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Global church body to intervene in Ethiopia – Eritrea border dispute

The World Council of Churches (WCC) has said it will pray and work for peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia in an attempt to partake in the resolution of a longstanding border dispute. This was disclosed by

The World Council of Churches (WCC) has said it will pray and work for peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia in an attempt to partake in the resolution of a longstanding border dispute.

This was disclosed by a WCC delegation that visited the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church last month in what was labeled a historic visit by the body. It was the first time in over a decade that such a visit had been executed.

The delegation was led by WCC programme executive and convener for Africa, Dr. Nigussu Legesse and Fr. Dr. Daniel Buda head of the Ecumenical Relations. They were met at the Asmara International Airport by high ranking officials of the Eritrean Church.

The two parties held synod meetings following which the WCC delegation visited ancient monastries and archeological excavation sites dating back some 1,700 years.

“We came here with great expectations and we are looking forward to having constructive dialogue and encounters with the Eritrean Orthodox Church which is our WCC member church here in Eritrea and with other churches, religious communities and state authorities,” said Legesse during the synod meeting.

What the Ethiopia – Eritrea border dispute is about

Political and security tensions between the two neighbours ocassionally escalates since Eritrea gained its independence from Ethiopia in 1993 over a common border. Their contentious border stretch was the subject of mediation by Algeria in 2000.

The then Ethiopian Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi and Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki signed a border demarcation agreement in Algiers but the terms has yet to be fully implemented. It led to a two-year long war in 1998 which claimed about 70,000 lives.

Eritrea in its address to the United Nations 72nd General Assembly in September 2017 called for an end to what it said was Ethiopia’s continued occupation of sovereign Eritrea. Eritrea described the act as a security risk to the entire Horn of Africa region.

They also asked the United Nations Security Council to lift ‘ueseless and unjustified’ arms sanctions imposed on them since 2009. The U.S.-led sanctions were imposed with the reason that Asmara was supporting Somali-based Al-Shabaab insurgents, a claim they have denied.

About the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church

The Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church is the biggest church in the country and has some 2 and half million members, with 15,000 priests worldwide including diaspora churches in North America and Europe. The church has eight dioceses in Eritrea and two in the Diaspora.

The Church was recognized by Pope Shenouda III of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria after Eritrea gained its independence in 1993.

It is an Oriental Orthodox church with its headquarters in Asmara. It joined the WCC in 2003 and is also a member of All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC), and other religious bodies in the Horn of Africa region.

Oriental Orthodox Churches played a strong missionary role during Christianity’s early stages, and have had a leading role in the history of Christianity in Egypt and the northern part of Africa.

Source: AfricaNews

Review overview
  • brhan October 6, 2017


    If it was not the Orthodox domain camp had sided with King Haile Selasse of Ethiopia, [andenet in cross], Eritrea wouldn’t have been bleed so much for so long, truly, we paid heavy price. And now the Chess players of the same group are on a move … nonetheless; at this juncture ; normalizing peace with ourselves and our neighbors is the priority, and I hope they will success, and the rest … it is up Eritrean people to strive in harmony.

  • Meretse October 7, 2017

    ለከ ኩሉ ግዜኡ ምስ ኣእከለ
    ወይ ይላለ ወይ’ን ይፈላለ
    ክንደሻዕ’ሎ ሰምሰም ዓይኒ
    ወይ ናቱ ወይ ናተይ ኹኒ
    ኣብ ገዳም ንምስፋር ናይ ከተማ ቖርቖስ
    ኣክናፍ ይሰፊ’ሎ ሃወርያ ፊሊጶስ

    Stay tune/ ተጸናጸን

    • Danilo October 7, 2017

      ድምጽኻ ኣይተሓባኣና መረጸ!
      ይኩኑ ኡሙ ኣቡኡ ዝተሓጸ!
      ጽን ንበል ንመረጸ!

      ለባም ፈዋሲ ብሃም!
      ብዘይ ባምባም!
      ዘይሃስስ ቀለም!


