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Fetsum: The liberation struggle of Amete and the donkey from Halima and the camel

Tewolde Reda: “Instead of Eritreans learning from their difficult past, TETSELILOM” Comment: Indeed, TETSELILNA: we did not learn from the problems of division and eliminating one another during the struggle that unnecessarily made us dearly pay for 30

Tewolde Reda: “Instead of Eritreans learning from their difficult past, TETSELILOM”

Comment: Indeed, TETSELILNA: we did not learn from the problems of division and eliminating one another during the struggle that unnecessarily made us dearly pay for 30 years as we find ourselves greatly divided refusing to unite on common grounds. One thing we should have learned from the rugged liberation struggle was how to love one another and protect each other from any adversity through tolerance and compromise. Instead, we are watching each other divided in tens of groups leaving the people helplessly suffering under the brutal dictator currently punishing the society without any contender. Even worse, we forgot the priceless sacrifice of our people to the extent of betraying each other through hatred and unfounded vengeance based on religion.

Quote of the moment: ሎሚ ጉምብሕ ጉምብሕ እንተዳኣ ኢልና፡ ጽባሕ በጠበጥ ኢና ክንከይድ።” we are not ready for the challenges we will face after the dictatorship and I am not sure why the civic society cannot see this coming. It is getting late day by day and I cannot imagine the consequence of our recklessness in this regard.

Agazians: “What were you old crook doing in Mekelle for a long time as an orphan? Are you denying having been a drug dealer that spent years in prison for it? Anta welfare survivor Hadami from meda! Bla blab la!”

Response: I thank God for blessing me to live in America for about 40 years without welfare dependency, clean record and higher education. I have professionally worked for over 20 years in different faculties of the society. I respect the Tigrean people in general and actively supported their struggle that consumed my most precious friends since childhood. I am a dignified product of my lovely hometown Mekelle who can only identify myself as Mekellino. I would not change my upbringing with the beautiful Deki Mekelle for anything. I talk Tigrigna and slung it exactly like them because I am part and parcel of the phenomenal society that I love from the bottom of my heart. I would do anything to pay back to the people of Mekelle as a person from Eritrean heritage for what they gave me through the years as a member of their family. I, however, know that my love for the Tigreans and Eritreans should not motivate me to advocate for their unity but for their peaceful coexistence and cooperation with their states-quo intact.

I have never been a member of the EPLF but definitely a strong sympathizer all the way to the end. I know I was in Maetot in the liberated areas of Eritrea until the time of independence where I found myself in Asmara about two days after its liberation in May 24, 1991 with the dignified members of the struggle and the Eritrean people at large. Although I entered Asmara with a Kalashnikov and Tegadalai image, I have never had a chance to fire a bullet against the enemy. This is my story ladies and gentlemen and accept it or keep on deceiving yourself.

Every human behavior or emotion encapsulates cause and effect. Agazianism is the effect of self hatred, fear, bias and extra narrow nationalism that segregates a significant portion of the people because of religion. People of the same roots and nationhood may sometimes clash in terms of religion and ethnicity and sometimes struggle for religious and ethnic equality but they defend their nation from external threat together. I have never heard of a group trying to break away from its ethnic group because of religion like the Agazians want to do and I believe this is the only scenario of its type in history.

Clearly, hatred emanates from being mistreated; from insecurity and jealousy, otherwise in the absence of tangible reason which by itself blossom from inferiority complex, which further originates from fear; anger and vulgarity being the most obvious symptoms of hatred. In our situation, there has never been a problem between our Christian and Moslem communities that can agitate people to grieve against one another for what may have taken place by few individuals in isolated events that do not represent our society over all. Those who suffer from inferiority complex attack society based on minute and insignificant happenstances that took place in the past. Of all the vulgarities some sufferers of the syndrome direct towards our Moslem communities, hate stands in their back door, vengeance in the window and fear at the front door. Apparently, the cause of the Eritrean struggle was independence, that of the Tigreans was secession and that of the Ethiopians was democracy but the cause of Agazian revolution in my judgment revolves around three fundamentally abusive and senseless points detuned from reality.

