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Fetsum Abraham: ዝተኣጉደ ክተኮስ እንተኾይኑ ኣብታሓዊ ከጥበስ ኣለዎ

Fetsum Abraham: ዝተኣጉደ ክተኮስ እንተኾይኑ ኣብታሓዊ ከጥበስ ኣለዎ Isaias Afwerki’s noisy and anarchic mind has reached the pinnacle of fear and self-destruction: we are witnessing the dictator committing suicide in action. His dark experience is about to close its chapter through practical

Fetsum Abraham: ዝተኣጉደ ክተኮስ እንተኾይኑ ኣብታሓዊ ከጥበስ ኣለዎ

Isaias Afwerki’s noisy and anarchic mind has reached the pinnacle of fear and self-destruction: we are witnessing the dictator committing suicide in action. His dark experience is about to close its chapter through practical experience and public awareness as to who Isaias Afwerki had as a person been and meant to humankind as a leader. Isaias is finally against the wall desperately searching for exit in the air tight socio political entrapment he manufactured. His extraordinary ego that once made him an untouchable devil has now reduced him to a terrified man perfectly designing his self-annihilation as collective Karmic consequence of his evil life. Nothing has he to do or talk about his essence nor suggest anything to society for his legacy is quietly telling the story through the condition of the Eritrean people and the beautiful country currently classified at the bottom list of Africa in almost everything including freedom. The man is mortal and he will die; I am sharing my opinion about his final design of destruction to the Ethiopians, Tigreans and Eritreans at minimum, in this no-exit situation he created for himself.

Call of the moment: There is no better alternative to peace for all of us and we are all responsible for it (Ethiopians, Tigreans and Eritreans). Our bitter experience teaches us to be direct with each other and marching forward with guaranteed peaceful coexistence. It teaches us to transform the collective mind from war and misery to love and prosperity. Unfortunately, the mysterious relationship between Abiy and Isaias is polarizing the region towards mistrust and violence; it has become dangerous to all of us. I hope the Ethiopians will use their wisdom to diffuse the common threat but genuine reconciliation between the Eritreans the Tigreans has become necessary at this point in our history.

The Eritreans should at minimum have secured respect from the neighbors by now through progress, education and economy. We were already ahead of the Ethiopian society in almost everything (economy, education, technology, opportunities, etc.) once upon a time under Ethiopian colonialism. The ratio of Eritrean and Tigrean college students in Addis Ababa University in the seventies was probably 10:1 compared to the emptiness 28 years after Eritrean Independence, needless saying our industries supplied most of Ethiopia’s business, construction and technological needs unlike today where our people are trying to buy them from Tigrai with great difficulties and uncertainties.

There is no doubt that the Eritreans will turn it around in a short time with a lot of determination and work but today’s Eritrea is a deserting country that cannot provide education, a university, an airliner, water, bread, electricity, construction materials, tourism, hotels, business, transportation, Internet, press, movement, peace and justice by intentional national policy. It is a unique dictatorship that failed in everything with everything in place. Isaias is passing through as the most destructive and unqualified leader in the history of the continent; one that wasted the best opportunity to change human condition. He is a public enemy; a disgrace to the black race, a registered criminal against humanity that will remain below the standards of Idi Amin et al. in contemporary African history

In the flip, Ethiopia has transformed the society through education and economic development as a result of EPRDF’s progressive policies. Yet, it finds itself in chaos, violence and ethnic division with uncertain future after Abiy came to power and started to infatuate with the dictator as priority of his administration. The poisonous effect of Isaias Afwerki as a man and as MIND is already visible on Ethiopia: Abiy’s quickly shrinking popularity in Ethiopia, the killings, disobedience and resentment everywhere and the stalemate between him the Tigrean government being few cases in point.

There is more disaster to come ahead unless Abiy takes a turn but Isaias is determined to “revive the sad economies of Ethiopia and Sudan as a priority” from the grounds of a totally destroyed Eritrea under his administration. He is condemning corruption in the two countries while running a depressed nation without any accountability. He is not ashamed that he killed everything: that the entire Eritrea today uses about “50 Mega Watt electrical power which is twice the amount of power one Cement Factory in Tigrai uses for operation”, let alone talking about regional developments in contrast.

In short, one man spoiled the dream. Isaias is the indirect cause of Tamrat et al. whose opinion about what he did to the Eritrean people I found correct, though his knowledge of communications and territorial dream were out of sync with reality. You only need a satellite system, good antennas and computers to form communication link between multiple nodes not seas and oceans like the naïve Nazist said in his teaching. He does not understand civility and rule of law; the consequence of violating other territories to the region and to the world. He fails to understand what our people can do based on history and international law; that the fate of a failed nation is the sole responsibility of its people to change through genuine socio-political projections. Instead of wishing the Eritreans good luck as part of the family, he appreciates the damage and dreams of exasperating it totally forgetting the effect of violence to all of us. Most importantly, he does not understand the current severely wounded Ethiopia cannot afford to start war with any society including the Eritreans without risking more fragmentation in its fragile unity! It was sad, a tragedy to the black race in general and the Africans in particular.

