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Fetsum: Dialogue with Rezen

Fetsum: Dialogue with Rezen As you know, I have been working on two projects simultaneously, the reason I was pumping articles in alternation. The forum has been busy and a little more philosophical as a result

Fetsum: Dialogue with Rezen
As you know, I have been working on two projects simultaneously, the reason I was pumping articles in alternation. The forum has been busy and a little more philosophical as a result of Rezen’s involvement and I welcome this development because it will make us stronger upstairs. I confess that I have a problem going toe to toe with the detail oriented and fearless philosopher called Rezen who will neither go away nor be satisfied easily. We cannot chase him away with sticks in the hand nor can we demand intervention from the State to neutralize him. I had to create a dedicated interactive media between us to confront the challenge in the ground.
In other words I am in double trouble! Please enjoy the articles under “Dialogue with Rezen” and let us together build it for whatever it may produce in the way. I expect this forum to go in parallel with the other subject matters being discussed and make sure you understand this so that you don’t get confused. Beware that we believe in independent mindedness and practice here in this forum.
Warning to narrow-mined Eritreans: Please stay away from this forum if you are very sensitive about the Eritrean reality because you will be disappointed. There is no restriction or SIKIFTA in this forum; just saying it without modification as soon as the mind completes processes it.
Rezen: “No one knows Eritreans more than Issayas Afewerki Abraham. He can dissect the Eritrean psyche, including that of the Intellectuals who admired him; and he returned the gesture with contempt and hatred. It is a culmination of childhood experience coupled with a trait for attentive observation, natural shrewdness, reclusiveness and not trusting a soul, amazing capability for memory and above all characteristic of revenge and hatefulness. The rest is left for the highly educated Eritrean scholars, carriers of Doctor of Philosophy distinction, to research, to dissect and to produce books for the benefit, not for the current lost generation but, for future generations (in whatever form or shape Eritrea may wound-up to be at that time [1990 or late 1989] stand[ing] to be corrected.”
Comment: Most of us including the educated respected and admired that guy during the struggle and up to a little after independence. It is easier to say that he messed up too much spoiling the opportunity and love we gave him to lead us normally. His deep knowledge of the society should have helped him help us better through democratic values without risking his power for as long as he wants.
Question: Was this guy an enemy from the moment he joined the struggle or got twisted in the process to end up being what he is? Did he join the struggle with honest desire to liberate the country or he did it to ultimately become its leader for life?  I don’t think we can precisely answer these questions but do you consider that guy intelligent for using his knowledge of the society for adversely manipulating it at will or an idiot for losing the best opportunity, making a difference in society?
Rezen: “Twenty-four years late: Now, in 2014, Eritreans are still talking about “oppositions” whose precise numbers are still unknown like yesteryears, this time reaching somewhere in the order of thirty-forty and numerous civic groups. What was the proverb about a coward having ‘ten sticks’??? Anyway, to make the thing still “laughable”, the “oppositions” are even hollow in their structure – with no road map, no vision, no constitution, no working organizations….. Some time ago, there was an instance where one “opposition party” consisted of only one person and spouse! Anything can happen in ‘liberated’ Eritrea
Me: Having so many opposition and civic groups in the resistance without any substantial difference in political vision (they don’t have this) and all of them claiming to fight for democracy should certainly tell something about the society’s cultural orientation that I cannot academically play around with significant intellectual confidence. I think few symptoms (rigidity, hilik, seb mikilal, denial, destructive sikifta, image seeking, fear, inferiority complex cover-up, etc) support the hypothesis on the table. We grew up believing we were this and that to find that we were that and this.
Question: Is the collective problem of the society reflected through the questionable/shaky and divided forces a derivative of our authentic cultural values or something adopted by the two liberation fronts in the journey for independence and transmitted to the generations born into, within the life span or time-frame of the struggle? Have we always been like this or we became it as a consequence of the struggle overall?
Rezen: “So far, for all practical purposes, the result of [fetsum’s] examination (unsurprisingly) is nil. Eritrean “oppositions”: a) just simply sprout, one day, by a few people or individuals for personal ambition; b) get together without adequate preparation; c) talk without established agenda; d) form a committee to prepare documentation for the future, which for all practical purposes is empty; and e) once again, they meet, preferably, in an ‘enemy’ country like Ethiopia and the roulette keeps on rotating until the mechanism stops by external force. – as always. And so, a semblance of tranquility reins in the country, with the “inherent problem” still intact but recessed for another Time. “
Comment: One of my personal experiences from Amiche background asserts that some (I am saying some) home breaded Eritreans do not have the skill of completing a discussion successfully ether way. They seem to interrupt the flow of very important discussions with shallow projections. Someone from outside can easily interrupt a very serious group discussion. He can easily divert their attention with something nonsensical and get them carried away with no intention to come back finishing what was going on (may be they forget it). They laugh easily deviating from important on-going discussions. One asks a question and gets lost in the middle of the answer by minute and useless external interference never to get back to hear it in full. They get excited and diverted easily. They also have a problem getting the catch and missing the most important part of an event, article or discussion rather concentrating on the basic or superficial elements of the same. They cannot visualize far when acting and they practically contradict their objectives wasting resources and time unnecessarily. They also think appreciating and encouraging talented and committed individuals as a weakness for strange reasons I cannot understand. I think they have a serious inferiority complex that they try to cover up by looking good or better. They personalize things too much and cannot see between the lines or think critically. All these traits contribute to the opposition forces’ shallowness as you characterized them from (a – e) in your input, needless to say that they get emotional for no good reason.
Question: do you think we need a cultural revolution to normalize the problems in discussion (which I do)? Do you think we Eritreans are traumatized people as a result of all the problems we went through and specifically because of our current situation (extreme offense from our family members in the regime) (which I do)? Is the Eritrean momentum to build and live peacefully that was disturbed by this regime reversible to its previous form (up to early nineties) OR will Eritreans love their country as much as they loved it in the past before that guy messed up to this extent of disappointment?
Rezen: “Qualification: In an endeavor to understand the bizarre nature of Eritrean psyche one would also be tempted to question the depth of knowledge and experience of Eritreans in the field of modern political organization and international relationship. From what we have seen so far – and this is attested by the preliminary findings of Fetsum – the stature of individuals in national as well as in international political arena is woefully lacking – putting it in a kinder stance.
