Fetsum: Eritrea without a government for a day on November 12, 2013

Fetsum: Eritrea without a government for a day on November 12, 2013 IMPORTANT REMINDER TO DC ACTIVISTS: The moment for unconditional unity of all Eritreans has arrived through Wedi Vacarro’s courageous drive. If this movement is aimed at

Fetsum: Eritrea without a government for a day on November 12, 2013
IMPORTANT REMINDER TO DC ACTIVISTS: The moment for unconditional unity of all Eritreans has arrived through Wedi Vacarro’s courageous drive. If this movement is aimed at temporarily unifying our forces for change in Eritrea, it requires independent minds that do not identify themselves with any one of the opposition forces and youth groups to succeed. You cannot be opinionated and neutral at the same: Let the most neutral, most determined and best qualified Eritreans do it this time to swiftly and efficiently resolve the Eritrean dilemma. Washington Dc must be careful electing its committee on November 24, 2013because political success in DC determines the success of Wedi Vacarro’s initiative. If we fail here, we will fail everywhere. We need individuals who can well represent us diplomatically in DC to achieve success in fund drives, political diplomacy with international politicians: Please make sure you go for the most qualified individuals that you can trust of professionally and intellectually representing you in the unification process of this drive.

An important assignment for ASSENNA Radio: Individually exposing the multiple Anti-Eritrean Ethiopian opposition forces and their mission in our country to our people.
Narrative: Many fishy things have been going on between the Ethiopian opposition forces in Eritrea and the Afwerki regime. I discussed my speculations on the issue in the last two articles and let me share something else with you to this effect.
The mysterious connection between Pakistan and Eritrea: It is clear that no Eritreans travel as much to Pakistan and no Pakistanis visit Eritrea considerably but there have been non-stop flights between the two countries for years as of today on top of the unusual traffic movement in the dark between Massawa and other places (outing our minerals in mass). Although, business and tourism are dead in Massawa the city appears to be busy by night under tight security of the regime. Massawa international airport has only been used by the Eritrean airliner cargoes for smuggling illegal items from Pakistan (Islamabad is the center of international illegal activities) according to reliable information. One item was of course illegal arms for the Al-Shebab and other terrorists that caused the SANCTION against the regime. The information speculates that drugs and specially OPIUM (HEROIN) is now heavily smuggled into Eritrea and distributed by night elsewhere as one of the lucrative means of income to the heinous president and his cronies.
The CATCH: Now that the president cannot trust Eritreans outside his immediate circle for anything, he is said to have made a deal with the Ethiopian opposition forces to carry out his illegal activities beyond directly protecting him for the rest of his days. They are making money together with the president at the expense of the collective Eritrean moral integrity at least as far as the speculation is concerned.
I close this issue by disclosing the following important information
On Andargachew Tsge (Ginbot 7 Chairman in comfortable life in Asmara) interview with Journalist Sisay:

Sisay: What does the Eritrean president think about the unification of the two countries?

Andargachew with a smile: The president’s answer to this is that “the sky is the limit”
Comment: I do not need to explain what is going on beyond what I so far tried to do but signs indicate that the president is trying to destroy our nation and jeopardize the society as much and fast as he can. The resistance should pressurize the Anti-Eritrean Ethiopian forces to leave our country ASAP.
Eritrea without a government for a day: ACTION and CONSEQUENCE

The government may cry a LOW BLOW violation because it cannot understand why it is falling apart but reality calls it a KIDNEY JAB in boxing terminology: it cripples the physical fitness of a boxer at the receiver end of the confrontation. Air Force is the most important Army division to any government; the reason dictators assign the closest person to run this division. In our case, Abraham Isaias Afwerki (the president’s son) “works in the administrative section of the Eritrean Air Force”. Please do not blame this young man: He has nothing to do with his father’s criminology and stands innocent in so far as the Eritrean situation to date is considered (time will tell what he has been doing). The defection of the three officers under his direct supervision is, however, a crippling blow to the Afwerki regime. Abraham was not good enough to manage the Air Force that his father damaged with unusual interferences and injustice through the years. Abraham could not help stopping the defection from the regime that has the audacity assigning PILOTS to WEED out plantations (IKLI TSEHAIA).
Apparently, the Air Force was never the same after its creator General Habtetsion Hadgu was unjustly wasted in the president’s prison enterprise without any explanation and due trial. And today, the division has been leaking at a faster rate than the president’s hallucination on everything; one wonders how it is surviving beyond face value at this point in time.
Comment: This must have been a shocking experience to the tranquilized system floating on its own without tangible policy and rational navigator. But what is common between the two NEWS clips (ACTION and CONSEQUENCE)? NOVEMBER 12, 2013 is the answer.

