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Fetsum: The DENVER MANIFESTO in my opinion

Fetsum: The DENVER MANIFESTO in my opinion The new political environment in our region has confused all steak holders including the Eritreans who have been denied any form of participation in their national affairs. The Ethiopians

Fetsum: The DENVER MANIFESTO in my opinion

The new political environment in our region has confused all steak holders including the Eritreans who have been denied any form of participation in their national affairs. The Ethiopians are confused but enjoying the drama with absolute freedom of speech. The as much confused Tigreans are floating through the tide with high level of insecurity. They are experiencing the highest freedom of speech in Tigrai trying to figure out what the scary drama is all about. The dictator is confused about the sudden turn of events wondering what to do to pacify the nervousness of our people that are expecting a lot from the government as soon as possible. The opposition camp is also confused as to what to do next in the midst of Ethiopia’s resistance to any political activities from within and the civic society has been confused on how to elevate the struggle to the next level of efficiency. Yet, there is one reality that Eritreans at this point of their experience cannot afford being confused about; the importance of global leadership.

We should have done it earlier but the current regional situation has motivated the Eritrean diaspora into searching for ways towards global leadership more than ever in the past. Many Eritreans are today discussing it in different paltalk rooms and festivals as the main agenda of the moment. The civic groups are trying to create a centralized leadership that represents them in all dimensions of the struggle. They have for the first time taken a united action in writing a collective message to PM Abiy pertaining our concern on the misrepresentation of the dictator on the current Eritrean affairs. This is not a big achievement and is, in fact the least we can do together but it is a start of something that can evolve to a potential solution in so far as producing a high caliber global leadership in the diaspora is concerned. The tendency of the political groups that attended Atlanta Festival to encourage the civic society into working together on common grounds is another optimizing energy to the people’s struggle for democracy but only if they push for it through practical actions.

In the flip, the upcoming Geneva demonstration organizers could have been highly optimistic about forming a centralized leadership but they must be practical that it takes extreme care and wisdom to succeed in this regard. What makes the event different is the fact that the organizers have realized the importance of global leadership to the point of contemplating to form the preliminary background in the opportunity. It is clear that the event cannot produce global leadership but certainly a coordinating committee towards global leadership. This would be a big success if it happens and they can do it.

What has been achieved so far is the tendency of the Eritrean opposition camp to resonate to the GLOBAL LEADERSHIP school of thought, a critical factorial for the success of our struggle to democracy. Of course, we only have started flirting with the idea which is a big success by itself but it will take us a bit to settle down at a convergence point of conceptual and structural unification. No one should, therefore, feel discouraged about the result at this point in the challenge.

To this effect, the Denver Festival that took place last July had organized about eight highly educated Eritreans from different educational, ethnic and religious groups to serve as a Conceptual Committee of the festival. We were four Christians and four Moslems assigned to produce what is known as the DENVER MANIFESTO that focuses on Eritrean unity based on diversity and common grounds of the people. The manifesto has to be available to all Eritreans through different media outlets but what I learned in the experience was really awakening considering my long experience in the struggle. I learned from a portion of the family in the committee that the sources of division between some of our Moslems and Christians have been misunderstanding on how to manage our diversity. Among others, we discussed the following issues and agreed on their respective solutions to the best of our experience and capacity. Please note that this is my subjective understanding of the effort and I am ready to be corrected.

1)             We should handle specific ethnical issues based on the right of a citizen to chose one’s identity and religion without the government’s interference. This should also work for communities and most likely through referendum. This understanding should expand to address our people’s issues communally.

2)             We should resolve the question of land ownership based on material proof and justice. This applies to our people that illegally lost their lands to the regime.

3)             Most of the new refugees may have to return to their homes unless otherwise but we should handle repatriation of our people may be by prioritizing the resettlement of our older refugees of the armed struggle era.

4)             As for languages, we agreed that every community should have the right to use and develop its native language without the regime’s interference but we should continue allowing Tigrigna and Arabic as national languages of the country until the constitution decides on the matter.