It is liberally estimated that there are about three hundred Eritreans of extremely high educational caliber in the world, holding important posts in world-wide institutions on various professional careers. In connection with the present peaceful time struggle in Eritrea, there are many professional associations: notably the association of lawyers; the association of journalists; and glaringly the exclusive association of Eritrean Intellectuals at the top. These are the top notch of the Eritrean society. Against this background one expects active interactions and open results for the benefit of the Eritrean people. Most of all, from such caliber of intellectuals one would expect a recognition and appreciation of the Eritrean problem in the international forum. Alas! There is nothing of that nature. What happened? Is there something fundamentally hollow in their years and years of education in Ivy League universities around the world? Is there inherent problem that hinders any cooperation and understanding among them for a common interest of the nation? Shouldn’t the scholars be the vanguard of the country and help to educate and lead the population to enlightenment, freedom and prosperity? What happened? It is truly frightening to contemplate farther on the possible cause for the complete failure of the Eritrean IntellectualsBy the way, if it is any consolation [and there are honest souls hungry for ‘consolation’], it is not a new phenomenon in the African Continent. And Eritrea is not an exception – though, to its detriment, artificial superiority complex was touted around for so long that Eritreans started to actually believing it! What a tragedy!”
Question: Scary indeed! There is no doubt in my mind that our intellectuals have been extremely weak in this resistance compared to the noble contribution they did during the struggle. We have not seen their intellectual confidence on the open yet like we did then, and they have so far passively tolerated the Eritrean situation from distance. I can understand exhaustion, rejection from the indoctrinated mass till this point of awareness, etc. as causes of their insignificant role in the current Eritrean dynamics, but why were they afraid to speak out their mind this long into the disaster? Why are they still slow reacting to the call of the people where the regime is about to fall by itself, leaving a dangerous void in the immediate future of the country for the greedy and unqualified groups to fill without check and balance? Is it intellectual confidence or personal issues, what is it?
Rezen: “It was witnessed, these highly educated segment of the society who have gone through the alpha-omega of human history were simply blinded (or deliberately?) by the euphoria of the arrival of a charming dictator — for their own benefit. They were never critical to what they saw and heard, though they were capable and had the instrument to do so. Or were they really capable? To fathom the implication of this question is frightening! Either way, they failed their people – and still continue to give blind eye and deaf ear to their down-trodden compatriots. Only their conscious would be their judge – apart from history.” You are welcome to beef-up your earlier articulation though this may serve a partial answer to my question for now.
Comment: Clearly, this president has had a hobby of humiliating the intellectuals since the let go. This president had the gut appointing Sebhat Efrem to run the ministry of health in post-independent Eritrea on top of his Chief of Staff position in the presence of over 25 medical Doctors within the EPLF. He has the gut paying our qualified Professors in Eritrean “colleges” $100/month compared to the $2600 + $100 monthly allowance he pays the uncertified teachers from India (Professor Sara Uqbai’s testimony). He has done everything to disqualify and humiliate the educated portion of the society. Further, the regime is known for only taking without giving anything in return.
Question: Where is the “for their own benefit” stuff you mentioned as one of the reasons for this staggering intellectual mental stagnation? Where is the beef here (said benefit) that stops this class from playing its role in the society? What do they get from the regime in exchange to their quietism? Is this really the reason for their silence or there is a problem with their intellectual capacity and confidence: is “personal benefit” a cover up for intellectual incapacity considering it (personal benefit) does not exist in the books of Afwerkism (never gives)?
Rezen: “Here is what a renowned Eritrean Professor wrote in his article:
“I believe the Eritrean people expect Eritrean scholars to objectively and critically assess the ills of the nation and offer bold and constructive suggestions for the good of their country and the Eritrean people. Eritrean scholars should assume this responsibility as their national duty and indeed as their obligation. I also believe Eritrean scholars should not give a deaf ear and a blind eye to the suffering of their people. They should have the moral courage and intellectual integrity to speak on behalf of the voiceless and the oppressed.”
Comment: Interesting quote and correct but I did not find it to be assertive enough to shake the napping intellectuals around. We cannot continue patronizing them with soft words as such when the society is dropping down rock bottom each minute in the go. The least we can do is at least bitterly express our disappointment but again I think I am getting emotional and better stop here before I cross the line! It’s tragic indeed!
Rezen: “Sociological diseases: It is very hard for Eritreans to face the reality of their psyche i.e. their propensity to lock their minds in trivial and parochial matters – even if it means the total destruction of the country that they claim to love and cherish as exemplified by the horrendous sacrifices made in a 30-year war that produced nothing to the people of Eritrea, except destruction and misery. This is a fact. The three most debilitating cancerous diseases in Eritrea for time immemorial are: Religion, Provincialism and Racism. Eritrea has no enemy, except itself. Eritreans, who know better, may believe that once the beloved hero of yesterday – and enemy number one of today — is gone, Eritrea would be cleansed and transformed into earthly paradise with the population living in brotherhood, love and tranquility! May the good Lord or Alah have mercy upon Eritrea! “
Comment: That guy is not the only problem of the society and in fact he is temporary, needless to say that he is part of the society that has a fundamental problem. Lack of education allows the selfish, immoral and destructive elements of the society to personally benefit using the diseases you mentioned in the input. These enemies cannot be left alone to blander the country after this regime and I believe here is where the intellectuals can help designing something concrete in unison, yet in vain!
Question: Do you think the intellectuals’ failure of designing a transitional formula was caused by lack of interest and motivation or by intellectual incapacity?
Rezen: “Postscript to Fetsum: Thank you, Fetsum, for your sincere interest and undertaking on the subject matter. It is a mammoth task. Whether or not you succeed in producing well-researched and credible reference document on this specific subject [i.e. characteristic of Eritrean political opposition groups] you will always have the satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best to a worthwhile cause. That would be your greatest gift.”
Comment: I appreciate your love very much and I thank you for sharing your knowledge in such an impacting manner. Like you said, I benefit spiritually doing what I am doing but I must tell you frankly that I am very disappointed by the impotent intellectuals that so failed to contribute even at the participation level of the traumatized Eritrean refugees everywhere. It is a hard pill to swallow that sometimes makes me wish I was a home breaded Eritrean instead of an Amiche: I think I would have understood the situation better for me to let it go without resentment. Again, thank you.
Rezen: Subject: The opposition camp under examination IIIB, 17 march 2014
Rezen:”Liberation movements versus Democracy.
Liberation movements, with their subsequent off-spring opposition groups, are simply antagonistic to democratic system. In short, there is no such a thing as liberation movement turning into democratic institution, once they hold power. The proliferation of oppositions groups [off-springs of the liberation movement] is a natural consequence of struggling for power – definitely, not for the benefit of the hapless societies.”
Comment: You are absolutely right: the product of liberation movements has always been dictatorship. But I wonder if we need a liberation movement to liberate Badme: The ELF, I think can aim at that as an excuse to keep the name except that Badme is only retrievable through dialog because it is already liberated. I am just scavenging for anything that may justify the cause of our brothers and sisters in the ELF Party. Dear Fetsum, I beg you to stay away from mathematical formulation or analysis in the field of socio-political matters. In wouldn’t want you to wind-up in the Sahara Desert, all by yourself. Smile!”
Comment: I think everything is mathematically related no matter how complex. Don’t you think landing at the Sahara is better than ending up in Chechnya boarding on that መርከብ considering “ደምበ ተቓውሞ፡ ጉዕዞ መርከብ ብዘይ ኮምፓስ?” You can at least see Eritrea better with a fine-tuned telescope from the Sahara rather than from ChechnyaJ.

