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Fetsum: The desperate Radicals scared getting to the point

Momentous Moto: Break the Taboos to expose the Taboo-Camofludged radicals in public: I apologize ahead for revisiting the subject matter (Arabic in Eritrea) because of important reasons that I noticed in the forums. My intention was only

Momentous Moto: Break the Taboos to expose the Taboo-Camofludged radicals in public:
I apologize ahead for revisiting the subject matter (Arabic in Eritrea) because of important reasons that I noticed in the forums. My intention was only to discuss Arabic vs. our national language but few participants took it a little beyond the scope making it Islam vs. Christianity; completely out of the context.
I could not let go because few radical Moslems have tried to complicate the matter by discussing the case laws that made Arabic our national language decades back in time as if we intentionally ignored to discuss (blamed us of deliberately misleading the people on this account), needless to say that they also have tried to relate the referendum based independence with the Arabic supremacy in Eritrea as if they were mutually inclusive (by intentional mischief). They also suggest that the Geez and the Tigrignas came from Yemen so that we were all Yemenies by origin.  Although the issues don’t hold water for rational minds and many older Eritreans, there is no doubt as to how confusing they could be to the younger Eritreans targeted as innocent pray by the radicalized elements in our society. Most importantly, we have questions that have been ignored that we want to ask again in this forum for the last time to understand the final objective of Radical Moslems in our society.
The issue boils down to GENDER EQUALITY AND Civil rights issues in our society I believe precisely answering these questions will clear the doubts of our people and thus, extremely important as to where the Radical Moslems are trying to take us in the future. At minimum, we expect answers from the strongest advocates of Arabic in the last three forums. In so stating, failing to answer the questions should imply YES by default logic and the radicals responsible for this should be aware of the consequence ahead of time. I modestly request precise answers for the questions and please do it without unnecessary explanation if you may.
Radical Moslems discriminate Eritrean women based on religion
Whatever you call it; Radical Moslems appear to expect applying the SHARIA law in at least the Moslem communities of Eritrea. In so doing, our Moslem women have become their immediate targets in the Eritrea society because it does not directly affect men as much. Sharia has been used to oppress women to the limit allowing avenging sexual perverts owning them at will. They want to marry four women a head in the name of Islam; mutilate the vagina in different forms of brutality in the name of Islam, stone our young Moslem girls to death and punish them to death of honor for just romancing with men. These maniacs are asking for the right to do their barbarism on our Moslem society and expect us to silently look as long as they don’t apply it on the Christian women. They are asking for constitutional right to selectively dominate and torture our Moslem Women through SHARIA, to introduce this disease only on our Moslem communities, thereby discriminating them in their country from the Christian women. This is unacceptable!
We are saying that they cannot do their sins any portion of our society and we will protect our daughters on equal footing without discrimination from any group that tends to hurt them for any reason. We must fight for our Moslem women’s right to exist safely and peacefully in their country like their Christian sisters would. We cannot apply two different laws in the society based on religion to please the backward Eritrean Mullahs without severely discriminating our women in the ranks of religion and ultimately fighting religious war in the long run.
From the forum
Selamawit2 :” Please do me a favor and tell them that you are NOT fighting for a bigger Ethiopia – though Ethiopia is our most important neighbor and the Ethiopians are our brothers and sisters.”
Response: Eritrea will be a free country for as long as we Eritreans take care of our issues wisely and carefully. There may be some Ethiopians commenting here behind an Eritrean mask but nothing will change our country’s nationhood and don’t worry about this. They may try to tell us we cannot make it alone but I say that they are dreaming and that we will make it in a short time after this mess is removed. I have nothing to do with Ethiopians but only with my people, the Eritreans my dear Selamawit. There is no Bigger Ethiopia here, only independent and prosperous motherland for Eritreans. Ethiopia is totally out of my mind beyond respecting it as a neighbor and don’t have any doubt about your confidence as an Eritrean.
sikuf: “Fifsum You are double agent we know you finaly. Please stop writig about eritreand. Before we take action”
Comment: First of all you are committing a crime here and you may be reported for this threat. Second and more important, a coward like you does not take action because “Zigebir Nediu neinegir”. I have nothing to fear except fear itself. The more you agitate me via blackmail, the stronger I stand on your face to show your cowardice. I will come at your face until you succumb to reality and you can see me everywhere in DC area should you want to deal with me individually. I just don’t think you have the gut to take action on any human being because you are FERAH.
Hagherawi: “Why would an African be named/called Mohammed, Usman, Mustaffa or Idris? For the pleasure of the Arab? Ridiculous.”
Pawlos: “Hate is crippling your mind…Christians use biblical names and European names from Christian traditions, and all that has nothing to do with Africa or its indigenous cultures. Is the name Pawlos indigenous? Most of old common Christian names including those of the four evangelists are of Middle Eastern origin:
Comment: I agree with Pawlos without the HATE element in the phrasing. Could it be a mistake caused by shallow and swift thinking process, recklessness in a sense? We can wait for the HATE factor giving Hagerawi the benefit of the doubt till he responds to your comment.
Genet-orginal: “Dear fetsum; on the current topic, I see people want you to be “Politically Correct”. Tippy-toeing around issue, rather than telling it as we see it has been the pattern in the Eritrean society. What have we got for being “politically correct”? epic proportion of misery. The issue of religion/faith for the most part is very sensitive issue. On the extreme side of faith, for some people it is a life and death situation. Religion rules their whole being. Encompass every things: Including social, political, economical and cultural. Religion should remain personal. No body should be allowed to impose his/her personal faith on any one else. Unless of course one lives in a homogeneous society which people agree to live under religion rules. I read most of the comments and I see People are talking about religion underneath the language discussions. It seems like Religion is = Language. I don’t think it is true to say Religion is equal to language. Some group of people may want to conduct their religion or faith daily routine, in a particular language, that can’t be like saying Religion is equal to language.”
