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Fetsum: From the FORUM on NAHDA

Fetsum: From the FORUM on NAHDA My dear readers, the mature discussion in the forum associated with my last article was rich and civilized. I hope this work will collect us stronger and please enjoy it. From

Fetsum: From the FORUM on NAHDA
My dear readers, the mature discussion in the forum associated with my last article was rich and civilized. I hope this work will collect us stronger and please enjoy it.
From the forum
Quote of the moment: “The key to real winning is to discover how we are the SAME rather than how we are different. In the same token when we shift our focus from how we are different to what we share, we can see the way to let go of fear and our way for success.” Meretse Asmelash
Extremely important Eritrean reality: “So on that day, starting at 0400, we were evacuating our wounded comrades to that area, the battle continued till around 0900. When the guns fell silent I went down to the rear area to see what was going on. There were many activities, but for the purpose of this comment, I will tell you this: I found out that 6 btsot were ready to be buried; a big ditch-like grave had already been prepared. And in fact, they were all buried in that ditch. They are still there. One brave woman is lying among them. One kunama, one Tigre, one Asaorta, and three from our Tigrigna people and religious wise two Muslims and four Christians. I have no doubt that those fine tegadelty were not fighting particularly for their own ethnicity or religion. They died a good death; thinking they were dying for Eritrea.” Mahmud saleh
Mahmud: ““To the alternative, out Jeberti family members should ingrate into the Rashaida ethnic group by permission from the Rashaidas and by statistically proving mandate from that portion of the society or probably hold dual ethnicity (Tigrigna and Rashaida) within the society on the two conditions in brief. They may resolve that Arabic nostalgia or sentiment within the society this way and close their case with the Eritrean society to ever live happier after.”(Fitsum)
I wish you avoided such as the above disparaging statements. Your opinion at least at this point should be limited to whether such organizing patterns contribute positively to the overall drive of realizing a democratic Eritrea; not prescribing your irresponsible remedies such as telling this proud community to go and ask rashaids for a shelter. That’s up to them. But they are as old as your parents in kabasa and they have an inalienable right to feel full citizens.”
Response: A very good remark from Brother Mahmud that needs my immediate attention to pacify the difference. As you said, I should have stopped at expressing my view point on the question of the community leaving the decision for our Jeberti brothers and sisters to make. Although the remark just came out of my mind and I put it down before critically analyzing it, I feel like it was unnecessary and unwise to do. I think I sometimes make unnecessary remarks because of frustration on why we Eritreans don’t really focus on our main agenda rather wasting resources on personal issues, probably because of naiveté as well. Waste of resources in this context being subjective, meaning that what makes sense to me may not make sense to others.
I was trying to find a better way for this portion of our family to accommodate its claimed Arabic culture within our territory when my mind flashed the connection with the Rashaida Eritreans. That was indeed a foul play because it should have been none of my business to suggest a healer to the scenario. As you said, my remedy was uncalled for and I don’t have the right to decide for our Jeberti family.
I, however, believe that the question of the Jeberti women is not the sole responsibility of the Jeberties but that of all Eritreans as well. I cannot fight for Eritrean freedom in segmentation but in full at equal level of attention. I care for our Jeberti daughters as much as I do for the rest of our daughters in the society and it is my responsibility to defend them equally from this terrible regime and the male Chauvinistic culture at large. I cannot see our daughters in separation without deviating from my outlook of democracy and justice.
Mahmud Saleh: “Ato Fitsum: I really encourage you to try to understand the historical background of this sect; the disparaging comments that have been thrown to them in official meetings and so on when you tackle issues such as this; be sensitive.”
Response: You are correct and I apologize for my insensitivity in my remarks.
Mahmud: “At the end of the day, in free Eritrea, it will be communities themselves that will determine their fate and affairs. No one else will have the power of imposing their prescription. As an Eritrean though I agree with your idea that all this ethnico-religuous issues must be solved in democratic Eritrea per a constitution that ensured the participation all the segments of our people.”
Comment: True that communities deserve to independently determine their fate and affairs but only under their constitutional rights based on the concept of equality in a given society. My religion is my private affair that I cannot mix with the national issue which is common to all of us Eritreans. A society should only allow me to freely practice my spirituality but not to politicize it. We have different ethnic groups that make our society colorful. Eritrea would be unimaginable without our ethic differences but we must accept equal justice under the law with full rights to develop our respective communities or ethnic groups without asking for exceptional treatment within the society.
Genet-original: “Dear Fetsum; I am very sure the majority of Eritreans yes, even our Muslim brothers and sisters agree with you about the issue of “Jeberti”. Unless they come out and say what they really want to say to the Eritrean people, I find their party’s demand to be destructive. They are fighting primarily for a group of people who are “Jeberti” I am actually hurt as an Eritrean Christian woman, to hear group of Eritrean calling themselves “ENP” complaining how their women are being treated, but do not care about the Eritrean women who happened to be Christian. This is a party that will go nowhere. Do they know Eritrean Christian families like any family in the world; they don’t want their teenage daughter taken out of her protective home?”
Comment: There is no doubt that Genet personalized this issue a little deeper than the average forum participants because it is indeed personal to Eritrean women. She has a legitimate grievance on this issue as an Eritrean female. The question of Jeberty women is inseparable from the question of Eritrean women in general or it is an inherent or a natural question of the Eritrean women individually and collectively, the reason I sense a stronger emotion in her reaction than the guys’ in the forum. ENP would have better served the question of Jeberty women and would also have gotten better acceptance by our women all inclusive, had it included all Eritrean daughters in its boat of freedom.
When we ask for freedom to our daughters, we need to do it for all of them without bias.
I can understand and fully support the drive of our Jeberti family members protecting their daughters from the destructive government policy based on Islam but I wish they equally bless their Christian sisters with the same bliss through the same spiritual means as well. I think Allah and Islam would appreciate this better because they love them equally.
One may argue that there is nothing wrong for the Jeberty to fight for their daughters’ freedom. I agree and this is what we all want to do in Eritrea but keeping quiet on the fate of the other sufferers of the same problem because of religious difference becomes part of the problem in terms of bias in my opinion, because the Eritrean independence succeeded due to 30% women participation composed of Moslems and Christians to the ultimate goal of absolute equality in the country’s socio-political life. Nahda’s request contradicts with the fundamental principle of gender equality in our country needless to say that it also would, with the inherent Feministic values of our Jeberty women in particular. Nahda’s formula does not provide an answer to our daughters produced by individuals from both religions and particularly from Jeberty and Christian couples.