The first says; “some individuals burnt Christian books once upon a moment in the Eritrean experience”. The question is who were they and how many books did they destroy and how may they relate to our peaceful Moslems in different areas of the country? Did our Moslems overall have anything to do with those responsible for the event and were they aware of it during its actuality? Can the accusers tell us the title and the author of at least one of the books in this category instead of monotonously crying books, books, books and yet, books? Can the lost books be re-printable like other books? Am I responsible for what my grand father might have done in the past and should I and all the people of Hamasien be punished for it? I have never seen him by the way except in two pictures to the best recollection of my memory!  So where is the beef for this allegation and who cares about the few destructive individuals claimed to have burnt said books with undisclosed titles and authors from the amazing haters in the face of last century’s 100 million innocent victims of religious and ethnic violence all over the world? Why are they so attached to the books while commonsense says they don’t read books based on their behaviors and thin outlook of society?

The second important cause for Agazian revolution is the expression “Sehabi Gimel”. I personally thank the peaceful animal for having been an effective servant of the struggle. I hope it will remain being the symbol of our society’s perseverance because of its efficiency, endurance and power needless to say it deserves it and has been used by all Eritreans despite religion and ethnicity. Now, when you recklessly abuse society you must welcome abuse from the other side of town because everything is a function of duality. If pulling the Gemel for survival is a crime, should pulling the Donkey be exempted from this classification? Should the Agazian community be glorified for traditionally being “Sehabti Adgi” in this crazy comparison with our colorful Moslem communities condemned for being “Sehabti Gimel”? interestingly, the mind is composed of the unconscious, the sub conscious, the conscious and the super conscious like the one owned by spiritual teachers such as brothers Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer and the Dalai lama. While the other forms of the mind reflect the superficial contents of outlook, the unconscious goes deeper representing its true nature by psychological consensus. In this situation, the disease unconsciously stigmatizes religious connotation to the two animals where the Gemel becomes a Moslem and the Adgi a Christian. This bizarre religious identification of animals is the original creativity of the haters in my opinion because I cannot imagine any community in planet earth ever entertaining it in the history of human experience. In my case, I rather pull the Gimel than the Adgi based on its advantages in contrast but will the Agazian revolution also liberate the donkey from the camel?

The third important motivation for their cause revolves at the “Wedi Halima” expression that unconsciously implies their pride for being “Wedi Amete”. I am sorry to get into this nonsense but someone has to tell them one way or another. I love the two names equally but if I have to be forced picking one by some unfortunate circumstances, I would not hesitate identifying myself as “Wedi Halima” because it sounds more universal than Amete in my judgment. One cannot disrespect and refuse accepting Halima without disrespecting and rejecting his mother, though; once again because of the law of duality. What is even more interesting here is the extended form “Wedi stinky Halima” which further gives the disease another contradictory dimension in view of reality because hygiene is a mandatory requirement in Islam to the point a true believer must come out of the rest room substantially clean if you know what I mean. The crisis should then be an unconscious radiation of inferiority complex by the haters that conventionally have poorer cleaning procedures in contrast. I, therefore rather be “Wedi Halima” in view of hygiene than hating my mother by hating some beautiful mothers in our society.

Now, how do you profile haters? They are angry in temperament. You evaluate their words in a paragraph and isolate them if they vulgarize about 50% of their words. You also detect their questions as in “Once again, pathological and serial muslim liar/cheat, why all the freaking fake acts??” You must be a genius if you can understand this question!! How about “What have you got to hide or cover by disguising under different names, your past crimes against our Christian Eritrean people??”. Now, you must be a wizard to get this one right! Yet, check this out; ”Now, amanuel aka Nahon, Sol, Almaz, Arma, Duri Mohammed, Hamid Ibrahim, Khalid, Mohammed, Aba thimmer, keshi mars, Wedi Hagher (wedi mushmush rootless Yemeni nomad saHab gimel), Wedi Halima savage evil Arab slave dog, stinky Saho whore snake/rat, barbaric ELF mendef terrorist jihadi beast, Abdurobo TeraAraA, comedian Ali (the former Iraqi defense minister) and so on……I let you attack useless and confused Michael mercilessly with your savage ELF cockroaches riffraffat group so as to get him sorted out but don’t you ever think that you are smart or you are getting away with your garbage ELF shits. I am watching and waiting for the next article to come really hard on you and on your other terefmeref goHafat ELF mendefat. In short, Michael deserved to be slaughtered by you lot.” One can only wonder on how and who wired their unique brains need less to say the words come out of the best minds of the movement that appear in the forums hoping to lead a utopian nation one day after the graveyard.