    • Simon G October 7, 2017

      ተጸበ ‘ዶ ተጸናጸን?
      ኤእ! ቃል ኣይተመርጸን

      ዶ ዋላስ ተመሪጹ?
      ቃል ኣብ ውሽጢ ቃል ሰሪጹ
      ክሪኦ ኣይከኣልኩን ሃበኒባ ‘ታ መረጸን

      መረጸ: ቃላታት ምስመረጸ
      ገለን ሉስሉስ: ገለን በሊሕ ከም መላጸ
      ንሰብ ድኹም ሓንጎል: ዘናወጸ

      ከላእ! ናትና ሓንጎል ከኣ ሓንጎል ተቖጺሩ
      ኣብ ኣሰናስ: ኩሉ ማዕረ ኮይኑ

      ከይደ ከይደ: ግደፉኒ ቡነይ ክሰቲ!

      ብድሕሪኡ ግጥሚ ናይ መረጸ
      ክፈትሕ ክፍትን ተኽኢለ
      ኣነ ሓዊ ተኽለ!

      ሓንጎለይ freeze ኮይኑ
      Solution ተሳኢኑ

      ኣታ Danilo በጃኻ ሓግዝ
      ተጣራጢረ ሕጅስ: ከይከውን ግእዝ
      ሓቦ በል: ግእዝ ትፈለጥ ተኾንካ
      እምበር ካባይስ ተሪፍካ

      • Danilo October 8, 2017

        Stay tune/ተጸናጸን ፡
        ትግርኛን ግእዝን
        እየን ብርዝን

        Teclay መይቱስ፡
        መዓል ሹሉ-ሙሉ ምበላ’ዶ ቱስ-ቱስ ።መረጸ በሊሕን ዓቃልን ሰብ ኢዩ ዝመስል።simon እውን ኣይትበልጾ ኣይትሓምቆ።እንተ ኣነሞ! ግደፈኒ ሹሉ ሓሸሽ ተብዝሕ ስለዘላ ጽን ክብል ኢየ።ለብዘበን ሓዲኡ’ሎ።

  • Asmerom October 8, 2017

    Meretse, Danilo and Simon G, you have unfortunately turned the great Assenna website into a WATOT, HAMIYEN and ignorant and weak people’s website. Aren’t you supposed to fight PFDJs with force and power vigorously and to the end?? It seems you are too weak and too opportunist losers that you giving up the REAL hard fight ahead and are sadly resorting or reduced to silly old children games, what next old sick pensioners cross words or cards??

    • Simon G October 8, 2017

      ኣስመሮም ዝነበርካስ ቤተ ክርስትያን ናይ ህግደፍ ተሳሊምካ መጺኻ መስለኒ። ናብ “በተኖም” ተቐይርካ።
      ማይ ምዑግ ኣብል! ቁሩብ ተዘሓልካ።

      • Asmerom October 8, 2017

        WaTa Simeon tebelatsi, you and your hopeless opportunist losers are bunch of ‘anchuwatat’ collection of nay enda suwa rats waiting for one smart anchiwa/rat to put the bell round the cat’s neck and then you would be coming out of your hiding holes with sticks claiming hard won victory! What a bunch of cowards and hypocrite rats.

        • Seifu October 8, 2017

          Yes Asmerom, I absolutely agree with you brother.
          These Dracula ghosts are just blood thirsty living on hand outs
          and taking advantage of weak and innocent people. You are right they would be coming out with their pensioners and disabled sticks and would be writing their stupid and meaningless poems. They deserve DIA for life these donkeys.

          • Simon G October 9, 2017

            ፉፍ ክትብል ግዜኻ ሓሊፉ

            ፈላጥ ክትመስል
            ኡስ ኢልካ ቦራዕርዕ ትብል
            ኪድ ያላ ኣብ ዱካኻ ኮፍ በል
            ስእሊ ኣያኻ ኢሳያስ ሒዝካ ጸሎት ግበር

  • Grar October 9, 2017

    ጨርቂ ቀይርካ
    ትግረ ትግርኛ
    ታሪኽ ኣቦታት
    ደድሕሪ ዓረብ
    ኣይ ንነብስኻ
    ኣይ ንሓርነትካ፤
    ከንቱ ከዳሚ
    ተወሳኺ ዓቢድ ኢኻ።

    • Asmerom October 9, 2017

      Thank you Grar, at least you make a lot of sense and straight to the point. Could you also please come up with a beautiful poem on how we are going to burn their stinky Arabic language of their barbarian evil muslim slave masters as a revenge to our beautiful Tigre_Tigrigna savagely burnt by the savage lowland muslim mercenaries. They should also all be burnt in their Islam evil hell.