I am arguing that this contradiction or inconsistency would serve against the interest of the Jeberty women at conceptual level of genuine feminism and would also negatively threaten their significance in the Eritrean struggle for independence, and ethnic, religious and gender equality in the condition they support it without inclusive modification.
Genet-orginal: “I think, the so called ENP party needs some enlightened people (Jeberti) to tell them, what they are doing is not beneficial to any one of us. Jeberti are Eritreans who are Tigrigna-speaking Eritreans who happened to be Muslim. Take the RELIGION factor out of the ENP’s equation, there is no case for their demands. Unless of course, they come out and tell us there is more, other than RELIGION. Therefore, Religion is a personal matter, but Country is a common concern. All Eritreans need to speak up. Our main problem is the lawless regime in Eritrea. Once we have constitution in Eritrea, our people will be treated equally. If they are [do]not the constitution will take care of it. We should work toward getting rid of the dictator and have rule of law in our country.”
Comment: I can feel a little of disappointment in Genet’s slightly emotional remark and I don’t blame her because we are dealing with a sensitive issue here specially to women. I do agree with her comment about the significance of said equation in relation its critical variable (religion) and with her solution to our problems. I want to see what happens to the Nahda equation minus the religion element. Is there another substance to this or that is it?
Mahmud: ‘Regarding the issues of nation and nationality and Arabic language versus Arabization, I think it is beyond this forum’s space; but I still believe this should be left to the community. I am ready to hear from you what would the adverse repercussions of allowing this community be if left alone to deal with these issues democratically within their sphere, of course, I’m talking in democratic Eritrea. I am, equally, ready to learn from you why they should not be allowed to teach their kids in any language they choose. FYI: the constitution states that parents have the right to educate their kids in their mother tongue or any other language of their choice. Why would adopting Arabic as a medium of instruction would automatically Arabise a community?
Response: I fully advocate any community’s right to freely deal with its life independently; I don’t think there was anything otherwise in my article in this regard, but only as long as its activities remain within the constitutional rights based on equality. This is as far as democracy can allow us to do. Practicing Islam or Christianity privately in a respective community is not a problem at all but allowing a group to impose its doctrines on a community and society is dictatorship. We cannot mix religion in politics without mixing ethnicity in it because they are inseparable in my opinion. In so saying, I believe any Moslem community must teach Arabic to its members because the language has the highest value in Islam through the Holy Koran. A parent can teach a child any language of choice but Arabic for Moslems is more personal than other languages and, thus they should prioritize it for their kids but this does not constitute Arabic culture to all Moslems in the world at least according to my shallow contact with the subject matter.
Mahmud: “Ato Fitsum: this is just an additional clarification which might help you understand my point. a, “Is it fair for a non muslim citizen to teach a muslim what Arabic language and its influence means or does not mean to the muslim?” This was a question posed to you by me which I believe was unfortunate and hasty. Let me clarify it: you have absolutely every right to raise that question and discuss it. Bear in your mind, though, when muslims talk about Arabic language it is not so that they want to get Arabised. It has a very important spiritual component and that is:the Holly Quran is not written in Arabic language, for the faithful, it is written in the language of the creator who sent those revelation down, the faithful consider Arabic as the language of Allah(God) and so all Muslims are encouraged to learn Arabic not to get Arabised but to get closer to Allah. “
Response: Brother, you know that it is more than fair for a Moslem teaching a fellow Moslem the Arabic language and its significance in Islam. Islam does not have the power of Arabizng its believers outside the Arab hemisphere and thank you for clarifying this to me. I am not against the Nahda’s desire of being a 10th ethnic group in the country and I don’t care if they become one eventually. Nor am I against them taking advantage of Affirmative Action opportunity within their authentic ethnic group (Tigrigna) should the country go for ethnicity based economic distribution policy in the future. I strongly encourage the Jeberty community to effectively organize itself in defending its rights from the society; to challenge any adversities from the majority Christians within the common ethnic group. I am only questioning the Jeberty’s question of distinct ethnicity based on its religion for defying the concept of Ethnicity as universally understood to be. I am also saying that the issue does not justify the formation of an independent political party as universally understood to be.
Thank you very much for teaching us the significance of Arabic to Moslems around the globe. I believe Islam is a civilized version of Christianity because it came to existence long after Christianity. I am not a Theologist but I feel like Islam might have improved many bugs within Christianity by virtue of its relative youth in contrast. I highly respect Islam for instructing its believers to only follow the Holly Kuran unlike the practice of many denominations in Christianity in this respect. I like it better because it imposes the RAMADAN on all Moslems at the same time where they maximize generosity in the process of the sacred ritual. I see it very civilized in defining one GOD in Allah for the human race unlike Christianity that complicates the supernatural force beyond necessary (the difference between the Pentecostal church, the Orthodox, the Jehova Witness, the Bahai, Catholic, Protestant, Seventh Adventist, etc.) provoking me enough to adopt Buddhism at this stage of my life. I believe I would have chosen Islam had I had a chance to do so before they baptized me for a Christian without my permission and it felt very spiritual to me when I once did a complete RAMADAN fasting in DC.
Mighty: “If we add Bher Jeberti and doesn’t hurt any other Bhers and it makes our brothers and sisters of ethnic Jeberti make them proud and happy, I would say that and that only is enough to grant them.
Isayas and his clueless club HGDF doesn’t want to grant them and it is bad but the democracy seeker deny Jeberti’s basic request is worse. Just for a moment, think if you were one of them – I would ask for my rights and this is one of them.”
Comment: Brother, I would do anything to intensify the pride and happiness of any group in Eritrea, the Jeberty included. Nor do I doubt the problems this group suffered from the majority Christians within the Tigrigna ethnic group. But one of the biggest problems that delayed our success in this struggle has been fragmentation (too many parties) that gives birth to impossible to accommodate conditions based on our immediate environments and communities. It is diverting our attention from focusing on eliminating the enemy once and for all with a united punch. We could not pack-tight the resistance the way we are going. The question of the Jeberty community is democratic by nature that can be solved by genuine democracy in the country but it is not something that you make a political party out of. What I am saying is that the Jeberties may ask for distinct ethnicity in our society as their prior social demand but this alone cannot constitute the right to have a political party by any intellectual substance. I hope you see the difference now and hopefully we can understand each other better. I am confronting the POLITICAL PARTY content of the NAHDA equation not necessarily its question of ethnicity in our society which I still think is an unnecessary phenomenon that can be rectified within the Tigrigna biher through AFFIRMATIVE ACTION in democratic Eritrea if necessary. Nahda’s ethnic question as complicated as is, is to me more reasonable than its existence as a political party based on this demand. I cannot see how it can politically run the country with this outlook minus a complete and distinct political program to that of the other political parties’ in the pool.