The committee to my understanding had to a certain extent penetrated the destructive taboo that existed in the Eritrean opposition camp for a long time. The “you don’t talk about ethnicity and religious matters without offending others” attitude has been challenged by the common understanding, modifications and five relevant elements introduced to the UN Declaration of Human Rights to the best of our capacity believing that the output is open for entertainment by all Eritreans in the pool. We believe that we have to certain extent resolved our conceptual differences on how to deal with the ethnical and religious dynamics of our society from the angle of equality, freedom and justice. This achievement is expected to change the stagnant situation in the positive direction. There is a chance now for instance, for our Jeberty family to work with their Tigrigna family members for the common cause with maximum respect and cooperation. So does this apply to our minority groups in the society. We believe the common understanding equally defends the rights of all other ethnic and religious groups of the country needless saying any enhancing suggestions from any sect of the society are welcome for the committee’s genuine consideration. This, however, does not mean we provided a complete solution to our problems for us to request their unconditional acceptance by the opposition force in general. I think it rather means that the committee has proposed uniting factors that other Eritreans should accept and develop upon effective dialogue and consideration.

The committee has also promised to form study teams to research on different aspects of the society, one of them being on the nature of TRANSITIONAL GOVERNMENTS. The effort is to be ready for the upcoming challenge after the regime dissolves one way or another because we must pass through a transitional government to democracy. This research is expected to produce an academic conclusion on the subject matter most probably by January 2019. It will help us all to pick the most applicable form of transitional government to our collective socio-political situation during our transitional period to democracy. The committee should now direct its attention to this topic as soon as possible to complete the research on time within six months from the end of the festival. As it goes we are contemplating on how to form the team as of this point in time.

The committee has been attending paltalk events to sell the Manifesto to the public and the people have forwarded the following questions to the best of my recollection. Most of the questions may have been well answered at the forum but here are my personal opinions on them.

1)             Did the committee consider other people’s ideas of transitional government like the one provided by an individual at the MEDREK’s Nairobi conference before deciding to study the matter as promised in your Denver Festival presentation?

Response: This is a very important question. The committee did not consider any other idea to this effect. It has not even started organizing the study team yet but we shall see what happens after the team is formed and work starts on the subject matter. We are not going to draft the transitional government’s CHARTER in this project but we will study to clearly understand the nature of a TRANSITIONAL GOVERNMENT and entertain other societies’ experience to blend them with our situation in order to produce a unique transitional government that fits our concrete situation. We cannot do it alone without your cooperation and every Eritrean has the responsibility of supplying us with any relevant case study of the past by any Eritrean activism there is. Otherwise, we will continue our research and hopefully present it to the public upon completion believing that our research won’t contradict other researches on the subject matter because the concept is universal in nature.

2)              Are we going to accept the existing political groups as they are or we will have them registered for election based on the constitution?

Response: This is a very important question that will be clarified in the long run. In this project, we will clearly identify the specific roles of political groups and civic societies in the anticipated transitional government of Eritrea. The people should have the power to draft the laws that the political groups must follow without a problem, although every Eritrean should have the chance to involve in developing the CHARTER by which said government will follow to run the country within its limited term in power. Every Eritrean can form a political party but the law should decide which ones would qualify for election through different filtering mechanisms. This is not hard to do because many societies have done it in the past. It is clear that we cannot accommodate more than three or four parties and the transitional government will have to apply filtering mechanisms to shrink the crowded highway to the most qualified groups that can conditionally run for election under a neutral electoral commission functional under authority of the transitional government

3)                  What do we mean when we talk about people’s power? Does the expression include the political groups because they are a portion of the people as well? How do we create a dependable “NEUTRAL transitional government”?

Response: The term PEOPLE is, of course a little tricky to define. I rather answer it saying that the Eritrean society contains the people and organized political groups aiming at political power through fair election. Both elements of society have different roles and interests that the society must define and accommodate by the law. We must accept that the people own the government that has to rule according to the people’s interest. The people are the supreme power in society and the government, an elected group to serve them in all aspects of political life. For this to work, the people must have the power to draft laws for the political parties to follow. When we say the people own the transitional government, we mean that a NEUTRAL individual or group should run the government; meaning that the executive branch has to contain neutral leaders to all political groups in the society irrespective of how the government is formed. The leader/s can be sympathizers of a political group but should not be their active member/s in order to independently and freely execute tasks according to the neutral charter. Having a neutral leadership at the highest hierarchy of the transitional government is the only remedy for the people’s doubts associated with the matter. This is how many other societies formed dependable transitional governments and I believe this is the only way for us to achieve success in this regard.

