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Fetsum: on the latest EGS Symposium for Human Right, Justice and Democracy (I)

Fetsum: on the latest EGS Symposium for Human Right, Justice and Democracy (I)   I thank the EGS family for inviting me to its latest social activity in the US. As a result, I attended the Eritrean Global Solidarity(EGS) for Human Right,

Fetsum: on the latest EGS Symposium for Human Right, Justice and Democracy (I)
I thank the EGS family for inviting me to its latest social activity in the US. As a result, I attended the Eritrean Global Solidarity(EGS) for Human Right, Justice and Democracy Symposium followed by a panel discussion on March 8, 2014 in metro Washington DC on the general theme of: Exploring Possible Scenarios for Eritrean Transition to Democracy. I apologize ahead for possible distortion of facts in this presentation but I am delivering my observation with the best quality of my recollection.
The group dispatched its symposium focusing on the following pre-announced critical issues:
a) Developing a strategy- a road map and a comparative analysis for pre-transition period
b) Framing the political and judicial structure of the transition period;
c) The Role of Eritrean Societies and all stakeholders throughout the stages of the transition periods,
d) The Mechanics of the government and good neighborliness post transition period,
Here is my first assessment of the occasion with few more to follow in the progression.
There might have been about seven Professors (with four of them as Panelists) so you can see how packed the place was by PhDs, Professors and educated audience in different academic fields and experiences and few international activists directly dealing with our refugees here in the US. The environment was promising; it appeared as if we were packing for some sort of intellectual confrontation with the rest of the world. It felt like a caravan aiming at something intellectually special on Eritrea and indeed we collectively had the power to produce something tangible from the symposium.
It started with about 50 people and grew up to probably 80 people in the progression. It was very interesting and educational needless to mention the pleasant opinion exchanges in the hall under the chairmanship of Brother Seyoum Tesfai.
The panelists gave their perspective analysis on the generic scope of transiting a society to democracy. There probably were about three theories concerning the issues from that many Panelists and I found their presentation detail oriented and empirically substantiated on the Eritrean reality.
On the question of mobilization: Why do our people still support the regime instead of mobilizing against it? Even the running-out refugees that made it to the west so many problems after, tend to follow the government and go as far as apologizing for acceptance: They have failed to mobilize themselves. Why is this so? Who is at fault for this weak mobilization?
I think what we see here is the effect of Afwerki’s policy of dictating through the power of ignorance. It was forecasted to produce the current static effect on the society (uneducated and confused generation/s) and worked very well 23 years into the meticulous plot against the people. The youth is not educated enough to independently realize other alternatives. The fear installed in their mind is another negative psychological effect to the crisis. The Diaspora community is also too weakly organized to substitute as alternative psychic spot if not as that of financial for the desperate refugees arriving here in big numbers.
Survival is the immediate priority of these refugees but we are not even organized enough to guide and assist them in this area. They depend on friends or family members for help and socialize in the only place available for them, EPFJ’s “community centers”. They see no other alternative to help their situation and thus decide to stick it out with the regime whatever may it be for.
This is why the situation needs help from people who were not directly affected by the problem; those who had the chance to be educated like us and did not go through Afwerki’s psychological warfare against the society (fear, trauma). In short the desperate youth needs organizers to mobilize it strongly. I regret admitting the fact that we intellectuals failed our society in the past through unconditional obedience to the EPLF and have so far failed it again through quietism and ineffective cumulative input.
Civil disobedience may be the most effective way of government change in Eritrea: Is the situation ripe for this like it had been in the recent Arab uprising (Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, etc.)?
I don’t think this would serve as fair evaluation of the Eritrean situation for the following reasons:
Independent/Dictatorship Experience: Egypt achieved full independence from the British in 1922, becoming a kingdom under the rule of Muhammad Ali’s dynasty until 1952 and continued under Gamal Abdel Nasser from 1954 to 1970, by Anwar Sadat from 1971 to 1981, and by Hosni Mubarak from 1981 until his resignation in the face of the2011 Egyptian revolution. This is close to 100 years of independence under the four consecutive oppressors. A hundred years of dictatorship was too much for the Egyptians to upgrade their awareness enough for implosion, meaning that Egyptians were ready to revolt in favor of democracy and they did.
The processes of the Tunisian Independence occurred from 1952 to 1956 between France and a movement for independence under Habib Bourguiba, who became the first President of the new nation. The people were under dictatorship until the recent North African revolution changed the status quo immaterial the quality of the result. Again, we are talking about close to 60 years of dictatorship, long enough an experience for society to make change through mass unrest.