The fact remains that Isaias failed us intentionally, putting him and us in this situation: a disparaged society in one side and an unusual love affair with the hard core Ethiopians in the other. The more he pushed it in Eritrea thinking he was invincible, the further he isolated himself from the people to the extent of using the tension he created as a shield for survival. The more he betrayed Eritrea, the harder he looked for the Ethiopians to save his life, which is impossible to imagine considering the enemy he had been by leading the revolution to Eritrean independence. He was the cause of division and death to many Ethiopians. He trained the TPLF, used it to neutralize ELF and helped it come to power defeating the Derg. He then started the Badme war that we suffered tremendously as a unit and is now trying to use Abiy against the TPLF, God knows who is next in the vicious cycle. I hope Abiy retreats from the devil before everything goes late but Isais is a wanted criminal in that country as soon as he loses his power in Eritrea. There is no way out of the trap he set up for himself through decades of arrogance and political decadence for violent death to awaits the violent him through justice in Eritrea or stoning in Ethiopia!

Apparently, that disgusting parasite is too angry in Eritrea and too flirtatious in Ethiopia, ኩረፍረፍ here and ውካዕካዕ there; self-deception at best in the pretentious relationship between the two leaders. They are opposite in outlook and their countries too messed up to boast about but they are showing off beyond necessary to coverup their difference that must explode sooner or later. It is just a clear cut prostitution, the Weyanne syndrome being the superficial cause of their temporary alignment for survival: Abiy to protect his power from shaky grounds and the desperate dictator to save his endangered rear-end from extremely precarious grounds. To the rest of Ethiopians though, Abiy’s drama with the killer at the expense Ethiopian Tigreans is simply betrayal to their society at large

Ethiopia’s and Sudanese situations, their constitutions and the Tigrean people’s contemplation to secede based on their constitutional rights are none of the mustached loser’s business. But he said the Ethiopian election was unnecessary and the Sudanese situation under his keen surveillance. He said Ethiopia’s federalism is a threat to Eritrea. He rendered the Southern Sudanese nationhood achieved by over 2 million martyrs a mistake committed by naïve politicians and the thought of Tigrean secession impossible to imagine, let alone to implement. He labeled it an anticipated danger that the Eritrean people worked hard to avoid and must challenge by any means necessary. It was crazy!

What he does not know is that everybody knows him by now and he has become the talk of the region, the best example of failure and empty rhetoric. Eritrean visitors after more than two decades of isolation could not comprehend the shock associated with what they witnessed: not even emptiness ladies and gentlemen; but below that standard in everything. The Ethiopians are laughing at him as much as the Tigreans using him for a joke. The Sudanese are doing their thing ignoring his provocation and the poor Eritreans taking it left and right until they suck him out of Adi Hallo for EraEro. To this effect; ብራዕዲ ተዋሒጡ ዝርከብ ውልቀመላኺ ኢሳይያስ ካብ ዓዲ ሃሎ – ናብ ገደም ክግዕዝ ይሸባሸብ ከምዘሎ ተፈሊጡ – ጻውዒት ቴለቭዥን ኣሰና 28 Feb 2020. He can run but he cannot hide!

Yet, he does not get it! He just does not!! I would hide my face from the universe if I were him let alone talking all that nonsense in front of the surprised millions about his ridiculous leadership in the country. Fortunately, the time has changed and people’s consciousness fairly raised but in his latest interview, the dictator appears totally lost of the priorities deeply entertaining Ethiopia’s wellbeing at the expense of the Tigreans and Eritreans. He is making the people ready for war with the Weakness without a valid reason. He wants to sacrifice Eritreans in the name of Badme to delay his demise and “empower” the hard core Ethiopians at the expense of the Eritrean and the Tigrean people. He wants to kill two birds (the two societies) with one stone (Badme factorial), seemingly for “the sake of them” but with the ultimate goal of disintegrating the region before he goes away. There is no way this messiah of death can fool anyone any more, he cannot even self-deceive any longer for his congested mind has no more capacity to entertain duplicity beyond the threshold. He cannot love anything after rejecting unconditional love in Eritrea; cannot benefit the Ethiopians after he betrayed the Eritrean and the Tigrean people. “It is impossible for this man to care about life after disposing his siblings and own mother for life in asylum”, says one keen observer and this will be crystal clear in the near future for the naïve Ethiopians that expect otherwise..

