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Fetsum: The downfall of Professor Asmerom Legesse to Mekelom Hassere

This article is in response to “Professor Asmerom Legesse denouncing the methodology of COIE Report in Geneva with thousands of Eritreans in Geneva”, Published on June 5, 2016 A person acquires a beautiful name from one’s

This article is in response to “Professor Asmerom Legesse denouncing the methodology of COIE Report in Geneva with thousands of Eritreans in Geneva”, Published on June 5, 2016

A person acquires a beautiful name from one’s parents but falls short of practically living it like president Afwerki mis-lived his name for Aftseiki through his insensitive and overly arrogant mouth. How about Asmerom legesse, the man blessed with a beautiful name and surname but in serious contradiction with their implication at the tail end of his life?

God willing, we shall see but insanity is an outcome of desperation; people do something unimaginable when they are insecure and afraid. In this bizarre coincidence of events, the desperate Eritrean regime’s decision to ally with the worst Enemies of the people (Dr. Birhanu Negga et al) and the strange Professor Asmerom Legesse’s flirtation with an Ethiopian called Dr. Mohammed Hassan in denouncing the report by UNHRC (UN Human Rights Commission) synchronize towards a concrete reality. The two Ethiopian Doctors are of course too irrelevant to Eritrean internal affairs for me to give them more significance than they deserve. They don’t materialize in the reality totally none of their business. I, thus have nothing to challenge Mohammed on something that he should not involve except briefly as I have been doing with slick Birhanu’s adventure for money; rather using the episode for something related to our society and move on.

To me, the coincidence proves what has already been proven through the Yemane Monkey-Birhanu connection that took place in Geneva after the clique seriously failed in the militaristic field to hit the contemplated mark against the Ethiopian government. The regime simply has run out of social steam to depend on the good for nothing Ethiopians for support.

And now doing politics with the same differential connotation, an external intellectual out of the society, an abnormal activity that reflects the depletion of Eritrean intellectuals in support of the regime for the very few left in the pool to fall under the mercy of attention starved Ethiopians for survival. What was proven through the Monkey-Berahanu alliance in view of our people’s rejection of the dictatorship has been sealed by the recent Asmerom-Mohammed honeymoon in view of our intellectuals’ similar reaction. This is what they call a free falling regime in despondent state of mind; make sure you don’t get surprised if they swim together in Diga Allo, the dictator’s latest hideout from the exhausted Asmarinos.

As you know, intellectualism can be destructive or constructive depending on the commonsense and mindset of the intellectual. But the responsibility of genuine intellectualism in society is to positively influence it confronting oppressors without fear and individualism. It is about being an advocate of the people’s basic right for peaceful survival in their communities unlike murdering the concept by betraying them in favor of dictatorship in the case of the opportunist Professor. The once prominent advocate of the Oromia people’s struggle for self determination contradicts his image by slaving for the obstacle that shuttered the dream while approaching death with detrimental effect on the Eritrean people’s question of freedom and justice.

The Professor shamelessly appeared in the media with intense determination to reverse the dictator’s universally proven criminology, and here I am taking the opportunity to radiate my view without bias and personification.

He started his show expressing disappointment on the author of “never kneel down”, a prominent supporter of the Eritrean struggle for choosing rational position on the visionless dictatorship, but the same feel resonates on all other external supporters of our struggle that have been dismayed by the sickening turn of events in the country.

Asmerom with his Ethiopian partner Mohammed Whatever denounced the methodology of COIE Report in Geneva telling his audience that two things mattered in the event vis-à-vis the Eritrean situation: International convention oncivil and political issues and cultural and economic life.

As per the civil and political issues, the evidence was right on his face through the absolute dictatorship, the worst record of journalism in the world and the massive demonstrations of Eritreans for freedom and justice. But he stated that the individuals interviewed by the commission were “Eritreans seeking asylum in Europe that necessarily should reflect negative opinion on the regime for approval”. He condemned the procedure and vows to reverse it by interviewing Eritreans that have already completed their issues of asylum with European authorities because “they have no reason to distort reality for survival”.

Well, I advice the expired Legesse to stay away from his target Eritreans for they can ridicule him in public or slap him on the face. But the statement stays in conflict with what the Monkey said in his Geneva press conference that the interviewed individuals were unknown people fine tuned by the Ethiopian government in Ethiopia” and that of the alcoholic Eritrean Ambassador in Kenya that flatly saidthey were Ethiopians in Eritrean mask”. In light of the experience, Legesse’s remark at least corrects the Eritrean regime’s denial through the Monkey and that useless dude in Kenya about the identity of the individuals in question. It clearly shows the regime’s compulsively contradictory nature.

The commission according to the Professor’s testimony should then stand valid because the collective grievance came from Eritrean citizens affected by the regime whether they were asylum seekers or not. His statement should be another evidence to the commission’s correct approach of the issue for what mattered then was whether the words came from victimized Eritreans irrespective of their immigration status around the world.