On 21 November 1949, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution stating that Libya should become independent before 1 January 1952. Idris represented Libya in the subsequent UN negotiations. On the 24th of December 1951, Libya declared its independence as the United Kingdom of Libya, a constitutional and hereditary monarchy under KingIdris, Libya’s only monarch. This accounts to over 60 years of dictatorship in Libya for the people to go for change. Can you believe that Kadaffi ruled 42 of these years after successfully overthrowing Idris’ government at age 28 while Afwerki has surpassed that number since the struggle?
Education: Knowledge is power and the Egyptians with 34 private and 28 State funded universities, the Tunisians with 13 and the Libyans with 10 universities, all of them having a fairly educated youth should have respectively produced thousands of highly educated people through the years that eventually intensified the momentum of changing their political situations by academically guided mass revolutions from within. Our society in contrast was denied education under this regime that has the gut to close the only university that stayed intact since Italian colonization till the time of independence and a little beyond. You learn where you are going and how to maneuver successful mass disobedience in any society through the power of education like the Ethiopian Students’ movement in the country (mainly in AA University) and abroad caused the fall of Emperor Hailesselassie through organized mass revolt in 1974.
To summarize, I believe the two factors play major roles in successfully mobilizing people for change in a given society. In our case, a new country with down beat population and the first home breaded dictatorship may collectively be a little too premature for bringing change from within specially considering the level of ignorance in the equation.
Besides, the president’s unbelievable cult developed through years of intrigues, the insecurity inculcated into the Eritrean psychology vis-à-vis Ethiopia, and the deep emotional attachment of the people to their independence were important factors that contributed to the mobilization crisis at hand. It took this long for us all including the intellectuals to declare freedom from the chain of Afwerkism. The people were conditioned to be repulsive against intellectualism for our educated people’s ineffectiveness in the Diaspora mobilization process but their unreasonable fear of the government and opportunism also delayed the process to this point of impotence.
A very important point to mention here is that the organized youth groups were left alone to waste valuable resources and time dividing and focusing only on demonstrations that were ill-programmed to hardly address the most important issue because of incapacity and the intellectual quietism that failed to interfere and reconfigure said focus towards the priority of the resistance, unconditional unity
Is the internal condition ripe enough to accept change? What kind of reading do we see from the country? Should revolution come from inside or from the Diaspora? May the regime collapse on its own?
The signs indicate in favor of this postulate. The defection of the pilots, the four national soccer teams, politicians, journalists, the intolerable youth exodus at the rate of 1500 per month, the economic and infrastructural crisis (business, construction, energy, water), etc clearly tell that our people were ready for change but cannot do it by themselves (because of the reasons discussed above) without assistance from the Diaspora. One of the Panelist brothers who recently came from Eritrea answered this affirmatively. I think he said that we need to concentrate on something we can control, which is unifying and strengthening the resistance in Diaspora and I fully agree. I stand willing to be corrected but I also think he said that we should unite challenging the root causes of our fragmentation in order to have the capacity of alienating the spoilers in the resistance. Great points, but this is only possible by solid intellectual input towards producing a tangible guide line for transiting the Eritrean society to democracy.
Clearly, our people at home can hardly revolt against the government with a massive Army comprising young people from the countryside in the absence of leadership from the educated citizens (very few and -controlled by the regime). The manpower (urbanized youth) necessary for change in any society has been deserting the country at the highest rate per capita and the remaining condemned to slavery and ignorance. The government may of course collapse by the pressure of its own weight or micro through coup d’état as apossible scenario. This does not, however, mean people causing the change but rather the circumstance doing it for them: the speculation remains that there may be a void that can only be filled by organized groups in that situation. The intellectual community must quickly design a formula before this happens. We must start the frame work that allows us to influence the gap through effective groupthink as soon as possible to save the society from another disaster. We cannot afford facing the immediate future of the society empty handed for our selfish groups to blunder!
The crisis after independence might have been a surprising derivative of our innocence and trust but the immediate future of Eritrea without concrete transitional formula is not: because we already know what may happen in post Afwerki Eritrea in the resistance’s current condition. We should then be ready to plead guilty without explanation for whatever may take place in the motherland should we continue at this rate of fruitless relationship. It is a time sensitive issue that we must do something about and if we cannot do this with the intellectual might I saw in the occasion I regret saying that we cannot do anything beyond our individual theoretical knowhow.
I will continue alternating this subject matter (EGS symposium) with my on-going work of examining the opposition forces and I remind my leaders to do maximum contribution here in respectful and academic manner. See you soon!

