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Fetsum: Whatever

Allah may give the wicked many chances to remorse and shape up but does not guarantee them everlasting support; rather leaves them face the consequence of the sins at the end of their melancholic role

Allah may give the wicked many chances to remorse and shape up but does not guarantee them everlasting support; rather leaves them face the consequence of the sins at the end of their melancholic role in society. God does his magic in mysterious ways when he gets tired of giving a chance to the adamant. He designs an effective way out for a society from its oppressors. He allows societies to suffer the result of their illusive success as well though, specially when said success exasperates the arrogance and rigidity within the people. The immediate cost of chauvinism and overthrowing emperor Haileselassie was Mengistu Hailemariam for Ethiopians who had to go through humiliating experience to land in their current more realistic state of mind that has so far produced a better developmental environment in the country. Humiliation shifted the arrogant and exceptionalist Ethiopian mindset to the current relatively modest and promising state of mind.
In our case, no one can deny that the selflessness of our freedom fighters in the struggle for independence and the ultimate success in winning the war with Ethiopia had boosted our ego to the point of considering our fighters the most determined of them all, and our people the most advanced and companionate in the continent. Reality, however, showed us that the old freedom fighters and the current Generals and Commanders that we bet on their determination and selflessness have been obediently serving the dictator instead of the people needless to mention that our opposition camp could not even unite based on the most fundamental issues of the Eritrean people’s democratic dream. I don’t know about you and don’t care how you justify your nature but the Eritrean culture cannot exempt itself from causing the character of its people a way or another, only time in free Eritrea will tell where we messed up and how. The result was nevertheless nothing but compromising the essence of freedom for individuality and suffering the consequence of our illusive exceptionality and misconstrued concept of success till this moment in time.
Now that we have learned a lot about humility through the cost of our weaknesses and God is tired of the dictator’s rigidity and the uselessness of the dominant political parties, what else may he have arranged for us the Eritreans in this fight for freedom and democracy against the dictatorship and selfish politicians? Have we paid enough to take good advantage of our situation to change it through the only available strategy of success in the opposition camp? Are you going to continue dwelling on events and tragedies rather than the vision that takes you to Asmara?
Clear is that we Eritreans have finally found a political vision after long cyclic illusions. We seem to have exited from entertaining endless events and grievances to concentrating on the political strategy offered by our intellectuals in Europe: there is a focus now better than any other time in the past that we can utilize to solve our problems. Apparently, the bottom-up or grassroots philosophy of crafting a transition government of Eritrea may have been born in America but it appears like it is being better crystallized in Europe by the group called OUR VOICE behind a strong support of Assenna et al. In this promising movement, the creators of the philosophy seem to be invisible and mostly verbalwhile OUR VOICE, invisible and mostly literal. I don’t know how the two elements of the philosophy relate to each other but I don’t see any collective assignment carried on to date, at least from practical point of view to confidently comment on. We have not heard about American version of OUR VOICE and never witnessed the implementation of the philosophy by OUR VOICE yet but the adopters of the philosophy (OUR VOICE) appear to be ahead of its creators in at least literally providing the strategy in so far as my observation is concerned; of course in its incomplete format!
The question is where in the planet should we initiate the first phase of this philosophy from conducive circumstantial points of view?
Leaving the creators of the philosophy in the US aside because of lack of information and invisible activity, I am forced to only focus on OUR VOICE in this input though we still don’t know the individuals within and I have no idea when they will come out of their veil. There is no doubt though that their opacity has caused a problem with all its said advantages in line. It has so far stopped them from conducting meetings through direct contact with the people at minimum.
What we know is that we were told they were from London, the home town of Assenna et al where the strongest website has adopted the philosophy to the best interest of our people whether by coincidence or by mutual understanding as witnessed in Aman’s recent engagement with the people. The question remains as to when they may disclose themselves and start the mission practically?
As a matter of necessity, we should start the first stage of the mission somewhere as soon as possible and two important aspects of the situation should dictate the terms in my opinion: solid organization and a substantially strong media in the opposition camp.
To me, the US version of OUR VOICE does not practically exist in view of information exchange with the people and associated activities. Neither is there a website as strong, supportive and decisive as Assenna in the US to help the situation. Asmarino and Awate are tripping in their confinement about the situation of the Eritrean people with no creativity to generate a solution or vested interest following the only solution on the table (OUR VOICE’s grassroots movement). They are only talking about what is happening in the wounded nation, period! And that, every Eritrean knows by now!
With the giant Civic and Humanitarian Organizations keeping silent, Meskerem hanging on confused between butt-licking and day-dreaming and Asmarino and Awate running out of steam on either creating or adopting a political vision, Assenna without a doubt stands the tallest in this aspect, taking a clear political position on the grass-root based roadmap to democracy in our country. This is a blessing to our society my dear Eritreans, although sad at the same time thinking about how much more we could have achieved with all the others elements of the fight backing up the movement full speed ahead! Nevertheless, I congratulate the Assenna team for its clear position on the road map to Asmara and Aman in particular for his extreme hard work transmitting the message to the people.
In comparison, the combination of OUR VOICE and Assenna et al should make England the best place to start electing the committees that would eventually evolve to said COUNCIL assumed to be responsible for democratizing Eritrea at the end of the road. The reason is simple!
The first experimentation in London under the direct supervision of OUR VOICE and Assenna et al will certainly establish the best scenario of electing local committees in Europe.
Eritreans in the rest of England and elsewhere would then be greatly energized by the development to carry out their respective elections based on the lessons and challenges learned from the London experience. Success in London will cause success in England and the rest of Europe and the bliss will be contagious to our community all over the world. It will reflect here in America with strong potency as a matter of circumstantial obligation if not for anything else. The rest will simply follow whether you think otherwise or not; it will rejoice for it would have no choice!
In the mean time, the creators of the philosophy in the US should start US version of OUR VOICE as soon as possible as an integral part of the home base in London to carry out the duty of electing the committees in North America until the continental leadership is established. I modestly remind Professor Araya et al to think about this very seriously and I am ready to assist in my best capacity for this to take place! Just collect us to form the American version and that is all you have to do my dear professor for the rest will flow with the flow as a function of its natural chemistry! I must. Nevertheless tell you that we in America are far behind and must catch up soon! Please concentrate on building the mission depending on supporting resources without being deterred by the reactionary forces in the intellectual camp! Please do this Mr. professor as soon as you can!
But I wonder how dictators fall at the end of their troublesome life and how Allah finally creates the situation of their breakdown before they understand what the heck was going on. You find them in the tunnels, graveyards or rat holes fully armed but refusing to kill themselves until society sucks them out of there and roasts them like a barbeque chicken in their farewell to hell. The time limit for Afwerki to dike under God’s protection is ver. There is nowhere to hide, nowhere to run, just waiting for the turn in line but the destiny of our people depends on how we take advantage of Allah’s disappointment on the dictatorship!
It is not by sheer coincidence folks; that OUR VOICE and Assenna et al met in London but by spiritual forces beyond our imagination. I believe the extra determined Amman can deliver the first successful committee in London to show the rest of our Diaspora the light inside the dark! I believe OUR VOICE can successfully build the foundation of electing the committees in London taking full advantage of Assenna et al’s recent infatuation with its political philosophy. I do believe that God stationed Assenna et al and OUR VOICE in London on purpose to initiate the most critical action of the fight to democratic Eritrea. Let the torch flame in London and the spirit diffuse beyond! Ajoka Aman! God gave the Eritreans you and the VOICE needs your help and WELIALOM ITI SHIG AB LONDON! Help God for selecting you to change the terrible situation of our people. I can assure you that you can do it with our support no matter how tiresome and I love you.