Review overview
  • babu March 21, 2014

    Iremember one ritrean woman who wrote an article titeled “from writing to action”.she had momentous and right observation.Theories whitout practice are as policies which are not implemented.
    Again your theories from behind the keyboard are consolidatsd just domestically within the eritrean society sometimes cousing differences becouse again if theories do not show results its doomed to result frustration.


    As intelectual why not try to outreach the international community,try to write in foregn media outlets to tell the world what is happening in Eritrea and what should be done.

    Needless to mention the our intellectuals are dormant why not try to search and reach influentiel non Eritrean world politicians/intellectuals which can make change.At present a country by the name Eritrea is almost none existent diplomatically thanks to Hidef andthe so called opposition.

    Brother let us think bigger specially those of you who are intellectuals or free mind thinkers.

    Once upon a time you quoted “the free mind would not allow one to be agoistic unless spiritually dead”

    In this case what is your idea on reinforcing,helping or even joining those brave brothers who decided to pick arms and fight.

    • rezen March 24, 2014

      Genet-original, I hope you would not be excessively disappointed with my (what Ahmed Saleh call) Train. Let us have a little fun in our dialogue. As the saying goes: Smile ! and the world will smile with you.

  • Genet-orginal March 21, 2014

    Dear Fetsum
    Is Rezen restricted to only breinging, the root of our current problems out in the open? I think he is brilliant! Not only has a superiior analytical mind, to top it all, he has the gut to tell Eritreans the hard truth. I appreciate his steadfastness in telling the truth. He is so direct in describing how we got where we are, he commands attention from his readers. Having said that, I admit, sometimes his message makes me feel so worthless and I want curled up in a fetal position and die. But I don’t. I go on in life. Hoping one day, I will be given the opportunity to serve my conutry and my people, with my full capacity like everyone else. I ask Rezen to lend a hand to Eritreans how to get out of the mess we are in. Since we know how we got here, we need to know how to get out of it. I am sure he has some ideas he can lend us. His message should not be like they say, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” I say, lend us a hand. I want Rezen to think about the Eritrean generations born in 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. This age groups are the victims. Definitely, this age groups’s destiny had been predetermined by the previous generations. By no means, I am not suggesting Rezen should change his truth telling crusade. I am just saying, lend a hand brother how we can solve our problems. Lend us a hand.

    • fetsum abrahamt March 22, 2014

      Dear Genet;
      Theoretical knowledge of something is waste of the mind unless converted to practice. Rezen would be useless and mere philosopher without practically completing his thesis in the Eritrean society. Let the brains storm for now and we will get something concrete out of here at a point ion the motion. remember that your involvement is important for this to happen. The opportunity has arrived and it is up to us to collect dynamic Eritrean minds and have it collectively focused on the real Eritrean issues. Never feel bad about us and it is not that hopeless at all. We can together change the whole thing and you should have the confidence on yourself.
      This particular forum will challenge the intellectuals without any hesitation and let us go do it!
      You have asked a good question and we will wait how Rezen deals with it. Thank you for fueling the flow of this intellectual engagement.

    • rezen March 24, 2014

      Fetsum, Now you are calling me just “mere philosopher” >>> you really deflated my ego, but I deserve it. As if that was not enough, you even advised Genet to be patient and see “how Resen deals with it”. Oh Good Lord – Fetsum, you are heading to a big disappointment. It is very good that I wouldn’t be facing your penetrating eyes. You see, Genet, that is the advantage of being synonymous. I just simply hide forever. Ok, good people, I have done my best – it will be posted today.

      • fetsum abrahamt March 24, 2014

        Dear rezen;
        I am responding ahead of reading your response which will take me a little time to respond. But don’t you think failing to be practical would make both of us useless in a way? I don’t see any reason for why we can not come up with a formula for transiting our society to democracy. I hope we will do this at the end of the day because we have the capacity and the confidence to do it. Once again thank you for your involvement and give me time to respond but I promise you neither I nor the forum will leave you alone from now on: enjoy the predicament or may be the destiny my brother. Now I will go read your mind as careful as I can and have a great time till the next contact!!

