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Fetsum: The Agazian society’s self inflicted predicament

Testimony: I will write another article based on the interview of the “ORITAWI” Tesfatsion G/Selassie, the mouth piece of the Agazians, but please allow me to use this article as my introduction from a loose cannon

Testimony: I will write another article based on the interview of the “ORITAWI” Tesfatsion G/Selassie, the mouth piece of the Agazians, but please allow me to use this article as my introduction from a loose cannon point of view.


As you know, there is nothing you cannot find in the Internet as so was my experience specially when I was writing my books, learning about any relevant matters immediately from it without any problem. I could not find anything about the Agazian insanity, however, because it never existed, God knows where it came from and why. But I am here to share my opinion not because I feel threatened by this menace to society but just to use it as an entertaining object in the absence of promising events from the Eritrean opposition camp to write about.

I have done my best so far trying to learn about it from neutral sources of information without success. The closest I came to this end was when I asked an Agazian to show me the map of his interesting nation and he left me mesmerized saying it was all about liberating the Tigrigna speaking Christians from the Moslems in the region under the concept of Tigrai Tigrigni within the boundaries of MEREB MILASH. It was even more interesting when he told me to ‘figure it out using my commonsense and that I cannot deny being a member of the very promising nation’.

Whatever the MEREB MILASH may be, I admit the dude had a beautiful smile, although he did not have a clue about the territorial boundaries of his imaginary country except that it would share borders with the Sudan and Djibouti having access to the sea by any means necessary. He was also highly fascinated by Atse Yohannes’ legacy, a feudal king known for killing thousands of Moslems to end up gunned down by the Sudanese Mahdist Moselems in the last patriotic mis-adventure of his life. In the absence of any material on the nation of Agazi, I used my commonsense as advised to do to define it in just one paragraph.

Agazi is a great nation with sea outlet to be formed against all odds in the East African community out of the proud Tigrigna speaking Christian Abisinians from Eritrea and Tigrai currently endangered by the Moslem societies of the region, the ISIS and Afghanistan Talibans. It considers having a second class Moslem population and emphasizes on the principles of Atse Yohannes, Axumite kingdom, and Mereb Milash oriented Tigrai Tigrigni nationalism “

I don’t think the whole concept goes beyond the phrasing excuse my imagination of the term Agazi as having been a feudal lord, a chief, a shifta or a leader of a district once upon a time in ancient East African community and Agazians to have been his slaves and servants. Yet, I couldn’t help wondering how irrational human beings in this highly interconnected world could dream of forming a nation strongly identified with such a person from the angle of his religion and ethnicity.

Now, let me try to breakdown this impossible to understand and implement petit socio-political puzzle that radiates from the savage and terrified elements of the region with no analytic minds to rationalize their complex driven social formula in their unpleasant solitude. Here is what I think of Agazi’s national program that I don’t expect to exceed a page worth of information by the brain dead Agazians.   

Societal definition: The nation of Agazi is composed of Tigrigna speaking Ethiopians and Eritreans from the Orthodox Christian denomination with second class Moslems of the same ethnicity and religion.

Consequence: By the curse of its religious prejudice alone, this nation would immediately create enemies from within, the Sudan, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Eritrea at the border level of the relationship and from Somalia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Yemen at minimum, at regional level of the dilemma. If you think you know what a sandwich means, you need to imagine what type of sandwich would come out of the amazing Agazians in bizarre hallucinating motion. 

Economic program: The nation of Agazi will dominantly depend on oxen oriented farming, organic poultry and meat products for cultivating healthy citizens in alignment to its ancient history. It will use its material resources such as salt and animal skins to generate foreign currency expected to back up the local currency with the picture of its proud leader in traditional uniform composed of Gabi and Tenefanef.

Infrastructure: The great nation of Agazi will use strong animals like donkies, horses and mules for transportation and rocks, wood materials and dirt for building purposes consistent to its ancient historical legacy.

Territorial definition: The territorial boundary of Agazi the great comprises the lands taken from Begemidir that extend to the border of the Sudan in the west, Ethiopia in the south with the common border extending to former Wollo’s Weldiya, Djibouti in the south east, the Red Sea in the north east extending through the lands of Senhit, Sahil and Denkalia, north western boundaries extending to Barka and Kunama land, and northern boundaries stretching to Seraye, Akeleguzai and Hamasien.