Review overview
  • babu March 15, 2014

    We the intelectuals?

    I recall we had enough articls and comments on the topic.
    but when the intellectual still thinks that he is the one who posseses the key of intelligensia to salvate the peaple from its mysery and even have the insight and theory which can transform the country to a heavenly Eritrea becouse the theory is practised in other countries….god help me.

    To me it seems that it’s this kind of abssesion, an abssesion of i know best(the same obssesion of essayas)is one of the biggest problems of the Erirean social structure.

    The byproduct of such mentallity is practically the ambition to clean the dust from the chair and seat on the leadership wether high or low.

    As the good martialart practitioner should master submission the intellectual should do so becouse being humbl,listening,not self high,understanding ,tolerance and selfrespect are the opposit of i know best.

    Dear writer if you recall our differences on the Eritrean intellectuals or phd’s generally i don’t see any point why you were participating in this simposium you proudly present yourself as participant.
    Please refer to your article where you briefed me on intellectualism(most of it was copied from incyclopedia or dictionary)What your whole point was contra mine,where you pick sentences from my comment formulate on your own
    and come out as you know best anyway.

    I am still saying this becouse i know that i don’t know.

    I apologize beforhand for my mistakes or misunderstandings if there is any

  • hmm March 15, 2014

    Reason you so called opposition did not achieve your goal of mobilization is because you operate in cyber space. Just because you wrote fancy articles on assena and Asmarino you think it will mobilize people. You don’t realize 80% of Eritreans don’t read articles posted in websites. Mobilization has to be a grass root effort. PFDJ operate in ground level through its network of communities and its agents. It encourages and sometimes threat people to align themselves with its policies (agedasi akeba)

    The only reformist who seem to be applying the same techniques as PFDJ is Wedi Vacaro (perhaps because he was one them and know what works) The rest of the opposition crowd should simulate what he is doing. Stop your intellectual honkey pancky and focus on communities.

    • Sahle Yosiph March 16, 2014

      i think 98 % eritreans don’t read articles.

  • ahmed saleh March 15, 2014

    Politics is very complicated and frustrating to follow-up . We can not undermine nationalists efforts concerning Eritrean issues rather
    they should get acknowledgement . Because for some extent perhaps we can learn something from all motivated Eritreans .
    But the problem lies on lack of needed fast fix . Unless the call for revolution for change in diaspora reached to the people in front
    line which reside inside the country , the ongoing meetings after meetings will do little effect to make matters possible to happen .
    Also the silent majority in diaspora have responsibility to show courage on involvement on national issues instead depending on other
    few to take the task by themselves . Sometimes I wonder to understand when I observe people oppose both of them ( PFDJ & OPPOSITION ) .
    I might miss something on this contradictory picture because nothing goes two way in life .