Their emotional and terrified consciousness cannot allow them to rationalize objectively because they cannot coherently communicate with any sensible human being. They are something else, the best example in our region of what an unobserved mind can do to human beings, very good entertainment and psychological material to society. I just wish Ammanuel Eyasu understands their importance in this regard and stops kicking them out of the forum! Please don’t deny us a little pleasure, brother at this time where nothing is going on in the other side of the fence.

Why do they hate our Moslem communities anyway? Because they hate themselves. They have no love to give, they just ain’t got it! Are they really concerned about the Christians to the extent of aiming at liberating them from whatever? How can they love us if they hate themselves? They are using us to shelter the incredible inferno killing them alive from within. But why do they fear the Moslems without any provocation? Because of the chronic inferiority complex torturing their souls; they are threatened by the natural existence of our peaceful Moslems, although they cannot violently supplement it because of fear. It is a miserable life that sacks to the limit ladies and gentlemen, and I don’t think there is a medical remedy for it except the only possible exit which non of them have the gut to execute: Sartre calls it suicide! This vindication of course exempts our beautiful, innocent and vulnerable kids in the group not only because we love and care for but have the responsibility to save them from the haters in the leadership of whatever Agazi is all about.

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Review overview
  • meretse March 20, 2018

    Brother Simon nice to hear from you.
    Regarding fixing an urchin -‘- I do agree with the wisdom. What I am trying to do is put him in the recycling bin. But due to his heavy-duty battery he keeping popping out.
    Next time I may make sit on a hot pan.

    • Asmerom March 20, 2018

      Haw Meretse,
      Give it up, you are not quite a streetwise guy, in fact you are a softy gentleman.
      However, sometimes you seem to chew more than you can swallow, better to know your limit.
      As I stated it in my last comment Eritrea’s main and only problem is the identity crisis. Period.
      I like your second line of “But due to his heavy-duty battery he keeps popping out”, quality one.

  • meretse March 20, 2018

    You have guessed wrong. My teeth sharp enough to digest a bone let alone soft meat. Oh boy! you should seem how I digest whatever food I put in my mouth. About your second opinion, as far as I know there is no red line to cross without a SIGN.

    • shilan March 20, 2018

      Have you digested poor stinky jihadist Halima bones properly then or you are still digesting it savagely like a typical criminal savage barbaric evil Islamic ELF mendef gangster and a man eater beast?? Don’t also bloody forget to use mouth bacteria killer sprays on daily basis villager lunatic fool. We have to disinfect your filthy fagnatura beast mouth prior to long treatment by focusing on different sprays and in a very near I would be sending you through assenna mouth contamination spray and killer clown free of charges. In the meantime Fedayin beast, avoid breathing near humans mouth-to-mouth, if possible! Alternatively, call a poison control center or doctor for …. urgently. On second thought you must’ve killed poor jihadist Halima by the poisonous of your breathing but as she was a stinky muslim jihadist you probably had a lot in common but I wonder if your Gonderiye/Gojamiye Asmelash asimariyr beyet waTatat/Hamiyenat family also suffered from your poisonous disease???? ROT in your savage evil diQala Islam HELL with your stinky jihadist Halima and the rest ROOTLESS CANCEROUS Muslims and deQalu deki Komerti/hookers shit.

      • shilan March 20, 2018

        addition: in a very near ‘future’. correction: asmariyi beyet where the Gonderiye/Gojamiye waTot/Hamiyenat like fesewe Asmelash beg by miQuzam…….
        Now. let’s have your stinky beast red blooded line then, your sign would be man eater beast villager lunatic cult follower fool. How was Hailma’s mum & grand mum’s bones, very blooded tasteful and juicy or just dried up stinky poisonous??????
        Your freaking next target/meal should be that diQala creep ELF whore mouth Khaliffa bin TeKebre SOB or that old savage evil demented ahmido bin mushmush salihido PIMP. But, please be gentle with all their bones in your stinky beast mouth. Capito!

  • meretse March 20, 2018

    Finally you are on a hot pan. Burn to hell.

    • shilan March 20, 2018

      Comedian villager fool, I thought you already had me in your stinky diQala fagnatura mouth and were digesting my sexy organic bones!!!! Now, I am on your hot beast pan!! Very confusing, weirdo!