This may seem simple to people who see the implication of leading a nation without a media (National News Paper) for a full day (assuming it only happened for one day) peripherally but it tells how broken the government has become at the end of the race: it is running out of steam. No government exists without the Ministry of Information: arguably, the most important branch of a government, the reason Ali Abdu was the most significant politician in the Afwerki regime.
The government’s ministry of information was dead for at least one day, November 12 as a result of three Air Force Pilots’ defection to Saudi Arabia, something that can only take place in unique Eritrea. The ministry’s shut-off coincided with the day of the recent defection: both events took place on November 12: your guess is as good as mine but I think the government shut off the media in order not to inform the Eritrean people about the event without realizing that it also shut itself off concurrently. They don’t even understand that the world is too technologically interconnected to censor information through this ancient means of censorship needless to say that there was no government to run Eritrea at least for that day. The Afwerki regime has become a victim of technology as it tries to fight it out with the ELECTRON in speed and efficiency like a cat chasing around the shadow of her tail indefinitely until it cannot do it any more.
Apartheid in Eritrea under the Afwerki regime:
In the past, I discussed that the current school system discriminates Eritrean teachers/professors (Vs foreigners) based on Dr. Sara Uqbai’s testimony (4000 after tax Naqfa (<$100) for native professors against $2600 + housing allowances for foreigners): it also does it in the military and the mining sites. As per the military, Andargachew Tsge (Ginbot 7 Chairman in comfortable life in Asmara) testifies that the Ethiopian opposition forces receive the best all inclusive accommodation from the Eritrean government compared to our army and the Sawa kids in slavery. He described the accommodation as “five star hotel level of treatment”. The pattern of apartheid and slave labor against Eritrean citizens sadly repeats in the mining sect as well.
According to “Eritrea: Report from Massawa: Copper and Terror :November 8, 2013”; “Most of the companies involved in these mining projects are from the West – mainly from Canada, Australia and UK. And most of the expertise of these companies comes, accordingly, from these three countries. But the daily laborers that make the bulk of the labor force used in these mining companies happen to be from the National Service, who are working like slaves, with inadequate food supply, medieval quarters, and no payment at all (except for the usual salary that all those who serve in national service are paid: 10 US dollars per month). In this mining work full of hazards, they are not even provided with mining clothes, safety shoes, goggles, gloves, etc. What is surprising is that the foreign workers hired by these foreign companies (Ex: Ghanaians and South Africans), and paid high salaries in US dollars, are provided with all the safety clothes required.”
The End result of the Afwerki regime
According to “Eritrea: ERITREAN TOWNS ON THE BRINK:November 13 from Asmara”; Indicative of the ever worsening economic state of affairs in Eritrea, various towns and cities in the country are quickly turning into ghost towns with hardly any noticeable presence of business activities. According to various sources, the streets of the once hustling and bustling towns of Akordat, Tessenei and Keren look as good as deserted.” The rest is history!!