  • eyob Ghebreziabhier March 15, 2014

    ናተይ ፍቱው ፍጽጹም
    I read your article for my first time. I appreciate it. And more goals could have been scored with the presence of photo (s), quotes, etc. of the meeting. But I am confident that you will do it next time.
    As you have said it well, when we see our patria from its intellectual wealth really it is a very poor nation. As to me, this defect turned to be the birth place for dictatorship. As we know the bedbugs looks for dirty house. More or less the dictatorship and the bedbugs have the same tactics and strategy.
    So if it is true housecleaning eliminates the bedbugs, also it is true empowering Eritrean intellectual wealth kills dictatorship. Eritreans know how to clean their houses on their own ways, because with this they were in action for so long time. What really they don’t know is how to kill or eradicated dictatorship because killing dictatorship is job of an intellectual.
    How does an intellectual kill a dictatorship? He kills it by organizing and rallying the people against dictatorship.
    How can you organize and rally your people? You organize and rally your people by teaching its history and its art. These two subjects are railways of organized people. If it is true a train needs to railways to run, also is true a people need his history and art that serves as railway to run or move from dark to light.
    Does Eritrean intellectual know history and art of his own country? Is there a line between a tradition and history for him? To be honest I doubt it.
    What I know without doubt is there is very poor communication between the Eritrean people and Eritrean intellectual.
    The Eritrean people (perhaps the majority), who doesn’t know what a verb is, construct a sentence in this order:

    መሐመድ ሐደ ነቢይ እዩ ::
    = Mohamed a prophet is::
    = subject + object + verb

    And the Eritrean intellectual, according to what he/she has learned, follows this order when he/ she speaks, writes, etc.
    መሐመድ እዩ ሐደ ነቢይ. Mohamed is a prophet. = subject + verb + object

    Subject: መሐመድ Mohamed
    Verb : እዩ is
    Object : ሐደ ነቢይ a prophet

    Between these two orders there is a lake barrier. The barrier can be removed only by scientific approach.
    The Eritrean people follow the tradition also the Eritrean intellectual shines more on tradition to science. But we Eritrean must know that we will never make a real change without pouring science into our cause.
    With kind regards

  • MightyEmbasoyra March 15, 2014

    ሎሚ ኣብ ሓደ ካፈ, ምስ ክልተ ሰባት ዝፈልጦም ዝነበርኩ ድሕሪ 6 ዓመት በጋጣሚ ንራኽብ። ድሕሪ ምዉቕ ስላምታ, ከም ገለ ኢልና ናብዛ ፖለቲካ ድቕድቕ ንብል። እዞም ክልተ ሰባት ሰብ ዲግሪ ‘ዮም። ብፍላይ ‘ት ሓደ ብጣዕሚ በሊሕ ሰብ’ዩ ኔሩ። ፖለቲካ ምስጀመርና ግዜ ኣይወሰደለይን በበይኑ መርገጽ ከምዘለዎም ፈሊጠ። ሓደ ዝገረመኒ ግን እቲ በሊሕ ሰብ ዝብሎ ዝነበርኩ ደጋፊ ህግደፍ ኮይኑ ብምጽንሑ’ዩ። ‘ትሓደ ወዲ ሓንቲ ሕቶ ዱብ የብለልና፤ ን ኢሳያስ ዝድግፉ መንዮም? ‘ትሕደ ትቕብል ኣቢሉ, “ሃገራውያን” ይብሎ። ንሱስ ብናታትኩም ስጊንጥር ኣዘራርባ ‘ዩ። ሓቂ ንዶ ግዳ ተዛረብ ይብሎ። መልሲ ምስደንጎናዮ መስለኒ, ዌል, ኢሉ ይጅሚር፣ ባዕሉ ሓታቲ። ኣነ ከምዝመስለኒ ደገፍቲ ኢሳያስ፥
    1) ጛሓላሉ
    2) ሰርቕቲ
    3) ሸፋቱ
    4) ዓዋሉ
    5) ትንፋሶም ዝሸጡ
    6) ተበለጽቲ
    እቲ ደጋፊ ህግደፍ ክርትም ኢሉ ይስሕቕ። እሞ ኣነ ካበየናይ ግሩፕ’የ? ግሩፕ 6 መበልኩኻ, ድማ መልሲ ይረክብ። ‘ሞ መፍትሒ እንታይ ትመክር በልኩዎ? ሓደ ከምዝከማኻ “ሳጀስት” ዝገበረልይ’ዶ ክነግረካ?
    1) ኤርትራ ንዝኾነት ኣውራጃ ክትንጸል ኣተፍቅድን ያ ኢለን ይፍርማ። ስለምንታይ ሓድነትና ክዕቀብ ኣለዎ
    2) ኩለን ምስፈረማ፣ ነናተን ኣውራጃ ሓራ የውጽኣ። ሓገዝ ዝሓተተ ኣውራጃ ድማ ዝኾነት ኣውራጃ ክትሕግዛ ከምዘለዋ
    3) ኩለን ሓራ ምስወጻ፣ ሓንቲ መንግስቲ ንኹሉ ማዕረ ጌሩ ዝጥምት ይተኽላ።
    4) ምስ ህግደፍ ይሕሸኒ ዝበለት ኣውራጃ ግን፣ ስጋዕ መከራኣ ትጸግብ ብህግደፍ ትግዛእ
    ደጋፊ ህግደፍ ነዲሩ፣ እዚ ዘርባ ሓረስቶት ዩ, ድምጹ ምስ ኣበርተዐ፣ ዋና ካፈ ጋይስ! ይብለና ‘ሞ ደገ ንወጽእ። ሽዑ ስራሕ ኣኺሉኒ ብምባል ተፈላሊና።
    ስለዘተሓሳሰበኒ ድማ ናብ ኣሰና ፎረም ምቕራባ ይሓይሽ ኢለ።

