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  • Berhan January 4, 2014

    selam radio medrek,
    The 1997 Eritrean constitution was not ratified by the Eritrean people or by representative of the Eritrean people. In case you are not aware

  • Paradiso January 5, 2014

    Thank you Radio Medrek,

    The news about the decline of Eritrean education is very real. The quality of education in Eritrea is so bad even young elementary school children do not care about education or attend classes as is normal. The worst damage to Eritrean education is though to its Higher Education after the closure of the only university in the land. More than half of the students who join Eritrean colleges drop out and leave the country because the quality of education, food, teachers, life of a student as an army conscript is very disappointing.

    Thank you for your excellent year-end commentary for paying tribute to wedi Ali Hejay and comrades, and for remembering the victims of Lampedusa tragedy.