      • rezen March 24, 2014

        Dear Fetsum,

        I would very much like you to keep the following truly amazing 25-words of yours for ever:

        “I promise you neither I nor the forum will leave you alone from now on: enjoy the predicament or may be the destiny my brother.”

        • fetsum abrahamt March 25, 2014

          Why were the 25-words amazing to you, a person that has a hard time enjoying intellectual satisfaction easily, needless to say a very eloquent communicator?

      • Genet-orginal March 24, 2014

        I hope you know by now, most Assenna readrs are not overly concerned about the identity of any writer, rather his/her messages. As long as your message is consistent, you can hide forever and have fun!

  • rezen March 21, 2014

    THIS IS NOT A REPLY TO FETSUM and to the generous comment by GENET-ORIGIONAL, to which I hope to respond as soon as I recover from my emotional sentiment!

    Greetings Meretse,
    This is in response to your commentary on Fetsum’s Article indicated below. [He is determined to exhaust us!!!]

    Subject: Fetsum: Eritrean opposition forces under examination III, 12 March 2014
    Commentary, 21 March 2014

    Dear Meretse,
    I owe you an apology for the late response, but something is better than nothing. Your comment, in my own thinking, triggered so many interesting subjects – so many in fact that I cannot cover them all here but only in bits and pieces as we go along. Still, one gem of a point that you wrote in your commentary is worth a million. Here it is: your freedom of expression & feeling that you “decided not to compromise, minimize, marginalized, hide …” I salute you.! If only 0.2 % [pure guess] of Eritreans would visibly vow on it, deep from their souls!!!

    1. The 1990 Los Angeles Meeting with Issayas Afewerki Abraham

    In my mind, the Los Angeles meeting of 1990 [BEFORE declaration of “independence”] is very important. It was a clear mirror of what was coming. But sadly, Eritreans, as usual, were not willing to see what was on the mirror and face reality. For some psychological phenomenon, they prefer to deny reality. But to be fair, it is a complex matter than a simple denial of reality. There are segments in the country that cling to their age-old dream so strongly that they prefer to accommodate the Devil, AT ANY COST!!!. Eritrea has a deep problem.

    Anyway, after I wrote my commentary on the LA meeting, I had conversation with other knowledgeable people who were present at that meeting, like you Meretse. In short, they were disappointed and angry at the way and manner that Issayas had displayed and took the crowed for granted. I was taken aback by the intensity of their anger, even after 24 years of elapsed time. Obviously, it is safe to imagine that there were others too. One wonders as to the number of the silent participants at that grand meeting hall. That is a door-opening question. Definitely, they were not in the majority? OR WERE THEY? Eritrea is full of surprises! This is a shocking question. The implication is devastating. If we follow this line of argument, it is tantamount to saying the entire meeting hall was simply paralyzed in fear by the personality of one mortal human being!!! This is shocking in view of the fact that the meeting was held in a safe country – the United States of America — with all the security for freedom of expression intact, and law and order guaranteed; and freedom to walk away from any meeting. How is it possible for such behaviour to rein even BEFORE the dictator was securely and physically placed in Eritrea and captured the entire people’s mind and spirit? There is something psychologically wrong here.

    No doubt, Eritrean Scholars of the highest caliber were present at that meeting. One imagines, with utmost disbelief, that they too were going along with the crowed, mesmerized by the charming leader, as if sent by heaven! One could even imagine them pushing each other for a way to touch the leader and perhaps get a smile of recognition from the heaven-sent messiah of Eritrea. Or were they terrified, like any commoner, to express their refined-educated-logical opinion – though they were in a free country? Why were they afraid to challenge a simple human being who, even to some, could have been their first year university student somewhere in an “enemy” country. It is bizarre! But then it is not so strange in Africa with educated Africans – and Eritreans are Africans (aren’t they?}

    Yes, the Los Angeles meeting was a perfect mirror of what was in store for innocent Eritreans who have already sacrificed their dear sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, close and distant relatives ….. in the order of three-hundred thousand souls — in a 30-year destructive war which was instigated (for ulterior motives) by antagonistic factions stretching from Cairo, Egypt to Aala, Eritrea. Eritreans, with their eyes wide open, found themselves holding a destroyed country and misery than ever before. They cheered and declared “mission accomplished” with pride and glory for a meaningless imaginary “independence”, which in turn hoped to beget freedom, liberty, equality, prosperity and the pursuit of happiness to all Eritreans! Oh! Lord, bless Eritrea. But what a cruel disappointment! Issayas Afewerki Abraham, self-anointed President of Independent Eritrea, made it clear in a practical way: ‘do you expect me to slaughter a sheep for you every day? No! Mr. President. But an ounce of magnanimity and respect, for innocent noble people who followed you through thick and thin, would have been humane. Will Eritreans ever learn from the past? No! Read the next paragraph that I never tire to write about and recite to friends (when they are not tired of my trite song!)

    2. Sociological parochial diseases
    In the absence of guidance from the educated sector, the “Eritrean” society [inside the country and abroad] would still cling to the old parochial debilitating cancerous diseases: Religion, Provincialism, and Racism. Immediate denial to such a verdict is of course rampant and expected. Eritreans do not wish to admit and face their problems. And, needless to add, the intellectual elites wouldn’t step on the plate to educate, to guide, to advice the population at large (blame it on the African malaise).
    And so, the roulette goes on, and on, and on rotating until an external mechanism interrupts the circular motion. Alas! as always, that is when Eritrea finds peace with itself [bizarre!], leaving the intricacy of the mechanism to others! What a TRAGEDY!
    The End

    Post script
    Please continue with your insightful poems. You, and others like you, are custodians of your heritage, culture and civilization. I have a “beef” with respect to the shameful and irresponsible neglect of a national sociological treasure. It is the ultimate shame that no Eritrean Scholars of the highest educational caliber consider the Tigrinya written language, with its full grammar, important enough to warrant defending and developing indigenous formal educational system, all the way up to university level [please, don’t laugh] whereby the Eritrean child would grow up to appreciate his/her culture, language and civilization. I hasten to add, this does not mean denigrating the western education system. What I am saying is this: How many Ph D carriers can comfortably conduct written communication in their own language Tigrinya on a daily basis in a formal environment? How many can produce meaningful and readable literature in Tigrinya? How many have the ability and farsightedness to reconcile their ancestor’s wisdom and way of life with the present diversified civilization? How many of them can communicate and relate with the ordinary general public in rural villages and towns in their own language and way of Life? Are we seeing the extinction of ………………never mind!