Mighty: “Sister Genet-O.let’s keep this simple. Let me ask you a question: what do you lose if Jeberti has its own Bher? I really don’t see any difference to my Bher at all. However, if it makes Jeberti people happy, why not grant them. Who are we to say they deserve it or not by the way? Who gave you or me a Bher to begin with? Who is to say a Bher need to satisfy certain requirements to be called a Bher. Who made that rule/ I would say a person like you and me. Change it. Why not? Even if we have to break a rule, it worth it. I would see it as evolution -things change over time and this should be one of them.”
Comment: Mighty certainly allows unlimited freedom in this particular topic. I love it very much and in fact I happen to be similar in many ways. You can make the Jeberties happier by allowing them to have a distinct ethnicity based on the religiously provoked ARABIC CULTURE connection but you must understand that you do it at the expense of violating the fundamental definition of ETHNICITY as commonly understood universally. Freedom is the ultimate requirement of life but we must lose some of it for the sake of authority because nothing can protect the human race from anarchic actions of the wicked without a society setting up imposable rules on itself.
I think standards are created to unify different ideas through compromise. It is not how you would feel allowing the ethnic question of the Jeberty that matters most but its implication generations down the road through PRECEDENCE. A young guy once told me that he could decide taking “2+2 as being 5 instead of 4 and that he does not have to follow the standard set by whoever set it forth”. Yes he could if he can prove it for there would otherwise be no mathematical rules to explain the universe as anarchy would dictate terms everywhere on the planet.
Things become chaotic unless maintained by definable rules and understandings that construct the reference logic for a society to effectively act on a social matter in reasonable relativity. I don’t think Eritreans can stop the Amiches forming their own ethnic group because of the cultural relationship with Ethiopia as a consequence of CONSISTEANCY if the Jeberty becomes an ethnic group based on its claimed Arabic cultural relationship! The white man could have defined ETHNICITY and that we may challenge it by practically breaking apart from his theory but there is a consequence to pay ahead that I cannot precisely predict. Africans did not accept the conditions by which the white colonizers setup the basis for the definition of a country in Africa (1945 Berlin Conference if I am not wrong) because they liked it but only because that was the best common material accommodation they could depend on in order to peacefully coexist ahead. Otherwise, anarchy will rule!
I am saying that the Jeberty thought stimulation contradicts with their originality at large because Islam does not culturally connect them with the Arabs more effectively than what their actuality/being does them with their authentic Tigrigna ethnic roots. I am not going to the streets to stop them from forming a distinct ethnic group and in fact I may support them instead given my extreme sensation of freedom as a person but I know they cannot change their authentic Tigrigna trademark for it remains to be the same with all its specifications intact. I also think that the energy invested on this cause can produce a better result in the Eritrean society if reconfigured otherwise. I do believe the fundamental rights of our Jeberty family are more important to it than making it a distinct ethnicity out of the Tigrigna heritage.
Genet-orginal: “Dear Mahmud Saleh; I admit, this issue is very new to me. I want Jeberti Eritreans to be as happy as any Eritrean. However, If they are asking for their own ethnicity because of Isayas and PFDJ, Something is not right. What kind of problem is making them feel the need for a new ethnicity? When a group of people are asking for the formation of Ethnicity, it is not only about them, it is also about the whole country. It is very complicated. What would be new ethnicity do for them, rule of law wouldn’t? I think, what we need is rule of law for all Eritreans. I politely ask, Mahmud Saleh and others to give us more info about the history Jeberti in Eritrea. Thanks”
Comment: I am sure there are many issues about the Jeberty question that we don’t understand in full. I wish the Nahda teach us through one article in this website addressing this issue so that we can communicate better ahead. It would be regrettable for Nahda to ignore this request because it has the responsibility to fully educate us about. But it is confusing indeed!
Mahmud Saleh: “I may have made some generalization in my reply such as “Jeberty” Brother Fitsum, I am not sure if the majority of this community supports Nahda, so my remarks should be taken conditionally, that is: if in fact this is the community’s demand without any interference. I agree with your superb introductory remarks. I just ask you to restate the quoted part (of the verdict) in a way that reflects your sincere desire to bring us together. Sorry for taking your time, I am giving you my best advice as a brother and the rest is: Muslims conclude at the end of their opinion with this: Allahu A’elem, which means (this is my ability to do..or state…but God knows best, or its literal translation : God knows better. Thank you.”
Response: There are at least two reasons that can stop me from modifying the verdict which I admit was offensive and insensitive: Arrogance and obstinacy, which are few of the worst diseases suffered by our society that I could give my life for their eradication from the stereotypical Eritrean mentality. Your request is modest and civilized for me to accept is with pleasure. Here is my verdict based on my brother’s highly productive advice,
My Verdict: The brothers and sisters in this thought contemplation should rather concentrate on the big stake. The question of religious equality is a democratic question that cannot be used as a foundation for a national program driven “political party” status. Further, religion has been used in society to oppress women and deny them gender equality. The question of the Jeberties related to women in the Army is Chauvinistic by flavor and against gender equality (anti-woman) in principle by Universal Feministic outlook. Western women would not take them a second to reject this dangerous suggestion against their equality; why should Eritrean women accept this in our society? The question of Jebrety women cannot be separated from the question of international women and from that of the Eritrean women’s in particular.
I encourage the Jeberties to organize better in defense of their community against discrimination from the Christians through democratic rights that can only be achieved by a constitutional authority needless to say that I would never stand against their passion for distinct ethnicity in Eritrea but I prefer this sect fighting for affirmative Action in democratic Eritrea better. This said, I have a problem seeing a legitimate reason to organize themselves at political party value of the paradigm for religious issues are social issues related to freedom and civil rights that have nothing to do with the elements (vision, policy) that constitute a rational political party. Long live our Jeberty family!