    • Genet-orginal March 15, 2014

      Are you sure those two people are educated? I don’t know which one of them are worst and anti stable Eritrea. The subject who you said is educated and not a supporter of PFDJ, actually listed these four “points”? Why?

      • MightyEmbasoyra March 15, 2014

        I can only assume what he meant by those comments, since the PFDJ supporter became so loud and everyone started to stare at us (also we have been told to lower our voice btw). I basically split after that. I started to think about the points and I was thinking, if he meant it by 1) Ground up is better to fix our issues 2) or why would certain regions (I am not sure which they are) get dragged by some supporters and if they really like PFDJ and let them stay with it, etc. Even though this approach is not good for me personally (since I am from those 3 regions), but he may have an idea that works for some.
        About their education, they both do carry MS degree (I am the only idiot) from Ivy league university in the Bay Area. The PFDJ supporter in Bio-Chemistry and the opponent in Physics.

        • WaEro March 16, 2014

          There is no Ivy league school in Bay area.

  • Meretse Asmelash March 15, 2014

    ክቡር ሓው ማይቲእምባሶይራ
    መጀመርያ እስኪ ሓንቲ ሃጻር ዛንታ ክእንግደካ።
    ቕድም ብዙሕ ዓመታት 5 እንከውን ሰባት ኣብ ሃገርና ዝተገብረን ዝተሰሞዔን ዋዛታት ኣልዒልና እንዳተዘናጋዕና እንከሎና ሓንቲ ጓል ነዛ ናይ ሓቂ ተረክቦ ኣበርኪታትልና።
    ንሳ ገና ጎርዞ ጓል ኮይና ነብሳን ስድራን ንምእላይ ከኣ ሓደ ኩምፓኒያ ትሰርህ ኔራ። ናይ ስራሕ ዕረፍታ ቀዳምን ሰንበትን እዩ።
