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Gunmen attempt to ‘unseat’ regional gov’t in Ethiopia

Attempt foiled to overthrow Amhara Regional State Government, official says ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia Gunmen on Saturday attempted to overthrow a regional state government in Ethiopia, an official said. Appearing live on Ethiopian Television, Nigusu Tilahun, head of the

Attempt foiled to overthrow Amhara Regional State Government, official says


Gunmen on Saturday attempted to overthrow a regional state government in Ethiopia, an official said.

Appearing live on Ethiopian Television, Nigusu Tilahun, head of the press secretariat at the Prime Minister’s Office, said: “Armed men tried to unseat the Amhara Regional State Government by force but their attempt has been foiled.”

According to the state broadcaster, the armed group claimed itself to be a “force of change”.

Nigusu said the federal government will intervene to calm the situation, without giving further information.

Reports coming out from Bahir Dar, capital of the regional state, there were some gunshots fired at the regional government’s building and people were seen running for their lives.

“It is unacceptable and measures would be taken against perpetrators,” said head of the press secretariat.

The Amhara State Government is run by the Amhara Democratic Party, one of the four ruling parties that constitute the ruling coalition in Ethiopia.


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  • Aba thimmer June 23, 2019

    I feel sorry for Ethiopia. Ethiopia could live by war but not peaceful. This is the fact brothers and sisters. Ethiopia has gone far as a great nation at least on the heart of its people and friends. Unfortunately, the sence of greatness among rulers and people ( chauvinism ) seems no way to go farther. In eritrea too unlucky notion & people ruled by Ethiopian origin iseyas. So, here we go all together on the ship of destruction.

    • tewolde haile June 24, 2019

      Why are you Eritreans selective in assigning nationality to your citiizens. Why is Isayas an Ethiopian because his ancestors are of Tigrayan roots while the late Woldeab Woldemariam is an Eritrean, although both his parents hail from Axum.

      • Wedi Hagher June 25, 2019

        Iseyas is Ethiopian not only because of his roots but more importantly because of his choice. Deep down, he has never been an Eritrean.
        While WelWel was a Tigrean nationalist who chose to be a proud Eritrean.
        So there is huge difference between the two men.
        WelWel survived 7 assassination attempts on his life while defending Eritrea, while Iseyas killed thousands of Eritreans.
        Just now as we speak, there are more than 300 thousand Eritreans suffering is Sudan and 200 thousands in refugee camps in Ethiopia. Not even one time Iseyas said he want these people to return to their country. He want them to remain where they are to depopulate Eritrea.
        Bandits and criminals associated with Eritrean smugglers, (many of whom from so-called Border Patrol) working along Eritrea-Sudan border, kidnap children immediately as they cross border on the Sudanese side, and demand ransom. Now, people like Col. Gaim who send agents to kidnap someone from Khartoum, don’t even want hear the cries of kidnapped children on the other side to the border.
        Weldeab Weldemariam was an Eritrean hero.
        Iseyas is a former spy of Hailesellasie and an enemy of Eritrean people.

  • Asmara Eritrea June 23, 2019

    This is an example for Eritreans who wish to take note, especially the Eritrean Defence Forces – no change comes by talking. Action, action and action is what we need.

    Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship.

  • tewolde haile June 25, 2019

    This reminds me of a discussion I had with an Eritrean collegue soon after the fall of the Derg. His response when I mentioned to him Isays’s mother was from Tigray was “No No! Isayas is from Ato Afewerki’s first wife. His second is the one from Tigray.”. Off course Isayas was then very populary and Godly figure to almost all Eritreans. To many Eritreans he was too good to be anything but Eritrean. Now that you have seen his ugly side the slogan is changed to He is too bad to be an Eritrean. Thank you though for not denying Ato Woldeab’s Tigrayan roots.

    • Hilna June 25, 2019

      Well said brother Tewolde and great observations, please keep it up.

    • Simon G. June 27, 2019

      Isayas is from Tigray both on his mother and father’s side. Ask Yemane Jamica, for additional details….
      WelWel is the same. However, WelWel is Eritrean at heart and Isayas is pure Gonderie.
      Those people who pretends to know that have their own problem.
      They have incurable disease. God have mercy on them because they are heading to hell with their master evil isayas.
      Those idiot Eritreans who still think isayas are something else. They will die with him.

  • Tirhas June 27, 2019

    Oh Amhara
    You cannot have your cake and eat it! YOU cannot enjoy the best of both worlds choose one :1)Asking asylum in western worlds , enjoying social or monetary benefits and 2)taking power in ethiopia while demonizing TPLF and Tigryans donot go along . always Choose one!!! THe latter choice will not simply given to you like manna , heavenly bread like the way you were craving for it ; throwing dust on innocent ethiopians eyes for several centuries in the pretext of God-given power and Making biblical verses and church as the mere justification to stay in power.

    Amhara go to great lengths to restore the so-called its divine bestowed lordship by evoking violence , murdering, robbing and being involved in multiple big and petty crimes . However, we willnot even forget the massacres commited by amhara leader throughout ethiopia including Eritrea. What I still remembers , Amhara leaders like Melaku Fenta they were conducting mass murder locally called Red Terror, marked by the bloodshed of innocent Ethiopians. Besides, Melaku Tefera was torturing the bishop of Gondar just only the his garce said:May Almight God safeguard you by His angel and protect you from the anger or wrath of the God by the hand of God. In amharic the word his Angel is interpreted as Melaku and it was understood as the Bishop was sarcastically lashing out the governor of Gondar atn that time wh o was Melaku . Amhara governor’s stooge accused the bishop as if he was insulting and teasing the Amhara dictators . I cannot tell you all the savage acts of Amahra leaders against the innocent people including their own Amhara tribe members.

    Now, they want to turn Ethiopia into a bloody scene so as to hold power if not to kill all their poltical rivals just for the sake of satanic feedback, revenege.

    I was gainst the independence of Eritrea as a pârt of Orthodox laityI believed that We should stay togther and work for the unity of Ethiopia and national devt. However, as I see it now as Amharas and other narrowminded egoist people act savagely , we cannot continue to live with them giving our fathers, sisters and brothers as sacrifice to live with them being tortured and killed nonstop.

    With regard to this white man , these people always want to please and work with the wining party and maintain their national or bilateral interest . If we donot want to live together peacefully outsiders willnot grant us peace unless they see something that took their attention.Concering amharas superstition, I want to tell you something : certain Amhara people kill innocent strangers coming to their house with them intention of being rich and allowing thier traditional grist or grain mill work well using humans blood. There are a lot of satanic outdated and grusome crimes behidn amharas superstition.

    TPLF could do many henious crimes but I will still support TPLF if my fellow Tigrayans are threatened by Amhara and other thugs who simply want to rob people in the blanket of amhara pride and tribal politics .