    • Meretse Asmelash March 23, 2014

      Dear rezen,
      Thank you for your kind words. Since your moral words are more than enough for me I’m sure you would not mind sharing them with other brothers and sisters. After I read your comments I should been respond to you on time, but you know it is: “the work stupid”.
      Brother rezen,
      So many great brothers and sisters like you had spent a great deal of time and energy telling the public it is, indeed, heading to the cliff. in return, what they got form the public was calling names (some they deserve but most they don’t) Ironically that includes ((the name calling)) the so called intellectuals or PhD carriers). It is unfortunate people are hiding from the truth of our wholeness.
      Now a days, some p if not many people are trying to blame only isseyas when in reality it is untrue. Of course, Isseyas was wrong form day one, but so does the majority of the public. When Isseyas said, my number one enemy is you or part of you people jolted, laughed, applauded, accepted it without asking how and why? Hence, Isseyas’ belief, prophecies, predictions, fallacies, myth, was taken as is, as the best tool (tools) for the road to the independence and . What was hidden from the public during the ghedli era the ghedi was only for independence but no freedom. Knowingly or the opposite people accepted the norm including the so called intellectuals.
      But, since life is only hope, I hope these days all of us would come to recognize that the time fighting against ourselves is over:- ” Life without change is by no means not life”.
      Dear rezen,
      Now, it is up to pragmatic people like you to encourage and tell everyone of us to stop something we have been doing (following blindly) for a decades and consider the right choice. Please continue to write in any form and share your great wisdom with us.

      Before I say have a good day I want to leave you the following sort and true story.
      During the ghedli days the public had two owners. The two owners were ELF and EPLF.
      When it comes to public relationship both organizations had trained cadres. The main task of those cadres was to hold public meetings as much as they could and win the hearts and minds of the people. They have to do this tirelessly specially in areas where they think there are more sympathizers for the other group. Some of them were kind, generous, respectful, ready to listen to the peoples feed back while others were the opposite. At times people were asked to attend two times a day. This is what happened to to the residence of the small town of X. In the morning a cadre(member of ELF) asked everyone to show up to his meeting. After all People had little choice to refuse so they did show up. After passed his routine information he asked the crowd if anyone has a question? One priest raised his hand and asked the cadre if he could allow to tell a short story. The cadre said, go on.
      My good son, once upon a time there was a poor man who had two sons and a cow. When he got sick he offered his only cow to his two sons. Unfortunately, the two brothers were always at odds. They never get along. Anyway, one night the cow lost and it was almost eaten by hungry hyenas before one of the brothers came and rescue it. Thanks to God the cow is saved. Now my good son, tell me to whom do you think the cow belongs? The young cadre responded: whether the cow is alive or dead it still belongs to both brothers. The priest thanked him for his answer and no further questions were asked.
      In the same day (afternoon) the same people were asked again to show up for a meeting again (this time by EPLF) cadre. He too said whatever he wanted to say and at last he asked if anyone has any question. The same priest stood and presented the story to the EPLF cadre and his couple comrades . The cares’ response to the same question was: The “COW” should belong to the one who saved it. when the priest heard his answer he stood up immediately and asked to be excused. The cadre refused. Then another elderly man stood and he told the cadre and his comrades: you guys are in the wrong direction. Nsukum qetefti Ekum. Eta melsi Nigho rekibnaya Alona. Higi keAa Ezi Keshi ykid gezu ghidefwo. The young cadre was so mad and he gave his command both these two men to go to jail. The rest is history.
      When I tell this story please all readers don’t get me wrong, for I’m not trying to say that organization was better than that. For me both are history now. Simply, my message is these guys had only one dream a dream of power that was not intended to be shared by other brothers and sisters. Today, the cow that belongs to everyone of us is in their hands, and it is up to us taking it back.
      Again, thank you for your encouragement; and I promise I will continue writing poems.

      • rezen March 24, 2014

        Ahmed Saleh,You have good observation with respect to intellectuals and students/workers. Please let us keep the exchange – with healthy criticism. The “train”, as you call it, will be moving in a few hours – accuracy is not its trait, yet!!! Anyway, hop in and see if it has any content and cleanliness. Smile.

  • ahmed saleh March 21, 2014

    You started with saying this is not in response to Futzum . Now the train stops there .
    We should respect the notion of agree to disagree principle . By the way majority Eritreans so called intellectuals never showed courage to exercise their power of knowledge at social affairs (community) or national level . In hectic situations humans expect outside help . It is normal reaction for our people to seek guide from highly educated individuals . But I doubt if it is practical to happen . In history of
    revolutions around the world the main participants consist of young generation ( students ) and labor force (workers).

  • Dawit Meconen March 21, 2014

    Genuine Eritreans,

    Rezen and many others, males and females, are pen names of the same person, Fetsum, who is a fixture here at Asena just like Yesief Gebrehiwet is at Asmerino website. Their duty is to work towards plunging the distressed Eritrean youth into the abyss of self-doubt and to abdicate their Eritrean Nationalism. Of course, this is a game of the chicken and sooner or later, these woyane stooges will face the fate of their predecessors, disgraceful defeat. Of this, I am hundred percent certain because there is no one who hurts the Home of the Brave and gets away with it!!

    In this context, I like to remind you of the notorious Araia Belai, an Eritrean born, raised and educated, but sworn Enemy of Eritrea, agent of Ethiopia. Just like these woyane fixtures, Fetsum and Yesief Gebrehiwet, Araia Belai was fixed at Radio Asmera charged with the responsibility of propaganda to alienate Eritrean youth from the Liberation movements. The result: he lost, and the Eritreans won. This is the fate that awaits Futsum and his likes.