First, what is going on in the region besides the remarkable Sudanese journey to genuine democracy? In my understanding, we are witnessing a complex situation comprising the Aby crew, mainly the Imperial Amharas (from psychological point of view) and Isaias in one side of the fence and the Eritrean people and the Tigreans in the other as a matter of political destiny. He lived hating them with passion and always wanted to see a disintegrated Ethiopia for devil’s advocacy but he never had a good unconscious partner to do it with. He drastically failed to do it with the Weyannes until Abiy became available to be used to this end consciously or unconsciously. Isaias is too late to resolve his difference with the Eritrean people, the reason he is focusing on Ethiopia for his own survival and at any cost. But this cannot be with good intention for all of us because Isaias cannot survive in peaceful environment. looking at the pattern, he is probably directly involved in the ethnic violence everywhere, yet the drama is only the beginning, 101 Afwerkism on the Destiny of Ethiopia!.

It is illegal for any country to directly involve in the matters of another but the dictator does not care about civility and law; he is doing it. Many Eritrean spies and security officials are already in Ethiopia working out his mess for the country. He does not even respect the Ethiopian people enough by doing his destruction behind the doors; without openly advertising it; he tells them on the face! Apparently, he is involved in Ethiopia’s affairs for the following reasons;

1)      He knows his dictatorship cannot survive the democratic air of the region. He is, therefore, polluting Abiy’s mind to delay or disturb the promised democratic election in the country (sometime in 2020) by any means necessary even by starting war against the Tigreans from both sides of the field. The Tigrean issue would then become an emergency reason for Abiy to delay the process specially if they take the action before the election.

2)      He did not feel good about Abiy’s noble prize achievement for peace  and he wants to ridicule it by involving him in a complicated war he cannot control.

3)       Not only did his “GAME IS OVER” failed but he could not deny what the Tigreans did in Ethiopia in a short time. He is extremely angry about the remarkable progress in Tigrai that our people saw after the borders opened for a short time. The event exposed his naked butt and regressive legacy in Eritrea beyond his ego’s capacity to reconcile with his soul. Instead of learning from the bliss, the psychopath took it as a threat to his pride and allowed his avenging and jealous mind to navigate his miserable soul at the expense of life itself. One can see the deep rooted jealousy and hatred from his breathing and facial expression in that monotonous interview: JANDA, JANDA, JANDA, JANDA as if someone injected him with that term to religiously say it as a way of life!

In this occasion, I want to say that the success of the Tigreans is the success of Africans in general and ours in particular because we are each a natural ally to the other. We are a family irrespective of what the leaders did to our relationship in the past. I, therefore, congratulate the Eritrean people for the success of the Tigrean people which will positively influence our society after the cancer’s removal.

4)      He decided not to demarcate the borders to remake Badme another emergency means of escaping from the consequence of his sins. He wants violence as usual without giving the Tigreans a chance to amicably involve on the matter. The matter is up to the central government any way but he cannot quit his modes operandi; twisting things and creating havoc as a compulsive liar. They are ready to close this chapter peacefully and so is Abiy but he does not appreciate it for that would mean the end of his show in our country. So, he had to create a drift between Abiy and the Weyannes knowing that the case cannot be closed without their harmonic relationship.

Obviously, Isaias is hallucinating to extend his absolute dictatorship and regional dream in one hand and humiliating the Tigreans by destroying TPLF in the other; the ultimate upshot being total disintegration of the region. He thinks he can accomplish his dream of leading the entire region after effectively destroying it through civil wars (ethnic, religious, tribal, etc.); mess it up, otherwise, as much as possible before confronting his fate a way or another. Unfortunately, Abiy is becoming a vehicle for this, swallowing the bitter pill without thinking and here we are enjoying the output together.

5)      He is extremely scared of the Sudanese democratic journey and he knows we are learning a lot from it to change the situation in the country. By stopping Ethiopia’s democratic process, the devil would influence Abiy to dictate power in his country (which will of course cause civil war in Ethiopia) so he would get the resilience to frustrate the Sudanese democracy through cross-border terrorism without worrying about a broken Ethiopia. He knows there will be greater chaos in Ethiopia and up to fragmentation should this take place but he does not care about life except his miserable self. That is actually the ultimate upshot! a terminal chaos that persists for generations to come; a total blow out against the peoples of Ethiopia, Eritrea, Tigrai and Sudan as his last satanic mission against humanity.

This man cannot help it; he is sandwiched between his perishable body and extra poisonous mind; totally consumed in between to even lose the smallest amount of spirituality in this last chapter of his catastrophic existence. Fear of his uncertain life is, of course exasperating the confusion within! Simply, the most failed dictator in history has become the most dangerous politician to Eritrean nationhood and the Tigrean people’s dignity overstepping the sacrifices paid by the two societies for today’s collective socio-political environment (Independence and removal of Mengistu, at minimum). Even beyond, he has become the architect of Ethiopian disintegration behind the cover of collective effort against the Tigreans; pointless saying  he has become the most dangerous threat to himself.