4)                  Is reconciliation necessary in Eritrea and who may conduct it to practice?

Response: Yes, reconciliation between people and political groups (ELF and EPLF, for instance) is necessary in Eritrea for us to walk forward with harmony. We will need a reconciliation commission in the transition period that performs the process under the transitional government’s management. But we cannot give a definite description of the commission at this point in the struggle. This job should be left for the transitional government to deliver.

5)                  How should we deal with groups like Agazian and other dangerous members of the people?

Response:  The Agazians may be part of the society but are a political group aiming at political power at the end of the day. They must then respect the people’s unity and equality to be qualified for political power in future Eritrea. In short, the people as a unit decide on their importance in our society and as divisive and discriminating as they are, there is no place for them in future Eritrea in their current socio-political makeup. The KKK is an American group of hatred but it cannot be given a chance to dictate American politics beyond its members’ individual voting rights. Alshabab is a terrorist group with shallow understanding of society and thus, restricted from the democratic process of Somalia as a result. The ISIS may be classified in this category in relation to the Syrian society. Likewise, responsibility comes with rights and freedom and the society cannot accommodate their destructive agendas because they don’t represent the Eritrean people’s interest. This group is anti unity, Islam and democracy; and thus cannot pass through the society’s filtering mechanisms based on our desire to peacefully live united in our defined territory.

In conclusion, our success in completing the research on time will determine the success of Denver Manifesto and the quality and credibility of the Conceptual Committee. Therefore, we should quickly organize the team and go to work now. In so saying, the anticipated research or study is expected to, at least describe and answer the following questions pertaining our upshot to democracy.

1)                  The role of transitional government in society.

2)                  Is the Eritrean society independently capable of managing a transitional government to democracy?

3)                  How many types of transitional governments exist in the universal understanding of the subject matter and how do they individually apply in a given society?

4)                  What are the common elements in all transitional governments experienced by the third world societies to democracy?

5)                  What are the specific roles of the Civic Society and the Political Groups in a transitional government to democracy? 

6)  What are the similarities between our situation and others in this category and what type of transitional governments are applicable to our society? Which one of them can best assure the supremacy of the people in our society? What can we use from other third world democratic processes and modify them to fit into our concreate socio-political realities?

7)                  Can a transitional government be neutral with hybrid executive composition (a mixture of the people and the political groups)?

Once again, this is my subjective understanding of the Denver effort and I welcome corrections pertaining this presentation. Let us please use this forum to ask questions and exchange ideas instead of for abusing each other. Thank you!

Review overview
  • Setit August 27, 2018

    Thanks Fitsum,
    I think the Global Leadership also needs to write a letter of solidarity to the people/leadership of Tigray.
    It is important to say that we favor peace that values good neighborhood with the people & leadership of Tigray who fought alongside in the struggle for independence.
    It is simply unbelievable that the sly Isaias is hugging the very same people who bled & maimed our brothers & sisters for about 30 years!

    • Fetsum August 28, 2018

      Dear setit. We need peace with the tigrean people but we dont have global leadsrship now to communicate with them in our behalf..

  • k.tewolde August 27, 2018

    It is confusion galore Fitsum, 50+ years later and hundreds of political laboratory experiments of trial and error,still confused,somebody ain’t telling the truth,we talking about people’s lives here not guinea pigs.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! August 27, 2018

    Selamat Futsum
    Due my respect I disagree to recognize hatemongers who preach
    hatred to everybody except for their
    religion and region .
    Agazian’s extremist ideology has not
    a place in Eritrea . At the same time ,
    if his agenda promotes for Tigrai-Tigrigni interest , for religious and
    ethnic division , how can we ignore
    the dangerous consequences.

    • Love Eritrea August 28, 2018

      Futsum is creating a big problems in the Eritrean history. Eritrea is built on law “Higi endaba” and no need for new Agazian & PFDJ leaders to be part of Eritrea.

      Futsum’s opinion & DENVER MANIFESTO wont represent Eritrea and Eritreans. Futsum, you are just putting the Young Eritrean people on the dark side of the world. There many deki 40 or new Eritreans who have identity issues with themselves. Eritrea has accepted them to be part of Eritrea not two create a new region of Tigrai tigrigni as PFDJ leaders, Woldeab Woldemariam and DENVER MANIFESTO.