Review overview
  • BRILLIANT OPINION January 20, 2016

    Brother f.Abraham stated….

    “Clear is that we Eritreans have finally found a political vision after long cyclic illusions.”

    To borrow a certain moringa guy from Paltalk ¨We are like the farmer that digs and digs ,yet plants nothing¨ ,we seem to be comfortable in our digging.

    • AHMED SALEH !!! January 20, 2016

      If the farmer is foolish not to know what he planted , of course he will
      keep digging after nothing showed as expected . Eritreans will keep also
      digging until realize that they didn’t sow good seed to see grown plant .
      ABZA ALEMNA AYTERAEYEN . We sow sinister seed and we reap same sinister
      produce that kills to death . But finally open minded peasants began
      to dig and dig for a purpose to weed out the bad seed.
      Wish them good luck because their life depend on it .

  • AHMED SALEH !!! January 20, 2016

    When people give prophecy entitlement to a leader it creates a society
    of many blind followers in the form of cult obedience . We experienced
    to witness reactions based in their false conviction to defend wrongs
    for the sake of loyalty to the person who win their heart and mind .
    Many countries who fell in such category found themselves in disastrous
    consequences . Even this NIHNA -NSU group lost their sight blurred not
    to see true picture of the reality in front their face . Since the
    time of revolution the voice of progressive elements had been neglected
    to save the integrity of the man we refused to question his reputation .
    Eritrea will not spare from current dangerous predicament unless it find
    visionary leader who can inspire with positive and workable inclusive
    policies we longed for the past many years .
    In case the ugly human who inflicted pain on innocents , ALLAH know his
    way how to deliver what he or she deserved.

  • Simon G. January 20, 2016

    So far Our Voice is still in R&D stage. I am not sure when we will see the prototype. Whatever fix that needs to be made, we can do it thru few re-spins. We need to see a product and to do that the meeting need to start. BTW, there is no website for Our Voice yet? That’s strange. Our PhD guys, it is about time for you to rap up your thesis.

