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Fetsum: The paradigm shifting phone call from the Brother Doctor

Notification: Please give the hard working individuals of DEHAI a condolence for having been overused by the heinous regime until they can do it no more and for the death of the WEBSITE since November 8,

Notification: Please give the hard working individuals of DEHAI a condolence for having been overused by the heinous regime until they can do it no more and for the death of the WEBSITE since November 8, 2013. Rumor says that DEHAI will be buried at MESKEREM only if this SITE stays alive until then. Diagnosing MESKEREM clearly tells that it is ethically and mentally sick; and the proof: it still claims to be “the First Eritrean Opposition Website” instead of “the last WEBSITE of the dictatorship”.


Quote of the moment: “Let us use the existing plat-forms and networks to amalgamate and unite Eritreans to create a very strong nation with a colorful and meaningful ‘bandera’.” Salem
Vacarro in January: The Doctor continues to deliver his paralyzing damage against the enemy internationally. He has done the following activities this month alone and you can imagine how much physical and emotional stress he is taking for the sake of us, producing at this intensity of spirituality.

ህጹጽ መግለጺ ንደለይቲ ፍትሒ ነበርቲ ስዊዝን ከባቢኣን: January 3, 2014

ዶክተር ተወልደ (ወዲ ቫካሮካብ ዝተፈላልዩ ከተማታት ጣልያንንስዊዝን ንዝመጽኡ ደለይቲ ለውጢ ኤርትራውያን ዕዉት ናይ ሓድነትሰሚናር ኣካይዱ።January 7, 2014