      We all Eritrea need to stand together against the Denver Manifesto agendas and Futsum opinion. Futsum, you are in the USA, and America people accepted Obama as First African leader to server them as American, Obama served his country and America as 100% American. Unlike PFDJ leaders and Tigrai tigrigni Agazian.

      My brother Ahmed, we all Eritreans (all religious) need to stop these ideology, opinions and agendas now, they all are driven by the PFDJ leader to create challenges within Eritrea communities, Unfortunately, there is no place for this Agenda in Eritrea now and in the future!

      We Eritrea have respect to the Tigrai-Ethiopian people, who are proud to be Tigrai Ethiopians unlike PFDJ leaders, Agazians and others.

      • Fetsum August 28, 2018

        Dear love eritrea. Why do u want to opose the manifesto. Can u be specofic?

        • Gezae August 28, 2018

          Nice sentiments all, and one hopes they are merely feel-good rhetoric typical of September 1st. For as comforting as they are for me, they reflect a misunderstanding of the political order and the foundational ideas behind the . Except in times of war or other national crises, “national unity and healing divisions frightened our leaders, for unity historically has been the precondition of tyranny.
          So nothing new here to read folks…move on. Just the same old nonsense Dwelling on the current political scenario. Hence asserting that there is no alternative to PFDJ/PIA govrnment who also a little bit suffers from a full trust deficit, had so far benefited only from the disarray in so called Oppositions.
          As we know in the past 20 years, people in Ethiopia have gone against the PFDJ/PIA govrnment, but it has secured friendship with Ethiopia and the region as a whole, “In this scenario, I’m afraid you will forever lost in that isolated jargon and false historical evidence aplenty – but understanding nothing of use in the present day

    • Fetsum August 28, 2018

      Dear ahmed. I agree withu. They have the right to hate but no chance to hurt the society with their hatred. They will have to be restricted to their group like the kkk in america in my opinion if they cannot change for the better. Would u and k.twelde be part of the study group if we invite u to be? Just a thought

      • Tsehaye August 30, 2018

        Dear Fetsum,

        You have given the Agazian movement a special section in your article, and you did not shy away from comparing them to KKK, ISIS, Al-Shabab, etc. I think you did this not because you believe that the Agazian movement is as evil as the aforementioned groups, but to ensure that your Moslem Eritrean friends don’t get suspicious of you.

        Now I have a serious question for you. There are a number of Islamic movements within the Eritrean opposition groups who strive to establish an Islamic state of Eritrea which they dream to govern it using the barbaric Sharia Law. Let alone to say a few lines about these barbaric groups, you did not even mention their names. Is it by accident or by design? Would you categorize or put these religious extremists in the same basket with the Agazian movement? Please be generous to give a little explanation to help me understand where you stand.

        • Fetsum August 30, 2018

          Dear tsehaye. I
          Just read ur comment while getting ready to sleep. U have asked good questions and i wil answer from independent mindset and enjoy

        • Fetsum August 30, 2018

          Dear tesehaye. I am against religious and ethnic politics and i hope the transitional government will make purity as one of the filtering criteria for qualification as a legit political party for electipn in democratic eritrea. I wrote few articles to this effect and i am against sharia law in any sect of our society. I believe in secilar democracy as i suggested to the committee to strongly consider it for solving problems of ur concern. Tnx.

          • Fetsum August 30, 2018

            I mean to say i bejleve in secular demcracy brother tsehaye to get rid of relgious politics in eritrea

          • Tsehaye August 31, 2018

            Dear Fetsum,

            Thank you for replying. I was expecting you to answer the question, but you did not. The question was, “Would you put the Eritrean Islamic movements in the same basket with the Agazian movement?”.

            You said you are against ethnic politics and sharia law. Now the follow up question is, if you are against sharia law, how come your article did not afford a special section to the Islamic extremists as it did to the Agazian movement?

            Fetsum, what is missing in the Eritrean opposition groups is the bare HONESTY. The PFDJ mafia is in fact a tiny part of the Eritrean problem. Those who want to turn Eritrea into the situation where the Syrians, Iraqis and Libyans find themselves are the greatest threat to our people’s existence. Time to call the spade by its real name which we all know of course is a SPADE.

            PS: Please disregard the comment under the name T. It was the result of auto fill.