As per the cultural aspect of the convention, the aging Professor appeared like losing his mind and moral values totally missing the point out of context. A society cannot have decent cultural values without solid family structure, the most fundamental aspect of the concept that has been terribly disparaged by the on going slavery and massive exodus of the youth. Few of the most significant damages inflicted by the regime being the labor camp slavery and raping of the young girls at Sawa, the growing number of children with unknown fathers, the horrifying magnitude of prostitution in the country, the deterioration of traditional values of compassion, sacrifice and respect to the elders in favor of deception, cruelty and of course the new culture of denial, rigidity and greed of the youth born into the era of independence.

As per the economic life portion of the convention, the pathetic Professor criticized the commission for overlooking the new DIGAs in the country ignoring the massive destruction of homes, the shortages of water and electricity that paralyzed the society more than any other time in history, the total freeze of construction for the last 6-7 years, the economic paralysis in the dead Eritrean ports, seas and islands, and the heavily damaged tourism industry as a result, the scary rate of unemployment that rendered the society dependent on remittances from the Diaspora, lack of national Airliner industry, hotels and businesses, the untouched fishery potential and accumulation of wealth in Swiss Bank personal accounts, to say the least. Nothing so far to show in terms of business economy and infrastructures after the Asmara Palace Hotel and the limited Korean residential buildings in 25 years of sheer bullism with high emphasis of boozing and fornification.

He talked about Medical headway bypassing the shrinking pharmacies because of intolerable red-tape and licensing problems, the deterioration in this regard compared to the society’s capacity during the struggle where medicine was produced in the liberated areas by the terribly abused Eritrean Doctors that left the country after independence. He uttered his words without mentioning the acute lack of power in the hospitals that is forcing patients to check in with their generators for medical treatment; the filth and pollution induced health hazards due to sanitation factors associated with water and electricity shortages, relapse of the sewage system in Asmara and increasing carbon emission from the mechanical oriented power generators in the cities.

The Professor also said that the commission forgot paying attention to the remarkable education system in the country reduced to be the only one without accredited university on planet earth. He defended the system that only delivers grade 12 education in Sawa military camp and issues certificates only till grade 11 high school status contrary to the standard grade 12 oriented approach around the world.  He shamelessly raised this issue in a country that has the lowest Internet access in the continent with no educational materials in the so called academic institutions (papers, printers, computers, handouts, books, etc.) run by unlicensed teachers from Far-East Asia. He had the gut talking about academic development in the country that once fired “33 native professors from Asmara University” in the process of erecting the feck colleges for symbolic gestures and that demoralized the remaining native professors “paying them $100 a month in contrast to the unqualified foreigners that earn about $2500 plus $100 housing allowances per month.”

The Professor finally said that the Eritrean governmenttried to implement human rights” which was simply an insult to the intelligence of the international communities but it was a clear admission about no substance was registered in this regard. He was not confident there as his unconscious mind took the charge to radiate his inner feeling about the issue through his sub-conscious mind outside his control. He contradicted his position in favor of the COI outlook of justice telling“the government tried to respect human rights” instead of assertively saying it respects human rights. Why would a regime earned by extreme human sacrifice try to respect human rights instead of defending and giving them to begin with? How can he defend a system known for unjustly caging its citizens in over 300 prison cites, yet for the only remaining few million Eritreans in the country depleted by staggering exodus of the people?

What the poor man is doing is living his established concepts of existence and freedom to the fullest. He could not give what he does not have in his disgusting inner soul, love and compassion; because he has no internal serenity and benevolence, needless to say he cannot survive without a master that nullifies freedom with extreme humiliation. Human rights to this confused intellectual is about unconditionally accepting authority and living it without liberty.

In conclusion, he had the tenacity to invite all Eritrean intellectuals to fight hard against the COI deliberation without paying attention that we have abandoned the regime for the fundamental cause of the people. He could not even realize that he teamed up with that Ethiopian Mohammed because of this reality, the suggestion being a reflection of his blurred intelligence and wrong self-perception of being our role model of dignity. What a mess!!!

Legesse can do what he has to do but better find riffraffs like him south of the border for he is all alone in this situation to the disgrace of himself and his family. The question is what people should do with his unpleasant individuality vis-à-vis his spiritually impacting name: Asmerom or the Unifier and Legesse, a compassionate heart of a person that cares about the condition of society. Unfortunately, he sacrificed his first name for supporting a dividing regime and his last, for cruelty obvious saying that Hisur maere nebsu yehsireka by the curse of inviting educated Eritreans to betray the people for the dictatorship. As such,Asmerom legesse reduces himself to Mekelom Hassere at the final stage of his life, Folks and enjoy the show!!

Review overview
  • Qantisha July 20, 2016

    Asmerom Legese knows about all the prisons, dungeons and concentration camps in Eritrea. Not only this, Asmerom Legese also knows personally to some of the Eritrean prisoners languishing inside Eritrea for decades with out any justice. Worse, the opportunist Asmerom legese also lives inside Eritrea.