Comment: Great contribution Gennet and thank you very much. You mathematically defined the mentality of the radicals in this discussion as being Religion = Language. Accordingly, they are saying that ISLAM = ARABIC; yet Eritrea is the only nation that had been practicing this relationship by constitutional law since the fifties and our destructive radicals are now refusing to change the situation in respect to the authentic values of the diversified Eritrean society. They also want radical Islamic Political Parties to have power in future Eritrea. You said “Religion should remain personal. Nobody should be allowed to impose his/her personal faith on anyone else. Unless of course one lives in a homogeneous society which people agree to live under religion rules.” And I agree with you.
As you said the application of religion in politics may be more practical in homogeneous societies like Somalia but certainly a big mistake in our diversified society, though even homogeneous societies are today rejecting religion in politics while our radicals want to import the disease into our country. I will discuss it more ahead but the breakup of Sudan into two countries was caused by the Radical Moslems’ imposed Sharia on the entire society through partial constitution that enforces mixing politics with religion. The Southerners were discriminated by the Islamic constitution which could not work in segmentation only on the Sudanese Moslems. Millions died on this matter for the society to breakup at the end of the day. You don’t make two constitutions in diversified societies; you can only guarantee equal representation through a common constitution completely free of ethnic and religious politics. We need to learn from the Sudanese experience my dear Eritreans.
We also must understand that most Islamic countries including the Arabs don’t practice Sharia because it is destructive. The practice is only limited to Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, a bit in Bashir’s Sudan and rejected by the rest of the Moslem community. Even in those countries the concept is challenged by genuine scholars and feminists today with positive differences starting to show in Sudan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran. We don’t need this ugly thing in Eritrea and we don’t wish it on any social group in this world. You need to read my book From Feminist to Rapist, available at the Amazon to understand what I am talking about. Please read books including this one so that we can share ideas on the same level of understanding. This book is good for all of you and specially for the women; the current target of objectivism by the Eritrean Radicals Moslems.
Dear genet! Your brilliant mind once again asserts that Religion is not language and we should have discussed the issue free of religion. Unfortunately the few radical Moslems connect the two mutually exclusive concepts in order to accomplish their extra chauvinistic, narrow and dictatorial upshot. Arabic has nothing to do with Islam except the Koran connection but the fanatics want us to believe otherwise by creating mandatory relationship between Arabic and Islam only in Eritrea, a unique version inexistent in any other Moslem countries in the world including the hardest core Iranian Mullahs and the Taliban. Yes they want me to be “politically correct” in order to keep using the Taboos, weapons of very weak individuals to impose destruction; to obscure and suppress important social issues at the expense of their societies. Only an independent mind can break Taboos and pressurize the infidels that camouflaged their socio-psychological perversion behind getting to the point with humanity, justice and democracy. Abdu and Kemal to say the least are typical examples of Taboo-camouflaged individuals. They cry anti-Islam and anti-Moslem when someone challenges them individually in public for universal moralistic evaluation.
AHMED OMER: “Fusom Afworki Asiyas Afworki The two named above they did the same job from different sites even they have the same mental full of hate without any excuse .Mr.Fusom in his previous articles he has abused Eritrean Muslims without talking about Eritrea n one negative word from all his full of hate articles I have understood that he has hidden agenda paid already as a wage for planting and spreading a hate between Eritrean people.”
Comment: I am dealing with your fanatic intelligence at individual level; can you individually handle the heat without shielding behind the Taboo (crying a foul play against Islam and Moslems). You are practically anti-Islam; a shame to Islam and to the Moslems and I wish you knew this clearly. It is people like you that taint the beautiful and peaceful Islam and yet you fast the RAMADAN, without understanding its extraordinary spiritual meaning. You are a divider Ahmed Omar that fasts the RAMADAN for spiritual pretension and securing a spot in Jenna. You cannot go to Jenna because Allah does not want you there. You will end up in hell unless you get peaceful with and treat God’s creatures equally no matter how many Ramadan’s your sinner mind fasts.
Let me show you who the hater was: You hate women; the reason you have a problem with their Vaginas, marry four of them to control and cage them like animals; stop them from excelling in education and stone them to death for flirting with men. How can you call me anti Moslem or a hater when I am challenging your savage and sadistic adversity against the Moslem women (young girls, sisters, mothers, etc.) in the name of ISLAM?
Genet O: “There are many Muslim around the world who speak any language, but not strictly Arabic. The reason is they are not Arabs. We need to get our acts together and admit Eritrea and Eritreans aren’t Arabs; We need to admit we are Africans with some Arab bloodline. Our Arab bloodline includes Muslim and Christian. In Egypt, there are Egyptian – Christian, they do their prays in Arabic, because they are Arabs. The notion of “I am Muslim, therefore my language is Arabic” is not going to work. But one can say “I am Muslim, therefore I pray in Arabic” Another example, It wouldn’t be fair to any one in Eritrea if Eritrean-Catholics say, “We are Catholics and we want to use Italian language to our everyday lives”. Then what? Let us separate the two different concepts of Language and Religion at all time. Otherwise they are being used as synonyms and making some people agitated. Thank You.”
Comment: I cannot say more than this and I don’t understand why this is so difficult for people to understand.
Habibi: “It is amazing to see how many directions this discussion is heading to. I thought this is a forum of discussion between Eritreans. Arabs must have their own website somewhere where those who feel like arabs could participate. Eritreans cannot be held responsible for those who tend to deny their identities.The country has more than enough problems of its own that it can’t entertain such a luxury of playing around with identities. There can be many languages under one religion in the same way as there can be many religions under one language. Mixing up identities has nothing to do with this. You can take any religion you want and you can pray in any language you want. It’s also up to you if you want to feel like an arab or american. But leave eritrea alone. Don’t come to tell eritreans that they are arabs or americans only because you feel like it. It might make you feel important because you are getting some responses and challenges here. But this shouldn’t fool you to the extent of believing that you are making sense. Eritrean muslims have always known who they are.”
Comment: Brother, there is no Arab here discussing this subject matter but Eritreans from different schools of thought on the Arabic-Eritrean language relationship with some Eritrean acting Ethiopians. But we have radical Moslems that flirt with Arabic for convoluted religious reasons. I learned a lot from your articulation and specially from the bolded text (important reminder) that I can’t agree more and thank you!!