Review overview
  • Kalighe April 12, 2014

    The issue of ethnicity in Eritrea is very complex. The three major groups are linguist groups, i.e. they are not blood relate. Tigre is spoken by people who claim different ethnic origin. The case of Tigrigna speakers is not much different as many share ethnicity with Saho speaking tribes.
    The same also applies to Saho speakers. Hence, I think speakers of Tigrigna, Tigre and Saho are primarily linguistic groups.
    That said, the issue of nationality as defined in Marxist literature and adopted by leftist groups in ‘Ghedli’, is not adequate enough to regroup Eritreans according to nationality. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to put less emphasis on naming based on so-called nationality and instead use names traditionally used to identify a particular social group or community. In this context all those groups who belong to Jeberti have every right to continue being identified as Jeberti as they did for centuries. It’s a crime to drop a groups identity to proof a Marxist theory.

    • Tsehaye April 18, 2014


      What is the true ethnicity of the Tigrigna speaking Eritreans? Here is a couple of blues-clues for you: (1)the Tigrigna speaking Eritreans never called themselves before the advent of the lunatic and all-alien-loving ghedli for at least two thousand years, and (2) The British never called the Tigrigna speaking Eritreans as “Tigrigna” ethnic group during the occupation of Eritrea in the 1940s and early 1950s.

      You will need to visit the libraries near you to get the answer right. Good luck.

  • MightyEmbasoyra April 12, 2014

    For our friend Ato Meretse……..
    ዶንግየ ዶ ሓቀይ፡ ኣቶ መረጸ
    ካባኻ ደኣሞ መን ምስ በለጸ
    ልዙብ ዘረባ ምዝንጣል ዘይብሉ
    ምሩጻት ቃላታት ሰጥ ዝበሉ
    ዝተወሃሃደ ስሙር መስርዕ
    ህዋሳት ዝበልዕ

    ንስኻ ከተደይብ ኣቶ በላይ ከውርድ
    ቅኔ አብ ርእሲ ቅኔ፡ ታሪኻት ክስነድ
    መን’ሞ ይፍታሓያ ነዛ ገመድ

    እስኻን አቶ በላይን ዝኣሰርኩማ
    ወርቃዊ ሓረጋት ምስ ሰለምኩማ
    ሓግዘኒ ዶ’ሞ ክብሎ ን ኦባማ

    መልሲ ናይ ክልቴኹም ብምስላ
    ከምዝኸማይ ንኡሽቶ ሓንጎል ዝተዓደላ
    እታ ሚስጥር ኣበይ ንበላ

    ኣበይ ከደኣ ተማሃርካዮ እዚ ኹሉ ፍልጠት
    አብ ውሽጢ ሃገር ዶ አብ ጎረቤት
    ኣነስ ጽዒረሞ ክንደይ ዓመት
    ክላእ! ጥር ኢለስ ናብዛ መሬት
    ወይ መዓት!

    እዛ ርእሰይ፡ ርእሲ ታኒካ
    ከጥሪ አይከአልኩን ርብዒ ናትካ
    አይከምትሓስቦን፡’ታይ ደኣ ከም ዕድልካ
    እንታይ ‘ሞ ክብለካ
    ተቀበል’ዩ ነገሩ፡ ኣምላኽ ዝሃበካ

    ዘሕለፍኩዎ ዓመታት ዘኪረ
    ከመይ አስቆርቊረ
    ካን! ኮይኑኒ ደንቊረ
    ላእ! ሕጅስ ተስፋ ጌረ
    ኣቶ መረጸ መምህረይ ቆጺረ
    ብዙሕ ተማሂረ
    ኣሰና ደሓን ትእቶ ድማ ኢለ

    ኣብ ናይ ኣሰና መርከብ
    ፍልጠት፡ ይእክብ
    ብጥራዩ፡ ብዘይ ገንዘብ
    አየ! መኽሰብ
    ከምዚ ዝበለስ አበይ ይርከብ

    ዋእ! አብ ኣሰና
    ናይ ፍልጠት ማዕከንና
    ብዙሓት መማህራን ኣጥሪና
    ናይ ስነ ፍልጠት፡ ተክኖሎጂ፡ ናይ ጥዕና
    ንኻልኦትስ ከምዛ ናትና
    ይፍጠረሎም እንተበልና
    እንታይ ከይጎድለና!

    መማህራን! እንታይ ትብል ወደይ
    እወ! መማህራን፡ ንነብሶም ገዲፎም ዝብሉ ንህዝበይ
    ዘይ ከም በዓል ክሻ፡ በዓል ህበይ

    ከም በዓል ኣቶ መረጸ አስመላሽ
    ሓበን! ዋልታ መረብ ምላሽ
    ዘይ ከም ‘ዞም ዕደታት፡ ህግደፍ ብላሽ
    እንታይ ይፈልጡ ብጀካ ህዝቦም ምቅሻሽ

    ከምኡ ተዘይከውን ኔሩ፡ ከም በዓል ኣቶ መረጸ ኩርዓት ሃገር
    ኣርኣያ ህዝቢ፡ ምኾኑ ‘ምበር
    ኣብ ስደት ዶ ኮፍ ምበሉ
    ኤርትራና ፍልጠቶም ከይትጥቀምሉ

    ብሰንኪ ህግደፍ ዞም ሓሳዳት
    ናይ ዕንወት ባእታት
    ክንደይ ፍልጠት ተሪፉ አብ ስደት
    ዘይውዳእ ናትና ከርተት
    ዘይጽወር ምረት፡ እዚ ናትና ውርደት

    ናተይ ትምኒት፡ ከም ውልቀሰብ
    ብኣቶ መረጸ ዝተጻሕፈት፡ ሓዳሽ መጽሓፍ ከንብብ
    ቋንቋና ክዕምብብ
    ምዕራፍ ድሕሪ ምዕራፍ ክግንጽል
    አብናተይ ዓለም አትየ፡ ምንባበይ ክቅጽል
    ከምዝዋዛ! ከምዚላ እኳ’ያ ሃገር ትምዕብል
    ክትሓስቦ ጥራይ ‘ኳ ደስ ከብል

    እሞ፡ ትምኒተይ ናብ ግብሪ ክቅየር
    ንዓባ! ኣቶ መረጸ ገለ ግበር
    በመጽሓፍካ ኩሉ ክበራበር
    ከምዝ ኸማይ፡ ዘይተማህረ ክመሃር