      • Danilo October 9, 2017

        Asmerom, if you want to burn Arabic language tray burning amharic first. aren’t you worried that you will be kicked from Eritrea and tigray? Of course you are looser with your president tesfatsion

        • shilan October 9, 2017

          I could lend a hand to my respected brother Asmerom but I would rather leave you in his capable hands to roast you as you are asking for it.
          However, I pray to the all mighty God to give peace and reconciliation to the beautiful and peaceful people of Christian Habesha of Eritrea & Ethiopia.

          • Danilo October 9, 2017

            Shulu, what kind of Christianity are you talking about? No no, I don’t have to ask you more because you are not Christian. you are just devil against humanity. you don’t want Co-existence among brothers. you are weird newly humbly pretending prophet directed by tesfa- tsion.

          • Simon G October 9, 2017

            Even though I wish our ethiopian neighbors peace and prosperous, all I care is about Eritreans. Eritrea equally belongs to both religions.
            However, I can see why your view is like that. You know what I mean.

          • shilan October 10, 2017

            Brother Asmerom, why are you letting me down with your late response to Danilo bello?? I am forced here to respond to his usual hatefmetefs!! But make sure you are very gentle and caring with the two most ignorant damaged goods for life that is Danilo bello and the aregit gerewegna kelbi areb ahmido salihido Yemeni as these two are uninsured “very fragile items/goods” !!!!
            Incidentally Danilo bello, you have not thanked me yet for my uncharged/free advice about your using condoms with your lovetta pigs!! You see my main concern and worry is that as a result of your ignorance/negligence, we will end up having so many deQalu sub-humans like your Saho cousin Abdurobo/comedian Ali!!!! Sorry, what was your original question Danilo bello????

          • shilan October 10, 2017

            Suleiman bin diQala G/aneniya al snaky Hatelaguzetay, yes indeed, I know exactly what you mean. However, the rest of our Assenna readers are not that gifted/talented like me and you with brilliance/intelligence minds and you should at least explain in more details to what you mean, after all they are not really mind readers, are they snaky Hatelaguzetta????
            I could and would say a lot more but I choose to wait first for your response/clarifications patiently before I take you on any further!!
            Last but not least wedi ayte G/aneniya, if you have to ever bore us with your stupid meaningless diQala poems, make sure your next ones are stupid poems for your illiterate/duped shefatu/bandits sibling who were sadly used up as condoms for the bastard barbarian evil muslim Arab and Italian slave masters.

  • Haregot October 9, 2017

    Isaias and his old group are on the doorstep of their final demise, and it is wastage of time to try to save them.
    Ethiopia or Weyane should not make the mistake of throwing a lifeline for DIA, to save him at his eleventh hour.
    I can’t imagine DIA in Addis. He is a bad omen, which Ethiopia should not touch even with a long pole. Ethiopia should not negotiate with the old dilapidated and dying generation, who is responsible for the predicament of the two people, by starting a fifty years war of destruction that ended in slavery of the Eritrean people. Ethiopia should negotiate with those who own future Eritrea, the democratic among the sick twisted weirdo old and the young generation, and not with the old tenants – the present rulers of Eritrea, who are on the way of being evicted.

  • Naizghi October 9, 2017

    Yes, yes we wish peace and stability, prosperity for all the brothers people of Eritrea & Ethiopia.
    But enemies and bad dreamers of Eritrea should know that Mr Esayas Afeworki is not that desperate to beg outsiders to mediate with Ethiopia. Yes again, peace for both countries is very important and beneficial to all but it should not be at a high cost of humiliation or land losses.
    Eritrea has survived without Ethiopia and foreign aids for the last twenty years or so and will also continue to survive a lot longer in the future. Eritreans never kneel down to anyone as proved in the past.

  • shilan October 10, 2017

    Proxy wars have been used by all the regimes in the horn of Africa, to leverage their interests or outright to oust regimes. The meltdown of the Somali state, which decades of international direct and indirect intervention have failed to heal, was fostered by proxy war between Ethiopia ans Somalia. Let’s hope and pray that history doesn’t repeat itself in Ethiopia and Eritrea as well, our beautiful God fearing Christian nations.
    No war no peace necessitates both states to maintain bloated armies at huge cost. Scarce resources, which should have been used to free their respective people from poverty, are being wasted on unnecessary military expenditures.