Abdu: “Fitsum and alike: Some one posted in your previous article that ” how come when a dictator helped & supported Somalian Alshebab Talibanizim concept you don’t call him Taliban;terrorist . But; when one innocent Eritrean Moslim asks his/her rights you call them radical;terrorist fundamentalist;talibanist and so..And as far as we would think you are infected by contagious disease called hatred against Eritrean Moslims which u really to focus to find a cure.
Response: I have written many articles in Assenna about the connection between the terrorist Alshabab and the dictator that I called different names through the experience. I have openly said that he was a terrorist, a liar, stupid, anti-social, psychophat, self-obsessed, weak and coward to say the least. Let me call him a Talibanni as well if you like that expression because he is. You just missed reading the articles because you are a closed person only concerned about your little group tuned to hurt the people by chronic distortion of the holy Koran. They distort the word of Allah to do their sadistic compulsion against kids, women and families. You are not a regular Moslem brother Abdu, You are a fundamentalist menace to humanity, a sexually challenged victim of ego that does not hesitate stoning your daughter for committing a crime of honor: a man that can kill a daughter for his pride!!Society must stop people like you from savagely killing young girls just because of having a penis. I advise you to castrate your penis instead of the clitoris!
The confrontation here is not between the Holy Islam and me but between you and me; between your concept of existence and mine. Face your predicament individually here because that is exactly what it is. Can you please leave Islam and Moslems alone in this discussion and concentrate on my specific classification of your individuality as being all of the above names you brought in this exchange? So is the president of Eritrea!
Abdu: “bcz for ages Eritrean Muslims never been called terrorists ;radicals or talibans by compatriot Eritrean Christians before never;never they’ve lived for ages together and eritrean Muslims never;never;never act and shown any kind of terrorism actually it is against Islam; so allof sudden now ;i think you brought it some where from Mekele and kind of unfinished business from Hatsyea Yiohans & uncle empty op sorry I mean Emperor jonny.
Comment: Abdu; I don’t represent the Christians you are talking about because I am not one; and none of the other Eritreans as well but myself. But you are a terrorist and Taliban as individual: I am facing the TABOO that the Christians and the Moslems created through my inherent freedom of speech. You cannot shield behind the TABOO with me because I acknowledge its negative effect in society. I despise people that destruct societies behind the blackmailing of TABOOS and tend to bring them out of the closet for whatever issues comprised within. I am a person that breaks TABOOS without hesitation for I have no reason to live under the jurisdiction of heinous individuals that use them to oppress people. Please disassociate from the Eritrean people all together and face the challenge as a Masculinist fanatic that believes in sustaining the right of marrying four wives with guaranteed “equal emotional and romantic treatment” as in the follows.
Abdu: “Fitsum “Are you going to take advantage of Islam in Marrying Four Wives”
In Islam you make sure you commenected with wife even if you want get marry you have to get a permission and treat every one of them equal and make sure all the childeren know each other and finally Mr. Futesum we love and respect our wives; no one love them more than ourselve.”
Comment: Thank you for answering one of my questions. The shallow brother is saying that Moslems love their wives more than other husbands in this world. Is that what you will do (ask permission) from your wife/s to marry with a new wife till you hit the limit of four, Abdu? The sexual pervert Abdu claims to be an equal lover of four women; mating with them with the same emotional and romantic intensity; and stimulation. In his little imaginary palace, the emperor wants the right to own four slaves for sex and fertility.
The dedicated sexual opportunist Abdu will make sure his children know each other to avoid confusion and accountability, sticking to his democratic outlook of life. I suggest they wear differently colored T-shirts for identification. This man does not understand that he would traumatize children by abusing their mothers in doing this. He will ask for his wives’ permission to marry other women based on their votes consistent to his outlook of life (sexual democracy). Abdu thinks of contributing to society by maximizing wives; living his life impregnating them turn by turn and producing many children in the name of Islam. The Chauvinist Abdu reduces himself to a SEX MACHINE in sacrificing his body and soul through excessive sex for the sake of society and Islam.
The questions: Why does ultra sexist Abdu want more than one woman and kids from different wives? What kind of woman would give her husband permission to marry other women willingly and happily? Is it humanly possible for a man to treat four wives equally like what the convoluted Moslem and sexist Abdu claims? I don’t think so sir!!Enjoy your wives taking advantage of Islam but you cannot treat them equally as a human being. You don’t even love your original language as much as you love Arabic brother, how can you love four women equally? Only Allah loves people equally. Simply speaking you don’t respect humanity and you are a menace to all women in the world! I consider you a sexual predator rather than an equal opportunity lover and warn you to take it easy before getting arrested for sexual crimes and for abusing children!
Hmmm to a forumist: “So what you saying is in the future Eritrea the president will address the population in Arabic my friend if you push this agenda and all Eritreans are aware of this, I think it will be the end of Muslims in Eritrea (similar to what happened in Central Africa.) We won’t entertain radical Muslims to run us out of our country.”
Comment: I am against any extreme politics in Eritrea including radical Christianity and Islam. The fact remains, however, that there is no reason for our innocent Moslems to be responsible for the misadventures of radical Moslems. We have the responsibility to protect them from any destructive force including the few radicals. Our Moslems and specially the women are victims of this irrational connection with Arabic and thus we have the same stake resisting the potentially divisive and dangerous dictatorship together. Radical Moslems and Christians are collectively a hazard to our society and I hope the future president of Eritrea won’t embarrass the society addressing national issues in Arabic!
Mathewos: “Today, as the Isaias government is close to crumbling the threat of Moslem and Christian disparities are looming again. A few opposition parties in diaspora are established based on Islamic code of conduct. They are loud and outspoken and are advocating for an Islamic Eritrea which is not feasible. These Islamic parties are propagating the same mantra that caused Eritrea to be integrated with Christian Ethiopia in 1962. Eritrean Christians are apprehensive and are suspicious of their Moslem counterparts and their intentions after the collapse of the Isaias dictatorship. Many Christians would probably embrace another dictator, after Isaias, who would keep the status quo and liberalize the civic liberties and establish a viable judicial system. Many Eritreans are not thirsty for a democratic system of government that will include Moslem fundamentalists and that is why they discard the numerous opposition parties who embrace Islamic political parties in their midst. Worse even is if the Christian communities in Eritrea seek some kind of accommodation with Ethiopia, probably federation or confederation, to ascertain their security and to discard the rise of Moslem fundamentalists groups disguised as political parties.