    ሃየ! ሓደራ፡ ሓቦ በል
    እርደኣኒ፡ ከምዘይኮነ ቀሊል
    የግዳስ፡ ትደክም፡ ንየሕዋትካ ክትብል
    ከምዝ ኸማይ ስንኩፍ ክድልድል
    ፍልጠቱ ክድልብ፡ ክምዕብል

    ንብጾትካ ዓድሞም
    ንኣቶ በላይ፡ ንኣቶ ፍጹም
    ካብ የማን ካብ ጸጋም
    ክፍታሕ ናትና ጸገም

    ኣቶ ኣሕመድ፡ ኣቶ ማሕሙድ፡ወይዘሮ ገነት
    ኣቶ ረዘን፡ ወይዘሮ(ሪት) ሰላማዊት
    ካልጌ፡ ተስ፡ ወዲ ሃገር
    ኩላትና ክንሓብር፡ አብ ሓደ ክንሰምር
    ህዝብና ክንክሕስ፡ ጸላኢ ክንሰብር

    ሕጅስ ከይንወሓካ
    አብ ቀጻሊ ስጋብ ዝረኽበካ
    ሓውኻ ማይቲ ቻው ይብለካ

    • fetsum abrahamt April 12, 2014

      Mighty the artist is showing up heavily through these nerve shaking poems that remind me of Bob Dylan’s effect in the overall cultural revolution of the sixties. Thank you for acknowledging Meretse like you did Gennet earlier in such a talented fashion. I have a feeling that I may use Meretse and Mighty to translet my two books at the Amazon to Tigrigna. What do you think guys, I am serious?
      Now that we know a teacher called Meretse exists, we should expect a book as Mighty suggests from his brain. What should we expect from Mighty’s artistic talent after he graduates from college? I hope we will figure it out by then most probably in downtown Asmara. It is a pleasure to have you all in this forum. I am blessed for this!


      • MightyEmbasoyra April 12, 2014

        Thanks Ato Fitsum!
        Well, a project has born. This is a very good proposal, Ato Fitsum. I am the weakest link in the team but since we have heavyweight champions (Genet-O, Ahmed, Mahmud, Selemawit2, rezen, Belay, Meretse, Tes, Teweldemedhin, etc. ) in the house, the collective idea should make it easier to translate your books.

        • fetsum abrahamt April 13, 2014

          Mighty; Thanks for your proposal but my books need to be transleted as soon as possible and I wish someone offers the service so that we can own them together. I see a lot of talents that can do it,

          • MightyEmbasoyra April 13, 2014

            Ato Fitsum,
            I understand. Frankly though, as you can see from my writing skills, I am very challenged when it comes to English subject. I perform relatively better in Math/Physics related subjects. I am promising to read both of your books over the summer though.
            If I may ask two questions:
            1) How did you able to master English to the literature level
            2) When do you get the time to write books, many articles, play music, etc.? I can see your planning skill is intact because after coming back from work, I can’t do anything but sit and watch TV (I know this is wrong), but you manage to do all these items.

        • fetsum abrahamt April 14, 2014

          Dear Mighty;
          I happen to be obsessed with art. I did not work for over a year dedicating my time for this cause and for my music. I just did two books available at Amazon and have two more to go with about two musical CDS to complete my homework in this life and peacefully die out of here. This struggle is consuming a lot of my time and the next two books are waiting for edition only that I did not get the time to do yet. I read books and work hard for whatever I produce. Nothing comes easy for me without extremely working hard. I have no time for TV at all since the last 4 years. I have no TV at home because i rather spend my time doing music and reading. I will do my first one man band musical show on May 2 in DC and hopefully will see u with my music at a point in the go. Is this enough about my boring life? I expect u to read my two books though: not many Eritreans did that and I don’t feel good about it. I will write the name of my books nin my next article to remind people that I have books at the Amazon to be read by Eritreans.

          • Mahmud Saleh April 14, 2014

            Fetsum: I’ve located your books in Amazon and are placed in my list. Would you mind if you tell us, perhaps, in a separate article, your back ground as a musician, I think you are an educator, may be a mathematician? What type of music genre do you do or interested in? Is it a life long or a recent interest?

    • Meretse Asmelash April 13, 2014

      Dear Mighty, fetsum,..
      Till this morning I did not know so much has been written about me. I’m not sure if I deserve all these but from the bottom of my heart I bow to your brotherly and kind words. As for me, what you guys and alike said is the opposite. What it really deserves and needs to be recognized , appreciated acknowledged,.. is: the force of your unique gifts and courage which is supplying us to stand united against the current problems. You have understood it very well that problems hurt us only when we run from them and not we face them together. Brother Mighty I hope I’m right on this: I feel you have broken the gate which was lately considered a cultural taboo specially by HGDF. This is somewhat not recognizing brothers and sisters tireless efforts, commitments, contributions, ideas, solutions, great programs (plans) which could enable us to the future success (and to name some great brother Mahmud Saleh, brother Festum, sister Genet, brother/sister rezen, Ato belay, selamawit, Suzana, and the least goes on and on . Hey! by the way, when I this – by no means I’m not forgetting the hard work of brother Amanuel Eyasu and his colleagues. Without their hard-work this would have not been achieved. Together we have come so much.
      Our journey is a journey which leads to a greater LOVE AND FREEDOM FOR ALL. Together we will prevail.
      Brother Mighty wait until I comeback to you.
      Spacial thanks to all.

      • belay nega April 13, 2014

        አቶ መረጸ

        ” I’m not sure if I deserve all these but from the bottom of my heart I bow to your brotherly and kind words.”

        እቲ ብማይቲ ዝተጻሕፈ ብዘይሽም [anonymous] እንተዝወጽእ’ውን “ንመረጸ ዝፈልጥ ክኸውን አለዎ” ምበልኩ::እቲ ዝዓበየ ቊምነገር ግን “አብዘይምስምማዕ:ምስምማዕ” ይፍጠር ምህላው እዩ::

        • Meretse Asmelash April 14, 2014

          Brother Belay,
          I have to admit at first I was lost like many commentators understanding your short and sour comments. Based on the face value of your comments some of us had been wondered. However, later in time, some of us came to realize that your wonderful thoughts are always hidden and found beneath the surface. Your ideas are always unique and sound. Thank you for making us thinking differently. And, at times it perfectly OK to disagree.
          Dear Belay, special thanks for your great comments about Mighty’s poem. BTW, you know, that poem is about all of us.
          c ya

      • Mahmud Saleh April 13, 2014

        MertseAsamelash: I bet you’re coming back to mightyembasoira with…what? If Iguess it is going to be a great poem. Let artists fight is out! Where is Genet-O?