  • Hagherawi August 27, 2018

    Front based political parties (ELF/EPLF) should be avoided at any cost. If possible should be banned by law.
    The new generation should learn Eritrean history but should not inherit the extremely damaging partisan politics of Ghedli era.
    All pre-independence conflicts and the form of organizations of that period should be put to rest as part of national reconciliation that ends that era.
    Political parties based on religion, region and/or tribe should be banned by law.

    • Fetsum August 28, 2018

      Dear hagerawi. Any reconcillation in z society is helpful in future eritrea in my opinion. Thamk u

      • Gezae August 28, 2018

        Unity and reconciliation . It looks a new buzzword of establishment in the Justice Seekers. But like most buzzwords, it’s trite and simplistic for us . Like most things espoused by the Old Guard, it’s only contrived and self-serving. So it appears that the so called Justice seekers’s concept of unity is just a tad off-kilter. In no way does this imply that either side is required to bend to the will of the other.

  • Kidane August 28, 2018

    Selam Fetsum, this positive political baby step can only be developed into an answer to our peoples cry for unity. I strongly believe, unlike our recent past experience, this can be achieved only with paid, highly dedicated and devoted Eritreans. Keep in mind that the reason our politics is muddy because almost all of us are inexperienced in many political procedures. Look at the divergence of the comments above. I think, instead of opinions this early, an official centralised explanations will serve us better to avoid the usual confusion and deny the spoilers any chance. Moreover, those of us who are opinionated and quick to split hair, shall be less destructive. An important note, the empowering of our people should start immediately by allowing every locality to elect its own leaders through individual free participation.

    • Fetsum August 28, 2018

      Dear kidane. Local elections are very important to start work towards global unity as gi prosed for z last two years. The best method in my opinion but i think we can also entertain other ways to the same end while still working for thr gi agenda. I think something wii happen shortly and we will see my brother.

  • Fetsum August 28, 2018

    Dear ahmed. I agree withu. They have the right to hate but no chance to hurt the society with their hatred. They will have to be restricted to their group like the kkk in america in my opinion if they cannot change for the better. Would u and k.twelde be part of the study group if we invite u to be? Just a thought

    • k.tewolde August 28, 2018

      Kidane put it quite objectively,like I said before,this grueling task to transform a society from the devastating nuclear fallout of tyranny and its half-life effects cannot be achieved by weekend activism or part time political freelancing, it requires as much dedication if not more than the one we devoted during liberation of our country. As me and brother Ahmed and others joining the study,we are not only mandated as citizens,we ourselves are the study.Folks,this nucleus of the Asmara regime which sprouted few decades ago has created a psychological and mental spectacle similar to Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the Eritrean psych.I will leave it to your imagination what it takes to clean it.Thank you Fitsum for extending the invitation.Can you imagine if we have had the same report among us 30 something years ago.

    • AHMED SALEH !!! August 29, 2018

      Thank you Futsum hawey for your understanding ..
      And for your invitation , I am glad to be part of
      the study if my personal responsibility allowed
      me to travel at this time . Let me know though.

  • Gezae August 28, 2018

    Yemane G. Meskel
    Representatives of z Ethiopian Government & z Tigray People’s Democratic Movement held Reconciliation Meeting today in Asmara. Government side was led by Gen Adem Mohammed, Director of National Intelligence & Security Service while TPDM was led by its Chairman, Mr. Mokonen Tesfay

    • k.tewolde August 29, 2018

      The Ethiopians are doing their thing,what are you doing to foster peace,unity,reconciliation among your own brothers and sisters and establish rule of law,democracy and the unconditional release of all political and prisoners of conscience and reuniting them with their families who miss them like the desert misses the rain and put a stop to the indefinite enslavement of the children of the nation and quarantining them in border trenches denying them to dream beyond the barrel of their gun and on and on and on……….Gezae,instead you took it upon yourself to copy and paste irrelevant news in this medium,it is got be more to it.

      • AHMED SALEH !!! August 29, 2018

        Don’t you know Issaias is hired by
        Dr.Abiy to cooperate
        with Ethiopian needs
        and to freeze Weyane ?
        Remember Deskilu
        type punishments in
        Eritrea .