    ኣብቲ ንሳ ተካርያ እትነብረሉ ካንሸሎ ሓደ ቃሕ ዝበሎም ዝዛረቡ ዓቢ ሰብኣይ ኔሮም። እቲ ገዛን ምስ ናይ ተካረይቲ ክፍልታቱ ብጓሎም እዩ ዝውንን። ንሶም በሊዕም ሰትዮም ኣብ ትርፊ ግዝይኦም ጸሓይ ክጽሎዉ እዮም ዝውዕሉ። እዞም ዓቢይ ሰብኣይ ብርኮም ደኣ ዓዲ-ውዒል ኮይና’ምበር መልሓሶም’ስ ከምቀደማ ኔራ። ስለዚ ንዝኮነ ደገ ጸኒሑ ገዛ ዝኣቱ ኣበይ ደኣ ጸኒሕካ? ንዝወጽእ ከኣ ናበይ ናበይ ደኣልካ ኢሎም ብዝረክብዎ ምላሽ ምዝንጋዕ ደስ ይብሎም ኔሩ።
    ካብ እዚ ኩሉ ኣብኡ ዝነብር ግን ምስ እዛ ጎርዞን ጻዕራም ሰራሕተኛን ከዕሉሉ ደስ ስለ ዝብሎም ከይረኣይዋ ዋላ ሓንቲ መዓልቲ ክውዕሉ ደስ ይብሎም ኣይነብረን።
    ኮነ ከኣ እዛ ኣዝዮም ዝፈትውዋ ጓል ቀዳም ከይረኣይዋ ሓሊፋ። ሰንበት ኮይኑ ንሳ ናይ ሰሙን ክዳውንታ ክትሓጽብ ጥስትን ማይን ሳሙናን ቀራሪባ ከምኣመላ እንዳ ደረፈት ሕጽቦ ምስ ጀመረት “እቦይ ባሻይ ኢላ እትጽውዖም ኣቦ መንበሮም ስሒቦም ኣብ ቅድሚኣ ኮፍ ኢሎም ኣቲ መብራት ጓለይ ትማሊ ደኣ ኣበይ ዊዒልኪ ኢሎም ሓተትዋ።
    ንሳ ዋእ! ኣቦይ ባሻይ ሓንቲ መሰራሕትና ሓፍታ ተምርዑ ኔራስ ናብኡ ከይደ ኔረ።
    ንኣቦይ ባሻይ እዚ መፍቶቶም እዩ፡ ስለዚ ቀጻሊ ሕቶኦም- እንቲ መብራት ጓለይ ኣብኡ ከደኣ እንታይ ክትደርፋ ውዕልክን ምስ በሉኒ ትብል መብራት….ኣቦይ ባሻይ እታ ሓፍታስ ምሕሸ ኢላስ እንታይ ደርፋ ይመስለኩም
    ለትሽ ሓፍተይ ሳንዱቅ ልባ
    ላሉሟየ ላሎ
    እንቛዕ ፈጠረላ ሓሳብ ልባ
    ላሉሟየ ላሎ ..ኢላ ደርፋ
    ንሶም ነዚ ምስ ሰምዑ— ኣንቲ ንግስቲ ጓለይ እንታይ “ጥውይዋይ ደርፊ ወዓልክን? እንታይ እዩ ላሉሟ ላሎ..ላሉሟ ኢልካ ደፍክ?
    ብሕቶኦም ኩልና ስሒቅና ..ስሕቅና ንግዝይኡ
    ሕጽቦይ ኣብ ምቅጻል እንከሎኹ እቲ ኣቦይ ባሻይ ጥውይዋይ ዝበልዎ ደርፊ ድሮ ረሲዔዮ ነታ ደርፊ ኣብ ምድጋመ ኣትየ ትብል መብራት
    ጽንሕ ኢሎም ኣቦይ ባሻይ ዋይ ኣንቲ መብራት ጓለይ ዎያ ደርፊ እምበር እንዳተጠዓመት ከይዳ ኢሎም ኣሰሕቅኒ ትብል።
    ሕጂ ከኣ መጀመርያ ከንብባ እንከሎኹ ኣንታ እዚ ማይቲ እንታይ “ጥውይዋይ ዝኮነ ዕላል” ዕላል ኣጋጢምዎ ኢለ ኔረ
    ጽንሕ ኢለ ደጋጊመ ምስ ኣንበብዅዋ ግን ከም ኣኣቦይ ባሻይ ዋእ! ኣንታ እዚ ማይቲ ሓወይ ከመይ ዝበለ ግሩም መዓልቲ ዊውዒሉ።
    እንተ’ትውዕሎ ኢለ ቀኒኤ። ብፍላይ እዃ 2))) ኩለን ምስፈረማ፣ ነናተን ኣውራጃ ሓራ የውጽኣ። ሓገዝ ዝሓተተ ኣውራጃ ድማ ዝኾነት ኣውራጃ ክትሕግዛ ከምዘለዋ))) ትብል ምስ ሰማዕኩ።
    በጃካ ደጊምካ ምስኦም ወዓል
    ብኩሉ ሸነካ ደስ እተብል ጽሕቲ

    • MightyEmbasoyra March 15, 2014

      Thank you, Ato Meretse. I didn’t get a chance to ask for their Tel #s but hopefully they will come to the cafe and will continue our little pow-wow. Your stories are always educational and entertaining!