        • fetsum abrahamt April 14, 2014

          Dear Mahmood;
          I started my first guitar work in 1975 in Addis but then I became a refugee since 1976. I always had guitar with me. I did some music as a guitarist in bands here and there but never sang in public until the last band I played with stole my two songs without acknowledgement. I decided to sing my own free style stuff in open mic bars (Eritrean/ethiopian) and playing the guitar with sounds produced at the stage without prior practice and developed out of stage phobia as result. I qisj my voice was versatile: i have a narrow octave range for full fledged singing capacity. But I am doing mine any way until a backup singer comes out of my experience. I write and compose my music independently and play the keyboard and the guitar on the background. We will sewe how it turns out to be on May 2nd, my first show with my won music composed of THE BLUES, RAGGAE, R&B, HIPHOP and Modern Tirign (Rock). The rest will be history brother Mo!

          gni mui, but
          tnmy music a sonwith But

          • fetsum abrahamt April 14, 2014

            Please read them as: ‘I wish my my voice was versatile’ AND ‘my own music’

          • Mahmud Saleh April 14, 2014

            Fetsum: Thanks for the info. I like the guitar; I am not a professional player; just enough for me; you know when the house is emptied. I always liked it and actually, when I would listen to music, I would go with the lines of the guitar, regardless, how over-layered the composition was. My music collections where either those of guitarists’ or those albums known to have good guitar inputs. I started on learning it when I watched Stevie Ray Vaughn on PBS. You know how harsh to learn that instrument could be for an older adult. Any way, I am fine now. I have collections of every blues guitarist you can think of, from the deep delta, Texas, Chicago Blues…I am a Blues junk, man. I am also deeply attracted to Malian music. But there is nothing that stimulate my nerves like the Barka Rabab, or Kirar (mesenko), played by my folks deep in the Barka plains, under the evergreen, towering trees of Arkabkobay. When you accompany that with the traditional Tigre coffee, and when the musician in town is the likes of Hamed Abdalla, man, you can not ask more. Having said that,how if, on behalf of the gang, I ask you to upload some clips on youtube, some time in the future, and inform us. I wish you the best in your May performance.

        • Meretse Asmelash April 14, 2014

          Brother Mahmud Saleh you have said right.

  • Kalighe April 12, 2014

    ኣቶ ኣሕመድ፡ ኣቶ ማሕሙድ፡ወይዘሮ ገነት
    ኣቶ ረዘን፡ ወይዘሮ(ሪት) ሰላማዊት
    ካልጌ፡ ተስ፡ ወዲ ሃገር
    ኩላትና ክንሓብር፡ አብ ሓደ ክንሰምር
    ህዝብና ክንክሕስ፡ ጸላኢ ክንሰብር


    UNITY is a strategy for survival.
    The enemies of Eritrea want see a somalized country. We should never let that happen.

    • MightyEmbasoyra April 12, 2014

      I agree, unity is the solution and I believe, to be united first you have to recognize every Eritrean has the same vote. Part of that, we have to recognize Jeberti is an independent Bher. If not, asking for unity becomes meaningless. Why? Because, as of now, we are denying our Jeberti brothers/sisters basic request and asking them to be united with the rest. If we really believe jeberti is the same as bhere Tigrigna, and we don’t grant them as their own Bher, I have a proposal to make – let’s combine both of them and name them Bhere Jeberti. How does that sound?

  • Kalighe April 12, 2014

    “If we really believe jeberti is the same as bhere Tigrigna, and we don’t grant them as their own Bher, I have a proposal to make – let’s combine both of them and name them Bhere Jeberti. How does that sound?”


    Every group has the right to be called the way they identify themselves. It would be totally unacceptable for other groups to decide on this issue.
    This does not necessarily mean that should be done without taking into consideration history, language, culture and ethnicity of the groups.
    Jeberti have this distinct name for centuries. They have every right to be called and identified in official documentation as Jeberti. I don’t see any importance in raising the nationality issue here. In Eritrean context there are no nationalities as historically defined in European social history.

    • MightyEmbasoyra April 12, 2014

      I can’t comment on Nahda’s because I don’t know about it but as you can see from my previous comments, I am in favor of Jeberti’s independent Bher. When we get a reasonable govt, I have no doubt that they will have their way and that’s a good thing!

  • Mahmud Saleh April 12, 2014

    Fitsum: Thank you for taking your readers’ comments seriously and for coming up with a revised edition this early. I believe you have shown a sincere desire to see unity, brotherhood, and fairness among the children of Eritrea. You also showed us that we can respectfully settle issues if left alone (without politicians messing things up for their narrow political agendas); that’s what Eritreans have being doing for ages. Hey, that was a tough subject and I believe you did a good job, and let’s see what Nahda says. My concern was not Nahda’s political agenda but the last portion of the last article’s verdict, meaning the community, and thanks for modifying it. Those big bosses in the political parties need to learn from our little brains!!!!!!! ፍጹም ዓርከይ፡( ንዋዛ ጥራይ) Our next project is the Nation of Amiche!!) count on me, brother! I’m pretty sure Mighty will be there, too.(ኣቶ ነጋ ከምዘይሕጎሱ ፍሉጥ’ዩ)።

    • MightyEmbasoyra April 12, 2014

      Ato Mahmud,
      Amiche Nation? Yes, this actually deserve articles because as far as I know, Amiches didn’t get the credit they deserve. This clueless isayas has insulted them (you may say he insulted all of us) many times.

      • Mahmud Saleh April 12, 2014

        እሞ ሓንቲ ግጥሚ ‘ዶ ክትንእሶም!? ሃዬ በል፡ ሓንቲ ወስ ኣብል።
        and for the group, ” Wo! I feel good, I knew that I wouldn’t of
        I feel good, I knew that I wouldn’t of
        So good, so good, I got you” James Brown.
        …………meaning here, feeling good after a protracted debate; and for our sincere desire to reach to each other. By the way, Genet-O, congratulation for the beautiful poem Mighty wrote for you, I read it now.

        • Mahmud Saleh April 12, 2014

          Sorry, the above was for Mightyembasoira.