ዶር ተወልደ ተስፋማርያም (ወዲ ቫካሮ) ኣብ ለንደን ምስኤርትራውያን መራሕቲ ሃይማኖት ተራኺቡ ተላዚቡ። January 11, 2014
Go for it brother!!We are expecting a lot more damage with your upcoming European tour and God will help. The free falling regime on the flip of the coin issues the following desperate none-sense after more than two decades of waste:
Comment: It wants to be born again and start a new political life afresh with the same messed up brains 22 years behind the clock. Who cares about you anymore? Go figure it out yourself. Expecting result from the tranquilized brains that produced misery out of a perfect situation for development and freedom is like betting on a tortoise to outrun a rabbit. It is too late Sirs and Madams! There is no chance for incarnation with this BS after you killed the country and deserted it of the precious man power (of the youth) as state policy. Just keep on fooling yourselves until the resistance comes at you. I advise you to take maximum advantage of the little time you have stealing, boozing and fornicating as much as possible for you won’t have the time and the life to do it soon.
From the forum:
Tes:  “Let’s Unite and hit the ground together. The matter in hand is very urgent we don’t have time on our side for check[ing] and double checking for perfection. We have to compromise and concentrate on the main issues to bring change. Any change won’t be worse than HGDEF rule.”
Comment: We don’t have to shoot for perfection because nothing is perfect in human life but we should check and balance the process of democracy to hit a soft ground together instead of a rock!
Fenkil on Meskerem“We as Eriteans know and relate to the month of Meskerem more than any people in this planet because our struggle to recover the right to live and prosper in peace started in this month!!! However, the website that bears this historical month name is in a mission to bail out the system that betrayed the gift of our heroes and destroy our young nation every day by the hours!!! We freedom loving Eritreans have to stand up and expose this sold out Website before it polarized our momentum going forward to get rid and save our Nation befor becoming another Somalia!!“
Comment: I agree brother; we should fight all the riff-raffs taking refuge at that Site to slave for the dictator that will be no more soon. MESKEREM has decided to work against the people and will suffer the consequence one way or another.
Mystery works behind reality: There is time for everything, an opportunity for a clean mind to serve society at the end of the fight between the egoist and the spiritualist; only a matter of perseverance and consistency! We patiently waited for decades for the government to involve us in the technological and democratic upbringing of our country without success. They decided to exclusively raise baby Eritrea themselves from the time of its independence and child-abused it at will. Our country went through difficult teen age years to find itself a staggering adult, lagging behind in everything compared to many countries in the continent. It was like a person failing in life as a result of unhealthy childhood experience: They call it bad upbringing in familial situations and incompetent dictatorship in modern political terms.
We felt abandoned and moved on relentlessly knocking the doors of our brothers and sisters in the opposition camp through Assenna to only confront absolute silence in response. We took the only available means of venting it out through the power of the pen and independent intelligence, at least since the end of 2012, the time I stopped working for full time engagement in the struggle via ASSENNA at minimum survival.
We humbly scuffled it out at this website with authentic heart and only one thing in mind: Unconditional Unity to ASMARA. Yet the complicated ambiance of the resistance could not let us reduce the philosophy to practice. Too discouraging it had been riding alone in the resistance freeway as it was too difficult to quit the fight ahead of Eritreans seeing the light of freedom before we expire. Nothing kept us going in this confusing and impenetrable RESISTANCE except endurance and spiritual conviction: It was dull, an endless gravel road full of zigzags and intrigues.
Fortunately, everything is impermanent: The law of duality testifies that the selfish perishes; the arrogant breaks apart, the vicious collapses, the oppressed resurrects, the down to earth radiates and the omnipotent bites the dust at the tail end of it.
Some Eritrean opposition forces were swimming in the pool of confusion and stagnation while the people were sadly waiting for answer until the Lord assigned Vacarro to revitalizes hope in our society. He gave him the charisma, energy and capacity necessary to install optimism in our souls and my brother did not disappoint God a bit. He has been restlessly doing his homework meeting his people everywhere at heavy material, physical and psychological expense.
Chopping my life down a day at a time, I was living Friday 1, 2014 at home thinking about a lot of things impinging my mind: about the encouraging words that people text me and how to convert their expectation and trust into something beneficial to our society. How I can help the new unification movement and introduce our version of unification into, for complete answer to the Eritrean dilemma if he doesn’t give us the chance through direct contact! I was tripping about what I wrote earlier in a café that reads (after receiving no response from brother Vacarro to the mails I sent him) “We have a lot of work to do to crystallize the brother’s movement from within or from its periphery. We need to stick with each other without interruption to succeed. We need to freely share the issues we discuss in the forum with others to expand the thoughts without any intension to dictate. “
It was now a little after 5Pm DC time and working intensely on my music when the phone rang several times and stopped. I ignored it because I was involved in something important to me. I then checked it out after few minutes to only discover that the caller was UNAVAILABLE. I retrieved the message from that line and heard an extremely uplifting voice that permanently shifted my paradigm in so far as my thoughts of the key figures in the resistance were concerned. It was touching to hear the soft and humble words of my brother Dr. Tewelde Vacarro in my itchy solitude to only feel the positive radiation penetrating deep into my spirit: This was the first time to ever get a call from a man of his caliber in the resistance. As it went, a sister gave me his number and I talked to him for few minutes: we will work together for the rest of the show and the rest will be history!!