  • Dawit Meconen March 16, 2014

    Fetsum now is absolutely naked, no more Buddhist, Advocate of Human Right etc. pretensions. He is a member of the so called, EGS, a branch of EDA, which is the villain woyane’s Trojan Horse.

    Just as the so called ‘ Yesief Gebrihiwet is a fixture at Asmerino. com serving the treacherous woyane against the Sovereignty of Eritrea and the people of Eritrea, Fetsum is a fixture at for the same purpose.

    I know Seyoum Tesfaye ( Fetsum spelled his name, Tesfay, as a ploy to conceal his identity, just as he lied that he attended the EGS fake symposium per invitation of the organizers ) has a been serving woyane just like Bereket SimOn.

    As we all recall, this guy, Fetsum, has been very critical of Dr. Tewelde, and many of us were stunned and expressed our objections. Now, we absolutely know why he opposed Dr. Tewelde for adopting a platform, Eritrea for Eritreans by Eritreans. Fetsum is woyane through through.

    Genuine Eritreans,

    As I have been saying all along, the impostor Isaias Afewerqi and woyane are two faces of one coin, working collaboratively and secretely to decimate our people and homeland. We should not be confused by the appearance of mutual animosity they are projecting. It is all theatrical to loggerhead our people against each other.

    Since the advent of Dr. Tewelde to the scene, these two evil cousins have sprung to their feet in order to nip him in the bud. The EGS, Madot, Tesfa news and many others are created lately as disinformation tools, and their target Dr. Tewelde. Why? Because, he called on all Eritreans to unite and rise up against these evil cousins.

    Genuine Eritreans,

    If you have been on the side line confused as to who is who, the two evil cousins’ volcanic reaction against Dr. Teweldes’s call for Eritrean Unity must have been an eye opening experience.

    If you are still uncommitted, please ponder why would any one who profess a concern for Eritrea and Eritrean react adversely against any one who call for our unity? There is no other reason, these are our mortal enemies.

    Just remember, These two evils are chasing what alula, the rascal, failed to achieve. You must not fail your people!!!!!!!!

  • MightyEmbasoyra March 17, 2014

    At the one and only one Wuchu’s funeral service, isayas couldn’t wait to have a bottle of blue label drink and he grabbed G. Sibhat Efrem in one of his sigretos and started to chat.
    G. Sibhat: can you believe Wuchu is gone?
    Isayas: What’s not to believe, it was just Wuchu Cheguar Danga.
    G. Sibhat: Yes, but it was our comrade Wuchu
    Isyas: Our? Are you kidding? I thought it was just mine. Is there anything I am missing?
    G. Sibhat: Yes, Isayas, it was yours but you are forgetting that he was our comrade as well.
    Isyas: haha..funny..when are you guys going to get it? Was he saying Aya to anyone? I don’t think so. Please.
    Isayas: Let me remind you my friend. Can I call you my friend?
    G. Sibhat: Of course! Hadn’t I loyal to you all these years?
    Isayas: Let’s assume you had..haha…as a defence minister, who would you recommend to fill his shoes?
    G. Sibhat: Probably, no one. Wuchu was complete in terms of his loyalty to you and just you, ignorance, and cruelty. May be Teclay Manjus? But he is a little smarter than him
    Isayas: That guy is unique but that Tembar person is neither idiot nor loyal as Wuchu.
    G. Sibhat: True but he is close. Filipos never liked you and neither Samuel China. Unless, we have to dig Wuchu’s corpse and need to clone him?
    Isayas: How about you?
    G. Sibhat: what about me?
    Isayas: Never mind, you are not trustworthy. You have betrayed many people over the 40 yrs. What was I thinking…