In the flip, Abiy knows Isaias inside out through his long experience in EPRDF. He knows how fatal he had been and can still be to Ethiopia and himself as a person. He knows the devil is against the democratic air in the region and his inevitable disposal in the near future but he is using him against Tigrai as much as possible before he becomes history at dire moral and political expense. Abiy should have chosen the Eritrean people instead of dancing with the devil because he is a goer and the society will stay. He made a very serious mistake and I am sure he is paying for it already. The dictator’s reflection as Ethiopian leader and his exposure of freely meddling in the country’s internal issues was a disgrace to that society. Abiy’s quietism here cannot be politically correct but rather a sign of weakness and submission in view of political science. Many Ethiopians are worried about this and talking about it in the social media because it is unusual and undermining so to say. It is surprising why the Parliament did not respond so far!

In Isaias’s latest equation, the immediate target appears to be the Tigreans via TPLF’s destruction but his long run design targets at least, the Eritrean people and the Ethiopians in general. In his evil mind, Eritreans will be used to eliminate the TPLF and force the Tigreans unconditionally submit to the central government. The two societies will then have been severely weakened as a result of war for their destiny to fall at the disposal of the Ethiopians. He expects the contemplation would salivate the hard core Ethiopian politicians into thinking they would come out morally and militarily stronger to do whatever they want to do with the Eritrean people. We are talking about him leaving a humiliated Tigrai with second class citizenship in Ethiopia at minimum and a disparaged society with unpredictable future in Eritrea at the surface level of his catastrophic political program. The catch, however, is that the package is a poison incapsulated in chocolate bar! The devil knows Ethiopia would not sustain the consequence of such a mistake (firing the first bullet against the Tigran’s) at this stage of its fragility simply because the consequence would be irreversible! It would certainly be a long civil war that could eventually divide the country!

The damage is beyond repair, trust is broken, betrayal in place; ladies and gentlemen! The question is what should we do now? The scuffle between TPLF and EPLF could have taken different forms through the years but it should not concern the Eritreans and the Tigreans for they don’t represent them any longer at grassroot level of the relationship. Both are still in power but in different setups: TPLF contained in Tigrai behind the very organized Tigreans and the isolated dictator only surviving by the power of the fist. The fact remains the highly educated Tigreans are today working with TPLF against the Aby/Isaias clique while trying to change the leadership in Tigrai and I wish them good luck,

In all this, the mentality of Eritreans and Tigran’s has changed for the better: the two societies want nothing less than harmony at this point in experience. The Tigreans have made this very clear to everyone and we are doing the same in our capacity. They have expressed their willingness to formally settle the border issue time and again without listening ears and have repeatedly expressed their respect to our nationhood as their constant position on Eritrea. They are warmly accepting our refugees against the collective enemy’s satanic verdict. I believe a deeper and more organic understanding between us is going on today that we must cultivate together for everlasting peaceful coexistence.

To this effect, the Eritrean people will have nothing to do with whatever the Aby/Isaias clique is designing for the Tigreans and us behind doors. The design is immoral, savage, brutal and fatal that we must stop by any means necessary. I hope the Ethiopians understand this and be part of the on-going PEACE MOVEMENT but the idea of violently destroying the Tigreans by involving Eritreans for the sake of creating everlasting regional havoc is unacceptable to the two societies. This makes the dictator a common enemy that should be challenged by collective energy for the region to breath the air of peace in harmonious coexistence.

I am saying politics is nasty and unpredictable at times, making resilience an important factor to deal with fluctuating political situations; or a political equation with new variables needs flexibility and adjustment to resolve. A given political change necessitates equal and opposite political rearrangement from the other side for the equation to balance. In this situation, the rearrangement implies to the fake relationship between Abiy and Isaias at the expense of the Eritrean and the Tigrean people; the counter impression being the need for genuine alliance between the two victims of the scum to safe guard their respective interests from the common enemy. We shall then concentrate on our problems while closely observing the political situations in Ethiopia and Tigrai per se, making the Sudanese democratic journey one of the main interests for our people’s freedom and democracy.

I am saying this with clear mind that the Weyanne leaders have been one of the causes of the dictator’s survival by self-destructive policy that backfired against them and the Tigreans at large. They lived in power restricting the opposition from developing the capacity to take care of him at dire expense of our people. They adapted this national policy to indirectly weaken the Eritrean people and here we are at the end of it. In short, TPLF leadership put the Eritreans and the Tigreans in this situation as a major contributor to the going on disaster as much as the EPLF under Isaias had traditionally been doing as a concept of life. Now, things are different and the two peoples have nothing to do with the mistakes of the leaders, I thank the Tigrean people for their unshakable position on the sovereignty of our country. I thank them for sheltering our refugees and I hope our border issue will settle for good without any problem. We know it and they know it well. I appreciate them for realizing the importance of peace with Eritrea. I positively envy the all rounded development registered in Tigrai through hard work and determination of the Tigrean people in general.