    Given the extent of his ceaseless writing here on Asena, one would wonder if at all he has time to do other things, such as earning money for necessities, taking care of children etc. If those responsibilities were on his shoulder, he would have died of starvation and sickness long time ago.

    The fact that he is doing what he is doing with breath taking continuity must be because of the following:

    1. Villain Woyane pays for his entire expense

    2. He is one of a group of writers Villain Woyane has set up .

    There is no doubt he is a member of the EGS, a branch of EDA,of which he openly admitted, although he lied that attended their conference through their invitation. The goal of EDA is to disintegrate Eritrea piecemeal through ethnic referendum. This underlies the reason he opposes Eritreans who subscribe for Eritreans by Eritreans.

    Genuine Eritreans,

    Fetsum is underground torpedo waiting for the right time to unload his bomb on Eritrea. You must reject him!!!!!!!!!

    • fetsum abrahamt March 22, 2014

      About Dawit Meconnen or Bible MacEnroe
      Once upon a time in this forum:in response to one of my articles;
      Dawit Meconnen: “Can’t you see his nature [Aferki’s], treacherous, killer, unjust, vindictive, all typical of Tigrawai, but alien to that of the genuine Eritrean…?”
      Zebib: “Dawit M., This above statement is extremely fascistic and dangerous. You cannot and should not consider one ethnic group absolutely evil and another one absolutely good. You must have a serious problem (PERSONAL) that is driving you to make such extremely unacceptable Nazistic statements. Your statement is tantamount to upholding the great tragedy that happened in our days between the Hutus and Tutsies of Rwanda. You cannot continue to live with this baggage of pure hatred. You should seek help for your own and your family’s sake. There is no other person in the cyber fora with a distinct hatred baggage of an entire region like Tigray like you and it goes without saying that it stinks to high heaven.”
      Me: I cannot articulate my concern about this man’s emotional problem better than Zebib did. Dawit’s mentality of the Tigreans is extremely destructive and anti Eritrean and humanity at large. His fascistic political formula is a recipe for disaster and genocide that has to be rejected without any thought contemplation. Thank you Zebib for your input!
      This guy is a typical example of the down-beat and uncivilized Eritrean traits we are discussing here. He is vindictive, hasad, jealous, attention starved, adamant, arrogant, grudgy, and hateful: a sufferer of his little ego; one living life in psychological hell for the rest of it by choice! Use him as a perfect case in point for this without personalizing his poisonous mind!

    • MightyEmbasoyra March 22, 2014

      I am glad we don’t have that many people as colonel Dawit Meconen (BTW, this is Ethiopian name – nothing wrong with that but I just wanted to state it, since you Hate the whole Ethiopians). If Mr. Meconen had the power, let’s say Isayas’s position, he would destroy Eritrea in a month max. He is blaming Isayas but he is worse than him. How is a reasonable person has this kind of hatred to a whole population. Do you guys/girls think Mr. Meconen cares about Eritrea? I would say big NO. That’s not normal. This is pure sickness – worse than Isayas.
      What we need is to make our Eritrea in a better position than it is now. To make that, the first step is to make peace with your neighbours. Mr. Meconen is preaching contradicting statements but I would bet this ex or current colonel works for no one but Isayas himself. This nonsense BS statements that he jate Isayas is to fool people on this forum. Mr. Meconnen, we have too much problems and we don’t want to add additional nonsense crap of yours. We are much smarter than that. You are trying to lead us to another Badme like war, again? So, I tell you get lost or get better.

      • Genet-orginal March 23, 2014

        I am convinced, Dawit is not an Eritrean. I am not sure what his deal is.

        • fetsum abrahamt March 24, 2014

          Genet and Mighty;
          I wish you could challenge this desperate loser (Dawit) to expose where he came from. Is he Eritrean? If so, can he tell us where in Eritrea he originated from? I exposed mine but can he do that? Let me say it again: I am a 100% Eritrean fathered by an Eritrean from Hamasien and mothered by an Eritrean from Akeleguzai. I can tell the villages of my parents respectively (Adihderom and Awlietsoru). Can Bible McEnroe specify his identity right here for us to accept him as a legit Eritrean patient qualified for proper medication in the forum?

          Can he tell us the villages where his parents come from with confidence? I think the time is up for us to pressurize him exposing himself fully so that we know what we are dealing with. He could be most likely a Tigrean or Amharic (the name) but I don’t think this guy is Eritrean at all. If he is, like Mighty said he has to be working for Afwerki, yet he has to prove that he was Eritrean because we know Ethiopians work for that guy. . . Dawit, come out of your closet so we can examine your skeleton for your identity and provide you with right treatment for your disease because you are clinically sick!

          you need to tell us where you came from for us to entertain your input as something genuine and you should do this in this forum as soon as you read this message. Minus that, we are about to conclude that you were Ethiopian by origin.
          Any confident Eritrean that exposes his name in the cyber media should not have a problem specifying his origin. McEnrtoe should not have a problem doing it if he is Eritrean. Otherwise, I will take him as Ethiopian from now on. That little commonsense in his permanently damaged brain cannot deceive us and let it come out. Out of here for good otherwise: go to AIGA/Ethiozena, etc. and communicate with your people. You are a misfit here because this is an Eritrean forum and you are not welcome any longer without coming clean on your identity. Cappich?

          • MightyEmbasoyra March 24, 2014

            I agree with both Genet’s and your comment.

  • rr March 24, 2014

    You nailed it!!!!
    “One of my personal experiences from Amiche background asserts that some (I am saying some) home breaded Eritreans do not have the skill of completing a discussion successfully ether way. They seem to interrupt the flow of very important discussions with shallow projections. Someone from outside can easily interrupt a very serious group discussion. He can easily divert their attention with something nonsensical and get them carried away with no intention to come back finishing what was going on (may be they forget it). They laugh easily deviating from important on-going discussions. One asks a question and gets lost in the middle of the answer by minute and useless external interference never to get back to hear it in full. They get excited and diverted easily. They also have a problem getting the catch and missing the most important part of an event, article or discussion rather concentrating on the basic or superficial elements of the same. They cannot visualize far when acting and they practically contradict their objectives wasting resources and time unnecessarily. They also think appreciating and encouraging talented and committed individuals as a weakness for strange reasons I cannot understand. I think they have a serious inferiority complex that they try to cover up by looking good or better. They personalize things too much and cannot see between the lines or think critically. All these traits contribute to the opposition forces’ shallowness as you characterized them from (a – e) in your input, needless to say that they get emotional for no good reason.”