  • Yusuf MB January 21, 2016

    Dear Fetsum,
    I have always admired you for being deeply interested in finding a viable exit-door from the quandary we are in today, and for your skills of analysis. But sometimes I see you succumb to ideas or proposals in their very infant stage; or even, in ‘Our Voice’ case without knowing the initiator/s.
    You said: “What we know is that we were told they (OV) were from London, the home town of Assenna et al where the strongest website has adopted the philosophy to the best interest of our people” Emphasis mine; don’t you think this as a pure assumption brother? How do you reach the conclusion that the strongest website has adopted the bottom-up philosophy?
    Regardless who took the initiative, I am completely with the idea of bottom-up as it grants power to people; my confusion is how it works in action specifically in our situation.
    I wish by next time you teach us the difference between the two philosophies (bottom-up & top-down models).

    • fetsum abraham January 22, 2016

      Dear yusuf, assenna through its management, amanuel has already done a lot of work in favor of the movement. I think i am sure about zis brozer

  • k.tewolde January 21, 2016

    It is only natural folks, we all are in survival mode trying to grab at anything before getting swept away by the raging flood downstream.Brother Fitsum is just one of us always trying to inject some sense into our dire situation,I know he will come out swinging.Love you Bro.

  • Mogos January 21, 2016

    Brother Fetsum,
    I really admire your genuine and wise and deeper and unique insight.
    I would like to encourage you to keep your brilliant ideas and your readiness to act on them.

    I wish we have many who think like you.

    God bless you brother !

  • Semharr January 21, 2016

    The problems in Eritrea can not be solved by you or by any Eritrean professor. You guys could be a great help for those newcomers, new Eritrean immigrants to help them find jobs or to continue their education and to stay out of trouble from drugs and criminal activity. As for the change in Eritrea, the solution will come from within the country, just like wedi Ali but at present we don’t see anybody committed to sacrifice his life for change. Change only comes through full time struggle, it needs a full commitment and boldness. As for you and other so-called educated people, please try to rent a radio station and broadcast the progress of our freedom fighters. Right now all the opposition radio stations are closed because of lack of finance while the PFDJ are doubling their hours of their propaganda. You should finance radio stations standing against the tyrant regime. The only radio stations like Assenna, Asmarino and Radio Wegahata are all on the internet only. We should re-start all the radio stations that closed due to lack of finance in major cities.
    Fitsum please focus to help your fellow Eritreans who are in drugs, are dropouts, who are incarcerating in jail, who are out of jobs in a new country, they all need our help.
    As for our people in Eritrea we should encourage them to stand up for their rights against the tyrant regime. We should financially help Assenna and other stations like radio Wegahata, Asmarino and Radio Erena who are exposing the tyrant regime. We should also hold demonstrations, mobilize our people for bigger demonstrations against the tyrant regime. We should expose and report those supporters of the tyrant regime.

    • aus 17 January 24, 2016

      yes Semhar you are right to help the new commers and encourage the best minds to take care of their country. on the other side compete the false intelectuals, expose their hidden agendas, enlighten us all to know and decide throuhg truth and knowledge. analyse these guys who caused the decay of Eritrea by their past doings and not doings. More than 20 years in their position, yet cleaning their hands as if they did a good job. Isayas did not do all this by himself: they were instrumental thus not Clean.

  • aus 17 January 23, 2016

    I appreciate your incessant tries, to sum up varies angles, though I doubt the depth. As an intellectual I wish you to analyse the Medrekh’s backdoor policy, their intensions, who these are, and why are they so hidden concerning their backgrounds. We want them to know the way the processed Eritrea, up to and including their separation from the regime. Their bully character as shown in Nairobi, their exclusive manner just for those who differ with, what hidden agenda do they have like Mesfin Hagos who uttered nothing, hidding himself behind silence, and yet Believes to be peoples favor! what a mess.
    I wish the Awate editor’s and journalists and Asena’s work together to identify the wolves sooner than later and mobilse their whole Picture. Please we don’t want to be bihind the lights again and again.
    Isayas Afewerk managed to stay so long by the same policy: hidding the truth, lying the past and narrowing the knowkledge. Isn’t what the Medrekh is doing?

    • Semharr January 24, 2016

      Yes! You really know who is who. There all agents of the tyrant Isayas. That’s how Isayas is staying in power, and that’s how his puppets like Mesfin Hagos and the rest of them are distracting others from dismantling the dictator.

  • nsmer January 25, 2016

    Dear Dr. Fitsum,

    Thank you for your great analysis and encouragement to the hopeful bottom up movement. I believe this way of organizing Eritreans is the way forward to clear lawful transition, I am one of the people working on the ground trying to get this ball rolling. I would like to ask every Eritrean reading this to get the picture of the bottom up approach! Always the People have the power to elect their representative with a mandate for certain period of time. The optimum power is with the people. The bottom up approach will also help during transition to democracy, as this elected body only sets the ground for the political parties to compute with level ground. If we get this working people will engage actively and they will make informed decisions. Please do not forget this was started by Dr. Towelde Vacaro.

    Thank you Dr Futsum

  • Semharr January 25, 2016

    The great thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving. Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to victory.