Review overview
  • Meretse Asmelash November 22, 2013

    Dear Fetsum,
    I thank you for writing such timely and honest article. I believe you have hit the nail on its head; and most importantly about Wedi Vaccaro’s Initiative. Now, before I go further allow me to state a few words about him. When Wedi Vacarro came to the US I had a chance to attend his very first public meeting. Many of us were wondered who exactly this guy is? what is the purpose of his mission? When and why did he abandoned the regime? etc. I guess it is natural to raise such question when you intend to meet a person whom you had no prior contact. Anyway, while we were waiting for his arrival I noticed something new in the room. I knew the room and its capacity close to three decades. The room had hosted many opposition leaders and its sits were barely occupied: but not today. The room was packed with people and above all with energetic youth. When I witnessed that many people I whispered to my friend ” I think there is hope today”. In the middle of our discussion I asked him if he has a sheet of paper that can spare? Surprisingly his answer was for what? I said You know? He said, the guy is straight forward, he hides nothing, and… I said wow! and continued waiting for him patiently.
    There he came and after brief introduction he surprised everyone of us. In my life I have attended so many meetings, but i have never met a person who starts with his self criticism (when it comes to Eritrean politics.)
    Wedi Vaccaro said, I for one as well as many of my colleagues were dead wrong to support IA. For years we knew his wrong doings but chose not expose him. Please for give us for letting you down. This was an honest confession which caught many of us by surprise and the rest of his speech is history.
    Now let me elaborate why I raised this issue. Since Wedi Vacarro’s meeting, I have witnessed many activities which is not bad but doubtful. Many people are running from right to left or inside out with a short notice, and I for one is wondered if there are any hidden agendas. Here and there meetings are called under known and unknown logo’s with luck of transparency. For so, like what you have stated above:- we all have to be aware at this critical moment. Enough is Enough is not only against IA, but also against all odd politics.
    At the end, if I have one advice to those of you who are trying to hijack the initiative, the time has changed, and “PLEASE BE AWARE OF THE YOUTH”

    • Zeray November 22, 2013


      Thank you for the update of Wedi Vacarro’s meeting. I also attended an Interfaith night of Prayer in Los Angeles, and I witnessed what Eritreans can do if they unite. Christians and Muslims (leaders and followers) came basically and gave us a similar message that we need to humble ourselves before God (Allah) and begin to unite and listen to each other, and respect each other. It looks like this unity of what Fetsum and Wedi Vacarro are saying incorporated with people of faith can bring about justice and positive change in Eritrea.

      • Meretse Asmelash November 22, 2013

        Dear Zeray,
        Definitely. Let us just be aware of all activities and make our selves ready for the good cause.

  • fetsum abrahamt November 22, 2013

    Dear Meretse;
    It seems to me like some organized Eritreans have a problem with Vacarro’s unconditional unity initiative and I believe are trying to fail it through non transparent meetings and elections. Not this time: we need to watch out carefully and stop any subotage from the organized groups within the resistance to succeed. To me, this is the best opportunity so far for us to push on for unity because no other opposition force could care to meet us in the future.

    • Meretse Asmelash November 22, 2013

      Dear Fetsum,
      You read my mind. yes! this time is Eritrea’s time. This time is its people’s time. This time is time of all who wishes Eritrea to be Free at last and no worries who shall be the leader? As long as we have a free country our first leader (president) will be our “constitution”. Thank you for encouraging comments.

      Note: For those of you who read or will read my posted comments I would like to make the following correction. When I say the rest of it is history what is meant is: it is important information.
      Second, please drop the word his the one before ……self criticism

  • Ghenet November 22, 2013

    Warmest greetings to you Fetsum,
    Glad to hear from you again, after a few days, silence.
    Yes it is time to try not only to unite but to discuss and come up with a few capable and eloquent Eritreans who can be our mouth and mind.
    Things are moving fast, and our movement is not ripe and cooked enough to lead Eritrea. It is high time we start looking for the wise, patient, eloquent and knowledgeable men and women who would act and sit in diplomatic circles on our behalf.
    As much as it delights me, sometimes when I think of the speed the dictatorial regime is going down, it scares me too. Everyone should be ready and we need to organize ourselves.
    Thank you Fetsum!
    Please let us keep in touch on Facebook

    • fetsum abraham November 22, 2013

      Sear Ghenni;
      I am having constant problems with my mailing stuff and switching here and there to just drop an article at Assenna. I miss u very much my dear but I am functioning at minimum capacity, the reason I can not produce as much as in the past. I have to go to the public library to send my articles and sometimes with difficulty. I have no idea what is happening beyond the fact that my computers have been hacked several times to the extent it is affecting my life terribly. But it is ok for now and nice to hear from u

      • MightyEmbasoyra November 22, 2013

        I would recommend you to use chromebooks, there might be a way to know who is hacking you (first thing to do is don’t provide your new email address to the public)

        • MightyEmbasoyra November 22, 2013

          forgot to add one item: Use google docs and share them with Assenna or any other, rather than emailing them your articles.