Comment: Please count me in the group that feels itchy about radicalism in the process of Eritrea’s democracy for the act would all together render the process dictatorial. Insecurity to induce the feeling of supporting another dictator in future Eritrea is certainly one of the possible consequences should we leave Radical Moslems unchallenged in the current political platform of the nation.
In contrast, I see the imposition of Amharic on our society equally degrading as that of the Arabic on us. It is natural for any social group in a society to be suspicious of religious political groups and the Eritreans are not special to help avoiding the fear about the intention of the religiously affiliated parties in the opposition camp. We can only build better Eritrea that safeguards every citizen from any religious domination by challenging fanatic politicians and completely separating religion from politics. I think this is a fair deal for all Eritreans eager to build an ethnicity or religion free democratic country in my opinion. Allowing religion in politics, however, cannot come without a counter consequence and we have over discussed the matter already.
Mathewos: “We have seen what Moslem fundamentalist could do in Egypt’s short-lived Moslem Brotherhood government. Even a predominantly Moslem country could not condone the erosion of liberties by the endorsement of a Shari’a based constitution. That is why the Egyptians got rid of the Muris government. In Eritrea, Islamist will advocate a Shari’a based constitution that will alienate half of the Christian population. That is unacceptable and will not pan out in a free and independent Eritrea.”
Comment: I agree with you! I cannot certainly say that the radical Eritrean Moslems want Sharia in our Moslem communities with full confidence. They should teach us if this was the case and they were confident about so that we can involve fully to debate on the matter. We have already asked questions in this forum to brothers Noor, Omer and other radical Moslems but they didn’t answer them yet. We want to know if they advocate Sharia in Eritrea and still waiting for answer. We should not keep repeating what we said but I believe Sharia is disparaging to any society and is against women and specially the baby girls that we have the responsibility to protect needless to talk about its other scary consequences in the society!! It is dangerous and destructive from civil rights point of view and therefore I am against it.
Mathewos: “The reason why Islamic political parties are proliferating is because of assumed grievance that Moslems are being persecuted in Eritrea and that Moslem values are being eroded and that “Moslem lands” are being occupied by Christian highlanders. However, the facts tell otherwise. Moslems are being persecuted by the Isaias government as much as Christians are. Isaias has no religion and is a communist and has no loyalty to either religion. With regard to the erosion of Moslem values it is a fact that Moslems every right to practice their religion as Christians are in Eritrea even under Isaias.
Islam is a recognized religion in Eritrea and all its [values] are respected throughout the country equally as Christianity. With regard to the occupation of Moslem lands there is a shift of population on both ends. Christians have migrated to the lowlands and Moslems have likewise migrated to the highlands. As a matter of fact Eritreans have the right to settle wherever they wish be they Moslems or Christians and no land is confined to certain religious groups”
Comment: It is clear that any Eritrean should be allowed to legally own land outside one’s ethnic territory but no one has the right to grab it by force. If there is forceful land grabbing in Eritrea it should be by individuals that don’t represent their communities. I did not grab land and benefit in any way by this situation as a person from the Christian background. The answer to this problem should be simple in future Eritrea. We have enough land to share between all of us that we can use to compensate our people affected by this grievance or we can lawfully approach the problem to reverse the situation as an alternative. This should never divide us since it was actualized by the common enemy in power if it ever did. We, however, must agree that we are equally suffering as a result of the dictatorship and that we should unite to fight back for our rights.
Mathewos: “Future Eritrea must not entertain political parties based on religion, tribe or regional affiliations. We should include it in our constitution that such parties will have no credence and acceptability in a democratic and viable Eritrea. How could we allow political parties that represent a segment of our society and preclude others in their organization? As a Christian, who in his/her right mind join an Islamic party that advocates Shari’a laws? None.
Response: I agree. No religion or ethnicity should influence the politics of future Eritrea. This is anti democracy and we cannot build a decent nation with this mess in the constitution!!!
Moke: Yes, there are, some Diaspora based political forces distancing themselves from that narrow and egocentric EDA and that’s the beginning of the end. If that information holds water on the ground, then, the Eritrean opposition is going to be dissected on religious line and those opportunists and Islamic organizations will be accountable for any eventuality in the opposition. If not repaired on time, that very trend will create another but new scenario in the entire Eritrean political landscape.
Comment: The disintegration of few political parties from the EDA is sad but may be a blessing in disguise as well. I will hopefully discuss this matter in a separate article after getting this over with. But better breaking up and reorganizing than suffering the consequence of following the destructive and dictatorial forces in the alliance. I am glad the impotent EDA is being challenged by few parties that may want to change the situation and I hope they will organize and face it together as a unit. At least we would have another choice if they do organize and fight back the dictators that have been messing up our resistance from within the EDA for the last 15 years. We have so far confirmed that the following groups have abandoned the corruption and radicalism polluted EDA as of today.
ዲሞክራሲያዊ ምንቅስቓስ ሓርነት ኩናማ ኤርትራ (ዲምሓኩኤ); ሰውራዊ ዲሞክራሲያዊ ግንባር ኤርትራ (ሰደግኤ); ምንቅስቓስ ንዲሞክራሲን ፍትሕን ኤርትራ (መደፍኤ); ሰልፊ ደሞክራሲ ህዝቢኤርትራ (ሰደህኤ) and ግንባር ሃገራዊ ድሕነት ኤርትራ (ግሃድኤ)
hmmm: “No question PFDJ is bad for Eritrea. But PFDJ is only a threat to those who refuse to serve it and those who challenge it. But if this radicals got their way, you don’t have to do anything to be targeted by them, you just have to be a Christian or highlander. Radical Muslim doesn’t care if you are Serai, hamasen or Akele, or even a peace loving Muslim are targets as long as they don’t conform to the radical agendas. We have to bring about whatever change to come to Eritrea peacefully without shading our blood. It will only help those radicals waiting on the wings to march as victorious.
Response: The analysis makes sense yet, would be more assertive in the condition we get an answer for “DO YOU ADVOCATE SHARIA IN ERITREA” from the radical Moslems. They seem afraid answering this question but there is no way out without! I invite them in this forum one more time to please get to the point on SHARIA.