    The most shameful part is that Asmerom Legese was sent to study in Harvard University by the Emperor Haileselassie to study anthropology in the USA in a free and democratic campus.
    Seeing Asmerom Legese supporting the most brutal regime in African political history is a travesty to Eritrean intellectualism and a shame to Eritrean elites who support the most evil, vile and slave driving regime in Africa

  • Kidane Beraki July 21, 2016

    Dear Fitsum,
    At this stage beating a dead horse won’t do us any good. I am sure he is internal suffering silently which is enough for him. I would like to see your insightful article on the “denial, rigid and greed of the youth born into the era of independence.” This, a pandemic crisis of every Eritrean family, is one of the toughest issues Staring at GIEEGM. Having discussed this topic with a friend for more than a decade, I can give you some ideas.

    • k.tewolde July 21, 2016

      You nailed it Brother K.B. I have nothing against the young post independence generation,as a matter of fact ,there are some bright spots that keeps my hope alive,but talking about crisis of pandemic proportion,I think that’s where the most damage is done by the tyrant-the youth’s molested psyche.It is done in a calculated,methodical,subliminal way in that gulag called SAWA. Read The Third Reich Diaries.They may leave the camp,but the mind will stay there in the custody of the mentors.Yep,GIEEGM has to go to SAWA to retrieve that mind and reprogram it for it to respond.It is a daunting skillful task.

  • A H July 21, 2016

    Proffessor Legesse belives to have DIMENSIA and all his mind record been wiped out and replaced by Esu Remote Controller to get reactivated Esu Programs at any time required by his Master.
    Therefore, I feel pitty for the Old Proffessor and I should fight to find a Switch Regulator to swuch off Esu Remote Control Device.
    What a loss to lose such an Independent and Intelligent guy with a lot of sense of humor, I am afraid that was yesterday and I say good bye my dearest old Proffessor.
    A H

  • fetsum abraham July 21, 2016

    Dear Kidane, I don’t see anything wrong with responding to Asmerom’s disastrous vision against the Eritrean people at this stage where everything has become clear about the regime’s character and hidden agenda against the society. what does beating the horse have to do with this situation? But i am willing to listen to you and learn about what you know concerning the issues you raised in this contact. Please feel free to educate me through at any moment of your convenience. I promise to keenly listen to what you have to say and respond without hesitation if I find your input productive to our struggle for freedom and justice in Eritrea. I am specially interested on your opinion about GIEEGM for I think it is the best happenstance in our society that can produce result if we help out to strengthen its strategy. Peace.

  • Aman July 21, 2016

    Well said brother, this man has sold his soul long time ago. But I know something that I have heard from his close relatives, he has been black mailed for things he was made to do and will fight to keep it at any cost until he dies or else the regime will expose him to the public.

  • Aman July 21, 2016

    ሓደ እግሩ ኣብ ጉድጋድ ዝኣተወ ሽማግለ እሞ ድማ ምሁር ከምዚ ዓይነት ናይ ቅጥፈት ምስክር ኮይኑ ክትርኢ ዘሕዝን እዩ።
    RIP Professor

  • geladios July 22, 2016

    Nay lomi geded shyab zeabede diyu zbahal entaydea weridwu dedhri milki zabede. He was a brilliant man on his time he should stand with the oppressed people, instead with the tyranny dictator. Adios history will follow him even to his grave.
    Sew mamn Qobro neuw with all respect so sad to see him defending the evil man on the spot. He looks very kind man.
    God have mercy on us!!!

  • Araya Debessay July 23, 2016

    I had so much respect for Professor Asmerom Legesse’s for his intellectual caliber, his gentle manners, and pleasant personality. I have worked with Professor Asmerom when he chaired the Board of Eritrean Relief Committee (ERC) in New York. I would have expected a person of his caliber to have the integrity and moral courage to speak the truth. This is not the first time he has disappointed me. I could not believe my ears the first time I heard him, some years back, defending the Isaias Government and shamelessly telling the world all is well and dandy in Eritrea. And for him to have the audacity to be the spokesperson for the ruthless government to argue against the finding of the UN Commission of Inquiry is simply mind boggling. Here is a distinguished professor with adequate pension from his institution that is supplemented by his US social security benefits providing an income level that could support a whole village in Eritrea. There is no reason for him to sell himself. What a shame! I think this is part of the Eritrean curse. Thank you Brother Fizum, and the others, Ogbai Gebremedhin, Tewelde Stefanos and others for exposing the good Professor who has unnecessarily discredited himself at the twilight of his age.

    • Mack Mulugeta July 24, 2016

      Intellectual calibre????? how do you define intellectuality?? Intellectuals fight for justices-that is what I know

  • Mack Mulugeta July 24, 2016

    I can not believe you are calling this guy a professor. If I was you I would call him A PIMP. I think this guy spent most of his time abroad and I can fairly guess that his children are living abroad luxuriously. Now he is on his last legs and probably he is suffering of dementia.
    People like Asmerom are waste of space and outdated so I would not give him that much attention because that is what he is craving at the moment. Old age is not a nice thing-when people reach his age they crave for attention-if I were you I would starve him of that,

  • rezen July 24, 2016

    The Professor expressed his opinion, with (no doubt) full consciousness of diametric opposition to his stand. And that is in line with the norm of a civilized society to which every Eritrean firmly believes and fighting tooth and nail to preserve that decency and fundamental right. In that noble spirit, there no space for vulgarism, personal insults, and unkind remarks on the dignity of any human being