        • MightyEmbasoyra April 13, 2014

          Ok, Ato Mahmud, let me try with this 🙂
          ሓደሓደ! ኣለኹም ዶ ኣሚቸታት
          ሰብ ብዙሕ ቋንቋታት
          ምኩራት፡ አንቱም ብሱላት
          አዚኹም ምዕቡላት
          ትፈልጡ ዶ ክምዝኸፈልኩም፡ ብዙሓት
          ዓናትር ኣሕዋት፡ምስ ሽዶናት ኣሓት
          ዓረምሰስ አቢልኩሞም ነቶም ምኩሓት

          ኣየወ! ዘይከም ሎሚ፡ ኩነታትና ዘብኪ
          አያታትኩም፡ ክራጸሙ ምስ ታንኪ
          ኣሓትኩም ንጸላኢ ክሓንቃ
          ዓለመን መኒነን ክብላ፡ ሕጅስ ይኣክል! በቃ
          ኢድ ብኢድ ጥምጥም
          መንዩ ምስዘን ጀጋኑ ዝገጥም
          ንሳተን ክሃጅማ ጸላኢ ክሃድም
          ቀድም! ተቀዳደም
          ታባ ደይብ ህጀም
          ሓሊፉ፡ እወ ሓሊፉ ከርፋሕ ጸገም

          ጥዑም ናብራ ገዲፍኪ
          ምስ ጸያፍ መልሓስኪ
          ካብ ፈቀዶ ከተማታት ተሰሊፍኪ
          ሃገር ነጻ ከተውጽኢ፡ ሃገር ናይ ስድራኺ
          ክቡር ባህሊ፡ አዝዩ ማራኺ

          ኤርትራ እንታይ ምዃና ርኤሟ ዘይፈልጡ
          መዳሕንቶም ኣብ ኢትዮጲያ ዝዓበጡ
          አየ ሓቦ፡ ርኡይ ጅግንነት
          ንህዝቦም ከገላግሉ ካብ ባርነት
          ካብ ጥዑም ናብራ ናብ ድኽነት
          እዚ ኹሉ ከርተት

          ካብ ሽዋ፡ ጎንደር፡ ኦሮሞ፡ ካብ ጎጃም
          መሰስ! መሰስ በሉ፡ ካብ ኩሉ ተሰሊፎም
          ነዛ ብታሪኽ ዝፈልጥዋ ሃገሮም
          መኪቶም ከም ህዝቦም
          ስድራን ፈተውትን ኣሐቢኖም
          ገለን ከኣ መስዋእቲ ከፊሎም
          የግዳስ፡ ነጻነት ኣረኪቦም

          ስለምንታይ ደኣሞ፡ ሕጂ አስማቶም ተደዊኑ
          ዝኹሉ ጅግንነት፡ ኣበይ ተኸዲኑ
          መንዮም ታሪኾም፡ ከነኣእሱ ዝፍትኑ
          እዞም ሰብ ግዜ፡ ዘይብሎም ደያኑ

          ደሓን ደሓን፡ ታሪኽኩም አብ ቦትኡ
          ነቕ ከይበለ ብምሉኡ
          ሰነድ አሎ፡ ከም ዝንገር ድማ ፍለጡ
          ከምዝ ሎሚ ከይኮነ ብግልብጡ

          ክንገር ‘ዩ ትሓቂ
          ሰብ ክፈልጦ ዝሓለፈ ጭንቂ

          እወ! ሰብ ክፈልጦ ናይ ኣምቸ ኣበርክቶ
          ህላወ ሃገር፡ ምስኮነ ትሕቶ
          ኩላ በግ! ኢላ ወጸት ካብ ዘላቶ

          ስለዚ፡ ነጻ ኮነት ሃገር
          ብናይ ኩላትና ድምር
          ሳሆ፡ ጀበርቲ፡ ምስ ምንዓምር
          ኣምቸ፡ ብሌን፡ ኩናማ ምስ ዓፋር
          ሰብ መታሕት ከበሳ
          ከቲተን፡ ዕርድታት ጸላኢ ኣፍረሳ

          እሞ! ብዘይ ኣምቸ፡ ሃገረይ ኤርትራ
          መስለኪ ‘ዶ ምወጻኺ ሓራ

          ኖ ኖ ኖ…ኣነስ ኣይመስለንን
          ብሓቂ፡ ብዘይምግናን
          ነጻነት አይምረኸብናን
          ክንደይ ህዝቢ’ያ ግዲ ሓሊፋ፡ ክንደይ ዃዕናን

          ስለ ትኽቡር ደም፡ ንሃገር ዘፍሰሰ
          ምድረ አምቸ፡ ብዓባያ ሂወት ዝለገሰ
          ሃገር፡ ናብ ዋናታታ ዘምለሰ

          ማሕበረ ኣሰና፡ እስከ ሓጉዝኒ ክንምጉሶም
          ካባ ናይ ጅግንነት ከነልብሶም
          ብኡ’ኳ ክንክሕሶም
          እወ ፈልጥ፡ ንሱ ‘ኳ ክውሕዶም
          የግዳስ ታሪኾም ክንህቦም
          ንትከሎ ሓወልቶም

          ምድረ አምቸ፤ ሃገር ብሃገራ
          የቀንየልና ትብለኩም ሃገርኩም ኤርትራ
          ስለ ዝመለስኩምላ፡ ትዝግባእ ክብራ
          ብሓገዝኩም ኣብ ዓለም ተዘኪራ

          ኣነውን ብወገነይ
          በዚ ትሑት ዓቅመይ
          ብጣዕም የቐንየለይ
          ረኺበ ሃገረይ

          በሉ ክገድፈኩም
          በርትዑ ከም ቀደምኩም
          ኣጽኒዕኩም ሓዝዋ ወርቃዊት ታሪኽኩም
          ካብ ልቢ ዘመስግን ማይቲ ሓውኹም

          • belay nega April 13, 2014

            Dear Mighty,

            “ኤርትራ እንታይ ምዃና ርኤሟ ዘይፈልጡ
            መዳሕንቶም ኣብ ኢትዮጲያ ዝዓበጡ”

            እሞ በዚ ምኽንያት እዮም ጎቦታት ኤርትራ ምስተቀበሎም “እዋይ እዞም ኢትዮጵያ ክዕሽው : ንሕና አብ ክንዲ ንወሮምሲ ንሶም ወሪሮሙና” ዝበሉ::

          • MightyEmbasoyra April 13, 2014

            Ato Belay,
            Very funny! What were we thinking? May be we should have done that.

          • Mahmud Saleh April 13, 2014

            Mighty: Be serious man, you are a gifted man.