Kemal Omer: “Unfortunately the presentation [my article] itself is a thinly veiled islamo-phobia convoluted with a healthy dose of irrational anti-Arab bias and prejudice that borders racism. He claims that he has presented a scholarly (academically) presentation. There is nothing scholarly in his presentation that has an insulting title. “
Comment: Whatever you feel about my article is your business but you are still an individual that does not represent the people. This is not about Holy Islam but about radical Moslems like you in our society. I have challenged you on your unique relationship with Arabic that does not conform to the international Moslem community’s understanding of Islam through research oriented academic facts. I have personally found you to be a person with very shallow understanding of ISLAM based on the objective reality that makes you a loner on the subject matter. I have also asked you if you were for Sharia in Eritrea which you avoided to answer this far in the discussion. Please answer the questions fully instead of going around the bush. I should otherwise consider you a confused radical and move on leaving you behind soul searching on the matter with your likes!
Omer: “The main assumption and thesis of the presenter on the issue of Official Languages is “Arabic is being forced on the Eritrean Muslims by a small group of Muslim elite who do not respect their own languages” (in his words, “if you do not respect yourself how can I respect you”). Contrary to what he says and try to deceive his readers by repeating baseless and false statements the historical truth is the issue of the duality of the Official Languages in Eritrea was settled 62 years ago by the first ever elected national assembly and enshrined in the Eritrean Constitution of 1952. Here is Article 38 of the 1952 Constitution:
Comment: The brother wrote all the articles related to our national language down and thank you. I, however, never said that the Arabic issue was a new phenomenon in Eritrea because I know we have had it as a national language since in the fifties. To this effect, I responded to Hmmm in my last article writing “To your information, Arabic has been a national language for decades in Eritrea”. Therefore it was not necessary for the fundamentalist to write the articles in the old constitution in challenging me on something that was obvious to all of us. Simply, it is not about the constitution but about the future of Eritrea in relation to Arabic!
The historical account of the brother is correct but our people did not vote for it and was decided by our politicians of the time from both religions most likely for a constructive purpose taking the complications of the time associated with our national question. Although this represented us legally and logically in the past and until the present, I have been consistent in only suggesting that its use in Eritrea has expired and now ready for replacement by one of our languages. My argument is that we don’t need it anymore!! Therefore, the brother’s allegation that I had been “a thinly veiled islamo-phobia convoluted with a healthy dose of irrational anti-Arab bias and prejudice that borders racism” based on what I never said and misunderstood should be disqualified by virtue of my premeditated agreement with his historical ground.
Kemal Omer: “Now Mr. Aristotle you have two choices – either (1) accept this established fact that Eritrea has two Official Languages – Tigrigna and Arabic- enshrined, voted and ratified by a democratically elected assembly under the supervision of the UN. On the UN supervision of the elections if you refuse to accept that as inconsequential and the work of colonizers then by the same logic so would be the UN supervision of the national referendum on independence of1993“
Comment: I don’t see any relationship between “accept this established fact that Eritrea has two Official Languages” and “the UN supervision of the national referendum on independence of 1993”. Why would someone relate the two events as if they were mutually inclusive? The two events are qualitatively different because the people of a nation have the right to change their national language the UN previously recognized. The UN has nothing to do with a nation’s national language (since this is an internal issue that should be completely decided by the people) beyond accepting what the people decide. A nation can change its official language as many times as it wants without any external interference and the UN must accept it without any grievance. The elevation of the Berber language to a national language status in Algeria was an internal matter of the Algerians that the UN had to accept without any problem as it did. The referendum based Eritrean independence is therefore out of place in this situation. The illogic brought here by the desperate brother was simply deceiving and restricting that was used to complicate the matter beyond its real nature by any means of distortion for personal satisfaction. Our choice of national language in future Eritrea cannot in any way affect our independence through the referendum because the two events are mutually exclusive for us and for the UN.
Further, old agreements are logically breakable as a function of time and necessity associated with the momentous requirements of societies affected by the same. Check this out:
Ethiopia Ignores Egyptian Warnings on Nile, Posted by aurelius77 on June 18, 2013 JERUSALEM —“Defying threats of war emanating from Egypt, Ethiopia’s parliament has endorsed an agreement with five other African countries refuting Egypt’s claim to near-exclusive rights to the waters of the Nile River. Egypt’s claim on the Nile’s waters rests on an agreement between the British colonial rulers and the Egyptian government in 1929 that allocated almost all the river’s flow to Egypt, with a minor portion going to Sudan, its immediate neighbor to the south.”
Similarly, we are not obliged sticking with the old constitution in the condition it stays constant without amendment and we have the right to modify it according to our situations. No constitution including ours should stay constant in any society; the reason it is notoriously known to be amendable!!
Kemal: “ (2) argue that you do not recognize the Constitution of 1952, in which case neither Tigrigna nor Arab are the Official languages of Eritrea. If you oppose to Arabic as an official language based on this law then by default you also oppose to Tigrigna as an official language, and as a consequence oppose to this national consensus that was reached at in 1952 (i.e. before 62 years).”
Comment: My position has nothing to do with recognizing the old constitution of 1952 at all because I do recognize it as one that equalizes Arabic and Tigrigna as the official Eritrean languages. But we don’t have to live with it forever and we can change it: This is our exclusive right as Eritreans. I am only saying that we should amend the constitution to accommodate our current national issues including democracy. I feel comfortable starting anew through referendum that gives the Eritrean people their right to vote on their future official language/s from the scratch in agreement with Kemal’s logic if this may rectify our difference once and for all. Let us start anew rather than eternally wasting the Eritrean life switching back and forth between Arabic and Tigrigna.
I would very much hope to see Arabic out of the way if possible but I don’t decide this. Should it be admitted in the competition, I strongly suggest the referendum be conducted without the influence of religion: Let the people vote freely without the interference of radicals from all Eritrean religions. Let ideas flourish to teach our people the situation so that they can choose what they want with elevated awareness about the deal.