Closely checking the current regional political situation, my commonsense tells me that the Tigreans have become a POLITICAL CARD in a dangerous trap: elimination through isolation by Abiy/Isaias clique in one side and the need for reconciliation with the Eritreans in the other. The same political setup makes the Eritreans a POLITICAL CARD as well: a threat against their nationhood by said clique in one side and the need for reconciliation with the Tigreans in the other. The threat may end up turning violent and the end of Ethiopia as a nation, but this is something for the Ethiopians to think about. Regardless; both of us have to survive the collective threat from the common enemy clearly understanding that Isaias was the main architect of all miseries experienced by the two societies and the latest threat against them. The Eritreans and the people of Tigrai must then go beyond EPLF and TPLF and assist each other to remove the common enemy in their way. A better choice for them should then be KILLING THE PAST GRASPING ITS GOOD LESSONS and RECONCILING strictly at the grassroots level of the relationship.

I, therefore, welcome the latest ATV’s “ኣቦ ወንበር ህውሓት ዶር ደብረጽየን ውሑስ ሰላም ንምርግጋጽን ህዝቢ ኤርትራን ትግራይን ብዘይሕብእብእ ብሓባር ክሰርሑ ተላብዩ።” In return, we tell you that that is the only way to go for both of us! Please stick to your principle, unity and determination without any doubt about the Eritrean People’s sabotage against your cause. Everything will pass and a bright future is waiting for us. You have earned respect and solidarity from us because of your consistent respect to our nationhood since the inception of TPLF. I consider this noble position as one of the best achievements of the dignified Tigrean people that the Eritrean people should acknowledge and take full advantage of.

We know no Eritrean would willingly fight the Tigreans and vise-versa in this one man disaster except the poor kids that would be forced to face death under armed killers in the background. We expect them to surrender should that really take place and they will. Thank you for offering safe shelter ahead for the Eritrean soldiers that may find themselves in this indefensible situation.

Clearly, The clique is planning to execute its strategy by waging war against the Tigreans, or by exhausting their stamina through persistent economic sabotage and diplomatic isolation. They can survive the threat with unity and determination only in peaceful environment. They can even declare independence using their right to do so no matter what the lunatic says. Their decision is absolutely theirs and case assured the Eritrean people will only have to support their choice on the matter without contemplation. But if they start the war and the longer it takes, the worse it will be for the Tigrean people that would be in gross difficulty to defend themselves with limited material and diplomatic resources. I hope the Ethiopians will understand the consequence of firing the first bullet to their fragile unity but Abiy and Isaias can buy arms at will while the Tigreans can only use what they have in this condition. The clique can execute its tasks without diplomatic and time constraint but not the Tigrean people in this aspect. It will be very difficult for them to simultaneously fight Ethiopia and Eritrea and win the war in the long run like what happened to us against the collective Ethiopian offense in the Badme war. The situation will make the Tigrean people vulnerable for two dimensional air to ground attack substantially decapacitating them in the long run

I, thus believe the game should be efficiently played this time to cause permanent solution for all of us. The anticipated catastrophe must end up consuming its designer or the heat must melt the dictator once and for all! In fact, he must be stopped before he starts the war no matter where the means comes from. I advise the Tigreans to strongly consider taking the shortest path to their security, targeting him as the most fatal enemy as much as we have to do what we have to do to safeguard our sovereignty. None of us can afford to wait for the war and each of has the legitimacy to act for survival. In other words, there is no better choice to PEACE but if they decide to  attack the Tigreans for some reason, the Eritreans must oppose the offense by voicing their minds around the globe. Not only that; we must also reverse the situation and fight back with the Tigreans for our safety, PERIOD! We have moral obligation to stop unprovoked Eritrean violence against the Tigrean people by any means necessary.

In this struggle for survival, I personally welcome any Tigrean action against the dictatorship because they cannot stay victimized without proper reaction and cannot win against time. Nor can they wait for us to clean the house before the tragedy goes to effect. In precise terms, any violence against the Tigreans through Eritrean blood must immediately cause the dictator’s death by any means necessary. ዝተኣጉደ ክተኮስ እንተኾይኑ, ኣብታሓዊ ከጥበስ ኣለዎ: he has to be the inferno’s first victim from both sides of the isle!

In conclusion, many goodies and mistakes have been committed in the past between EPLF and TPLF. Our peoples died together for freedom and the groups destroyed the beautiful relationship together in the last two decades. But no one can deny the warm brotherhood between the Eritreans and the Tigreans during the struggle substantially reflects their inherent natural alliance which must be secured for their everlasting peaceful coexistence; while the bitter scuffle between EPLF and TPLF reflects the shallow mindedness and selfishness of the egoistic leaders that betrayed both societies into death and misery. There may have been lots of variables in the political relationship between EPLF and TPLF in the past but one thing remains CONSTANT forever: the natural brotherhood between the Eritreans and the Tigreans no matter how differently we understand its essence! The best lesson we learned from the bitter experience is that we cannot afford to kill each other any longer and none of us would be comfortable without down to earth relationship in between. In the meantime, we should arm ourselves with solid structural unity through the YiAkl movement or otherwise, and solid Conceptual unity through our intellectuals such us ERITREA FOCUS et al. We need to accelerate our focus on the two types of unity to have the capacity of playing the political games with sustainable impact, while assertively saying “PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE BETWEEEN ETIOPIA and ERITREA and NO MORE WAR WITH THE TIGREAN PEOPLE”. The addict of destruction and death has to perish for the sake of the Ethiopians, Tigreans, Eritreans, the entire region and the continent of Africa at large. Relax and  enjoy the last chapter of the movie with a glass of wine on the table!

