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Fetsum: Time to clean up the Vacarroian Committees all over the place

Fetsum: Time to clean up the Vacarroian Committees all over the place Narrative: There is no doubt that brother Vacarro’s movement has changed something in the Eritrean resistance for democracy. Its potential is obvious and that

Fetsum: Time to clean up the Vacarroian Committees all over the place

Narrative: There is no doubt that brother Vacarro’s movement has changed something in the Eritrean resistance for democracy. Its potential is obvious and that is why all enemies have focused to fail it by different means of intrigue. One of them: breaking it apart from within! The movement needs to weed out the disease as soon as possible so that we can move it forward: he cannot do it alone without your cooperation. We need 100% commitment for the movement from the committee members and we should not hesitate to make this practical ASAP.

Meskerem: “Ms. Sophia Tesfamariam, where is evidence that Eritrea arrested, prosecuted, and imprisoned or executed human traffickers who are trafficking youth in 1000s from Eritrea in broad daylight?”

Response: the evidence is inside the country’s prison enterprise and the Eritrean government must allow neutral observers to investigate if it is confident about this woman’s disclaimer. There is no way out here without cleanly coming out and allowing investigation without restriction. As it stands today, words cannot hide reality and we believe thousands of our people have been incarcerated behind bars without due trial.

Meskerem: “Presidents Isaias Afwerki and Omar Hassan Al-Beshir asserted that Eritrean-Sudanese relations has entered a new phase both in depth and vitality. “
Response: What depth and vitality are the two worst dictators talking about? They have something in common: they are both criminals with Bashir under international warrant for jail and the other a lone hussler between the Sudan and Eritrea for pretentious diplomatic image. The world has shrunk for our isolated dictator into few hundred miles from Asmara to Khartoum and his friendship narrowed down to only one illegal head of State in Bashir. There is nothing to expect from the two losers waiting for disposal anytime soon. Said new vitality is how to cooperate in suppressing public revolt in both countries and said depth cannot go beyond dictatorship, their concept of life.

From the forum:

Tes: “I do believe what we lack is basic necessity to live in peace in our country and we are not asking full blown democracy. It will be very difficult and ask a lot of determination and efforts to unify the whole lot of oppositions. It is better to direct to those who willing to work together and build our unity on those organizations. Leaving the spoilers behind. They will follow us tomorrow.”
Response: The time for Eritreans to live peacefully with the basic democratic rights is way over due in my opinion. This should have been done way back at the time of our independence and after. We were not asking for democracy from this government, only peaceful living. We tried to accept oppression for years assuming it would be relatively modest for us to find ourselves in deeper socio-political crisis through absolute dictatorship.
By now we would have started to completely democratize the country had we had the basic stuff you are talking about. Afwerki swallowed all the time (22 years) for his omnipotent dictatorship: There is no more time for political experimentation now, it has over saturated the maximum limits of patience and intolerable regional backwardness; there is no reason why we cannot achieve democracy right away after the regime goes to hell. We get what we ask for and I believe it is time for us to work for a fully blown democracy rather than suffering for many years to come otherwise.
You said a very important point here on “It is better to direct to those who willing to work together and build our unity on those organizations. Leaving the spoilers behind. They will follow us tomorrow”. I agree with you totally. If our movement has a solid backbone from the Diaspora and if we succeed in having the best independent minds in the Vacarroian committees rather than the politically affiliated individuals that tend to mess it up upon direct order from their bosses as in today’s reality, then we can impose our condition for democracy with confidence and work with those that genuinely accept the formation of a transitional government as the preliminary solution to our long term political projection. We can have enough psychic, diplomatic and material power to influence our opposition forces based on the merit of their democratic substance vis-a-vis the universal academic understanding of the subject matter in question. We can involve international intellectuals and experts from all over the place to support us for international recognition as the only solution to the intricate Eritrean problems with or without our napping intellectuals. Moreover, we can use our western mentality and education to work against the stagnant minds in Asmara and quickly turn events around. We can sit with President Obama with intellectual confidence and civility to discuss mutual matters should this movement give us the chance to do so.
I believe in isolating the spoilers and embracing the down-to-earth advocates of democracy from the opposition camp and democratizing the country with them. All of them do not have to agree on unity for our democratic movement to succeed.
We, however, cannot do this if we don’t work hard to make the unity movement comprehensive and academically fit to convince international politicians of its potential to change the country for the better. I don’t decide here, Vacarro does and we will see what he will do after completing his outstanding first round activities currently going on as we communicate but I assure you that we have intellectual and spiritual capacity to make it work if fully utilized.
In the mean time, it has become apparent that we have spoilers dedicated to fail the movement inside the committees. The syndrome has become visible all over the place; California, Europe and specially DC where no active committee exists as a result of internal sabotage. We cannot afford to have a weak committee here in DC because this is the concentration of most Eritreans in the US and here is where the most diplomatic work should be done with local and international politicians. We need the strongest committee here in DC with independent minds to move forward!
You need to identify the spoilers in the committees and demand their exclusion by direct interference in your respective communities to protect this movement. I hope Vacarro will do something to clean up the mess in his committees; otherwise the movement will go to the drain without positively affecting the Eritrean democratic zeal. I am sure my brother knows what is going on and trust me on this without asking for detail.
In short, he needs to do the following important steps for us to effectively serve the movement.
1)   Immediately cleaning up the committees replacing the spoilers by independent and brilliant people in the community. There should be a centralized body to monitor their activities and the committees must be conditioned to submit activity report and their future plans to the body periodically. there is no room for SIKIFTA here because it is impossible to succeed having the enemy within the movement.
2)   Accepting the formation of a Transitional Government and working for it by direct contact with the opposition camp or at least making it possible for us all to engage in amicable and civilized academic debate on the two concepts of unification.
Sarah: “We need to create forums. Our educated people should create networks according to their profession and skills. economists, educators, doctors, sociologists etc should create their own networks and discuss what can be done to alleviate the plight of our people now and after PFDJ etc. Wedi Vacaro is bringing the much needed unit and we should be on his side delivering our duties as professionals.”
Response: I don’t know how to motivate the dead intellectual brains sitting without any contribution for years. I agree that is the best way to go but I don’t expect much from our intellectuals: they are nowhere to be seen and I hope they are having a good time out of their silence. I only can do what I can do as a member of that classification. They see us here but no action in their part to either help us improve our ideas or encourage us to continue the fight. I have never gotten a call from any one of our intellectuals. Remember that they are Eritreans, an opportunist, paranoid, pretentious and passivist society that believes in silence until someone does the dirty job for them to live their dreams in Eritrea. Vacarro can pick the most dedicated available intellectuals to work for his movement and move on without the good for nothing intellectuals. He does not need them as long as he utilizes the few best in that category willing to work for democratic Eritrea. We can make forums without waiting for them to help in this regard with international scholars but he has to involve us fully for this to happen. We need to go forward without waiting for them to do something in the struggle. We will succeed with or without them of course with more determination and hard work if Vacarro decides to use the very few of us interested to help. You need to start with what you have and accept a follow up help if it comes in the process but we should no longer beg them to participate. Few exceptional minds can do the job given the opportunity!!
To your information, we hear rumors that there had been meetings of our intellectuals in DC area, for example but nothing comes out to the public (what has been discussed and achieved). I think you must have PhD to participate!!
Kifle: “I commend you working to advance the unity started by wodi Vacaro. and thank you”
Response: I have the intellectual and artistic (music composition, Guitar and the Keyboard, lyrichs writing) capacity and confidence earned through hard work and God’s help but he chooses who he wants to closely work with
weygud: According to your classification, unity is divided into Vaccaroian unification, and the collective unification formed in forums. As far as I know Dr. Vaccaro has taken his own the initiative to mobilize the Eritrean people for national unity. And he has made himself clear that he has no ulterior motive to grab power at his current age. Why is the need to create dichotomy by calling vaccaroian vs. collective instead of aligning together for common cause?”
Response: Because there exist two distinct theories of unification that we are trying to blend together for a complete solution in Eritrea and this has nothing to do with Vacarro’s interior motive. I believe he is working hard for the people not for power but what does this have to do with the existence of two theories of unification and the need to address them carefully? My brother’s spiritual tendency is obvious to me but the existence of two theories of unification as the movement stands today is an unavoidable reality that cannot be ignored without heavy consequence in the Eritrean society.
weygud: “The other thing about philosophy which has been mentioned several times in your articles. Well, in academic environment, a lot of research and analysis can be done about philosophy, ideologies and doctrines theoretically; however, what is needed currently is practical action, working in tandem towards common goal.”
Response: Practical action is impossible without clearly defining your vision. There is only one collective way of defining a vision: through research, analysis and clear ideology of the movement, which is academic in nature. How else can you be practical and work towards a common goal without academic intervention? You cannot discuss the practicality of Democracy and transitional government without the universal academic understanding of the subject matters. The common goal in your mind may be the end of the regime but mine is going beyond and democratizing the country. DisposingAfwerki from power is not my projection without academic preparation for democracy based on previous historical accounts: Our theory has been applied and succeeded in other similar situations such as Liberia and Somalia. Your common goal perception cannot bring democracy in Eritrea because it stops at overthrowing the regime essence of the struggle. This can be a recipe for another dictatorship and I don’t think we should take a chance on this for we have had enough of it since independence. If you don’t want democracy, the alternative is dictatorship: don’t you think you have had that over already?

Review overview
  • Zufana January 31, 2014

    Brother Fetsum,
    Great article as usual, please keep it up and also please do ignore some of the ignorant and helpless commentators. God bless you with lots of happiness and health for the future brother.

  • hmm February 1, 2014


    Based on your last question to Fitsum, you don’t even understand what he was talking about. You haven’t even read his post or you don’t have the brain to understand it. You are no different from those brain dead zombies who idolize Isayas. The only difference is you want to idolize a new dictator.

    Fitsum is labeling insults against those who have different opinions. He is calling them Rats etc. He is acting like Sofia Tsfamariam the queen character assassination. You have to wake up and smell the coffee…

    • Zufana February 1, 2014


      Please grow up for your own good. If you are one of the Rats then you would be cleaned up with the rest of them but if you are a lost one then we promise to hand you over to the right authority. Therefor stay clean humum wahid.

  • K. A February 1, 2014

    Hi brother Ftsum
    Please stop writing such none sense and devicive articles. Tell us if you are against change.