Ibrahim: “Tigrina is from Gheeze and Gheeze is from Yemen and Yemen is an Arab Country, this means, Tigrinia is one of the Arab language dialects. We don’t require much talent to prove this. Let us start with your body part names, for this has a strong relation with the history of the Tigrinia language speakers and goes back deep in history for centuries. If I choose other many Arabic words that are used in Tigrina you may argue this are newly adopted words; but your body part names are part and parcel of your existence in the region and origin.”
Comment: Good try but very shallow in substance my dear brother because cultures close to each other always share words in their perspective languages. This is everywhere in the world and your reasoning cannot get you of the trap you set for yourself. In so stating, I acknowledge you as a vocabularist based on your desperate attempt to teach us the linguistic relationship between Arabic and Geez (something obvious to a reasonable mind based on our proximity to each other) but not as historian. What you came up with has nothing to do with the subject matter in the forum, thus useless so to say!
Ibrahim: “The negro are the real Africans, while the crossbreeds like Gideon and Fetsum have no place in Africa – their source of origin is unknown. But the Tegaru, immigrated from Yemen after the collapse of Maarab Dam; therefore, they are Yemenis 100%.
Comment: Interesting analysis but certainly baseless and emotional standing alone without substance. You can classify your race the way you want but the world knows only four human races to date: Black, Yellow, Red and White. You need to classify yourself in one of them like I choose black because I am one otherwise you need to accept where the objective understanding of races already classify you by default of your physical statue, complexion and blood roots.
What is your race? As long as you are African and non-Caucasian, you are as good a Nigger as any black-man in Europe or in the States. The white man and the Arabs would have enslaved you like they did to Africans of your looks and roots has the inhuman mode of production been allowed today. Even the mullatos and partially Indians could not avoid this predicament with 50% or more white European composition in South Africa as they existed identified as COLORED by the Africaners of the country. I am sure you know this when you fill applications and answer a question about your race in the west and the Arabian countries! Neither the Arabs not the whites consider you different than a Nigger.
This confused and shallow adventurer says that there were no people in Tigrai or in our region ahead of people crossing to the area from Yemen. Your Tegaru from Yemen analysis has no place in this forum and please discuss it with them if you want. This topic is about our national language not about Islam, Moslems or the “Yemeni-Tegarus” if we may remind you respectfully!
The nonsense the brother brought here provokes me to share the following information to confidently assert that we could not have originated from the Yemenies.
Our common identity: Scientists have for long been trying to resolve the question of human originality through fossil based research analysis and the result has so far been progressively indicative that Africa was the home of the oldest human beings. Today, however, they have found a DNA based tangible proof that we all came from the same family background in spite of how we individually acquired our respective ethnic and racial profiles. I am talking about the human race all inclusive!
In “Tanzania, Ethiopia origin for humans” by Paul Rincon: Last Updated on Wednesday, 2 April, 2003, the author states that “genetic study has shown that the oldest known human DNA lineages are those of East Africans. The most ancient populations include the Sandawe, Burunge, Gorowaa and Datog people who live in Tanzania”. Dr Spencer Wells, a geneticist and author puts it as, “All the evidence is pointing to East Africa as the cradle of humanity“.
In “DNA evidence backs up ‘out-of-African’ human origin theory”; The Japan Times, May 12, 2001. Reuters broadcasts that “Genetic research provides compelling support for the theory that anatomically modern humans rose out of Africa in the past 100,000 years and swept aside populations of prehistoric man, with no interbreeding.” The material further states that “A team of Chinese and American geneticists obtained blood samples from more than 12,000 men from across East Asia and examined characteristic DNA sequences… and found that every one of the men could trace his ancestry to forefathers who lived in Africa over the past 35,000 to 89,000 years“.
Another fossil and DNA based research “Out of Ethiopia” – DNA studies suggest that “..all humans descended from Ethiopia, here is yet another study that reveals, all humans today descend from a group of African ancestors who—about 60,000 years ago—began a remarkable journey“. Please don’t confuse Ethiopia here as being the current Ethiopia and accept it as including us the Eritreans in the category.
In yet another teaching in LOS Angeles Times, March 04/2008, The pattern of genetic mutations offers evidence that an ancient band of explorers left what is now Ethiopia and went on to colonize most of the world. Scrutinizing the DNA of 938 people from 51 distinct populations around the world, geneticists have created a detailed map of how humans spread from their home base in sub-Saharan Africa to populate the farthest reaches of the globe over the last 100,000 years. The pattern of genetic mutations, to be published today in the journal Science, offers striking evidence that an ancient band of explorers left what is now Ethiopia and — along with their descendants — went on to colonize North Africa, the Middle East, Europe, southern and central Asia, Australia and its surrounding islands, the Americas and East Asia. A second analysis based on some of the same DNA samples corroborated the results. Those findings, published in the journal Nature, demonstrated that the greater the geographic distance between a population and its African ancestors, the more changes had accumulated in its genes. “
Conclusion: I hope the few scientific evidences presented here will close the issue as to who was a human being first in this life. What is great about this scientific foundation is that we the people of the world all inclusive started from our area in East Africa and spread out to be whatever destiny made any person to identify with in the diversified human race.
We East Africans were there before anybody else from the entire human race: Every human being (White, Red ,Yellow, Black or Arab) has a DNA component that traces one’s roots to us East Africans. Any human being in the world has a DNA component that connects one to our family in the last few forums because Ibrahim, Hummm, Kemal and Moke are the roots of the entire human race! Everybody branched out of the fundamental roots of the human race composed of Gedion, Noor, Mathewos and Ahmed. In so stating, this list includes all ethnic groups in Eritrea and of course those down south as far as the people of Tanzania.
We, as the original genetic composition of humankind could therefore not have been the derivatives of the Yemenies but rather sounds more substantial in relation to DNA technology that they originated from us like all people in the rest of the world. We cannot stop the entire world’s claim that the human race originated from East Africans and most likely from us at the deepest point of the matter: All human beings including the Arabs and the Jews came from East Africa, the original human beings on this earth like the Europeans, the Orientals, Native Americans, the Latinos and others did. This is a subject matter widely accepted in today’s best universities (Japanese, Chinese, European, Russian, Canadian and American, etc.) and by all international scientists and professors as a scientifically substantiated fact.