        • Gezae August 29, 2018

          This is what war propaganda looks like in the era of social media. It will never look ugly. It will never directly show you its real intentions. If it did, it wouldn’t work. It can’t just come right out and say “Hey we need to do horrible, evil things to the people and government in this country, please try to play here without making a fuss because we are all propagsndists may we can varried only in degrees Anyway, the issue is just identity politics just considerably enforced by political correctness. Hence, your understandind of the real thing behind the conditioned reflex is non existanne

        • Gezae August 30, 2018

          This is what war propaganda looks like in the era of social media. It will never look ugly. It will never directly show you its real intentions. If it did, it wouldn’t work. It can’t just come right out and say “Hey we need to do horrible, evil things to the people and government in this country, please try to play here without making a fuss because we are all propagandists may we can carried only in degrees Anyway, the issue is just identity politics just considerably enforced by political correctness. Hence, your understanding of the real thing behind the conditioned reflex is non existence

  • g michael August 29, 2018

    Hi Fetsum,

    Thank you for elaborating on the real work done in the Denver Conference and prospects for more studies you pointed. Judging from the presentation by the trio in the pal talk room, the manifesto has a lot to do with the UN HR Charter and I don’t see any discussion on this subject on your article even though the title is about the manifesto.

    In discussing with friends,and listening the first part, it appears the manifesto is about what to do in the event that the ‘delala Issayas’ is removed from power and not on how to mobilize to remove him. If that is the case, what a missed opportunity for a call on a North America diaspora Eritreans to organize at the local level towards a global leadership.

    • fetsum August 31, 2018

      Hi G. Michael;
      true is that the trio emphasized on the UN HR charter and our modification including the five points into the package because they want to consolidate this understanding with the people first, But we certainly discussed the matter within us and the people at Denver festival and the issue supported by the people in the forum. we put this issue in the “way forward” section of the project for work to start immediately after introducing the matter to the people.. We have agreed and announced that a study team on transitional government will be formed to research on transitional government as a subject and disclose the result within six months sometime in January, 2019. Although not as much, i have heard them disclosing the information in the paltalk rooms but that is what we promised to do as a contract with the festival organizers and the forum in Denver and we must do it by first forming the team ASAP as the next project on the line. No global leadership issue was discussed or reached agreement upon by the Denver Committee as yet therefore that vision of my presentation is based on my past conviction with GI before I participated in the denver event upon invitation by the organizers. My presentation does not represent the Denver committee but i am telling you what we did and agreed to do in the future if we ever continue working as a unit. This being said, we have not agreed on having a neutral transitional government in our meetings although I strongly believe in it, so we left the matter to be studied by the study team first and take the matter from there on. thank you

  • fetsum August 31, 2018

    dear Tsehaye;
    U asked “Would you put the Eritrean Islamic movements in the same basket with the Agazian movement?”.

    Answer: No I don’t because Agazians want to divide the country and mix part of it with tigrigna christians to form a nation called Agazi with new territorial boundaries unknown to the world in the past. they don’t want unity with the rest of the population. But the religion based political parties want to have a constitution with Islamic flavor to run the country with all its boundaries intact. they don’t want to divide the country and trash the rest of the people away like the agazians intend to do. therefore, they are different in principle and thus different in category.:”

    U asked “You said you are against ethnic politics and sharia law. Now the follow up question is, if you are against sharia law, how come your article did not afford a special section to the Islamic extremists as it did to the Agazian movement?”

    Response: U must not have read my past articles on the matter a while ago exhausting it with my readers in this forum sometimes with serious confrontation with few Eritrean moslems on the matter. it went to the extent Assenna had to censor one of my articles to this effect. I am sure my presentation disappointed few readers to the extent of labeling me anti Islam. I have said more than enough about them several times that I did not have to repeat the same thing anymore. therefore I feel consistent on this matter whether it applies to Moslem or Christian extremists my brother. I hope I answered ur questions well and enjoy.

  • fetsum August 31, 2018

    Dear Ahmed Salih and K.Twolde;
    Thank you very much for accepting my offer and I would love to have you included in the study team as a portion of the people in the deal. I am not sure how my colleagues want to do it but certainly will let you know once i hear from them. I also think Simon G can do his damage there but still if the committee accepts the proposal. To me, it would be nice if the team includes observers from the public and about 10 others from all civic groups but u know I am dreamer and cannot control the show alone. Thank u