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  • CORONA VIRUS March 2, 2020

    እዚ ኣብ ላዕሊ ዝተባህለ ብዙሕ ሓቅነት ኣለዎ. ግን ንኢሳያስ መሊሱ ዘጠንክሮ ሓይሊ ተፈጢሩሉ ኣሎ ፠ ግብጺ ናይ ኢትዮጵያ ዘልኣለማዊ ጸላኢት ምስ ኣቢይ ሓሪቓ ኣላ , ምኽንያቱ እቲ ኣሜሪካ ብዛዕባ ሩባ ኣባይ ዘቕረበቶ ናይ ዕርቂ እማመ ኣቢይ ስለ ዝነጸጎ , ንኣቢይ ንምምሃር ግብጺ ንኢሳያስ ክትልእኮ እያ ፠ ኢሳያስ በቶም ኣብ ኢትዮጵያ ዘለዉ ሰለይቱ ጌሩ ብውሽጢ ውሽጢ ኣንጻር ኢትዮጵያ ሻጥር ክሰርሕ እዩ ፠ ወያነ ፍንሕንሕ ከይትብል ድማ ንሱዳን ኣሜሪካን ግብጽን ፍኒሕኒሕ ከም ዘይትብል ገለ መጻወድያታት ክሰርሓላ እየን ፠ በዚ ተላዒለ ኢሳያስ እኩይ ተግባሩ ክፍጽምን ዕድሚኡ ከናውሕን ከም ዝጠቕሞ እናሓዘንኩ እድምድም

  • k.tewolde March 2, 2020

    “Isaias is finally against the wall desperately searching for exit in the air tight socio political entrapment he manufactured.”>>>>in other words,the vector ended up painting himself to the corner as I attested a while back,so are many of those tools which he molded and crafted with his own hand over his lifetime to serve his personal goal.Many quotable meat in the bone of this article Fitsum,however I will cut it short here till I put on my political Ray Bans in contrast to your Oakleys. We are on the same page,just viewing the landscape a few shades apart..

    • Fetsum Abraham March 2, 2020

      Dear K’

      U said “Many quotable meat in the bone of this article Fitsum, however I will cut it short here till I put on my political Ray Bans in contrast to your Oakleys”

      Well I cannot wait until u come back on the matter brother and please do.

      U also said .” We are on the same page, just viewing the landscape a few shades apart”

      please tells us the shades so we can learn together.

      • k.tewolde March 5, 2020

        Exhausting work week but I am back, reading the posts brother T.G. pretty much bulldozed through what I have to say which is in line with my previous comments in this medium. Fitsum,there is a big difference between hizbi tigray and woyane,the former is the vast downtrodden masses while the latter is a corrupted political clique who is interested only in power and robbing people in broad daylight even by intruding in someones backyard.The role this clique played to get this colossal Eritrean national catastrophe is immeasurable,only those who are not in the receiving end can downplay it. Any sanguine Eritrawi has nothing to do with this clique because it is this clique and it’s flip coin the bloodsucker in adi halo the last known address who engineered the demise and obliteration of the true blue Eritrean identity by infusing their strange colors. T.G. summed it up, ‘Therefore, any one who collaborates with the enemy, woyane, at any level cannot be a genuine Eritrawi.’ >>>>>and this is not being prejudiced against an ethnic group,it is a concern,it is a legit concern of historical pattern of betrayals and degradation of our political and social norms from within…..those are the shades I am talking about Fitsum, the only ally you need is hizbi Eritra,you just have to dig in and do the ground work, they will get you the outcome you looking for,woyane will manage to squeeze out from the crevice they wiggled themselves into on their own,they have hard currency stashed away,wailu’u hizbi Eritra…..

        • k.tewolde March 5, 2020

          And yes! a reminder,they are Ethiopians,we are ERITREANS,nobody cares about Eritrea and the Eritrean people more that us Eritreans,I am not talking about tigrigna speaking,tegaru,tigre,tigrawot,injera eating >>>> ERITREAN,a nationality,a distinct identity,a binding national consciousnesses,people who live in a demarcated topography in the world map and bled to achieve that together,you don’t align with someone who has been in a mission to undermine that covertly and overtly,it is a loosing proposition.