  • rezen March 24, 2014

    Subject: Dialogue with Rezen, 20 march 2014
    Commentary, 24 march 2014

    The Long Road Ahead

    To Fetsum: Thank you for your detailed response elevating my humble rumblings to undeserved intellectual level. You are too generous with your words. Believe me; it is well over my head. And the limelight is too glaring for my dim life. I am that simple in content and belief. But I will keep on fumbling, like any other human being, because there is NOTHING on Earth more precious than FREEDOM even to be a sincere FOOL! It is worth it. That is what is lacking in Eritrea and thus a hindrance to any attempt to forge the concept of democracy in the general population. A society which believes [and adopts as its norm] the adage that ‘anything that shines is our sun; and any ruler is our king’ is doomed to perpetual servitude, if not outright slavery. Isn’t that what we are seeing today in Eritrea?

    To Genet-Original: Thank you for your generous words. I don’t deserve them, of course. You see, for some reason, I am endowed with luck to be realistic. And I never forget who I am. But, having said all that, you deserve my admiration for your eloquent summation of your thoughts. In particular about searching for the TRUTH which contrary to making the victim “worthless” actually makes Eritreans much more stronger than ever before to forge ahead to make Eritrea a place to live in FREEDOM. Your second important point is something I strongly believe in; wrote a few times about it; and it is always in my mind: The Young Generation Eritreans. It is the saddest part of Eritrean history that the Young Generation is saddled with a dysfunctional country, tattered in poverty, and social institutions completely destroyed. Young Eritrean Generation is the custodian of future Eritrea, as it is their own Life. Nobody can take that away from them. They also have formidable task ahead to build Eritrea based on their knowledge and hopefully wisdom to learn from the past.
    Genet, you also brought a very interesting concept i.e. asking for “helping hand.” It is covered below.
    2. The Eritrean problem It is gratifying and refreshing to see growing number of individuals in the Internet Websites willing to be critical at themselves. It is a good sign. It is the very first stage towards liberation of thyself and culmination of collective FREEDOM of the society at large. It is only through acute awareness and acceptance, without reservation, of one’s problem and short-comings that salvation could be gained. There are no such things as magic wand, short cut, quick fix, and earthly miracle. Eritreans must see themselves squarely and deeply and own their weakness i.e. the adamant refusal to admit reality. Eritreans have volatile temperament that hinders their judgment! Humble reminder: If you don’t like reading this bold statement, you can instantly stop reading without going into tantrum. It is that simple. Or alternatively, you have the liberty and freedom to try to convince Eritreans that they have no problem—and that Life should go on as always!.

    So, what is the Eritrean problem? Religion (with consequential identity factor), Provincialism and Racism are the most cancerous debilitating sociological diseases that Eritrea faced for time immemorial. Eritreans wishing to scrap the problem ‘under the rug’, brings a singular example of their neighbours of different faith living next to each other in peace, friendship and respect for each other. This is pure naivety. It is important to note that Eritrea was never a nation by itself to prove its maturity. It has always been under colonial rule or administration, thus squashing the sociological animosity ‘under the carpet. Even now, in the so-called “independent Eritrea” the picture is exactly the same: Issayas Afewerki may use it to keep the country under his full control using the animosity of various factions, but would never let it go beyond his control. Example can be given of a visible religious perennial squabbling on the highland where Issayas buried it in no time. And the eternal enemies kissed each other. Issayas had a faint smile on his face knowing Eritreans about the depth of their conviction! It says a lot about Eritreans.
    3. The Issayas Factor Issayas Afewerki Abraham is now 70 years old. Nature will take its course – sooner or later. It goes without saying (but worth mentioning it) that there is no permanency in Life. And Issayas, no doubt, has his own plan for his future. Perhaps this time his previous disappearance for thirty days would be extended into years of comfortable retirement in a foreign tranquil country. Having accomplished what he set out to do, Issayas has no reason to linger around in a country where he brought it down on its knees. It reflects accomplished revenge.
    Still, even with the above scenario, there are some revealing questions: a) Can Eritreans dislodge him against his will? b) Do Eritreans have the cohesiveness; wisdom; farsightedness; and influence in international arena to do so? c) Are Diaspora Eritreans (including Intellectual elites of the highest order) have influence on Issayas’ future? d) Can there be accidental unexpected occurrence dislodging Issayas?

    Realistically, only (d) is a possibility. Though it is like expecting a prayer to materialize! By the way, a sincere question is in order on the so-called Forto 2013 attempt [1]. Who was the REAL instigator ? Smile!

    4.Helping Hand. Genet-Original in her commentary raised this concept and requested for a “helping hand” from me! It is a frightening honour apart from being impossible and unthinkable. The idea of a single person having the key to a problem of an entire nation is rather farfetched to put it mildly. But much more important to remember is that such an inclination is an open invitation to personality cult where one person is attributed as “knowing it all” and that the whole nation follows the daring and pretentious leader. We have seen it with the leadership of one man – Issayas Afewerki. Eritreans believed in him body and soul. Eritreans believed that Issayas knew what is good and bad for Eritrea. They venerated him like a saint. And they received his blessings!