    • Meretse Asmelash March 18, 2014

      Dear Mighty,
      ..”Isayas: Never mind, you are not trustworthy. You have betrayed many people over the 40 yrs. What was I thinking……..
      Suddenly he asks himself who in the world is my best example? Many political analyzers, intellectuals, historians, writers, journalists..the list goes on think I resemble so and so. Day in day out they do not know that I laugh at them. They really do know me yet. Form outside I’m Isseyas but deep inside (RIP) I’m Idi Amin the Dada/Father of Uganda.
      Idi Amin the Marshal, the hero, the one who thinks his power is limitless, goes beyond its borders, the great Leader who trust no one but himself; but in reality the Butcher of Uganda.
      For so, I think now Isseyas is going to keep everything for himself . Every time Isseyas gives some one a prize, of course for he they tend to leave soon for good (die). I am not really sure why that is happening. Anyways, I would not be surprised if Isseyas says you dammed/blind followers no more name title (Esbagadish) for you. You proved me wrong by doing before maturity. Am i surrounded by animals here. Look at my son Abraham. He was born yesterday comparing to your age, but he has grown fast. He is a full man now. He has guts like his father. I think if I have to give any important title I should reserve it for him. He can carry the name even if it is Esbagadish. Why? Because it is his fathers name.

      • MightyEmbasoyra March 22, 2014

        That’s deep and true, Ato Meretse!

  • rezen March 17, 2014

    Subject: “Fetsum: on the latest EGS Symposium for Human Right, Justice and Democracy(I)”, dated March 15, 2014

    Greetings Fetsum,
    Consider this communication as a humorous private letter, though open to the Internet world [what a contradiction!]. Enjoy it, anyway.

    1. Commendation
    It is commendable of you to give, voluntarily, a ‘report’ to the general public on a meeting of notables to which you were invited. It is encouraging that, as you put it, the place was “packed with “PhDs, Professors and educated audience in different academic fields and experiences and a few international activities” Wow! What can go wrong?

    2. Opening of the meeting
    Just for a smile, I can’t help noticing that the meeting “started with about 50 and grew up to probably 80 people in the progression”! You mean people did not respect the start time of the conference? Hmmm…… have we heard it before? Respecting of time, that is! Smile.

    3. “Exploring Possible Scenarios for Eritrean Transition to Democracy”
    It is very interesting and bold undertaking. As a rule that is what it should be i.e. preparedness, well in advance, on the required action. The four subdivisions that you listed as the “group dispatch” of the symposium are truly ambitious undertaking. It is worth repeating them here:

    “a) Developing a strategy- a road map and a comparative analysis for pre-transition period
    b) Framing the political and judicial structure of the transition period;
    c) The Role of Eritrean Societies and all stakeholders throughout the stages of the transition periods,
    d) The Mechanics of the government and good neighborliness post transition period,”

    I have a question? Assuming (and it is a daring assumption) that all the above are accomplished, by the restricted few, in a professional and detailed manner — hopefully in a foreseeable future — would there be an occasion where ALL “Eritreans” in the Diaspora would be requested for evaluation and FINAL approval? Or, is it a question of take it or leave it? Note that I only picked the ‘Diaspora’ for the simple reason that the wretched-poor-noble-people of Eritrea inside Eritrea have no say on their Life, anyway.

    I have a further question: if the originators of the symposium indeed have in mind of ALL “Eritrean” factions, would they transmit their report to all concerned? In other words, where does all this end? Or will it be just a beautifully bound-volume document with impressive long title for deposition in the Library of Congress and other notable libraries in America – intended as a lasting testimony …..[figure it out … you don’t need me to spell out the reality of Life. Do you?

    4. The future of “Eritrea”
    Fetsum, I like what you said at the end: “The crisis after independence might have been a surprising derivative of our innocence and trust”. You are generous. The cruel fact is this, from my perspective: “Eritrea” [a fabricated and baptized landmass by a colonial force] is doomed by its own sociological malaise called religion, provincialism and racism. Eritreans do not want to talk about their real problems – always believing they will go away with the help of the wind. And if one takes the determination of those who believe in their respective agenda and beliefs, the destruction is to the end, at any cost. But to your credit, Fetsum, you put it in a simple, inclusive and conciliatory frame>>>”our selfish groups blunder”. Salute!
    The End

    p.s. Fetsum: You are supersonic! Some of us can’t catch-up, especially when you are handling two files at the same time!!!

    • fetsum abrahamt March 18, 2014

      Brother Rezen;
      I told you that I am taking a risk dealing with you because I feel like you will work me out to the best of my creativity. But let it be for I love to think and create. I have already taken the risk because you stimulate the mind through intellectual challenges and make it think critically: this is where I put myself in, in dealing with you. Thank you for the questions and I will address them in my articles for everyone to discuss.