  • Woldegabriel March 2, 2020

    Dear Fetsum,
    Quite bold and persuasive! One way or the other, this evil imposter has to be dealt with for good. We can not let our differences (Eritreans and weyane) eclipse the imminent threat to our survival.

  • Fetsum Abraham March 2, 2020

    Dear Welde;
    Our differences can keep on going as long as we have democratic values in our relationship. In fact different ideas are kool for any society as long as we spin around universal or objective realities. The imposter is now the most hazardous enemy of the region and he cannot do what he wants to do because he is totally exposed. He is alone here and he will die alone in the end. He is not only our enemy but also of the universe in general. Let the bullet of justice come from any direction and stop the criminal against humanity. I don’t see him as a strong leader any more but as a terrified loser in the row of death.

    That is how I see the situation and good luck!

  • Tewelde Gebremariam March 2, 2020

    History attests beyond any doubt that Tegaru have never exhibited any brotherly act towards Eritreans, of which the following , among the many, can amply affirm their untrustworthy and treacherous nature

    1. Who would forget their treacherous betrayal on Raasi Weldenkiel save their kind in our midst veiled as Eritrean

    2. Who would forget the mass murder and loot conducted by the alula and his savage army on our people and land save their kind living in our in our midst veiled as Eritrean

    3, Who would forget their barbaric act of cutting off arms and legs of the forcefully conscripted Eritrean soldiers in the Italian army in the aftermath of adwa war except their kind living in our midst veiled veiled as Eritrean.

    4. Who would forget their barbaric and heinous act of deporting, after expropriating their wealth, hundreds of thousands of law abiding Eritreans and Ethiopians of Eritrean origin from every corner of Ethiopia save their kind living in our midst masquerading as an Eritrean

    5. Who would forget their treacherous and untrustworthy act displayed only recently by their willful refusal to abide by the Final and Biding decision of the EEBC which they had signed to implement without ifs and butts, except of course, their kind living in our midst masquerading as Eritrean

    But why is the little woyane, debretsien, blubbering brotherhoods with us now ? He is scared of the Amharu, who are putting forceful demand on the Ethiopian government to return their lands, Alamata and Welqait, which woyane ,in its heyday, illegally incorporated in the early 90s. If woyane does not relinquish the lands peacefully, it will do so by force, which will be the end of its existence .

    My Fellow Eritreans,

    As the proverb says,…. A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed. We have been complacent, which the enemies within have been exploiting ruthlessly to our peril. It is about time we separate the chaffs from the grains. We may not have touchstones to identify our enemies within but we can find clues in their writings, or in discussion. For instance, he/she who attempts to convince us tegaru to be our strategic friends, or he/she, who asserts Eritrawnet to be by citizenship and not by birth, is not a genuine Eritrean. Such people, we must know, are hidden members of agaazian/bruh MetsaE. And who is the God Father of Agaazian/Bruh MetsaE? impostor isaias afewerk And never forget: woyane and the impostor are two faces of a coin; their animosity is theatrical to hoodwink us Eritreans.

    • Tewelde Gebremariam March 2, 2020


      I bet you have been trembling and profusely sweating of a fear of the impending apocalypse that is about to strike on little woyane, of which your incoherent and gibberish writing underscore. There is however a way out and that is, to peacefully and submissively handover the Eritrean properties you looted and to return the lands you stole to their respective and rightful owners. Failure to do that, I am afraid, would be catastrophic. of a magnitude your little brain cannot comprehend.

      • sami March 3, 2020

        ZEYHAFIR DIMUS Gebremariam SHIMU!!!!
        Woyane Tigray must have really fucked you upside down to spew so much trash.
        It is said that “Nations and societies get leaders that they thoroughly deserve”.
        Old twisted, fucked up and weirdos so-called Eritreans like yourself DIMU deservedly deserve your all time tormentor Mr superman Isaias Afewerki Abraham.
        Anta Kondaf/Komal Wedi SHORMUTA KELBI ARAB, Ab TiraH MaAkorka Haf Haf aytibel.

    • Woldegabriel March 3, 2020

      Dear Tewelde Gebremariam,
      I do not believe on the outdated politician’s mantra of ” The enemy of my enemy is my friend ” because the enemy remains an enemy and would not hesitate to strike again when it finds an opportune time. It is quite comforting to realize the existence of a broad base of Eritrea’s who recognize weyane could never be trusted friends. But, at this junction, time is the essence and it shouldn’t mean we could not do business with them. Forewarned is forearmed.