Consequence: In so defining its absurd territorial boundaries, the primitive imperialist nation Agazi would find itself circumscribed within hostile societies effectively jeopardizing the safety of its anticipated population that it cannot defend from the entire region’s collective hostility. The US used advanced imperialism to control territories all over the planet (Guantanamo Bay, Vietnam, Panama, Grenada, etc.) but this petit Agazi anticipates to use primitive imperialism to invade the claimed Ethiopian lands, that of Eritreans’ from Afar, Senhit and Sahil for outlet to the sea using anything, outdated riffles, rocks, sticks and spears with full confidence of defending itself and winning the battles to fulfil its colonial upshot against the adverse societies in relevance. It doesn’t seriously consider the resistance it would face from these communities because it assumes “the oritawian Tigrignas” as the best fighters in the region contrary to the nature of all East Africans with the same gallantry, patriotism and dedication.

Something came to my mind at that slack time of my deep concentration on the matter: that I should stay as far as possible from the region as a potential member of its society because this nation better be ready to defend its naïve self from the Kunamas, peoples of Barka, Sahil and Senhit, the Afars, almost all Tigrigna speaking Eritreans, most of the Tigreans considering their rapid integration with other Ethiopian ethnic groups and the rest of the Ethiopians, Djibouti and Sudan to say the least in this no exit situation for the feudal lords that would run the primitive government in total isolation from all nations of the planet earth.

In what ever way the Agazi regime plans to defend the Christians from the Moslem communities in the region, it would end up causing the eradication of the entire Agazians with their religion and ethnicity at the end of the day, of course assuming they miraculously form it in this impossible to even dream situation. I can only imagine how much running the leaders of this nation with violent names such as GOITOM, ARADOM, AHFEROM, ASGEDOM, etc. would have to do to avoid humbling whipping in the rear-end from all directions of the region, the old fashioned way like how a mother deals with a misbehaving child’s butt. I don’t know about you but I will do anything to be part of the whipping in the side of my beautiful Eritrean people with strong intention to inflict maximum damage on the Agazians despite my questionable strength and age.

Please stay tuned to my serious opinion on the matter in the next article.
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Review overview
  • Asmerom February 17, 2018

    Fitsum, Eritreans in America know you as a coward chicken runner HADAMI from the real fight/struggle in Sahel/meda Eritrea. Some of us also know you as former woyane cadre and orphan in Mekelle – Tigray – Ethiopia.
    Are you going to deny all the facts now that you have turned to be a whore mouth of the barbarian moslem Arabs? Some of us also know you as a convicted drug dealer in the USA and who served in USA prison for many years.
    Mujahadeen dude, you have never held a proper job in your entire life apart from welfare dependency and drug dealings. We are not to be poisoned or lectured by an old crock who is only after some hand outs from moslems. Stay away from poisoning our young Christian Eritrean Agazi generation, keep begging in your evil mosques.

    • Sol February 17, 2018

      Asmerom, Tekhlay, Here in assenna we all know you as a hired agent of the mafia regime with a single mission to pollute this web site by spreading the old rotten commodity of Assyass Afwisky.

    • Mahdi guragne. February 17, 2018

      Agazian reminds me the TG of late 80th, when derge in his last days organised the agame youth in asmara to terrorise Eritreans as his last resort to sow hatred.
      If agazian want bring agame, others too will call the mahdi the oromo amhara somalis and we know what that means. Your choice
      P.s. weyane &shaebia are in thier death bed – change is coming but not ur dream kind

      • Mahdi guragne. February 17, 2018

        My reply is for asmerom and his ilks.

        Love & peace to fistum, free eritrea and whole people of independent eritrea

  • Aba thimmer February 17, 2018

    Tesfatsion is only spokesperson for higdef and weyanie. The so -called AGAZIAN also simply TIGRAY -TIGRIGNI which was proposed long time ago with hidden agenda. remember to Isayas ‘s speech the day after Eritrea independence ” no border ” if he becomes ” GOBLEL ” in East Africa misquoting the risk . remember again, unrest was about to start.before Badme war but como- flashed for the way go out. Now, here is the supper hydrogen bomb ( AGAZIAN ) to solve another crisis. This two higdef and weyanie are targeting the region for their design to come true. so, let’s wake up brothers and sisters.