  • Asmerom March 20, 2018

    The winner so far is the conman ghetto brat fraudster crook Fetsum Mohammedin of no fixed address, no known job, religion or country. This criminal convicted ghetto brat scavenger of mujahadeen moslem mosques would be coming back with more wicked/weurdo articles to confuse once again gullible assenna readers. A few years ago I remember vividly when assenna had to ditch him/get rid of him for insulting dinosaurs Islam and also for offending its mujahadeen muslim readers. He had to lick his wounds and out of shame had to exile into the hoping assenna readers would follow him but he found out the hard way that no one bothered to even notice that he was dumped and had to beg Amanuel of assenna to let him come back in disgrace. The conman ghetto brat fraudster crook Fetsum Mohammedin has to be on good terms massaging and caressing the wicked opportunist mujahadeen moslems as one of his conditions but he won’t fool us all the time.

  • Tesfai March 20, 2018

    I totally agree with this statement: “Whites and Arabs colonization infects all colonized people in Africa to be irreparably damaged for life.”
    That is the reason liked this comment –
    Why would some people try to hide and white wash history in other sites owned by Teref meref Jebha and the Isaiasists? To learn the truth and the facts of history, I visit Asenna to learn from its honest and frank readers, even if they are few. This is true -= Freedom of expression that empowers and informs Eritreans. Such as this post:

    “The burning of Tigre books – Saleh Ghadi’s account

    If there is one human being that would never be suspected of ignorance in matters big and small regarding Jebha, it would be Ghadi. So the idea that somehow he was not in the know regarding the burning of Tigre books in mieda would be a joke. Only he didn’t claim ignorance, but came up with an utterly benign version of it.

    Here is the strategy the Awate duo employ in their anesthetizing mission: if any damaging evidence surfaces, deny it; but if the chances of counter-evidence seems to be real, trivialize it.

    Here is how Ghadi handled the claim that I made in this article – that Jebha burned all Tigre books:

    “Saay, this is sounding as if a library was burned. The ‘books’ are actually handwritten, a few pages typed, copies for use as a teaching aid–sort of a curriculum of a few pages. Some of those who wrote it didn’t even speak Tigayet and all those who were pushing Tigrayet in place of Arabic were Tigrinya speakers, including Zemehret. I am not sure but I doubt if few pages reached the duplicator stage. But exaggeration has been the hallmark on such issues.”

    His first reaction was: how do I attribute the burning of the Tigre books to Kebessa elite? This is a brilliant move, because if he could do that, the Tigre elites would be absolved of that horrendous sin of burning their language – for that is what the burning of the books symbolized. First, he claimed that it was written by Tigrignas who don’t speak Tigre (or Tigayet, as he calls it)! The idea is to make it seem a preposterous idea from the very beginning. And in doing that, Ghadi found a perfect scapegoat: Zemhret Yohannes! This is a smart move since it would make many of the Kebessa zombies happy, that being part of the ongoing anesthesiology.

    Ghadi’s second strategy is to trivialize the incident to an inconsequential point: that it is a matter of few handwritten pages. Think of Jebha that has been printing countless pamphlets suddenly preferring to do it the medieval way, with hand-writing scribes toiling in the candle light, when it comes to books!

    Enter Amnuel Hidrat, who spoils this damage control by spilling the beans, telling the Awate duo that the burning concerns 1,500 printed books written by none other than Kerenites (which means that Gadi had heard it before over and over one thousand and one times, as a bed-time story).

    Since the spilling of the beans, we have yet to hear from Salih Johar Gadi on this matter.
    Courtesy of asmarino website:”

    • shilan March 20, 2018

      Brother Tesfai, you are asking for trouble again, aren’t you?????
      You will soon have “Kebale beitu belay yemiyawq = Buda ne’w”!!!!!!!
      The comedian villager fool aka fesewe beast and Mr Bale beitu buda Fedayinjasus shifta/bandit, denying it all ever happened while he was in charge with his stinky Halima, Halima’s mom & granny!

  • AHMED SALEH !!! March 21, 2018

    Congratulation brother FUTSUM ABRAHA
    Either we like it or not , your article drove naysayers up the wall , Stay true to your own principle .
    Those lowlife remnants don’t know your character and easy going personality . Remember the humble
    life we enjoyed among Eritreans and Ethiopians regardless some arrogant people who bring reasons
    for hatred and division . I think it depends on the quality of our upbringing .
    keep in mind ‘ GOD PRESENTS SOMEONE WITH SPECIAL GIFT ‘ and such people sacrifice to make a
    difference in this world .
    Who cares if a lost soul try to reject you , let them to drop dead . We resist to silent our voice , heart and
    soul , We born as originals and we die as originals . To die as a copied human being is a matter of choice ,

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