    New Eritrea must completely abandon such mental prison and instead adopt an open mind with a concept of collective undertakings and ingenuity for the benefit of the nation. What is required is a common dedication from Eritreans of all walks of life, wherever they may be, to band together and offer “helping hands” from all, by all, for the benefit of all. This is the only mentality that saves Eritrea and pass on to the Young Generation.
    Let us look at an example of how collective effort can help in harmonizing mental thinking of a society for the benefit of all. Take the establishment of an Eritrean Civic Organization in a city, with clear goal, well defined activities, working organization, supporting staff, working relationship with their adopted countries etc can do a wonder in harmonizing the thinking and common objective of Eritreans in so many fields of endeavour. But first Eritreans must believe, from the depth of their souls, of the need for such organization. A little story may be useful at this point. It happened in a town hall meeting, at Cinema Capitol, Asmara, Eritrea. A dignified gentleman rose to make a comment on the subject matter of the meeting. Here is a clumsy translation of the impeccable Tigriniyia intervention. In slow and dignified manner, the gentleman made his plea to the organizer this way: “Sir, you are the scholar….you know the subject matter more than anyone else … we on the other hand–what do we know?… why don’t you just finish it off by yourself and give it to us”! It was broadcast on TV.

    Now, let us come back to our subject matter – far away from Cinema Capitol. Dear Diaspora Reader, are we saying that Diaspora Eritreans who are given the golden opportunity, by their adopted country, to witness, to participate and at least to emulate the concept of individual freedom to determine one’s life, are incapable of shaping their future? Again, let us be honest: is there one EFFECTIVE, MEANINGFUL, RECOGNIZED Civic Organization in your area? The answer to this question is a key to the concept of “Helping Hand”. If Eritreans are not harmonized enough to establish a common area of interest, then it is not worth talking about future Eritrea. In this case, we are looking into a glaring fractured Eritrea into pieces.

    5. Dr. Twelde Tesfamariam “wedi Vacaro” Confession: I do not t know him, nor his background; never met him; and I don’t meticulously scrutinize his activities/lectures etc around his global missions. But, based on my perception, I tend to give him a positive sign on what he is doing and admire his stamina. Why? First and foremost, he was willing to come forward and openly confess of the old wrongs made on the Eirtrean people. Second, he was prepared to go around the world, addressing Eritreans and revealing what his intentions are. I sincerely hope that Dr.Tesfamariam does not fall into the trap (consciously or unconsciously) of transmitting the image of personality cult – a cult that a single person knows it all. It would be a tragedy if Eritreans repeat the same insanity twice. Dr. Tesfamariam should make it sure, in all his lectures, that the future belongs to the young people of Eritrea and that he is behind them only as a catalyst and to share his knowledge and experience on a legitimate peaceful Eritrean struggle for Liberty, Freedom, Equality and unhindered Opportunity to purse Life according to one’s ability and inclination. In conjunction with that reminder, it would be worthwhile for Dr. Tesfamariam to remind his audience to establish well organized and meaningful Civic Organizations in their respective areas through which many important goals could be achieved – even with the understanding and renewed cooperation of the interdependent world. In my honest opinion, these two steps could well bestow upon Dr. Tewelde Tesfamariam “wedi Vacaro” deserved historical legacy – as well as solid ground for Eritrea’s survival.

    6. The Silence of Eritrean Scholars
    It is sad, though not surprising, that Eritrean Scholars of the highest caliber (some of them world renowned Intellectuals) could not get together for brain storming in the shaping of their birth country in its time of despair. It is their right and their choice, for their own reasons. They are FREE. In any case, such a phenomenon has been known in the African Continent since the emancipation of African countries from colonial rules. It is a strange phenomenon

    7. Summary (of the above ‘sermon’!!!)
    a) First of all, due recognition should be passed specifically onto with sincere thanks for providing Internet Space for Eritreans to communicate/debate/share ideas on subject close to their hearts;

    b) In general terms, all other “Eritrean” websites too should be recognized and commended for providing the same service regardless of their political positions. It should be kept in mind, the strength of Eritrea lies (or should lie) on the accommodation of varied ideas and sentiment. No society on earth is so tightly cohesive to exclude variations, for ‘purity’!

    c) Establish and galvanize Civic Organizations in all Eritrean communities around the Globe not only for Diaspora Eritreans’ development and close relationship with their adopted countries but also as a focal point for the development of their home country – Eritrea.

    d) Recognizing the opportunity bestowed upon Diaspora Eritreans by their adopted countries, Eritreans should endeavour – as a first priority – to concentrate on EDUCATION for their off springs and for themselves, and be ready to help the country of their origin called Eritrea. No person can save a drowning person unless he himself is a swimmer.

    e) Recognize and appreciate the struggle for liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of hapiness is indeed a long way ahead.

    [1]As a human being, I am truly delighted to read the news item that the family of Col. Ali are at last FREE to salvage their remaining precious Life in that adorable and humane country called Norway. It would be remiss of me not to admire the “Helping Hand” effort of in making it all possible.

    • Genet-orginal March 24, 2014

      Dear Rezen
      You did an excellent response. I read every lines of your points and I appreciate your thought processes, because it left me to wanting more not bored. Thank you, keep up the good work!

      P.S. When I requested for “helping hand”, I didn’t have the following characters, you in mind: TO be supreme leader of future Eritrea; King of future Eritrea; Dear leader of future Eritrea; dictator of future Eritrea. Not at all! I just wantd to know where you stand, in solving our problmes and if justice keekers Eritreans can count on you, to do your part. I hope you are not diappointed that I don’t want you to be, the “supreme leader” of future Eritrea. smile, back at you!

  • Meretse Asmelash March 24, 2014

    Dear Mighty, Genet Original,Fistum and others,

    Do you really think Dawit Mekonen deserves this much attention? Dawit is trying to prove us wrong that his argument is valid whether or we agree with him. His insane strategy is to get apples or any edible fruit from a pine tree. So far, for him getting this kind of attention is a blessing. Dawit Mekonen has no courage to come out of the wood. again, I believe people like Dawit and alike do not have an independent life.
    Of course, if Mr. Dawit wants to challenge us the door is open: but he has to prove his commitment to the surface that we need to witness. Otherwise, Dawit deserves nothing from us.

    • Genet-orginal March 24, 2014

      Meretse Asmelash
      I agree!

      • MightyEmbasoyra March 24, 2014

        +1 on that!