Secondly, Christianity existed before Islam and the Coptic Church (Orthodox version) is the oldest of them all after Judaism. Christianity or paganism should then have been the original religion of our people including the Moslems and the radical portion of the religion. I believe Islam is a modern religion that resolved many drawbacks of Christianity and I like it better as I testified several times in this journey. It universally deals with Ramadan, allows a Moslem to be buried at one’s place of death within about 24 hrs and Moslems are hygienically cleaner: They don’t suffer the consequence of ‘Dingle Berries’ like the third world Christians do because of their healthier restroom sanitary rituals. They are also more generous to each other and to others specially during the Ramadan by Islamic instruction. Islam is one and the same in the world to all believers unlike the diversified versions of Christianity. Islam is wonderful minus the Radical Moslems that work against it! I would have chosen it compared to my imposed Christianity had I had a choice although I found Buddhism the best for my way of life in terms of happiness.
With this article, I tend to move on to the pending issues that complicate our resistance with mixed feelings. As you know quite a few new names showed up in this forum giving us the idea that they have been reading us throughout the experience in Assenna; yet without any contribution. They read us quietly while attacking the weak points of our society and specially the Kebessian Christians without any participation for them to show up intensely in the latest forums as if we were against Islam. This is hypocrisy at best! Islam has nothing to do with Radical Islam. The two outlooks are fundamentally different from each other, the first is pure spirituality and the second a dictatorship of sinners that caused incalculable suffering to the human race specially to children and women (Kumauni, the Taliban and the Extremists in Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Pakistan and Iran). The rest of the Moslem communities don’t practice SHARIA and they are more peaceful and democratic than the nations in the list.
The result of SHARIA in the Sudan caused the death of millions in the war between the Southerners and the Northerners ending up causing the separation of the two societies at the end of the day. We need to learn from this and adjust our attitudes accordingly.
Allah and Mohammed do not like Radical Islam and I can bet the radicals twist the truth in order to inflict their damage to humanity for their perverted psychological and sexual ends. Allah does not approve the stoning of a desperate young girl for romancing with a man in the name of Islam and I cannot see this taking place in Eritrea to our kids in the name of Islam. Let the sinners stone each other if they want but we cannot let this anti Islam crimes happen to our children my dear Eritreans. We cannot be expected to keep quiet watching a sexually perverted Mullah dictator or a fanatic Christian abusing our baby girls by brutally dismembering their clitorises because of the issue’s Taboo classification. They can cut their penises if they want but we want the vaginas of our women left alone: it is about the welfare of the kids and the society’s peaceful and just coexistence.
I don’t have anything to apologize to the destructive and inhuman radical Moslems except challenging them to stop their abusive and unjust objective on our society. One particular episode (Ahmed Saleh’s response), however, touched my heart deeply because this brother or son has been a consistent fighter for unity as one of the most important individuals in the forums. I respect and love this brother and I believe he is a strong unifier in this resistance. My position disappointed Ahmed into writing it on as follows:
Ahmed Saleh: “Brother Futsum :Take it easy . At the beginning we were impressed with your progressive and educational articles in this forum to attract many readers. Many of us tried to distance ourselves on sensitive issues which had been problematic in Eritrean politics because we prefer to focus on primary & urgent topics which needs prior attention. If we admire and support the struggle of DELEYTI- FITHI as you said before your willingness to work with WEDI VOCARRO mission , we need take the walk to reach the goal particularly speaking on the case of UNITY ( HADNET) which in fact you start to miss the main point of our journey .Our life experience sharpen our instincts to recognize matters which concern us as a nation .It is absolutely true to say though ; ” first impression is deceiving “.”
Response: Wow! I really felt his disappointment deep in my soul because I believe I am for the Eritreans without a drop of prejudice. But life is full of emotions and I thank Allah for showing me the light through Ahmed’s comment about the fact that I could have hurt few people on this subject matter for breaking the Taboo. A social position exists with its counter position and this is okay as long as he does not reject me completely.
I seriously have nothing to apologize for the new comers that clearly showed their prejudice in this forum after staying away during all our past relationship via my articles. One more time, I cannot respect them more than they respect themselves and I believe they were self humiliating for being stronger supporters of the Arabic language than our own languages. The fact that they only showed up when the issue about Arabic came for discussion tells me that they see the Eritrean society partially and specially in terms of their religion: That they were biased towards their religion in a situation where democracy can only flourish in the absence of religious and ethnicity based political pollution. I feel like they were destructive forces to our unity and dangerous elements against democracy and peaceful coexistence.
I however feel dignified apologizing for hurting brother or son Ahmed because I have a special connection with him. Please forgive me for disappointing you unintentionally but I beg you to understand that I have no bias towards any member of the Eritrean society. I wish I could show you my heart to prove this by dissecting my chest, only if it was possible. Unfortunately, I must move on leaving this situation as regrettable necessity in my part because I must stand for the safety of every Eritrean on equal basis by strongly protesting against the mixers of religion with politics for the sake of democracy. I am not a person that shuts up discussing issues because of their TABOO classification, nor can I pretend to be politically correct. I write things as I feel them without any restriction because I am a spiritualist, a universal activist that doesn’t want to pretend for personal benefits. I can tell you that I don’t think I will ever go to Eritrea even after the regime collapses because I have no material interest in that society except spiritual, nor do I believe I will live peacefully under the egoistic, fanatics and selfish leaders that don’t care about the society enough to guarantee the Eritrean people permanent protection from any sort of dictatorship through genuine democracy. This is the state of mind that I live on and please accept me the way I am.
To finalize this, I found brother Rezen’s contribution outstanding for those that take their time to understand the matter carefully. I will try to briefly discuss his teachings in my next articles (depending on the situation) but I suggest all of you to read it again and see what you may get out of it (he was the last commentator in my article From the Forum II and God bless him! Thank you Rezen for your eloquence in “What are the positions of the two antagonists – Christians and Muslims?” see you soon!