  • Jacob Abreham February 17, 2018

    Alas,it is indeed very very sad that Assenna is now came down to the bottom level as a platform of rascals and lumpen people the likes of Fitsum..Amanuel Assenna,to your bad record,you have been ushering articles that are antiTigrigna from riff-raffs and scam writers for quite sometime..Look at your daily waning and dwindling numbers of viewers of your website and YouTube subscription. It is a clear proof and sign that Tigrigna people are extremely unpleasant with you.Please reconsider your unscrupulous actions which left your website and foundation in down spiraling mode Unlike 1940s .Agazians this time around will win whether you like it or not.Just Watch!!

    • k.tewolde February 18, 2018

      The name says it all,do you wear a fake star of David too? The Jewish state is too smart to be fooled by phonies like you.Why can’t you be proud with a habesha name like Geretsadik,it fits you perfectly for your cause.If you are thinking Bet Ezra is going to back you up in your quest for Christendom or whatever 16 century revival of the agazian you preaching, you are for a big surprise,you will be tried for solitary confinement in Debre Damo for life reading the scrolls.

      • k.tewolde February 18, 2018

        In other words,we are sick and tired of your skunk intrusion into the pure Eritrean national consciousness.

    • Sol February 18, 2018

      Jacob Abreham (Tekhlay) just stay far from assenna it is a platform for justice seekers.

  • Simon G February 18, 2018

    Brother Fetsum,
    Agazian = the leaders of (HGDF + TPLF). It is one of their branch of propaganda’s depts.
    They are trying to divide Eritreans. Moslems and non-Orthodox Christian Eritreans are excluded from this celestial group. So, what’s left then?
    HGDF (well, should I say Isayas, since he is the sole owner!) is trying very hard to divide Eritrea, bring it to its knees, then merge it with Ethiopia. That’s his ultimate goal and he is very close to succeed.
    How is that any sane person who supports isayas at this time? This is beyond explanation.

  • Nahon February 18, 2018

    The so-called Agazians have already come to the attention of many Ethiopian Muslims in diaspora, in particular those of Tigray decent.
    Not all Tigrayans are Orthodox Christians, there are Catholics who follow the Irish Church, mainly ethnic Erob.
    The Tigreyan Jeberti and Afar of Dogaa region will do anything they can to stop the Agazi madness.
    The Oromo, Amhara and Somalis are the three largest groups in Ethiopia. Definitely, they will never allow Tigrayans to create a new country at the expense of their lands and people, regardless of it’s religion.
    All the three groups which together make upto 75% of Ethiopian population are very suspicious about Weyanes and it’s political manouvering.
    So on which planet the Agazi nation will be created ?

  • I witness February 21, 2018

    This Mahdi reminds me of those Qolama parties
    who Mengistu H/M made them suck his DDKK
    in the late 80’s promising them to give them power
    to rule the Mengistu’s ertra Ras Gez when he was
    panicking that Hezbawi Ginbar and the TPLF will
    tople him and take power in Ethiopia.
    Abdela Idris was first in line there
    and many others mostly Moslems
    were there kissing Mengistu’s Hand

  • Jumbo May 16, 2018

    Delusional ‘agazians’ aka Tigrayans

  • Hagos August 30, 2018

    Hi Assena(AMANUEL),
    Please, Post and distribute the Speech of Solomon Gebreyesus Asefaw so that at least Ethiopians will know.
    It is very very important speech that brings out the hidden agenda of Isayas and the true picture of Eritrea and its history. And please try to push Solomon and his group to send it to Dr Abeiy Ahmed and to distribute it in Swetherland demonstration

  • Eritrean by origin September 22, 2018

    This is a reply to Jacob Abreham if that is your name for real. I strongly think that you are not an Eritrean origin because if you were an Eritrean you would not have written that rabbish comment against Fitsum who always that the real we Eritreans admire him and obviously support his political views. You are probably one of the Neftegnas who still dream about Assab. You are not an Eritrean so this site is not for you this site for Eritreans and Eritreans only.
    Did you get that you chicken head, So go to Megala Finfine and write about your divided country Ethiopia, Oromia to be soon.

  • Joseph October 20, 2018

    Fitsum you are Tigraway first be proud of your identity .As tigrqway I am very proud side by side with my Eritrean Citizenship..If you deny your identity nobody can trust whatever you say or write.Clear Bro!