    • fetsum abrahamt April 13, 2014

      Brother Mahmud;
      I thank you very much for sppoting a problem in my message giving me the opportunity to correct on time.

      • Mahmud Saleh April 13, 2014

        Fitsum: Thanks go to you brother for your humulity and understanding.

  • belay nega April 12, 2014

    Dear Mighty,

    “Amiche Nation? Yes, this actually deserve articles because as far as I know, Amiches didn’t get the credit they deserve.”

    ኤርትራውያን ከምኡውን ተጋሩ
    ሸነኾም እንዳበልዑ’ዮም ንደርጊ ዘባረሩ
    E.P.R.P ብኸመይ ፈሺሉ
    እንታይ ትጽበ ካብ [ICEBERG] ዝኹላሱኡ

  • belay nega April 12, 2014

    Dear Mighty,

    “እዛ ርእሰይ፡ ርእሲ ታኒካ
    ከጥሪ አይከአልኩን ርብዒ ናትካ
    አይከምትሓስቦን፡’ታይ ደኣ ከም ዕድልካ
    እንታይ ‘ሞ ክብለካ
    ተቀበል’ዩ ነገሩ፡ ኣምላኽ ዝሃበካ”

    “መልክዕደአ ይሃበኒ’ምበር ውሕልናስ ካብ ጎሮቤት ይማሃሮ” ዝብል ምስላ
    አብ መዝገበ ቃላተይ “መልክዕደአ ይሃበኒ’ምበር ትሕትናን ሓንጎልንሲ ካብ ማይቲ እማሃሮ” ኢለዮ አለኹ::

    • MightyEmbasoyra April 13, 2014

      Ato Belay,
      This went way over my head because it is too much for me to take it but I really appreciate it!

  • belay nega April 13, 2014

    Mahmud Saleh,

    “Mighty: Be serious man, you are a gifted man.”

    እንዳተዓጻጸፍካ “አብ መንጎ ዘይምስምማዕ:ምስምማዕ ምፍጣር”እቲ ዝዓበየ ህያቡ[gift] ምዃኑ ግን አይትረስዕ

    • Mahmud Saleh April 13, 2014

      Ato Belay: I really expect your rare and short blip..but effective. That’s a skill, man. Now, when we come to the moderation skills of Mighty, I think both, you and Mighty, compliment each other.

      • MightyEmbasoyra April 13, 2014

        I have received very generous compliment from the Assenna Gurus and that is very encouraging. Even though, I have have few peoples to go, I probably should try about the president (yes, yes, I said the President and I will be grilled from some of you).
        At Mahmud,
        I have a theory on Ato Belay’s limited but effective words. This could be from the habit of limited supplies (food, bullets, words) during the early EPLF era. They had to use what ever they have very carefully. Sometimes, quantity won’t help but quality.

        • Mahmud Saleh April 13, 2014

          Mightyembasoira: They had scarcity on speach too, remember, it was said that Jabha’s cadres were so effective in debating shaebia’s cadres; it was customery, they say, shaebia’s cadres face-saving exit would be “bgbri knrre’ee” or they would tell Jabha’s cadres that they would show them by doing things, not by theorizing. Hey, it is a saying, I’ve learnt that Jabha’s tegadelti also were real ones, not as we thought they were.

          • Mahmud Saleh April 13, 2014

            Again sorry, that was for Belay Nega, on his comment on Mighty.

          • Mahmud Saleh April 14, 2014

            What’s wrong with me!? actually that was for mighty , but both of you guys are running the show well, any way. Ignore the entry below, please.

        • belay nega April 15, 2014

          Dear Mighty and Mahmud,

          ብሰንኪ ፍሉይ መርገጽየይ ካብ ናይ ድብያ ዝሓልፍ መጥቃዕቲ ከካይድ አይክእልን እየ

    • Meretse Asmelash April 15, 2014

      እንዳተዓጻጸፍካ “አብ መንጎ ዘይምስምማዕ:ምስምማዕ ምፍጣር”እቲ ዝዓበየ ህያቡ[gift] ምዃኑ ግን አይትረስዕ
      ሓው በላይ
      እዚ ዓዲስ “ግናይት” ኣሎውዎዶ?
      እወ ኣሎውዎ ።
      እንተኮነስ ” ገነይቲ ” ከኣ ኣሎውዎ ዝብል ምስላ ዘንጊዕካዮ ድካ?

      • MightyEmbasoyra April 15, 2014

        ኣቶ መረጸ/ኣቶ በላይ,
        ኣየ ቅኔ! ኣየ ቅኔ! ‘ስኻትኩምሲ ኣብ ኣስመራ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ክትምህሩ’ዩ ዝግባኣኩም ኔሩ። ኣየ ሃገር ትኸስሮ ዘላ.

        • Meretse Asmelash April 15, 2014

          Brother Mighty,
          “BilActer” …your wisdom itself is as high as your name

        • belay nega April 15, 2014

          Dear Mighty,

          ““BilActer” …your wisdom itself is as high as your name”

          ብርግጽ ዓቢ ልቦና!!ነዛ ህዝብኮ አልዚብካያ

          • Meretse Asmelash April 16, 2014

            ሓው በላይ፡
            ኣላዝቦን ኣዛውሮን ዝሃቦ ሰብ ኩሉ ግዜ ምስ ኣናበረ እዩ ።
            ንእግረ መገድይ እዛ ሓጻር መልእክትካ ዘዘከረትኒ ናይ ቀደም ደርፊ ክዕድመካ
            “ኣዛውሮ ኣዛውሮ
            ኣዛውሮ ዝሃቦ ሰብ የናብሮ
            ኣሸበሸብ ዓውደ-ኣዋርሕ ከይህለውካ ግን ኣነ ኣይሳዕሳዕኩላን ። ዕድመ እዛ ደርፊ’ዚኣ ብግምት “መሓዛ እዝነይን /እዝንካንስ” ትከውን እያ በሃላይ እየ።

      • belay nega April 15, 2014

        ሓው መረጸ

        “እንተኮነስ ” ገነይቲ ” ከኣ ኣሎውዎ ዝብል ምስላ ዘንጊዕካዮ ድካ?”

        ግዲየብልካን ዝግነ ምሳአኑ ክበኑ እዮም

  • Quran Academy Live April 26, 2014

    This went way over my head because it is too much for me to take it but I really appreciate it!

  • haqiyesar April 30, 2014

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