Dear brothers and sisters! I thank you all for helping me realize my strengths and weaknesses through constructive criticism. I thank my benevolent brother Vacarro for initiating a very important contact in response to my appeal for inclusion and I honor this bliss without hesitation. I hope the brother will use me as much as possible in this final political round of our society and I thank God ahead for giving me the opportunity to live my spiritual life by direct involvement in the Eritrean experience. I feel like I will finally have the opportunity to work harder for our unified resistance. I solemnly swear to serve the cause of freedom and democracy in Eritrea with maximum determination and honesty in full cooperation with brother Vacarro without polluting my spirituality with personal interest: God bless the rest!
I admire and salute all Eritreans in our opposition camp and thank them for serving the Eritrean question under difficult circumstances. I appeal to all Eritreans in the resistance and specially the leaders of our groups and political parties with excessive humility to open their hearts and give temporary UNITY a chance for smooth transition of power in Eritrea. I admit I occasionally had been harsh to my brothers and sisters in this category because of love, concern and strong desire to see them succeed and save the people as soon as possible. I say I am sorry for my mistakes in this regard from the depth of my heart: I sincerely apologize for the emotional discharge of the past and I hope they will accept my apology with forgiveness.
We cannot succeed without effective involvement of our opposition forces in the unification drive. This was clear to me from the onset. Anyone that expects result without them is only a dreamer. It is time for all of us to respect them for keeping the struggle alive at the expense of emotional attack from us all.
I cannot wait personally meeting our leaders in the opposition camp and expressing resentment on my sometimes offensive style of writing towards them. I want to learn from their diversity, wisdom and rich experiences and use the knowledge for unity by which we can regain our national and social dignity as Eritreans. Our family members in this classification produced the Eritrean independence that they couldn’t live; I am confident they will help us all bring freedom and democracy to complete our collective mission that was sabotaged by the worst dictator on the planet. Please lead us to freedom and democracy with unity like you gained us our independence from colonialism through it.
We can turn the situation around in 2014 if we all utilize the experience of our opposition leaders, the power of temporary unity and brilliant minds for the cause of our people. Nothing can stand in the way except us: We Eritreans have taken enough punishment for whatever reason it may be: Let us get rid of the regime with a UNIFIED PUNCH once and for all to enjoy CAPPICINO in Combishtato without fear and hasadnet.
May God bless all Eritrean groups in the resistance and help them pave the way for our safe and peaceful coexistence in our precious motherland! May God bless brother Vacarro to radiate his positive spirit and love towards unifying our opposition groups in the second phase of his movement! May God give me the chance to sit with our opposition leaders representing the UNITY movement in favor of temporary unity to ASMARA before gravity pulls me down six feet under!
In the progression, please continue addressing your issues directly to the Doctor if you want to succeed: Don’t hesitate dropping him a line and you have no excuse not to do so: it was through this methodology that the brother initiated the call to contact us. You can voice for our inclusion in the movement if you think it will help: his E-mail is and call me any time you want to discuss things in person at (202) 702-3977. Remember that ware working extremely hard to change the situation for the better and please help us help you before it is too late.
In the mean time, I plan to concentrate on two important agendas of the moment from now on: Unifying our opposition forces for a temporary government in post Afwerki Eritrea and displaying the difference between the Vacarroian philosophy of unification and our collective philosophy of unification developed through intense involvement of our people in the forums. I want to do the first for obvious reasons beyond this discussion and the second in order to help integrate the two philosophies before the regime falls so that we can smoothly democratize our nation with international support. You are responsible for your own conditions and make sure you continue involving in the forums without a break.

Review overview
  • Meretse Asmelash January 28, 2014

    Dear Fistum,
    As usual, I will dare to say you have said it all. Simply it is short, clear, true, and above all timely. Now a days, we Eritreans are getting too exhausted with what is going on with our beloved country? Yes it is true we are getting tired of protecting our fantasies whatever it is. For so, people have to come and realize that no one has ever found peace on this earth by manipulating citizens to agree on illusions as what is doing day in and day out. And I hope, soon he comes out of this mess what he is up to. For years knowingly he has chosen the wrong way.
    Secondly, let me throw some words regarding the good man Wedi Vacaro. As you have stated above, Wedi Vacaro is simply hope of the oppressed. Many Eritreans have come to admire his courage, honesty, self-confidence and beyond all trust to go through all his voyage/our voyage. I pray for him to stay the course until we come out on the other side. One thing for sure is he needs us and we should be ready to tell him that we are with him.

  • Genet January 30, 2014

    Dear Fetsum sorry for the delay.
    What an uplifting message. I am hopeful more than ever the Wedi Vacaro’s peoples movement will be successful in uniting our people to fight the common enemy. I also agree having the collective philosophy of unification from the Assenna forum. When you work with other it is good idea to bring ideas of your own. More idea covers more grounds.