Review overview
  • WediHagher July 22, 2014

    “. My cousin who was a light skin with black straight hair, could easily pass for an Arab young woman was killed that way. Her killer(s), not held accountable. Why? Why is the Arab world not considering our lives worth protecting? I will leave this question to the Eritreans, who are defending the Arab world’s action and culture.”


    Dear Genet,

    I feel very sorry for what happened to your cousin. Those who committed this horrible crime should be brought to justice.
    Every life is unique, and every time a person dies we are all losing a part of humanity.
    I am not here to defend those who did injustices to your cousin, but would like to bring to your attention that it all has to do with a political system in place, more than ethnicity or religion. Where there is accountability, people are sovereign and can change their government, relatively there is less injustice, otherwise, in the name of the holy so much crimes do happen.
    The most common mistake usually people make is to carry over what is true for a part to a whole. This is not to say that wrong attitudes do not affect when they are popular, but to generalize the guilt is also wrong. The blame goes to those criminals who committed the horrible crime and the authorities that did not do enough efforts or refused to bring the perpetrators to justice.

    • Genet-orginal July 22, 2014

      Well said!
      Thank you

  • Wedihagher July 23, 2014

    Iseyas throughout his years in Ghedli used issues like language, culture, regions and ethnicity to divide Eritreans. Many ordinary Eritreans raised him to the level of God.
    Till recent years, many such people blamed his victims instead of his divisive policies.
    Those who know him well say, that in private he is openly sectarian (often heard saying “Uzom Islam !”. He makes similar remarks also about regions.

    This is one his rare public remarks about language and identity.

  • MightyEmbasoyra July 23, 2014

    Is this me or “most” of the comments on this forum turns gibberish?

    • rezen July 25, 2014

      Hi MightyEmbasoyra,

      “Gibbbersih”: Oxford Dictionary equates it with >>>> unintelligent, meaningless, nonsense. If we accept those terms then what is left is to find out “WHY”,in the case of Eritrea! And that is going to be ugly, my friend, Mighty. And not very far off. When a nation is immersed in spiritual opposing forces with ferocious sentimentalism and emotion “something” has to give i.e. resulting in explosive GIRLISHNESS — the consequential result of which no one wants to contemplate. Eritrea seems to be fond of DESTRUCTION. Is there something called CURSE? If so, why to Eritrea. Now, I realize I am getting gibberish!!! Have a pleasant week end.

      • rezen July 25, 2014


        It is “GIBBERISH” NOT >>>>’GIRLISHNESS’!!! Sorry.

    • selamawit2 July 25, 2014

      Dear brothers and sisters,

      1. CURSE is said to bethe prayer of the evil Or destructive wishfull thinking that is meant to work in a kind of selfulfilling prophecy WHEN the curser manages to conice the victim he/she was CURSED.
      So, be carefull of people who reapetedly tell you were cursed.
      ‘Cause they want you to be “curses”

      2. CURSE is related to revanche for it is destructivly praticed by those who feel you got something they should better own – e.g. a country.

      3. People who criticize you for “sentimentalism and emotion” seeking to apear anlytic and objective and who at the same time believe in “curse”
      a) do not know what they are talking about
      b) are liars who wants to blind you or
      c) follow a back-stabbing agenda – especially when they reapet it again and again!

      Somebody who cares for you, would never say you were “cursed” – even if he believed it himself. He would instead try to bring out the best in and for you!

      • selamawit2 July 25, 2014

        please read “WHEN the curser manages to convince”

  • Ibrahim July 24, 2014


    Who is the extremist, racist, fanatic, arrogant …? (nata qedifa nay endamata). Your arrogance remind me (tsenbelalea nebsa keykedenet nigogol tikhedin)

  • Ibrahim July 24, 2014


    I am just responding to crookedness, insults and stupidity. It is true a camel doesn’t see its twisted neck. Assenna doesn’t need your alerts and recommendations; they have deleted my comments and blocked it so many times without your intervention; it seems you are always in need of a pillar to stand on yous legs; otherwise, you will crawl like snake the whole of your life, and in both cases you hurt the country by pulling it to the savageness of middle ages.

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