  • eritreanmilitary movement November 23, 2013

    to all eritreans inside and out side Eritrea!
    From the Eritrea military movement
    the Eritrean military movement would like to announce to all of you that the military has started operation and other wing has been established ,this is the Eritrean revolutionary movement.
    the Eritrean revolutionary movement along with side of the eritrean military movement will soon operate protests in Eritrea and demonstrations in every corner of the world.all Eritrean citizens and opposition political organizations of Eritrea should be participated .the coordination of the military movement and the civil revolutionary movement will overthrow the dictator.The detailed action plan of the operation will be publisized soon!
    death for the dictator
    victory for the people

  • Truly Truly i say to you November 24, 2013

    Dear citizens, ladies and gentlemen! you may think up to now Isayas is sitting in power, by his own might or by the support he gains from his blind supporters. This is absolute nonsense! you really all didn´t understand where it lies the key role for his power survival or dismissal. Believe or not like in my past comment i told you, almost all nations this world except fews may be like China, Rasia,N.Korea may Belorussia and might other fews, otherwise almost all rest are under another mighty nation power control. So Dr. Tewolde (Wedi, vacaro)if he wise, he has to understand, alone to gain symphony and supportance from citizens it might help a little , but never will lead to have a complite sucsess, unless he be supported by mighty nation like US or UK Politically.
    Another fact which i like to mention without fear to who ever might this world , or any hunter if be is this; because since my life is not worthier than those 365 perished innocent citizens in Lampadusa and many others, as a Christian and beliver i have obligation i openly lto criticize the nations or mining company officials for they collaborating and strengthening the Mafia regime systematical. Please what a mockery of justice is that in one side to sanction the nation, but other side to deal business with illegal self elect terrorist mafia regime? Really no healthy mind will accept this mockery! So if i got chance to meae Mr. Cliff T Davis, Mr Mike Hopply of Nevsun Canadian mining officials, i will ask them the business they doing to stop with Mafia regime, until we able to establish by our public elect accountable government, which can abide and respect to Rule of Law and ready to rule our poor citizens by the Rule of Law.
    Why are we fearing for life short and kept from telling the truth to anybody might or power this world? As about me thanks my God and Lord Jesus Christ he set me free from any kind of fear. even it be death will come by today, for the sake of truth i have to hung my own cross like my Lord teaches me, Hallelujah! “If anyone wants to come with me, he must forget himself, carry his cross, and follow me. (Matthew 16; 24)
    So we should not to stay passive since all our mine systematically seen goes stolen. Didn´t colonizers first after they tie any countries strong man (like our wicked president) first are they plundering any house be you call it Gold, diamond copper or whatever? This i said it not because i am against of fair business, but what i see going upon in my nation and helpless poor people is absolute inhuman, and unfair. This is why i appeal the Canada, Australia and other nations to stop they doing business with our mafia regime. This and alike reasons are i believe a key point, which can keep the wicked dictator and his regime to stay in power. Sorry!I may formulate it in my poor English but i believe it is truth.
    Lord Jesus says; “Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot the soul; rather be afraid of God,who can destroy both body and soul in hell.( Matthew 10; 28)

  • Truly Truly i say to you November 24, 2013

    Please read these by mistake writen two words
    in first paragraph i meant “sympathy” not “symphony.”
    In second paragraph i meant; “if i meet, not” if i meae.)

  • Negga Yosif November 24, 2013

    Truly, You are right,
    Absolutely I agree with your opinion.

  • Negga Yosif November 24, 2013

    Absolutely I agree with your opinion.

  • Jaber November 25, 2013

    truly truly,

    As your nick is name, your opinion are true! God bless you for being honest! There nothing better than being honesty, sympathy, and love to fellow brothers. Than you so much!

  • Jaber November 25, 2013

    Thank you Dr. Futsum! God bless you!