are you? You are the same Assenna cheat posing and abusing readers as meron, nati, Haben and Asmara Eritrea.
        Why are you allowed by assenna to abuse readers and the forum continuously, sad?

      • Gezae October 23, 2018

        I believe that sometimes it is best not to say a word..Good luck

        • kokhob October 23, 2018

          Dear Gezae, indeed, silence can have a powerful message and I firmly believe this may be the proper venue and the right message to send rather than allow those who seem to lack any sense of proportion in the extent to which they are willing to defend the indefensible. Sad so much cowardice.

  • Gezae October 23, 2018

    Correction- I am sorry please read the “negative” by the “positive” way