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Hamdy al azazy, Egyptian activist involved in helping Refugees in Sinai shares information ….”very touching, and very crucial” – by Samuel

yesterday I was chatting with hamdy al azazy, the egyptian activist who is actively involved in helping refugees in the sinai deserts.  . . .while discussing on how i can be of little help towards

yesterday I was chatting with hamdy al azazy, the egyptian activist who is actively involved in helping refugees in the sinai deserts.  . . .while discussing on how i can be of little help towards freeing two eritrean girls from cairo police station, , he shared me this piece of info . . . very touching, and very crucial.










Review overview
  • befecadu derese April 24, 2014

    My be the person who send this report has a hand in the human traficing and is not happy with what Meron is doing. May be he is loosing money on his human trade. Shame on you

  • Yebio April 26, 2014

    Hamdy’s complaint is that she stayed in a nice hotel and rode in a nice taxi. If that is all he can complain about, I guess they couldn’t find anything else to complain about.

    Such complaints are mostly about perspective. If a westerner had stayed in a nice hotel and took a nice taxi, it would be considered normal. If an African does the same, it seems like she somehow should be able to do with lower standard accommodation and mode of transportation.

    I am not sure as to why Assenna thought that was an article worthy of publishing. In any case, when you decide to do good, and become a public figure, such reactions are to be expected. I am sure this will not affect Meron too much.

  • meron April 26, 2014

    HI Asena and eritrawyan yehwat mejemraya selam nakum
    bmktsal azi ab lali tshifkmo delkum kal ny Hamdi Alazi dbhal seb nabhki dkereb deykones tka heki feximu deykerb u
    zkeberkum tetakatatelti asenan kemau wn bflay amanial nay asena hede abi neger ketstebahlo dleka neger alo
    ? who is AHmdy ?
    1.bzaba azi seb azi anty atfelto heknet aleka ?
    2. nezi seb azi dfelto eritrawyan ab sinay dteasrun ab prison egypt dneberun anber kala aykonn?
    bzaba hemdi kzareb andhr koyene hemdi heswai u ab cairo kezab{hesawi} herami kebir{abi seraki } elom eyom dxwawo azi ane neritrawyan yhgz eye kemzi agerb eye kab 2006 jemire dblo delo kab heki drheke u anber ke kab 2006 eritrewayn nerom diyom ? manm seb dfelto u ata mengedi shgrt demxaet kab 2008 eya seb kaser djemer bflay ab sinayn ab hershn
    Hmdi nbzuhet eritrawyan ab esrpet andakede ane minster Hamdi helafi nay UNHCR EYE andabele detall dnebre anber dhgz kem deykone
    hji wn kedanagr anber bzaba eritrawayn sle dheli aykonn
    slezi dkebrkum yehwat bzaba hemdi azaz ante dytgedskum yheysh
    N.B bzaba meron estifonas dzarebo delo zereba wn kone elka n meron nmxlam dgbro delo anber kala aykonn
    1. meron ab herssh (sinay)3 malty eya gera kemau wn ab hersh kebabn dnberu eritrawyan keyda kem drekebtom balatom dmskrwo heki u bzuhet kabatom Ethiopian dkedu eyom nsom kmskru eyom ane wn kmskr eye meron ab cairo mexiae dserheto srah ane ngorrey ele eye dzareb
    bzaba azi neger keraggx nzdeli ab emailey ytshefly ane kebrhelu eye kab mejemrta sgab mewedata
    zkebrkum yehwat bflay ASSENA ( Amaniel ) kabzom kemzioam heswti sebt seb anda axelemu nbalom bayta zetthu tetnkk eka
    hewkum meron

  • ti April 27, 2014

    Dear Merhawi!!
    Thanks to ur advice.
    But such questions distarb me. I search for Truth but no Answer. As u said all bad things will have End. I trust in God.

    God bless eritrea.

  • ERITRAWIT April 27, 2014

    What a stupid person you are to come and talk about Meron.

  • Huruy April 28, 2014

    Hmmmm !

    The dogs that belong to the same house are fighting fiercely with each other now. Maybe with a targeted aim! Yes, this verrrrrrrrrrrrrry important issue with full of crucial information behind is worth publicizing. Like the Eritrean saying “Sagla bla’e aytkla’e” were the correct behaviour of Mr Al Azazy. Gradually, the truth comes piecewise to the surface of the world, namely The Azazy&Sinai Massacre! There is nothing in the world that remains hidden, unless the action is done only by a single person! It is not attacking Meron, but exposing the truth behind the crimes on the way from Asmara to Sinai.

    Greetings to Al Azazy & Co.

  • Natu April 28, 2014

    Meron and Hamdy work still hand and glove in every aspect of the Sinai tragedy (killing, pissing the readers, selling organs,…etc) together. Naturaly with the help of the evil JEWs.

  • Hamdy Alazazy February 10, 2016

    i read most of comment , some said bad word and some said good words , i repeat again to all the Eritrean , i am not care what you said about me , but any person say he or she paid any cent for support my work , show me his name or any paper show paid money for me . i heard many good words from thousands of Eritrean , but i do it for god not to get thanking . i am feel angry to see some Eritrean in Eourope countries use the suffering of the Eritrean to make business . hope to see all the Eritrean work together for one aim , how to let Eritrea get the freedom and kick the dictator out and let the Eritrean live in peace .

  • arnie gerstein February 9, 2018

    Hamdy al-Azazi, Hello

    Please can we talk. Do you have someone reliable in the States to bring a parcel of gifts to the children you support. We send to a U.S. address some who can reliably take a parcel to Egypt.

    It contains beautiful rainbow colored tee shirts with the message Love is Real. Believe in Miracles. And mini cards in Egyptian saying Do not be Afraid, You are not Alone. and a set of Angel of Hope Coloring Books. We can also send to a U.S. address a small Angel of Hope in three pieces. Everything can be be delivered to a U.S. address, free of charge to you for distribution and hopefully some pictures with the items.

    We would need from you, the age range of the children, how many children,
    You can respond to:

    Our website is

    Hamdalilah, Please contact me to learn more about your work and we will let you know more about how we can support your work with these beautiful exploited children.

    Arnie Gerstein
    Cell: 269 503-3395