    • Fetsum Abraham March 3, 2020

      Dear Tewolde;
      No society forgets its history and we cannot forget ours. All the things you said is correct. But we can learn from the history and be smarter enough not be cheated any longer. At the same time, we cannot live in the past for ever. and we should not contemplate REVENGE because it is not the solution at all. Whether we like it or not we will live as neighbors for ever and we must work for peaceful resolution to any pending problem to achieve that. The Jewish people are working with the Germans and Polish people without forgetting the Holecust not because they like them but only for peaceful coexistence. the Cambodians and doing the same thing with the Vietnamese without forgeting their history. We cannot transfer hatred to the next generation, we can do better with peace. I wish you had been fair and objective though at least mentioning our relationship during the struggle and the referendum;

      U said” For instance, he/she who attempts to convince us tegaru to be our strategic friends, or he/she, who asserts Eritrawnet to be by citizenship and not by birth, is not a genuine Eritrean. Such people, we must know, are hidden members of agaazian/bruh MetsaE. And who is the God Father of Agaazian/Bruh MetsaE? impostor isaias afewerk And never forget: woyane and the impostor are two faces of a coin; their animosity is theatrical to hoodwink us Eritreans.”

      Response: I believe Tegaru are our strategic allies no matter what happened between us, no matter what TPLF did to us. We have the same roots and are the closest societies in the region in everything. we are natural allies because we have the same language, culture, traditions and origin. Can you deny this? And I am 100% Eritrean by birth and you should know my position on Agazians by now if you had the chance to read some of my work on the issue. Otherwise, I tell u now that I am totally against the Agazian movement as a person.

      u said: ” But why is the little woyane, debretsien, blubbering brotherhoods with us now ? He is scared of the Amharu…”

      Response: Yes they are but so what? we only have to focus on our peace and sovereignty which is under by the Abiy/Isaias clique. that has become a problem to demarcate the boarders. Weyanees did not refuse but Isaias has failed to resolve it with Abiy to justify his revenge.

      Question: what should we do with Tigrean neighbors now and in the future? should we fight again for Badme when we can get it peacefully from them? should we involve in Ethiopian politics? How should the relationship between us be from now on and what is your strategy on the Abiy/Isaias projections of attacking the Tigreans in the name of Badme? who will be responsible for the death of our kids in that fight (if it happens)?

      Thanks for your civilized argument on the issue but I expect response from you my brother..


      • Tewelde Gebremariam March 4, 2020

        Hi Fetsum,

        You said that you are hundred percent Eritrean by birth and you agreed with my short list of historical crimes committed by tegaru on our people. And I am sure you can also acknowledge that tegaru have never apologized nor paid any restitution for their crimes. In fact, they are occupying our territories in breach of the Final and Binding decision of the EEBC. Clearly, all these and many others are not brotherly acts but enemy’s. Therefore, any one who collaborates with the enemy, woyane, at any level cannot be a genuine Eritrawi. Don’t you agree?

        Genuine Eritreans,

        We must not be deceived by lip service of tegaru nor by their agents disguised as Eritreans, who preach brotherhood. It is their potent chicanery. We must always keep at your finger tips our old diction: libi tigrai twi twai. They are always treacherous and untrustworthy, no moral scruple. They can swear an Oath on the Bible knowing full they will not keep. Committing treason is nothing for them as evidenced by their collaboration with General Napier who killed king Tedros of Ethiopia.

        Genuine Eritreans,

        We Eritreans are brothers and sisters, regardless of our religion, ethnicity, region etc because Eritrea transcends any of our secondary difference, the reason we proudly call ourselves Eritreans and our Martyrs gave their precious lives.. We must not be distracted by woyane agents disguised as Eritreans. Our unity is growing stronger and stronger and it will not be long before we apprehend the impostor isaias afewerk and his cabals. WE Shall WIN!!!!!

        • k.tewolde March 6, 2020

          ‘WE Shall WIN!!!!!’,>>> allow me T.G. to attest firmly,WE WILL WIN!!! the Eritrean people are convalescing slowly but surely, this potent virus has us down for awhile but not out.

  • Haben March 2, 2020

    No words to describe your ignorance -እንስሳ

  • Fetsum March 2, 2020

    To assenna. I wish u would not censor anything here only if possible. Let it be exhausted freely again only if possible. Open debate but in civilized manner wizout the extreme haters from the desperate regime and z other side of the disaster. If u expect response for ur comments u need to be modern and civilized. Otherwise we shall use u for entertainment Tnx

  • rezen March 3, 2020

    A little Humour brightens the Day.

    Let me share with Readers a little story that I heard a very long time ago. . I give credit to myself that I still remember it. It is a story that happened in Piccadilly, London, England . Here it is:

    a) An immigrant was happily stroling in Piccadilly,, swinging his umbrella.;
    b) A typical British Gentleman was also walking behind him;
    c) The British Gentleman walked a little faster to the left safe side of the happy immigrant;
    d) With the usual cool posture of the British, he said: “Sir your umbrella is getting to be dangerous”
    e) The immigrant, with a sense of freedom and equality that was not known in his birth-place, answered back: ” It is my umbrella; I can do anything with it, as I like”
    f) The British Gentleman with the usual cool manner said: “That may be so, but the freedom of your umbrella ends where my nose begins”

  • Fetsum Abraham March 3, 2020

    Please change “under” to “undermined” in my response to Tewelde